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Reese Witherspoon: Baby Bump at the Beach!

Reese Witherspoon: Baby Bump at the Beach!

Reese Witherspoon is letting the pictures do the talking!

The 36-year-old actress, who has yet to officially confirm she’s pregnant, showed off a growing baby bump while on vacation at a beach in Costa Rica on Wednesday (April 4).

Reese wore a black one-piece bathing suit while taking a dip in the ocean with her kids, Ava and Deacon, and husband Jim Toth.

This will be the first child for Reese and Jim who tied the knot March 2011.

Bigger pic inside

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reese witherspoon baby bump beach

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Doing it right

    Well at least she waited till she was married to get pregnant, I think that deserves props in itself. :)

  • errwika

    i knew it!!!!!

  • kel


  • mrskutcher

    doesnt she alwys look like that????

  • Chupa

    @Doing it right:
    shut up. No one thinks like that anymore.

  • ace11

    Jake Gyllenhaal must be ready to kill himself

  • Jess

    AWWW!! So cute! So happy for her.

  • ellie’

    Awe how adorable you look…

  • Studio 54

    Not Toth’s spawn

  • Oh Please!

    Naw, Jake is just fine! He loves kids and can have them unlike this arcehole Toth!

  • Fear This

    Yuck this fake self centered beotch and the horsey you rode in on!

  • Pattycake

    Another set of family beach pictures from Reese. She seems stuck in a publicity rut. Notice that as soon as she has the kids she has them papped, every time. Imagine the future for this new one. Poor kid.

  • Sam

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children or animals or be allowed around them or left alone with them. Witherspoon and Toth are two of them!

  • Lailah

    You know, one day you’ll realize words affect people. And saying these mean and hurtful things will never ever make you guys feel better about yourselves. Reese is a good person and a good mom. What has she ever done to any of you? It’s ridiculous to think she would actually call the paps for publicity when she is an A list, Oscar winning actress. Grow up. Toiled never know what it’s like in this ridiculous business. Why should Reese not go out in public and live her life just because she’s gonna get photographed. It’s GOING to happen. Just stop being so mean, closed minded, and ridiculous.

  • Jessica

    Why aren’t there 100 pictures of her children frolicking happily beside her? Is she holding those back for a People Mag cover story? Reese is such a fame ho.

  • denise

    @Doing it right: #1

    Exactly. I love it when people get married before they get pregnant.

  • Marianne

    She hasn’t even publicly announced that she is pregnant yet. If she was such a “famewhore”, I think I would have seen more of her on these gossip sites.

    Would you guys really be happier if she spent her entire pregnancy locked up in her room?

    She gets papped because she is a celebrity. Simple as that. She should still be able to go out and do normal things without being labeled a “famewhore”when I haven’t seen any evidence of that.

  • Jenn

    @Chupa: #5
    NO, you are wrong. Many people think like that.

  • ew

    ewwwww fuglie…she is as fuglie pregnant as Jennifer Garner lmao!!

  • Jessica

    If you are naive enough to believe that these pictures aren’t set up you have to be under 14 years-old or an adult who regularly sends money to Nigerian princes.

  • Shafterella Shoshstein

    Interesting Interesting. I see the plants/stans are on high volume for Witherspoon and Toth. No one OUTSIDE of Hollywood knows the truth or likes the truth about these two. @Jessica, you are absolutely correct!

    The TRUTH ALWAYS prevail! You can only lie for so long in this business! It DOES catch up to everyone or you go absolutely broke trying to keep the facade going on!

  • KissThis

    awww! Congrats to her and her family. People could already tell based on the clothes she’s been wearing lately though lol.

  • KissThis

    @Sam: Don’t know what the hell you’re blabbering on about. Reese is an AMAZING mother and a sweet person.

  • ?

    Jessica do you have a life other then to mindlessly bash Reese just because shes breathing?
    Its hilarious that you keep bashing her calling her pathetic loser for living her life, like a psychopath assuming all these nonsense on the paps when you like a pathetic person sit here and stalk her 24/7
    I mean come on give it a rest, what has she done to get all this hate. gyllenhaal? is that it?
    There are soo many crazy fangirls on this site who give disgusting hate to people, Bradgelina fans on Jen, DiCaprio fans on his many models, Gosling fans on Eva. Its sad,they are actors judge on their professional life then private. Just cuz they dated your idol and you didn’t, get over it

  • Evie

    I din’t know there were paparazzi in Costa Rica

  • XYZ

    Who cares, really?

  • lexi

    lol they DON’T have paparazzi in Costa Rica. Angelina Jolie does this stuff all the time (remember Maddox and Brad on the beach) Angie is way more A list than Reese and she is known to set up photos in fact the more A-list an actor is the MORE NOT LESS likely the pictures are to be set up

  • IamKevinSmith

    Hey @Kiss This

    I know this b itch and she is not an amazing mother or a sweet person!

    She is a big K UNT!

    So I don’t know what the hell you are blabbering about!

  • KissMyA**

    Oh Sh it! The paid people are out in full force!

  • Nelly

    @lexi: Do you get paid for this or do you not have anything better to do with your time?

  • Pattycake

    @Lailah: Doesn’t occur to you that we know these people? Not from these scripted stories? Someday the truth about these two will leak out of its protected bubble of PR plants, and then, brother.

  • lexi

    I do get paid a ton of money to point out to stupid people that unless a celebrity is in full melt down everything they let you see is planned. Reese’s lovely family has been put out for you to see ON PURPOSE. Her agent husband set this all up to assist her in her last run at fame before she becomes totally irrelevant and starts filming commercials (oh wait she already did that). He became Mr. Witherspoon a little late so he wants to be sure he gets some perks before she drops off completely.

    Every time I tell a stupid person something obvious I receive a sizable sum of money. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Just Sayin

    How is she going to explain when the baby comes out black? That is what I am waiting for….

  • olivia and popeye

    @Doing it right: This time;)

  • busted

    @Doing it right:

    Seriously what difference does it make that she got married first. She was pregnant before she married Ryan and after then they got a divorce.

    Such silliness.. like being married to someone makes having a child better. What about all the divorces and then those children grow up without their parents together. Is that better.

  • Professor

    oh lookie ugly fat Reese…where is her lovely gay husband?

  • heather

    Everyone can whatever they want but I think the prototype is always the ideal of a ‘happy family’. This doesn’t mean that other families are happier as they are.

  • May

    @Doing it right

    this is the 21st century not the 19th. gone are the days when a girl has to be married in order to have a child.

  • theresa


    sorry to have to burst your little bubble idiot but Jim Toth is not gay.

  • me

    how these people can have many different couples in short periods of time?…..I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years last year and I still can’t move on

  • may

    well, Reese divorced her first husband in 2008 and remarried in 2011. that wasn’t a short period of time. as for how they can do it is because in their minds the previous relationship is over, done with, no going back.

  • Kate

    It’s her life and I do like Reese, but I get annoyed when people start to have children from a 2nd marrige when they already have kid(s) from the first marriage. It’s like, you already have kids. Why are you being selfish by having more? Stop overpopulating the earth.

  • pete

    @Kate: because this ugly bitch is only good for making babies..

  • Wendy

    Wow – what hateful people. I love reading comments from people who have never met these celebs and yet they feel free to make comments about their life. How can you say anything about someone you don’t know? Get some perspective and live your life – not theirs. These sites are for entertainment, photos of celebs, not for bashing them or others who comment. I wish they would get rid of the comment capabilities on all these sites!

  • Guest passing by

    Best wishes and congratulations to Reese and her family on the new baby. They make a great family.

  • To all haters

    I know there’s a lot of hate and disrespect towards ppl like Jennifer Aniston, Bar Reffaeli, etc but never thought Reese had so many haters as well.
    Interesting thing how this website is always so flooded with hating and hurtful comments. And then people don’t know why the world we live in is such a big mess, why there are so many wars, death, violence, injustice and hunger. And it’s because of this, most people prefer to spread hate than love. They much prefer to come here and leave an offensive comment about someone they hate than find a post about a celebrity they care about to leave a nice, cheerful comment.
    When I visit this website and I see all these hateful comments, I always remember a documentary I saw about how cases of children bullying are increasing in the USA. It’s no surprise, really. Look at the examples these kids have at home…

  • AGA

    @Pattycake: No I doubt if any-one including leila that you know them or any secrets. BUT you must believe that my BFF’s are Brad & Angie,also catch up with Bey and Jay too LMAO

  • AGA

    @lexi: LEXI—I’ve seen plenty of pap shots form Costa Rica, Paps can travel on these things called planes
    BTW–Since you know it all–The Angie,Brad and Maddox pic you are referring to was taken in KENYA!! LMAO

    Do you know then personally as well…Do you and pattycake have parties with all your celeb “friends” there splilling there imtimite secrets.Too Funny

  • iji

    im always confused when people call her a good mom, or any actor really. No one knows her/them personally. She could be an as*shole.