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Alexander Skarsgard: Friday Coachella Fun!

Alexander Skarsgard: Friday Coachella Fun!

Alexander Skarsgard has some fun in the sun at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Friday (April 20) in Indio, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor hung around a tented area with some pals, including actor Keith Ewell. Alex also stopped to take pictures with some fans!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Coming up next for Alex is the film Battleship, which also stars Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Taylor Kitsch. Be sure to catch the film in theaters on May 18.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard enjoying weekend two of Coachella…

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  • BarAdrianafan

    hes over rated. what is so hot in pale men with over bites? dont get it.

  • Lilla


  • Strange

    Alex looks so hot ! ! !!

  • karl

    oh man i hope they have to pics from the pool, was some real kinky stuff going on in there…

  • ladybug

    At least JJ referred to him as an actor in this post, instead of ‘hunk’.

  • Zola24

    Thanks JJ – At last lol

    Sex on a stick ;)
    Edited to add:
    Happy Sex on a stick :D

  • AdrianaLima

    hes ugly.

  • Skargtrash

    he is pure trash! i can’t believe CT dating this sh!t

  • The boyfriend

    He’s with his boyfriend!

  • lizzie

    finally!!!:D ♥ coachella without bosworth is r eally nice…

  • ladybug

    Wow, the trolls are out in force this morning, must have been dumped out of bed by their moms.

  • What about Charlize

    JJ you forgot to mention he was at soho with girlfriend Charlize theron earlier this month on there second date, you put the soho sighting on Charlize ‘s post ?

    So where is his girlfriend Charlize theron, after all it’s all confirmed and it’s now official out in the open, that there boyfriend and girlfriend, why hide ?

  • Mia

    Charlize wouldn’t be caught dead at coachella. It’s mostly B list actors on down, just trying to get attention.

  • Gossip

    Celebrity gossip

    Alexander Skarsgard Joins In On Coachella Week 2 Action

    Posted Saturday April 21, 2012 12:24 PM GMT

    Joining in on the fun-filled outdoor festivities, Alexander Skarsgard was spotted enjoying the entertainment during the second weekend of the
    Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California on Friday (April 20).

    Surrounded by a group of friends, the “True Blood” star sipped on a drink and walked around the festival grounds wearing a simple grey tee-shirt and jeans with dark sunglasses – even taking a moment to pose for pictures with some fortunate fans.

    On the relationship front, Skarsgard has been rumored to be dating 36-year-old actress Charlize Theron, as US Weekly reports the duo were spotted on a second date earlier this month at West Hollywood’s Soho House.

    For one of the dates, Charlize and Alexander reportedly got pretty close on the patio of a Hollywood gay bar, as an insider told the National
    Enquirer, “It was clear they were a couple. After about 45 minutes, they left with their arms around each other.”

    However, it seems the possible couple is trying to keep their dates private, as sources reveal, “They’ve both been through some bad break-ups and want to keep the romance to themselves for the time being, they
    figured no one

    would notice them at a gay bar.”

  • Lilla

    @ladybug: Seriously.

  • Naty

    This Charlize story is absurd, she’s way too A-list for him.

  • Lina

    Looking HOT and HAPPY without the 60 lbs famewhore.

  • Skargtrash

    he is going to destroy CT reputation :((((((

  • ladybug

    @Gossip: Must be nice to run a website where you just retype stuff from the Enquirer and try to make it look legit. Sort of like buying your term papers off of the Internet, only easier.

  • Skargtrash

    but…..if she is date this trash it means that she is desperate for a man

  • Shaz

    I bet Alexander is loving this being linked to Oscar winner Charlize Theron, why would she want to go 2 coachella Alex needs to be seen Charlize doesn’t
    look at all the attention and gossip he is getting from Charlize just to get rid of his link with Bozwhore it’s all Alexander fault , leave Charlize alone she doesn’t need this crap.

    Poor Charlize being linked 2 this blist tv series actor, run Charlize run you can do better u don’t need Alexander skarstrash who dated Kate Bozwhore and has been linked with young ladies like the Olsen sister
    andERW ewwwwwwwww

  • Mia

    I don’t think he’s trashy just not CT’s type. I think once you’ve achieved the kind of stardom CT has it’s just impossible not to be high maintenance. And I don’t think he’d settle with a high maintenamce girl,

  • lizzie

    @Skargtrash: I do not believe in this love affair… T his is PR play,.

  • Naty

    @Skargtrash: I agree, every woman he’s linked to, ends up with bad rep.

  • Canuck

    Damn, where is the blazing heat when you need it? Sweaty Skarsgard or shirtless Skarsgard would have been a treat! I suspect some of his friends wouldn’t look so bad that way either, hehehe

  • karl

    a-list remarks and destroying reputation is funny, almost as funny as funny or die skits…

  • Nightfall

    no way Charlize would date Alexander skarsgard !!!!!!!!!!yeah they may have went out no probes there:)

    but not buying into there dating I believe Charlize would date fessbender she seemed to like him, but he has a GF such a shame would love them two together.

    And no I don’t think Alexander skarsgard is trashy, I think he likes his single life, beer, women, mates, sex and partying nothing wronge with that

    he ain’t no Gerard butler now he is a dirtbag and trashy

  • chelle

    @ladybug: WTF?!? I HAVE TO WAKE UP TO TROLLS???? JEEZE!!! maybe people are just hacked off he is proving the “oh she will be at coachella with him ” crap wrong.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Well, today it’s supposed to be 102 or so, and the fun starts at a 11 am PDT, so I suspect we’ll get SweatySkars pics in few hours.
    Maybe we can send the trolls there and they’ll melt in the heat and disinfecting sunlight.

  • Why Ask Me?

    Yummy man *smacks lips* ;D

    Trolls have really stank this post up quick….Karl you need to use some of your allowance and go out and get laid dude.


    Instigators and Agitators United started early this morning. Yes your organization has been identified. You have no power here any longer.

    @ALL ALEXFANS Man it is good to see him out and looking so relaxed. I bet he was under orders to not get a tan…lol. The bald guy in the group is a director friend of his. Not Tarik but another one.

  • Lilla

    @TEXAS SWEDE: I’m so happy to see pictures of Björne!!! I’ve missed him.

    @Canuck, it’s still early, hopefully we’ll see some later :)

  • Why Ask Me?


    Hope you are feeling a little better, Skarspics are always good for the soul and recovery :D

  • karl

    the only trolling im doing is along the poolside… witch makes me wonder, where are them pics from the pool, there were a lot of photos taken…


    @Lilla: Me too. And I remember a while back someone was saying he and Lisa broke up….well he is still wearing his wedding band so I think they are still together.

    @Why Ask Me?: Thank you. And yes they are.

  • NikkiK

    @karl: I’m just warning you, if you keep this up I will be forced to contact the site administrator to pursue legal action. Do the words slander and libel mean anything to you? Look them up because the next thing I type goes directly to Ms. Whiteley’s lawyer.

  • Lilla

    @TEXAS SWEDE: Oh, how are you feeling? I hope better. To my knowledge, they are very much still together :)

  • karl

    I think I need to pursue legal actions on you nik, just spilt hot coffey on myself from laughing at your post…

  • ladybug

    @NikkiK: Might want to try flagging the comment first, before going through with the rest of the show.

  • concerned

    @TEXAS SWEDE: thanks for telling us that the bald guy is a director friend – i think that speaks volumes for what kind of guy alex is that he hangs out with his directors and former cast. just goes to show he is really a nice guy.

    do u know if keith is a friend from the states or from sweden? i know several of his swedish friends have come to visit – sorry if that is too nosey i was just curious.

    and glad u are home and recovering

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Yay for 102! Melting in the heat and sunlight… Maybe they’re clothes moths as well as trolls ;)


    @Lilla: Feeling better. Just going to take time. Thank you for asking.

    @concerned: Thanks. I know Keith is an actor but I don’t know where he is from. I am not even sure of his last name.

  • ladybug

    @concerned: ASFIK Keith Ewell is American.

    @chelle, the trolls are especially busy today, they’re all over the threads.

    @Texas Swede, so the guy in the white tshirt is a director friend, and not a younger Stanley Tucci or a faux vin diesel? :) And the man in the dark shirt is his manager?

  • Canuck

    @TEXAS SWEDE: I’m glad you’re up and about. I don’t know if you live somewhere that it’s possible, but I have it from a firsthand source that pot counteracts some of the more debilitating side effects of chemo. Miserable toxic procedure, hope you’re managing it ok.

  • concerned

    @ladybug: @TEXAS SWEDE: thanks to you both


    @Canuck: I am only 90 miles from Mexico. am handling it better now than at first but It is not easy. I ask my Dr. about pot because I had heard the same thing. My Dr. agreed and made the suggestion to my nephew….nuff said.

    @ladybug: I am in the middle of checking that out now. The manager bit. The other guy is a director. Trying to find his name too.

  • an opinion

    This guy and Kellen Lutz are two of the fugly guys that some consider hunks. I guess it is the body. Butterface fits for these guys.

  • Lilla

    @TEXAS SWEDE: I’m glad you’re better, but so sorry that you have to go through this.

    Keith is American. He & Alex have been friends for years.

  • chelle

    @TEXAS SWEDE: glad u are doing well. I know how crappy chemo is. I went through it in late teens due to lymphoma. Sux big time! So does radiation. Hope all goes well


    @Lilla: @chelle:

    Thanks to both of you. Guess I am talking too much. My original response is being moderated…lol.