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Gerard Butler: Haiti Carnival in Cannes Benefit!

Gerard Butler: Haiti Carnival in Cannes Benefit!

Gerard Butler suits up for the Haiti Carnival in Cannes event during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 18) in Cannes, France.

The event, presented by Armani, benefited Sean Penn‘s J/P HRO, model Petra Nemcova‘s Happy Hearts Fund and Paul Haggis‘s Artists for Peace and Justice.

Diane Kruger (in Jason Wu) attended with boyfriend Joshua Jackson, who met up with Chris Rock and French actress Virginie Ledoyen.

Also pictured: designer Giorgio Armani with Melissa George, and Diane‘s fellow festival juror, Ewan McGregor with his wife, Eve Mavrakis (both in Marni).

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gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 01
gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 02
gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 03
gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 04
gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 05
gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 06
gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 07
gerard butler carnival haiti cannes 08

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  • GERRY IS..

    …so good looking.

    Looking great & sexy as always

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Always love him in his tux!! Very sexy!!

  • So……

    now I know what Gerry looks like performing f/ellatio!!!! Hahaha!

  • O.M.G

    Madalina Ghenea was there.There are two pictures of her and Gerry, over on WO.

  • cupccake

    Again does anyone know who the blonde is? He always looks good in a tux.

  • legends

    Love you, Gerry! You’re a beautiful man.

  • Tina

    What blonde??

  • TESS

    @O.M.G: to you have 2 this photos, please?

  • :)

    Looking good. Hope he’s having a great time.

  • Miranda

    He’s very handsome. :)

  • TESS

    @O.M.G: i mean do you have these 2 photos, what is WO?

  • :)

    Blonde think it’s #815 last thread. :)

  • Me


  • O.M.G
  • O.M.G

    Madalina is in the white dress in the first 2 pics.

  • cupccake

    I don’ t know what to think right now this guy is always making our heads scratch. Maybe the press got it wrong as usual maybe he did come with madalina?.

  • @cupcake

    He didn’t go to the Haiti thing with Madalina.
    Madalina is there because she is attending something with Paul Haggis tomorrow night.
    Gerry arrived with the Blonde haired woman, it even says Gerard Butler and Guest attend the Haiti Carnival.
    If he’d arrived with Madalina,it would have said so.

  • AM

    She’s a lot different that anyone I have seen him with. I have read that she wants to be an actress more than a model. She seems to me ambitious, which is not a bad thing, but I don’t think he is going to be able to hide her for long …..if they are a couple..which is still speculation at this point.

  • T.M

    Madalina looks like a porn star.

  • @AM

    He’s with the Blonde woman,not Madelina.
    No speculation needed.
    Take another look at the pics,she (Blonde) arrived with him.

  • Toronto

    @@cupcake: So, it’s just a coincidence that Gerry was first in Milan, and seen with Madalina there, and then, like 48-72 hours later, is at the SAME function she’s at in Cannes? I think something’s up…….

  • Anon

    Jesus. Is the only think Jackson does in his down time is escort his girlfriend around to pretentious events? He looks so pathetic. And I love how benefactors have these million dollar ‘benefit’ dinners for charities and such like Haiti. Here’s an idea… ALL of the money they used to throw a ‘dinner benefit’ could have gone directly to rebuilding the country. I’m pretty sure that would have been a much better investment than ‘this’ party.

  • TESS

    @@cupcake: he was in milan with her, and in nyc last week too, in same day she posted on fb “i’m in love, is enough to you?

  • T.M

    Well, yes, and she’s *exactly* his type too. I think he likes women that look like porn stars. I think he definitely wants her.

  • TESS

    @O.M.G: thank you, i have a photo with them last week on night club.

  • @Toronto

    It was only tweeted yesterday, less than 24hrs that they were seen together in Milan.Yes they are at the same function because she is linked with Paul Haggis+Avi Lerner (both of them are also very well known to Gerry)
    .She is attending some event that they are hosting tomorrow night.
    Gerry turned up at tonights event with the Blonde haired woman,she was his guest,and you can tell by the pics that they are “comfortable” with each other.
    I think if he’d turned up with Madalina (her being a famous model) the press would have been all over it.

  • Lisa

    LOL at the fans fighting — he’s with the blonde, he’s with the brunette, no the blonde, no the brunette ….
    Let’s face it, he’s probably with neither. He’ll probably end up back at the hotel with some low-rent girl he meets at the party tonight. One-nighters with random party girls are more his speed.

  • Oh Please…

    …are all of you crazy??? Gerry NEVER brings a date to any event. That’s not his M.O.

  • Toronto

    @@Toronto: Why do some here think he “arrived” with the blonde woman? You can’t tell by the pictures. He poses with lots of people at events.
    Yes, she is referred to as Gerard Butler and “guest”. I think, as in, a guest at the event. In the pics she she’s not referred to as Gerard Butler’s guest. See the difference?

  • @Oh Please

    Maybe things are changing,It’s gonna happen one day,

  • Just Sayin’

    @@cupcake: Where does it say they arrived? Almost every pic says “attend” despite who is in the pic? I haven’t been able to find an “arrival” pic. Thanks.

  • TESS

    @@Toronto: the blonde was just a disguise.

  • Just Sayin’

    “Guest” seems to be a generic term for unidentified attendees, or he has multiple dates. Would they auction him off if he were with a date?

  • Toronto

    @TESS: That’s what I’m thinking, too! I think he’s involved with Madalina. He might not have “arrived” with her, either (that would be too obvious), but I think they are arranging to be together at the same events. JMO…….

  • noni Madalina better watch out. Blondie’s moving in for the kill.

  • Cute Pic
  • Really???

    Do you think Gerry would stay with someone who posted it all over her Facebook and Twitter page that “she’s in love” considering he’s supposed to be so private?

  • noni
  • Toronto

    @Really???: I said the same thing yesterday on the last thread! No, he wouldn’t STAY with someone who is so open on social media or with the press. But, if this is a brand new fling….he might stay with it long enough to get some hot sex from a beautiful model. But, I don’t think he’d view someone like her as long term material. Unless she smartens up, really fast.

  • GFW

    No, my guess is Gerry ends up back at his luxury five-star hotel happy (still on east coat body time) enjoying its enmities to be on-line with best friend forever discussing topics of the most extraordinary kind, and it isn’t with any of these women mentioned here!

  • More Pics
  • noni Finally a man Patrice Otsepe of African Rainbow Minerals, offered 100,000 “without Gerry Butler.” He won, Butler blushed, but was certainly thrilled not to have go on a date with a stranger.

  • sunny afternoon

    It looks like he’s recently dyed his hair. I like the color a lot — it’s kind of a red/brown. It suits him.

  • TESS

    @Toronto: yeah, look the photo noni posted link, malina is near, as always but disguising, my friend have been with them last week, and danced with them, in a night club in NYC, they was together last with, i´m sure, i have a pic

  • common sense

    @WTFisWRONGwithYOU? from the last thread
    GFW constantly fights with people in every thread; it’s so pathetic. One cannot express their opinion without her bullying, calling names, and arguing. She is like the thread’s nut/bully. I hate her. She has ruined this place. You cannot enjoy making a comment without locking horns with her. They called her senile and crazy in the last thread and I think it fits her like a glove.

  • Whatshedonenow

    Hmmm… as I said before, very beautiful girl… but she comes across as a bit false, there’s something a bit off about her. I get the feeling she is hard-core ambitious and would happily trade him in for a bigger fish such as Penn who was also there – Another modelizer.  If GB is involved with her – which I think he is – it’s FWBs and hook ups only. If he really does falls for her… she’ll definitely use him…which would be quite funny…karma I think it’s called

  • British Cows

    Beetch! You always have something neg. to say. lighten up cow!
    Or go graze elsewhere.

  • @Toronto

    @Toronto: Yeah he posed with Georgio Armani maybe Gerry is his date,

  • British Cows=American Cow

    @British Cows: American cow, choke on a Big Mac or four.

  • ?

    Did anyone else notice that Rupert was with Gerry in the pic with the Blonde?