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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!

Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux leave their hotel with a dolly full of luggage on Saturday (March 10) in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.

The couple spent a few days in the Big Apple, but headed to the airport to jet away!

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Have you checked out Jennifer and Justin‘s new film Wanderlust yet? The duo star in the flick about a couple that travels to a commune to experience free love. The movie is in theaters now!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Current/Elliott‘s The Boyfriend in Whiskey.

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  • JL

    @JL: I want to see Jolie at the age of 43 – HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!

  • pd

    GLOWING… man the colouring looks so good here.

  • sam

    Last I read the wonder movie Angie directed had only made about

    Last I read Angie’s movie she directed had only made about $2m.
    I would say that was a winner.Brad’s The assissation of Jesse James
    didn’t make but about $13m so guess everyone has a bad movie
    once in awhile.

  • colin

    Angie won’t make it to 43.
    Her caloric intake x her acummulated jet lag + her drug habit – her hoing lifestyle / rate of child stealing gives her about 12 to 18 mos . Max.


    @JL 97
    Your idol looks like a man with a man face, man jaw, manly massive chin, man nose, man lips, man nose, man bone structure, a body builder man type of neck , broadly build like a man and a male voice….that’s a man baby !
    Hell cut her hair and she’ll looks more manly than her poodle Justin, the man who grins like a girl and wears mascara and eyeliner.
    Bet he could get pregnant before this halfman halfwoman creature who can’t produce a child will have a chance to..;which is now understandable with some much testosterone she ingest just to keep her natural fat self on the low.


    Considering your idol tanorexic, nicotine consumption and low caloric diet (eating salad all the time and dieting isn’t a proper way to keep a natural fat girl slender…she is still malnourished even with her bigboned body who appear healthy through severe diet), i would be more concerned about your idole making it in the years to come…After all skin cancer and lung cancer kill more than low caloric consumption and she is addicted to the three of them !

  • Men’s Fantasy

    Men in the USA just love the wholesome Jennifer and her hot tanned fit body.

  • duhwn

    Angie makes me damp


    Men in the USA have no taste and have made the whole world laugh at their taste of most beautiful woman of all time…Give ma Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Gina Lollobrigida, Giene Tiernen, Heidi Lamar, Lynda Carter, Sophie Marceau or Monica Belluci over that petite, thick neck, chinnified, grossly overtanned former fat newly athletically built through severe diet masculine bimbo !

  • JL

    @Jen MANASTEALIN: My idol is the hottest woman of all the times. A NUMBER ONE IN THE LIST. And she has just ONE nose. :) :) :)
    Massive chin – who are you talking about? Sarah Jessica Parker? What the number is Jolie? Number 2? NO!!!!!!!! Mumber 5? NO-O-O-O!!!!!!!!!!! JUST NUMBER 10

  • JL

    @Jen MANASTEALIN: Yeah, go to Brigitte Bardot with her teeth – she is exactly for for pervert like you.

  • Lezzie

    I just can’t see myself with an appealing girl -next -door type,the kind I loathed all through my school days. Jen is the kind of girl I hated with a passion because I had no hope of being like her. I didn’t even know where to start. She/they have everything from afar. Angie on the other hand, yum, is a terrible misfit with behavioral and relationship problems that have plagued her throught her young life and now she has made good, or it seems so to this point. She’s like me, severely flawed and accessible to the immagination. I love her deeply. I want to nuzzle her.

  • Passing RazorBlades

    SS ticky chinny fuglyston and her Squiggy untalented dwarf are a joke. Clean this place up jj! , but NO, you just want the hits. You let the trolls run wild here, while 8 name changing Angie fans suffer. We are the high maintainance backbone of this site, now jump jared,,,higher.

  • sexiset of all time my azz!


    I’m laughing/choking!! Thanks for making my day :)

  • JL

    @Lezzie: I trust you Lessie! You have no hope to become like Jennifer, because Jennifer woks all the time without crying OH IT”S HARD!
    Of course, to take a doze is much-much more easier…


    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Flop Queen and his boyt*Y

  • lol

    so they are staying in a hotel, i bet maniston cant stand to stay in theroux weird apartment. i really think she doesnt like the way he dresses or that he collects all those weird stuff like false teeth or skulls.

    maniston is trying to change justin, soon he will dump her.


    @JL: you should not be bragging about that title..check yahoo comments, almost 99% disagree bwahahahaha just pathetic……

  • Mush

    How many boyfriends has she had? The “classy” girl has been with every man on the top of Jared’s page. She must be so stretched out down there.


    @Men’s Fantasy: you really sure? in such a case, why cant she keep a man? lol

  • Mush

    This guy is an idiot. He had Heidi bivens for 14 years and he got her when she was in her early 20s. I bet he was her only real boyfriend and he dumped her for the town pump.

  • bastid

    I admire Angie for stealing what she wants, a wimpy sp*rm donor, I think she ‘s done with him now. Back to rug munching soon.

  • The ORIGINAL Miami D.

    They raised their heads after their lust-womder bombed


    Aniston mega w#ore alert
    hugh supply FAWP
    Aniston biggest w#ore
    hazmat suit
    thickest rubber
    gas mask radioactive tart

  • NYC|

    The OLD cinnamon face leather skin hag is OUT

  • JL

    @NYC|: You will be OLD too.

  • CLINIQUAly depressed

    What will I do when my favorite bag of diseased bones dries up in a couple, or OD’s tomorrow ? What will become of her children. Who will visit the camps and pose, shed a tear. I ponder these deep thoughts daily, in my daily delusional mental journeys with BrAng


    poor fugly manny and her bald poseur rent a date…,lame wander fcks. Hahahaha!


    She’s a homely dud poor thing.

  • Mental Patient

    Brad And Angie. God loves these two. And me. By proxy.

  • bone idle bee

    It’s either luvin’ on the JPs like they was my own miracle children or watching the hourly train to cross the river bridge.

  • Great ASSE Girl

    While Brad & Ange are down in New Orleans surrounded by many,many A-List STARS to help rebuild NO,,here pops up TICKY finally,hoping that they could sneak away after the mega-flop WonderBomb. Look up top jenhens just a couple of her many men who who guys said would love her forever Butler & Mayer(twice disgustingly)
    How long will she stay with Mr D-List???
    First Chandler tried to give away tickets to Wonderbomb and now JJ is flogging it–Same on you JJ
    Anyway I find her sneaking away Hilarious.
    I’m going back to REAL A-List thread about MIR,where Rihanna,S.Crow.J.Foxx,Octavia spencer,Ellen DeGenerous,and heaps of others(1200) with the integrity to help rebuild a city are!

    FYI—–JL Do you wish Death on all kids or just the innocent J-P kids!!!
    And people say J-P fans are bad–NEVER heard them wish harm on any-one!!!!

  • Great ASSE Girl

    Why TF does she wear those stupid ginormous scarves always??? She has a full-time stylist why isnt she told that they do not take away from her HUGE chin. Just Silly!!

    Bye JL!!!!! LMAO


    I see 4 different men that Aniston has been on the front page of this site!! Wow, must be embarassing for her that she had this many in less than 4 years.

  • red faced embarassment

    Did Angie display any part her disgusting skeleton at tonight’s event?. Please do tell mental patients.

  • blind man’s bluff

    Best part of yanking the JP fan’s cranks is that most of us are ambivilent towards Aniston at best. I don’t like her.
    You are really at an extreme disadvantage. It’s comical.

  • So Silly

    @red faced embarassment: That’s a really lame & childish comment,but then what else can you expect from a jenhen!

  • ANCH1977

    I love it when Aniston fan bring up Horrible bosses and Just Go With It.JGWI was a Sandler movie not a Aniston movie but Aniston fan ignored that. I just want to know one thing from Aniston fans, Sandler other movie ”Grown Ups”’ is that a Sandler movie or a Salma Hayek film.The truth is Maniston cannot open up a movie by herself. Since Wanderlust bomb at the box office Aniston next movie will be with a top notch actor.Do you know why ”The Good Girl ” was her best roll because she hardly said a word.

  • mental patient says what?

    so silly

  • blind woman

    I see no childish comments here AT ALL!

  • ellie’

    Just so sweet ..just walked in and there is the most beautiful couple in HW…See them together ,now that love…

  • PR Games that JL loves!!

    I am well & truly sick of this woman’s PR games. She knows her big movie flopped and tonight is Brad big CHARITY event in NO which is full of A-Lister’s. So she stays in a hotel while owning millions of $ apartments then walks out with a huge bag and carrying a BLANKET in front of her!!! How can people not see through this BS. Her and Huvane have cooked this up,so the headlines will be-Is she preggars,NOT JA fianally emerges from hiding,lamely trying to take away from her Ex’s serious charity work. I’m sure more people have come to know her games,she is losing whatever fans she still has!!!!

  • ellie’

    All of you JP obsessions..all post here about constantly..but the real funny thing is that you post more about Jen & Justin on Angie’s & Brads sites.. you also so obsessed with Jen as much as Angie & Brad….now that’s funny…

  • So fresh faced

    @ellie’: brad is hotter than Justin

  • Christ

    @maniston is D list.:
    Whoa… bitter party of one. Stalker much???

  • http://yahoo guest

    Ugly old woman.
    How much is the pocket money which she pays to a toy boy?

  • http://yahoo ugly face

    Woman who seems to be stinking.

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    She needs to look after the past sex friend and John mayer & Gerard Butler.

  • http://yahoo Guest

    Her sex experience is numbers much larger than AJ.
    AJ only has more number of times of marriage than her.

  • JL

    We can see so many “movie experts” here – she is not a script writer, she is not a Director. But SHE is responsible for all the project!
    Let’s talk about AUTHORS OF THAT MOVIE!