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Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney

Nicole Kidman Takes Flight With the Family in Sydney

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban hold hands with their 3-year-old daughter Sunday at the airport on Wednesday (February 29) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress also carried 14-month-old Faith as the family prepared to catch a departing flight.

Matthew Goode, Nicole‘s co-star in the upcoming thriller Stoker, recently chatted about locking lips with her for the film.

“It’s a bit nerve-wracking. We were just doing a recce one day and we went to this house and Nicole‘s such a pro, she started going into the scene and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’” he shared.

“But she’s lovely,” Matthew added, “because you never know quite what to expect with someone who’s been a huge star for that long. She was really, really generous.”

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  • Mai

    ADORABLE FAMILY….. Sweet Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret are really lovely!!!

  • lara

    Nicole looked terrific!!!!!!And Keith is so hot…….and their daughters are both beautiful!!!! Love them all

  • Justme

    Keith looks gorgeous in the photo op. She of course is wearing a see through dress.

  • olay

    Ah, their older daughter is adorable. She’s a mini Keith.

  • sp11


    it may be see through but she’s wearing a slip underneath…why is that so bad?

  • ashleigh

    homely kids and u can see right through her dress! omg!

  • lizzie

    i dont see a slip at all YIKES U CAN SEE ALL THE WAY UP TO HER VAG. at least she won’t need to be searched at the airport.

  • SERA

    Too bad the kids are quite plain.

  • Mark Allen

    She’s not a classic beauty, but Nicole can change her looks a lot, which is useful for an actor. She can look very plain, she can also look great like she did in Moulin Rouge – I think that was her best look.


    This demure day dress dress is completely lined from collar to hemline in opaque pink fabric.

    Only a daft bore would attempt to say otherwise.

  • Justme

    @sp11: It’s an Angelina Jolie moment. Look At ME!

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @sp11: It’s bad because she’s Nicole Kidman.

    @Justme @ashleigh @lizzie @SERA Taramaclenhitndumb go get a life.

    Beautiful family all the way around.

  • Justme

    @lizzie: Good one!

  • Justme

    @Skeptics are stupid: I’m no skeptic stupid. I know what I’m talking about!

  • selena

    To the posters here who can’t see her slip or “see all the way up her …”:
    1. Adjust your computer screen
    2. Visit your eye doctor and get your vision checked pronto!
    3. Time to visit your shrink again.

  • Justme

    @TIM GUNN: Did you get that directly from the designers press release there Tim?

  • moh123

    Lovely family

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Responding to your own posts and denying who you are? Oh you are a skeptic, stupid.

  • cary

    She should have worn a black slip….this one didn’t work.

  • C

    I love that they dress their little girls in such lovely clothes. Smocked dresses, white socks and mary janes.
    Age appropriate and very sweet.

  • Davis

    @cary: You aren’t going to see anything you aren’t supposed to with an opaque nude one either. It’s probably one entire piece, made that way on purpose with a sheer black overlay.

    Nice to see the Urbans happy and healthy. Those that don’t, well God help you.

  • http://Comcast Dee

    My favorite couple in the entertainment field. I wonder why she wears heels when traveling, she’s so tall she certainly doesn’t need them.

  • dailybio

    They look so happy, like Keith’s attitude.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    The bottom of the slip hits just above the top of the black hem.

    STFU and go home. Keith will never be plaything.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    The bottom of the slip hits just above the top of the black hem.

    STFU and go home. Keith will never be your plaything.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    The bottom of the slip hits just above the top of the black hem.

    STFU and go home. Keith will never be your plaything!

  • love

    What a beautiful family! Faith seems to have the hair of Nicole.

  • Flo

    Nice to see a 3 year dressing like a 3 year old! No kid heels, lipstick etc.

  • Carrington

    Oh for God’s sake–those of you complaining it is see through–it has an attached nude slip. It is the style right now. Catherine, Duchess of York, has been seen wearing two long dresses just like this–black with a nude lining. And several other actresses have done the same thing in the last few months. But because it is Nicole you love to hate on her. Well keep hatin’ ‘cuz she doesn’t care. Two adorable children, a loving husband, a stellar career and several great projects coming out, not to mention Keith is rockin! She has him. You don’t. You never will. Get over it.

  • Michele

    does she ever spend any time with her older shildren?

  • Sunny

    @Skeptics are stupid: Go pop some pills as you are starting to shake.

  • Roger

    @Michele: I bet she would love to spend time with her older children. Sadly those kids are now hardcore scientologists, just like their dad. They probably don’t want to spend any time with her, as she’s been labelled a “Suppressive Person” by the cult (someone who left Scientology and/or criticize it). Scientologists are encouraged to avoid or destroy those people. That’s why Scientology is considered a CULT in many countries: it destroys families.
    The whole situation is extremely sad for Nicole and the kids.

  • camillus

    Look she’s letting her child walk, she or Keith are not carrying the child like her ex Tommy Girl ….

  • kary

    I missed her in the Oscars last Sunday… but is nice they are in the same place all the time that’s why they are a happy family!

  • hugo

    People can be very studip. It’s not a see-through dress…There’s a lining and it’s pretty evident.

  • Carole

    Women don’t wear heels because they “need” them. They wear them because they like them. Who cares if it make a beautiful tall woman even taller? Nicole is known for her long legs. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  • Chick

    Kidman reminds me of Trump.

  • hi

    Where’s the diaper bag and the bag of activities for the girls?

  • http://comcast Dee

    The reason I mention the heels is because of Keith, most men don’t like their women towering over them. As I said earlier, my favorite couple in the entertainment industry.

  • yep

    beautiful family! nicole seems like an amazing mom!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    Does Nicole realize she has on a sheer dress with no panties on. How tasteless.

  • danni

    Nicole is really looking old and haggard.

  • @Jennifer Lynn

    Do you realize the dress is lined and you can’t see whether or not she has panties on? What a moron you are. Read the thread before opening your hater trap.

  • ANNA

    The haters KNOW exactly how the dress is made and about the lining etc.

    Just another day in their lives.

  • Leo

    Thanks to everyone who have let us know how those crazy people on E! operate!

    Years and years of their lives GONE! Wasted on hate and lies.

    Its pretty funny, we see a picture of a beautiful happy positive family enjoying their lives , and they see only negative life and especially hate for two beautiful little children.

    But atleast now we understand where all that hate & lies comes from.

    So thank you.

  • tracy

    to just me, lizzie, and ashleigh

    you poor jealous trolls. nicole looks absolutely stunning. on top of that she has a wonderful, two beautiful little girls and the three of you have what; nothing!

  • tracy

    to Tim Gunn

    i think you’re being kind to these blind jealous trolls. of course the dress is lined from the collar to hemline in opaque pink fabric.

  • tracy

    to cary,

    idiot! the dress is completely LINED with opaque pink fabric which is attached to the dress. i know because my sister in law has the same dress.

  • Julie

    Why is he with her? She dresses her girls like old fashioned little house on the prairie people. With “just say no” bows in their hair. He is way too good for her but she owns him, since he cheated on her, did drugs, etc. He doesn’t want her to “tell all” about him so he’s staying with her. She doesn’t even see her kids ins CA…how sad is that??

  • bates

    Lovely Family, it’s sweet seeing them all together. As for the dress it is gorgeous , a work of art. For how much you can see it’s called perfect.

    Those little girls are always dressed so beautifully, You can tell her and Keith are on cloud 9 with their lovely little family.

    Nicole found heaven with Keith,as she once say she was smothered and lonely with Tom Cruise. You can see the happiness and equality
    this time round. I think the sweetie pie kids names say it all.
    Sunday and her Faith will lead them into growing old together .
    I will never forget NK leaving the pop,beer and sandwiches in coolers upon coolers on a scortching hot day (food and drinks) outside her home for the workers who were preparing their home for the wedding reception. She really does have a heart of Gold. Some of the snooty AListers would only think about themselves that day but Nicole took care of everybody. Yes she is a sweetie.
    Bless You Nicole..