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Taylor Momsen & Marilyn Manson: 'Revolver Golden Gods' Performance!

Taylor Momsen & Marilyn Manson: 'Revolver Golden Gods' Performance!

Taylor Momsen bears her toned tummy while rocking out on stage with Marilyn Manson during the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods award show held at Club Nokia on Wednesday (April) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old The Pretty Reckless singer performed as part of Marilyn‘s set. He closed out the show. Watch below!!

Also joining Marilyn on stage was Johnny Depp, who performed “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and “The Beautiful People” with the rocker.

Taylor Momsen & Marilyn Manson Performance

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen and Marilyn Manson performing on stage at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods awards..

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taylor momsen revolver golden gods awards 02
taylor momsen revolver golden gods awards 03
taylor momsen revolver golden gods awards 04
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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Emma

    Poor kid. I feel compassion.

  • Emma

    She looks like Moricia Adams. Sadly.

  • Joss

    Yes! A blonde Morticia. She used to be so beautiful in her Gossip Girl days. Seems like something really bad change her hardly.

  • gross

    Is this concert appropiate?? Looks like something different

  • justsayin

    GROSS! It’s like child porn! Marilyn, really? I know you have your devote fans, but I definitely thought you were better than this….Just stick with what you do buddy. Don’t drag young 18 YEAR OLD GIRLS into it.

  • pffff

    give them a few days until they fake a BJ on stage…

  • Meg

    Probably it was to be sensationalist. But it’s disgusting and sadly. Where’s Taylor’s parents, for God’s sake?

  • Mlllllle

    Taylor Momsen is looking more and more like Marilyn Manson, and Marilyn Manson is looking more and more like Taylor Momsen.

  • Rita

    Unfortunately they will probably start dating soon-especially since Taylor Momsen is trying WAY too hard to be this dark-gothic person. So who better than Marilyn Manson to help get her into the gothic club?

  • http://@miss_nora Nora xo

    how sinful! the atmosphere looks very nightmarish! i feel like it’s almost forbidden to breathe the air there!!

  • Posie

    disgusting !

  • Mikaela

    I don’t think her parents care for her at all!! She dresses like a w* and on top of that she smokes (isn’t cigars forbidden for under age?) and if that wasn’t enough, she says the dumbbest things!!! Keep your mouth shut, go buy yourself something decent and quit being “famous”.

  • madcat

    this girl is a joke she cant sing she looks all put together wrong..
    too bad this is his opening act.. i will make sure to get there late..
    and manson as much as i love him he like a parody of himself…it sucks to see him sucking…

  • Bella

    I actually like her like this, because she is so different than the other gossip girl people. It is unique and just simple more natural for her. The Gothic Scene is really interesting and not at all disgustig or something similar. Manson dated Rachel Evan Wood when she was 20, too.

  • solecito

    There are no words…

  • Amber

    This. is. sick.

  • Jennifer

    This “performance” was so embarrassing to watch. Taylor Momsen Gossip Girl actress, on stage with Manson pretending to be a badass rocker. It’s like watching Miley Cyrus dressed up as Alice Cooper.

    Taylor, STOP IT!! You try SO HARD to convince people you’re a “rock star”. It isn’t working. All people are doing is making fun of you for being a teen actress pretending to be a rocker. We all know you’re a puppet, your band was put together, your record deal was handed to you, and your gimmick is manufactured. Cut the crap.

    She sounded like a freaking dying cat here, and LOOKED like an idiot wiggling around trying to be sexy. Does she know wiggling around and looking like you’re having seizures ISN’T sexy? Her movements were so awkward and forced, and her vocals were painful

  • Jennifer

    Oh and also it is as clear as day that this girl had a nose job. Google it.

  • lafamepoma

    if they dated i wouldn’t be surprised haha

  • Kk

    I’m disturbed by just looking at the picture. Eeeep!

  • Joker

    oh god this tramp again? what a joke. i just read an article bashing manson and taylor on stage, calling it “the least rock n roll thing ever to have taylor momsen on stage with you”. this girl honestly thinks people believe her rock act. the only people who actually are fans of her music are teen girls. and they’ll pretty much believe any manufactured ‘singer’ that is put out there because they’re so gullible and naive about what a manufactured product is. hell taylor admitted she was a ‘product for her record deal’!!

  • Rap*

    pure shame….

    but what can u expect from devilworshippers.

    Eff everybody that supports them

  • A

    SO bored with seeing her and her dark look she’s trying to hard to be, oOOOOH.

  • DizzyRiz

    Speechless. . . Another tragic end to a human being in that hell hole called HELLYWOOD!

  • Naomi

    Even though I don’t listen to rock music, this was just a terrible performance. Marilyn Manson needs to retire already. Taylor….where do I start? As much as I like her voice, this was just awful. She looked like a hot mess up there. If you guys listen to most of her songs, they’re not even considered rock. All of her songs have that pop chord progression. One of her songs, Just Tonight, sounds just like Behind These Hazel Eyes. Maybe people would have taken her more seriously if she wasn’t on a tv show before. I think she’s going to fade away quickly. I honestly don’t think her stuff is selling at all. That’s all I have to say.

  • IAmRickSee

    I thought it was awesome, and she sounded great.

  • L

    Thanks, Marilyn. I really needed a lobotomy this morning.

  • Heaaser

    I think I speak for everyone when I say….poser poser poser poser poser poser poser poser POSER.

  • Rachel

    you people are all stupid! LEAVE HER ALONE!
    she knows exactly what she’s doing and WHY. she does not have to convince all of you! I love her voice and I loved her performance, with her voice she saved Manson, really!
    She’s always been that way. when she was on Gossip Girl, the producers told her how she needs to behave and to dress, that was not the real Taylor.
    and guess what?
    doesn’t matter what you say, this won’t stop her either!

  • Evan

    nope, you speak for yourself

  • junkie


  • Jenna


  • VR


  • idiot


    YOU ARE A *beep* IDIOT.

    Her “producers” NEVER TOLD HER how to dress and act off camera. Thats a nice little lie to make up for the obvious fact that she changed overnight like a POSER.

    GOOGLE HER OLD PERSONAL PRIVATE PHOTOS! Yes personal pictures of her AT HOME, not being “rock’, not dressing “rock”, but dressing and acting like a bubbly preppy girl because that is who she is. You can also watch ALL of her older interviews and see how she acted in them. NOTHING like how she does now. Stop with the lies to make people convinced that she was ‘fake before but real now”. Personal pictures DON’T LIE. There is no reason why she’d “fake” being who she was in her own damn home with her own damn friends. So yeah shes a poser and you’re an idiot.

  • Axl

    too freaky for all the squares…

  • siinfulsaint

    I agree that this performance was awful. From the sound to the completely unnecessary actions. Especially considering she is barely 18. However… She is 18. So its her decision. Not the public and not her parents. Who may or may not be around. But some parents just choose to love their kids no matter their choices or style. As far as her style goes… Whether it was something brought about as a part of her record deal or just something she actually likes… You have to give her some credit. At least she doesn’t care what people think. She gets talked about due to it every single day. That would bother most people. She just doesn’t care. And HER music is not awful. She sounds way better than she did during that performance and has some songs that have some good lyrics. The good news is… Not everyone has to like it and or her. If every person were just like you, how boring and mundane would this world be? Besides… Who is to say you wouldn’t be exactly like her if your parents had shoved you into showbiz at the age of 2? And being in that industry while living in a home where you are sooooo sheltered and going to a strict catholic school…. Such contradictions… She was bound to lash out eventually.

  • hxhking

    @Rachel: @idiot: hey asshole so you’re saying you know what a poser is? being a rockstar is not in the way you dress or put make up on,,, its in the way you think, behave and believe asshole… her way of talking and her philosophy in life are so rockstar…try watching her interviews those aren’t scripted like the gossip girl which is fake..if she continues being in a gossip then that’s her being a poser…have a life bitch…btw im a composer and lead vocalist of the best metal band in the Philippines that’s why i understand her…you asshole who are you?

  • Dank

    I had some respect for Taylor Momsen before this. Manson? Seriously? What a talentless hack

  • joanne

    god bless you for saying what i have been trying to put into words

  • joanne

    @hxhking: ahahahahaha u think u know about music????composing isnt the same with writing shit for ur shitty band hun

  • Ally

    You’re a bunch of losers that do nothing but bitching around this website. I’m sure you’re as insignificant in your real life as you sound. It’s easy to comment about things you don’t even want to understand, but really hard to become someone who shows respect.


    ouch…Marilyn really needs to tone down on the absinthe. It’s kinda ruining his voice :/ and as for the pictures, I don’t think it was EXTREMELY disturbing, considering that the girl already looks like a whore, however I think it was more of a unnecessary stage act….

  • ACS


    Haha, the fact that he has sold 70million records suggests otherwise..
    What have you done in life? You must be a HUGE success if Marilyn Manson selling 70million records isnĀ“t enough??

    M.Manson, probably the single most intelligent musician in America..