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Tori Spelling Pregnant 5 Months After Giving Birth

Tori Spelling Pregnant 5 Months After Giving Birth

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott are expecting a baby just five months after welcoming their daughter Hattie.

Tori and Dean, 45, married back in May 2006 and are already the proud parents of three children.

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Dean, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and I are beyond thrilled to announce that another little McDermott is on the way! We feel truly blessed that another angel has found us. Love, Tori xoxo,” the 38-year-old actress wrote on her official website on Friday.

Congratulations to the happy family!!

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  • Rocky

    WHOA! You go Tori & Dean. She’s a great mother and all her children a truly blessed to have her.

  • BEAN

    WHAAAT!!!?? These two love to get jiggy jeeze. Congratulations anyway! They are obvious good parents. Even with all her money Tori is so normal! It’s quite nice in Hollyweird.

  • Asha

    She could have at least gave her vagina a break for a while before getting knocked up again.

  • Asha

    How is vag*na a bad word? It is the proper way to refer to a woman’s lady parts. It’s not like I said the P word.

  • Jules

    Wow!!! 4 kids under 5. god bless her. She is going to need all the help she can get. I think her nanny Patsy could use a helper. Congratulations to them though, they do seem like a nice family. As long as he doesn’t forget that he does have a son in Canada.

  • Shannon

    What an accident!! She has kids like rabbits

  • Juliet

    I spy an oops baby.

  • Andrea

    Oh that’s nasty.

  • denise m

    You go girl Get those babies.

  • denise m

    @Jules: \\#5
    Of course he won’t forget his other child.

  • Love


  • cierra

    wow. congrats but i think she needs to take a break with the baby making. at least for a little while.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …what’s wrong with them? They banging out the kids for their TV show? `shiit’s ridiculous now. only way for them to stay somewhat relevant.

  • sillyme

    And THIS is why President Obama wants to offer free contraceptives to all women. If only his policy started earlier, the world could have been spared yet another unplanned pregnancy.

  • solecito

    If they can’t keep their hands of each other…who are we to judge them? Good for them!

  • Annie

    Awwww, congrats Tori! Tori is one of those people I can’t help but like. Her and her hubby do make adorable kids together too (perfect example of two rather odd looking people making good looking children.)

  • Don. Anres

    Tori there’s something called a condom

  • Candy Spelling

    ew. Stupid way to try and keep a husband.

  • KC

    She said before that they would like to have a lot of children so congratulations to them! They seem like a happy family.

  • Rosey

    In addition to spitting out those babies, Tory works really hard also. That girl is not lazy!

  • Billie

    Congrats to Tori & Dean….She has said that she wanted 4 kids…so now here comes baby number 4.

    Good for her she has the money to afford raising that many kids. And Grandma Cindy has a boat loads of cash.

  • Billie

    @Candy Spelling:

    you’re crazy and ridiculous and has some nerve using Tori’s mother’s name. Are you scared and ashamed to reveal yourself with such comments.

    Children will not make your husband stay if he wants to stray or leave.
    Lots of single moms are raising their children alone because the father of the kids have left them.

  • Annie

    @Sillyme – what’s your problem? This is hardly an “unplanned pregnancy”. These two are in a commited relationship, have the means to provide for the kids (both materially and love wise) and have long expressed their desire for a large brood. You can tell Tori just loves being a mom – her eyes light up whenever she talks about her kids. I’d rather someone like Tori have these kids than a lot of people I can think of who don’t deserve to have them.

  • Roxy

    @sillyme: Well at least she can support her “unplanned pregnancy”

  • NickI

    They are so gross! I’m sure they are going to want another reality show now… Ugh

  • LaTanya

    My first son was 4 months when my husband and I found out was pregnant with our second son……it happens sometimes. They are married and can afford as many kids as they want so I say congrats!!!!

  • Nicole

    Is it safe for her to get pregnant after 5 months? Doubt it. Woman’s body needs to recover from the last pregnancy.

  • Courtney

    oh please plenty of celebrities have had 4 kids under five at least for a time Jeanne Crain had four of her kids in 4 years & 11 months correct Paul Brinkman Jr was born April 6th 1947 Michael January 21st 1949 Timothy August 2nd 1950 and Jeanine March 5th 1952 Katherine Jackson had 4 of her 10 kids within 5 years Maureen born May 29th 1950 Sigmund “Jackie” born May 4th 1951 Toriano “Tito” born October 15th 1953 & Jermaine born December 11th 1954 then comes Latoya May 29th 1956 Marlon & Brandon March 12th 1957 [premature brandon died within a day after birth} Michael August 29th 1958 Randy October 31st 1961 & Janet May 16th 1966.

  • hopeso

    Congrats to them both….I hope it’s a BOY!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    His son and his mother moved to Los Angeles, CA 2 or 3 years ago so Jack want to be close to his Dad.

  • Sarah

    Congratulations Tori and Dean. They are a lovely couple and have beautiful children. From seeing her on her reality show, you can tell she loves her children and loves being a mom.

  • omd

    two words: BIRTH CONTROL

  • opinionated

    oh please. Shhesh. Oh well. I don’t think she is the greatest mom in the world- she shames her kids. But at least she does try and she does take pretty good care of them and loves them. But 4-? that is a lot.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I guess having these kids is all she’s good at. She’s not much of an actress so she has to keep popping out these babies to keep herself relevant. I guess she’s hoping to have more amunition when Candy finally kicks the bucket and doesn’t leave her and her brood a dime and she wants to try and break her will!

  • mells

    @Nicole: yes it’s fine – your body (womens bodies) recover pretty well. we’re freakin warriors!

  • Lia

    Congrats, but … two words … birth control.

  • Me REAL kel!

    Wow, didnt expect that soon, but congrats to them!

  • Ina

    Wow I never pictured her as maternal at all. More like shallow, stupid.. But I think we’re all wrong about them, I think they’re just a family who happens to live in LA & have more money than we’ll ever grasp. That being said, having like 7 kids is no big deal when you can afford help. I’m counting one nanny per child, housekeeping, driver and at least one personal chef. All she has to do is be pregnant and deliver via c-section. Anyone could do with a lot of money!

  • whatever!

    I find Tori Spelling to be one ugly woman and her first born Liam, is just as ugly as her. Please Tori, do me a favour try not to have anymore hideous children. Enough is Enough!

  • Piiia

    @whatever!: I don’t know how your outside looks, but I find you ugly inside.

  • Cookie_Monster

    I don’t think the family was as thrilled as she claims! Men react a different way to baby news! On the reality show, Dean’s face was priceless when they were in bed and Tori broke down the news that she was pregnant with her 2nd daughter Hattie. It was embarassing to watch..we all saw that Dean was not pleased but shocked despite Tori being delusional about it later in the segment where the characters sit in a chair and reflect on particular scenes. Poor thing, we all saw how she was dissatisfied but she was putting on a ‘happy face’ to pretect the integrity of her mariage..

  • :-)

    What is funny is that aHollywood couple living like a family and superich Tori just wanting to really be and work at being a mother.

    We find that not eal.

    Good fo0r her and their family.
    Dean has two kids from a previous marraige so that =6 kids. Chances are they will stop at nice even four. Two girls and here’s hoping they have another boy.

    I think it is nice. BEst to them.
    She never did all the stuff the Miley. Lyndsay s, etc. did.

    Tori seems really, acts normal like she has some common sense.

  • someone

    Since she already had 3 c sections chances are she will have a 4th. That will be tough on her body- lots of scar tissue. I had one c section and I am still dealin with issues from it 2 years later. Yes we can heal and recover but it also takes its toll

  • theresa

    to Sillyme

    maybe this pregnancy is unplanned. but tell me exactly what business is it of your how many children Dean and Tory decide to have? they do not require your permission.

  • theresa

    Candy Spelling @ 03/23/2012 at 3:50 pm

    you jealous Tory has a husband and you don’t?

  • theresa

    omd @ 03/23/2012 at 9:39 pm

    three words: none of your business.

  • whatever!

    @Piiia: that’s my Prerogative if I think tori spelling and her son Liam are ugly. What’s that to you? I could care less what you think of me.

  • samson

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  • Heather

    Tori Spelling please do me and the world a favour, don’t have anymore ugly children!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million!!!!!