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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!

Jennifer Aniston and her beau Justin Theroux leave their hotel with a dolly full of luggage on Saturday (March 10) in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.

The couple spent a few days in the Big Apple, but headed to the airport to jet away!

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Have you checked out Jennifer and Justin‘s new film Wanderlust yet? The duo star in the flick about a couple that travels to a commune to experience free love. The movie is in theaters now!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Current/Elliott’s The Boyfriend in Whiskey.

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247 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Hotel Check Out!”

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  1. 51

    you guys are pure madness…it´s not even funny help.

    they are a cute couple..seem the kind of couple you would want to be friends with.

  2. 52
    MJ Says:

    Look at the pictures of Angie and Pax leaving at their hotel in NY and Ticky and his paid gigolo leaving at their hotel in NY, Pax and Angie used the back door of the hotel and you can see, there were a lot of paparazzi and fans wanted to take a pictures of them while Ticky and her paid gigolo used the front door and yet there were no fans bothering taking a pictures of them and yet Ticky was complaining that living in NY is like living in the fish ball because of the fans and paparazzi. I guess, Huvane forgot to pay some so called Ticky fans to take a pictures of her. Look at those few people walking behind them it seems like they were not even interested to stop an get a glimpse to see who they are while Angie had a hard time just to get out from their hotel going to the airport. You really can see the difference who is the mega star and just a tv star. No question about ti.

  3. 53
    alw Says:

    i agree with you #37, jennifer aniston fans arent really her fans,if brad and angelina would call it quit tomorrow and brad takes ALL his children and go back to jennifer,the stories would change. shiloh would look cute in her clothes and haircut,the twin would not look down sydrome,zee’s would be perfect,and pax and maddox would be adorable. they just cant wrap their brain around angelina is the mother of brad’s children.

  4. 54
    OMG Says:

    @truth: Hey dumbazz, the notice says they are CHECKING OUT after being there a few days. Get back to remedial reading.

  5. 55
    Eeew Says:

    She’s so fugly.

  6. 56
    Carolina Says:

    @maniston is D list.: Based on your Name i guess you don’t like Ms. Aniston, and judging from the length of the essay you wrote i can only assume you must have a lot of FREE time, hun do yourself and favor a get something to do, get a life.

  7. 57

    He looks like weekend at Bernie’s, only he’s Bernie…just bored to death and miserable.

  8. 58
    Molly Says:

    Don’t they have an apartment there? Why stay at a hotel?

    Oh right. Because they make a stupid amount of money for what they do.


  9. 59
    serious kick ass Says:

    he is wearing heels and she is wearing flats but he still looks short and he is kind of ugly

  10. 60
    Heidi is a beauty Says:

    She is not an actress who is a comedian.
    I think that this photograph is Dustin Hoffman who disguised himself as a woman.

  11. 61
    allie Says:

    you know all the people on this site that are so jealous and do not like Jennifer shouldnt even bother clicking on this. Seems like they just like to say nasty and horrible things about her. We dont care what you say about her she has many many fans. She is a beloved person by many. So get off this article about Jennifer. Click on somebody you like.

  12. 62
    fug face Jen Says:

    they both are a match made in heaven, both got big noses and massive chins, both are short and love orange tan, both are flop actors, imagine how ugly their offspring are going come out.

  13. 63
    MJ Says:

    @alw: And Ticky will put leash on each kid. It’s so funny though that Ticky fans keep saying that they move on that Justin is way hotter than Brad and yet they still keep dreaming about Brad leaving the love of his life, Angie and his beautiful children just to go back to Ticky? Ticky fans are no brainer. It won’t gonna happen even if Ticky is the last woman on earth, I am sure Brad won’t go back to that deadend marriage with the DULL and BORING EX. Ticky fans are so dumb. How many times Brad Pitt was saying that he doesn’t want to go back to his boring life that it caused him into a 2 years of therapy. Use your common sense, you idiot! okay?

  14. 64
    Carolina Says:

    @serious kick ass: and my question is, why do you care??? seriously people now days.

  15. 65
    guest Says:

    Huffington post has a video of ticky complaining about the paps and how she feels like she’s in prison because she can’t walk out of her home, or get into her car without them hounding her. However ,in that same video it shows Jessica Simpson and not her as an example of how agressive the paps can be.
    Look at her coming out the front door of a NYC hotel and there’s not a slew of paps and not one fan asking for an autograph. Same thing at her movie premieres there’s never huge crowd of fans, like the JP’s.

    She’s so delutional just like her “so called” fans.

  16. 66
    Guest Says:

    Her fan is as feebleminded as the same ugly face as her, and is training only the body. useless life.

  17. 67
    Lia Says:

    Very funny that the Angelina fans come here on Jennifer’s thread talking about how Jen can’t move on and it is all about Angelina.
    I was yesterday commenting on St. Angie on how played and acted her relationship is for the outside world and they both have lost their looks and so on so on..
    They all attacked me that I had so much hate in me and that I was obsessed with Angelina..
    I guess Angelina’s fans hare delusional. not jen’s

  18. 68
    Lia Says:

    @amy: Yes dear you are absolutely right about that.
    They do have anger issues and when you comment about it and say that Angelina is too skinny and they all jump on you as if you belong in a psychiatric facility.
    They are clearly in their on world, with their own big problems.
    I wonder if they even have a relationship of their own and how old these fans are because they really seem strangly obssessed.
    Whenever commenting a bout it, JJ deletes my posts

  19. 69
    anistonWHORE IS SO OLD WHO*RE Says:


  20. 70
    stop Says:

    Why all the hate, the woman is doing the best she can…

  21. 71
    hello777 Says:

    i hope he matures for her. i think he is immature and for their relationship to take the next step he needs to take that step to maturity. they make a nice couple.

  22. 72
    hello777 Says:

    i can understand why the angie fans express hate towards jen. because the jen “fans” do the exact same thing to articles about angelina. so the jen fans are being EXTREMELY hypocritical.

  23. 73

    they look lovely

  24. 74

    OH..btw..if you do wonder..i am not a jennifer aniston fan.

    i a sure she is a nice person..but i HATE her movies..and don´t like her bf as well.

    BUT i don´t like what is happening over angelina fans are just crazy.
    this is why i chose that name:ANGELINA JOLIE IS A WH@RE–in order to make a statement over here..every positive comment gets thumbed down.
    that is pathetic.
    jen aniston is far from perfect–but at least she is not such an ugly fauxmanitarian..and a brother-fukking wh@re.
    like your queen.

  25. 75


    well that is not exactly true..i don´t love aniston..
    i just absolutley dislike BRANGELINA and the BRAND that they are.
    but please go to a brangelina thread on justjared..if you only say the slightest critic like for exampla angelina is a bit too thin..they thumb you down hardcore.
    the brangelina fans just go mad..this is not angelina is a gossip-site..
    and if you look now on a aniston board..90%of the comments are hateful brangelina-fanatics that comment.
    but on the is not like that..90%are the brangelina-fanatics over if they would stop being that nasty..
    there would be no reason for me example to be that angry.

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