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Matt Bomer: Revlon Walk with Simon Halls & Kit!

Matt Bomer: Revlon Walk with Simon Halls & Kit!

Matt Bomer consoles his son Kit at the 19th Annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women fundraiser on Saturday (May 12) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor was also joined by his partner Simon Halls at the event.

Matt and his Glee co-star Darren Criss recently responded to Gotye‘s comments about their rendition of his song “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

“Art is totally subjective. I’m not a big mudslinger, so whatever,” Matt told Showbiz Tonight.

“I’ve been a long time Gotye fan…The fact that Gotye even knows who I am and what my name is, I am super thrilled,” Darren added. “I was not mad or disturbed at all by what he said…He’s allowed to say whatever he wants.”

15+ pictures inside of Matt Bomer at the Revlon Run/Walk with his family…

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matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 01
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 02
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 03
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 04
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 05
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 06
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 07
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 08
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 09
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 10
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 11
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 12
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 13
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 14
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 15
matt bomer revlon walk with simon halls son kit 16

Credit: FayesVision; Photos: WENN
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  • Helen

    christian grey!!! <3

  • Samantha

    Oh my god this is so cute, adorable family !!

  • Gmerice

    Beautiful family and Matt’s hot athletic legs!

  • DILF

    Matt just gets sexier by the day


    So adorable ! it’s nice to have real candid family pictures where the star seem to genuinely care about his kids/partner and not one of those staged pictures when the celeb is calling the paparazzi to catch the “family moment” . The fact that Matt Bomer is smocking hot doesn’t hurt either.

  • hottiepatrol

    Two dads…how does that work ?

  • westie

    What a nice family such perfect roles models

  • Marion

    OMG, the’re hugging! :) So sweet! And so awesome to finally see them all together!

  • great !

    It’s the first picture we have of Bomer and his husband actually hugging or talking to each other, don’t we?

  • Leyla

    Matt Bomer is the definition of DILF, I’m totally jealous of Simon right now. Their kid is adorable too.

  • Don

    What a nice sweet family :)

  • pat

    The pictures that prove President Obama’s words.

  • RJ


  • asdf

    @RJ: Maybe your family doesn’t love you?

  • rokval

    Obama !! Obama!!

  • Miranda

    Dad and two sons? lol Sugar daddy

  • Shanon

    It seem that Matt is great dad <3 Simon's son is attach Matt like his father than Simon.

  • Lilla

    My heart just melted. <3

  • Peapo

    What a great representation of a happy and beautiful American family. So glad they feel comfortable to share their love and affection with us. They are proud of who they are and they should be. I love this family.

  • pinkydoo

    I’m totally pro the whole gay marriage thing, but what happens to these kids with two dads or two mothers. Do they go through therapy all their lives because of teasing and bullying from other children? I’m more concerned for them.

  • Tom


    Be more concerned for the growing number of kids in social services. Don’t worry about kids like this growing up with two decent parents who adore them and live in a liberal place. Use your energy and passion to google about children who are abandoned and abused by straight couples every day.

  • Ace

    @Tom: I agree with everything you said but feel like I need to remind everyone that it’s not only ‘straight couples’ who abuse children. Heterosexuals and Homosexuals both have their share of good and bad people.

  • Bill

    @pinkydoo: They will attend the best schools and live in the best neighborhoods with educated people where two moms or dads are commonplace and not an issue. Only the ignorant have issues with gay parenting. This family is perfect.

  • A.

    This is so precious, Bomer with his family is totally adorable !

  • Kate

    This family picture is so perfectly lovely and admirable I feel almost ashamed to comment on Matt’s sexy body, but unf he’s hot !

  • Jasmine

    Cute family :)

  • Sammy

    All I can say is awwwwwwwwww… this is so cute..

    As human beings we need to feel loved and doesn’t matter where you get that from :)

    Love this family <3

  • jjaymia

    No one ever asks me how much therapy i had to go through as a child of hetero parents. Especially since I witnessed my father beat the ever living crap out of my mother and was verbally abusive towards me.

    In general, I’m not totally pro gay marriage, I have my religious beliefs. But everyone should have a chance of being able to marry the person they fell in love with and raise a family together. Whether its same sex marriage or not. The reasons people come up with for opposing same sex marriage is absurd. Just let people live.

    I wonder, if people didn’t know the picture was of Matt Bomer and that it was a same sex partnership, would they just think “look, a father consoling his child” instead of “(gasp) gay people teaching a kid to be gay” and all the atrocities they can come up with.

  • Amber

    What a beautiful family!

  • Diane McLaughlin

    I heard Gotye version of Somebody That I Used to Know and I’ve heard the Criss/Bomer version. The Criss/Bomer version is far superior.

  • Diane McLaughlin

    @hottiepatrol: The same way any other two parent household works.

  • Diane McLaughlin

    @pinkydoo: Read the research. Parents of two same gender parents do just as well as kids of two loving opposite gender parents.

  • SG

    Such an adorable family, and Matt’s obviously a great dad.

  • Jamie

    @pinkydoo: If the parents of the children that would bully someone who has same sex parents did their job as parents that wouldn’t be a concern. Matt and Simon’s kid will most likely have the best of everything and live in a place and attend schools where same sex couples/parents aren’t ridiculed. I’m sure they’ll be fine. They have TWO loving parents.

  • Loren

    It’s shameful that people in this day and time still consider something to be wrong with same-sex parents soley because they’re same-sex. People are people, and there are good and bad of both hetero and same sex parents. Why can’t people praise this pic for what it seems to depict, two caring parents with their child?

  • http://@rayudi Drew

    Matt’s starting to look girl-like…

  • just me

    very cute pictures. there are a lot of things to comment on here( like sweetness and hotness and obviously good parenting)..but all i have to say on that is Cute:)

  • Lexie

    Beautiful family !

  • Billy

    I am so jealous right now to Simon Halls he found Matt Bomer. I wish I could find a guy like him.

  • Mike

    So adorable. Can someone just clarify for me, I know they got a surrogate for their kids, but are they Simon’s, or Matt’s children?

  • oh la la

    @RJ: me, second. This is very public display and they know it. Whatever…good luck with Obama. I hate Romney. NEXT.

  • Matt is Christian Grey

    Such a prefect family example and Matt is the perfect man and looks like perfect father!

  • Katrina

    Good God these pics of Matt with his kid are a little too much to take……my ovaries are totally exploding. Total DILF. This guy is perfection.

  • Katrina

    @Mike: All 3 are Simon’s, Matt needs to have some pretty blue eyes bio kids soon.

  • Fat Kelly love

    The Bottom, the wife, the mother. Matt is the perfect daddy!

  • Ilse

    Most adorable thing EVER! I’d like to find a photo with Matt, Simon & the three kid, that would be 7541854152457484857645 times MORE ADORABLE!
    Love him SO MUCH!

  • jjj

    okay, please help me understand why almost all positive and actually thoughtful comments have such low ratings and stupid comments like ‘Matt’s starting to look girl-like…’ have so many high ratings…

  • Simon Halls

    @jjj: Fat Kelly, Crazy Kelly mom, Rob from Canada who use names like lok, Matt fan, Ben LA, Jeff NYC on fan forums. These three Humpty Dumpty trio are the real life stalker.

  • Kit Hommy

    Mommy!!!! Mommy!!! Where is my mommy!!?? LOL

  • Jamie

    Because that is the only reason kids ever might get bullied at school. Sorry kids get bullied for looking 3 inches to the wrong direction on a Monday at 12 instead of 11 o’clock. So that argument is about the most stupid I ever heard.

    Kids need a loving family to come home too that is all they need.