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Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed: Coachella Cuties!

Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed: Coachella Cuties!

Kristen Stewart roams the fields with a gal pal during the second day of the second weekend of the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 21) in Indio, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress’ Twilight series co-star Nikki Reed also got involved with the Coachella festivities that day!

Nikki and her husband Paul McDonald spent time at the SKYY Infusions Coconut Escape held at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort, where they met up with Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley.

FYI: Kristen is wearing the American Eagle Colored Denim Midi Short in shiraz red.

15+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, and Paul McDonald at Coachella…

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Credit: WENNCHELLA; Photos: Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks, WENN
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  • Pilar

    lol that’s not Kristen’s gal pal. it’s her publicist Ruth.

  • Jane

    Love what Kristen is wearing. She didn’t bother to dress posh for an event meant to celebrate music and alternative lifestyle.

  • Amber

    The headline made it look like they were together fooled me, I was thinking so there ARE actually friends…..but nah. Any way too bad the sun is not out, KStew could you use some. :)

  • Hmm

    Im surprised she didn’t knock somebody/something down while putting her head down all the time…..happen to me

  • Jay

    Who says her publicist isn’t also her friend? If she’s with her in her free time, they must have a good and trusting relationship.

  • Lily

    Remember when they used to be so close??
    ps. Both of them look adorable.

  • galpal

    nikki reed is so gorgeous! looking good girl!

  • Madi

    She looks casual and adorable :) I love how, unlike other celebrities, she doesn’t TRY and draw attention to herself. She’s just there for the music! <3 her.

  • tjw12

    Ruth is Kristen’s publicist and they’ve also been friends for many years. How sad JJ is mentioning Kristen and NR in the same story…it’s very disrespectful to Kristen.

  • zzz

    Of course she’s there with her publicist. Has to keep her image in check

  • Jolie

    @Amber: Yeah they aren’t friends anymore because Nikki hooked up with Rob Pattz back during Twilight

  • R

    Nikki is a very lovely girl….i love her face! KStew is sooooooo lesbian, Only twihards can find her pretty with these filthy rags

  • blue

    Knew Kristen Stewart was going to make yet another appearance with her publicist. So sick of these types of famewhores

  • Selma

    Nikki Reed is glowing! She’s got great hair!

  • lol

    Wow so this chick went to Coachella with her publicist? That’s new. I wonder other fashion event she’s going to show up at next?

  • Lana

    Someone who likes Nikki Reed’s face yet calls KStew a lesbian. …An oxymoron at its finest.
    Whatever she’s wearing cost more than whatever you put on on your best day, honey. On her best day, it probably cost as much as your car. And her car probably cost as much as your house, LOL.

  • Mary

    Kristen’s just doing her job, she’s not pretending like she’s there to party. I think she also likes the music, it’s definitely something she’s into. Didn’t she go last year, too?

  • V

    Kristen looks great! Who says your publicist can’t be your friend?

  • R

    @Lana: Really?? dress like a homeless junkie is so expensive ? and you dont have a clue what it is an oxymoron, poor girl …

  • Kris

    She’s very busy with OTR and Snow White coming out at Cannes and the premiers, talk shows, re-shoots to do and prepare for. It’s good that she can relax during her hectic schedule. She may have just came back from a print interview and stopped by to check out the festival for all we know.

  • Kristy

    Poor girl, so jealous of Kstew. Oxymorons can be broadly applied to phrases, too, hence: “Oxymora are not always a pair of words; they can also be devised in the meaning of sentences or phrases.” This is the real world, honey, not your grade 8 English class.

    Dressing shabby can be expensive endeavor, This is Coachella, not the METS BALL, dimdumb.

  • Ashley

    I like what she is wearing.

    I thought she was in Vancouver for reshoots. Looking forward to her movies away from horrible twilight series…really excited for SW&H

  • smells like pork

    Can someone tell me why all these celebs go to Coachella ? I just don’t get it ! ! ? ?

  • Sweetness

    Wow people are so gullible. The fact that stars singers and celebrities show up at this festival in their hobo chic glad rags is ALLABOUT PUBLICITY. They all WANT to be seen there because paparrazzi are there. These are celebs want to you their adoring fans to think they’re just regular folks and not famewhores and this actually translates into more $$$ at the box office. Because their names are the media. Kristen Stewart deliberately wore that rag torn tshirt and never washes her hair because her fanbase thinks she’s being real.

  • Rachael

    She’s friends with her publicist. I don’t see what a PR person needs to be at a festival, she’s not giving interviews. A stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, personal assistant, or bodyguard would be more appropriate if she was indeed needed.

  • Taytay

    Sweetness: Yeah, but you gotta be impressed that Kristen isn’t even pretending that she’s here for work, only taking her publicist.
    As for dressing to please her fans, I’m sure that’s how she likes to dress on her downtime and her fans accept her for it. It’s the chicken and the egg riddle all over again. If she was a fashion maven, she would gain new fans. God knows there’s a lot of criticisms lodged against her for her hobo style, R being case in point.

  • Toni


    WTF? How is it ‘disrespectful’? OMG, get back to the awful truth board pathetic shipper. Nikki is awesome and very happy, hat makes you angry because you can’t fit her into your little fanfic of being bitter just because she might have shagged RPattz once or twice years ago. YEARS ago. Time to get over all of that little girl, R/K/N have! lol

  • R

    to Kristy
    oh, i got it: “Nikki Reed is a lovely girl” is a oxymoron and “KStew looks like a homeless junkie” is a ….pleonasm?

  • nichole

    Kristen has known Ruth since she was a little girl. I am sure they are just as much friends as anything. Kristen was there with several friends, there was nothing business about it. Weird that JJ wouldn’t know who Ruth was though. 5 minutes to research too much effort?

    Wording the title as if Kristen and Nikki were there together is eye-roll worthy.

  • nina

    Kstew at Coachella along with her publicist????? LOLOLOLOL!!! She’s just like every other celeb trying to get attention! Especially since, like her fans have repeatedly noted here, she has TWO films to promote!!!

  • tg

    well fame seem to tear friendships apart.. kinda sad bcos i know they were friends for a long time!

  • Sam

    And you seem to be one those Robssessed who worship Nikki and bash Kristen. If you want to praise Nikki go ahead do it but why do it at the cost of another actress. And how do you know Kristen is a lesbian, Just because she is a t and jeans girl? You will be surprised to know how many girls who are all girly girly are lesbians. So yeah stop commenting on somebody’s sexual orientation when you dont know anything about their personal life. And yeah your dear Nikki is not liked by the cast members and has even dissed them. So stop being jealous little girl.

  • hmm…

    her publicist? If that isn’t Hollywood, nothing is. I remember earlier on her fans loved how Un-Hollywood she was. Now she is doing nothing but playing the Hollywood game. Why do you think she’s going to these fashion shows. This girl knows nothing about fashion.. It’s all a game.

  • Mmm


    Really Nikki is a lovely girl? You don’t know Nikki had a NOSE JOB or what you called RHINOPLASTY? She had different nose back then. Please watch her old movies. She is not naturally pretty. Sorry…She’s a plastic surgeon beauty. Kristen is the one who has a natural beauty unlike your idol who was a miscast as Rosalie because Rosalie supposed to be the most beautiful not a second rate nose job beauty . I will put Evan Rachel Wood as Rosalie not Nikki

  • abc

    @hmm…: The same way her relationship with R.P is ‘real’ and not a publicity stunt.

  • Hols

    Kristen is wearing Rob’s baseball hat!! so cute!

  • LS

    That’s not Rob’s hat. It looks like it, but Robs has two holes in the top. She wore Rob’s Baltimore hat to the Katy Perry video but this is not the one. This is a newer one because you can see where the sticker came off the rim of the hat and does note have the holes. I am worried about the two of them because they have not been seen together in over two weeks. I hope all is well for them. I really like them together. I guess only time will tell.

  • Max

    Kristen looks HOT!!!!!

  • Dawn

    Awh thats definitely Robs hat!!!! So cute!

  • sally

    Nikki is positively glowing!!!

  • Jack

    Kristen is looking hotter and hotter these days! Rob Pattinson is a very lucky dude!!

  • Sara

    Kristen looks great!

  • Kiera

    Personally…I love this outfit on Kristen! She looks great! But then again she’d look great in anything!!!

  • cathy

    rob is more into music than kristen—why didnt he come along????? enough already of not being seen together !!!!!!

  • nina

    @Sweetness: hey sweetness: Kristen doeesn’t have to go to Coachella to get publicity. Paps follow her pretty steadily. Now other d and f listed celebs like paris who have crappy tastes in music? Sure, your theory stands. But kristen’s fronting a franchise, is about to launch a new major studio franchise with Universal, has her own fashion campaign, has a famous bf, and is pap favorite still. You think her a list a zz needs to DRIVE to coachella to get publicity? lol Talk about naive….

  • nina

    and here’s food for thought: both Nikki and Kristen are attractive girls. Nikki tends to do herself up more, while Kristne dresses herself down. Different looks, but they are both pretty by most standards.

  • mehra

    KS is so funny,i like her

  • daria

    @Sweetness: You fail at logic. Why would Kristen have to do publicity for her rabid fans? Why would she have to go to Coachella to look sorta messy to ensure them that she is real so that they go see her movie SWATH? That makes no sense, her fans will support her movie, they are not the people she needs to appeal to. She needs to appeal to a broader audience, an audience who tends to think she is unkempt and awkward. So your analysis is COMPLETELY failing. Her looking messy at Coachella, with some pictures here and there on some online sites, aren’t going to appeal to a broad audience for box office dollars. Her doing a balenciaga campaign on the other hand helps to polish up her image and make her seem more adult to a broad audience. Her catching a concert at Coachella is not a part of the publicity campaign, sillly. She wanted to take in music with every other Angeleno, that’s all it is.

  • mehra

    i like her.she doesn’t pretend anything

  • Ruby

    Why are people calling Kristen a famewhore? Seriously? She is in the fields with everyone else! She isn’t there in the VIP section looking for some special treatment! You would all complain when she ‘dresses up’ saying she is trying to ‘be something she’s not’ then complain when she goes out wearing casual clothing that in all comes to around $30 or something like that! Make up your fu*king minds! If you don’t like her why waste your time? You would think you all had something better to do with your life but evidently you don’t! Go get a hobby!