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Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Starbucks Couple

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes: Starbucks Couple

Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes enjoy some time together while driving around on Sunday (May 20) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actor and Eva, 38, stopped at a local Starbucks for a caffeine fix before continuing on their afternoon drive.

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Eva ran into the store to pick up their drinks while Ryan waited in the car with their adorable dogs.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Ryan‘s new film The Gangster Squad, which co-stars Emma Stone and Sean Penn.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes driving around…

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Credit: Care; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ren

    oh dear

  • klki

    Such a mismatch. I’ve tried to accept them together, but it ain’t working.
    He’s too good for her.

  • cammie

    Eva Mendes, 38, is on a mission to get pregnant, according to pals.

    She’s thought to have told Ryan Gosling, 31, she wants his babies.

    ‘Eva’s wanted to start a family for two years and even looked into adoption,’ says a pal. ‘She sees Ryan as perfect husband and dad material.’

    If this is true, I swear I will be heartbroken :(

  • kara

    Argh, she’s such a diva. What is he doing with her? He must be such a fake if this is who he loves. If he’s as nice as he lets on, he wouldn’t want any part of someone like her, who thinks she’s above everybody else.
    No, I’m not jealous. It’s a fact that she’s a b*tch. Countless stories. Too many to brush off.

  • Laurel

    @cammie: Cammie, stop trying to scare everyone! She’s said numerous times that she doesn’t want kids. Don’t know why she would change her mind now.

  • amy

    @Laurel: I hope you’re right, Laurel. I hope you’re right.

  • marie

    Apparently she does everything for him. She hasn’t taken any jobs for a really long time. She must be his housewife now.

  • boo!

    Does she work? I am always seeing pics of him on movie sets and every time pics of her pop up, she is getting coffee at some coffee shop. She must have a serious caffeine issue.

  • bao

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  • breezy

    @kara: If she’s such a diva, why is she carrying their drinks to the car by herself? I can’t see someone like Victoria Beckham or JLo doing that, both of whom are definitely high-maintenance.

  • jeff

    I don’t care about them. Gosling is a fake and they both seem like they have egos the size of the universe.

  • lily

    Why can’t he choose someone more warm and sweet? Maybe someone similar to Carey Mulligan or Marion Cotillard? Eva just seems so cold, and so full of herself.

  • kara

    @breezy: Oh right, she’s Gosling’s servant now. Good point.

  • jean

    He must have her wrapped around his finger. He’s got someone who admitted to not being very domestic, and turned her into his maid/housewife, servant. Powerful man, isn’t he?

  • irene

    This breaks my heart. Ryan is too sweet for her :(

  • jamie

    @cammie: If that’s true, it’s a sh*tty thing to do to her ex. I think he wanted babies, and she didn’t, and that was the cause of the break up.

  • Trish

    In other news, her sock bun is perfect. I wish I could make mine look like that.

  • me

    Another photo op? I still say they are bearding. I don’t care what nobody says.

  • ben

    Her movie bombed and there are some people saying he doesn’t look very good in that new trailer for “Gangster Squad.”

  • Laurel

    @lily: Well, for starters, they’re both in relationships with other people. LOL

  • lily

    @Laurel: I mean someone with similar qualities to them.

  • marcy

    Rachel traded up and Ryan traded down, in my humble opinion.

  • anne

    These two need to break up already. This has gone on too long.

  • Lou

    I love him as an actor and I loved the cool and down to earth image he projected in his interviews. But the fact that he is with one of the most annoying, diva, besides professionally mediocre, actresses, makes me think the personality he projects is completely fake.

  • lynn

    @anne: Probably not going to happen until after their movie comes out, which doesn’t seem like it’s going to come out at all. No release dates for US in sight.

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    He’s 31 and she’s 38? Ryan must like old meat.

  • gina

    @Dave From Canada: She’s 6 or 7 years older. I guess that’s not too bad. Sandra Bullock was almost 10 years older. But I really like Sandra. I don’t care for Eva.

  • janet

    @Laurel: I agree. She has been quoted as recently as last year that kids are not a priority for her.
    I’d be very surprised if she changed her mind that quickly.

  • sarah

    Remember that Ryan is a Disney product. I would take everything he says and the image he projects with a pinch of salt. I know he does charity work and has a decent image, but I still get the feeling he’s a jerk. I don’t know why, I can’t put my finger on it.

  • tammi

    I recently read an interview with Eva for her new movie that just came out. She came off as quite unfriendly. She became very defensive and shut down when the interviewer was asking completely legitimate questions about her acting. She seems very strange. And also insecure. It was weird.

  • name

    @ben: He was doing something really weird with his voice. He sounded like a little boy.

  • maureen

    Their movie was rejected at Cannes, and her movie got terrible reviews. Their PR agents must have thought they desperately needed more photo ops.

  • Bel la

    They really love to be pappd. Like some desperate nobodys, so weird!

  • lora

    @Bel la: I agree. Ryan is not a nobody by any means. But he will be if he keeps this up.

  • Lou

    Ryan Gosling is the first actor who made me check any gossip stuff, and that because I got into the Gosling fever. I don’t get this celebrity world and “opportunity pictures” thing… in the case of talented people, of course. Why would a young actor who has been praised by critics needed to play this game of picture opportunities. There is a French actor/director who I find very talented and beautiful, Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard’s boyfriend. He obviously poses for pictures at movie presentations and red carpets, but when he catches paparazzi on the street, he always becomes extremely aggressive to the point of yelling and hitting them. I like that. Guillaume is a talented man and he does not need this crap. So, why would Ryan need it?

  • cat

    I get condescension vibes from both of them.

  • donna

    @Lou: I agree. But I remember Ryan didn’t look very happy to be papped in those photos from Paris. Maybe this is Eva’s doing? She seems very happy to be seen with him all the time.

  • Liz

    The reason Ryan looks more relaxed in these pics is because he probably doesn’t know he’s being photographed. Whenever he spots the paps he gets visibly irritated.

  • Helen

    I’m not on Eva’s side but this relationship means Ryan is not some shallow celebrity who runs after young airhead models do you agree with me?

  • Monica

    Ryan said before; we are two of a kind.
    Well, they are something like that.

  • Karen

    @Helen: I feel the same way. At least he’s not like every other young man in Hollywood, chasing some vapid swimsuit/lingerie model.

  • ash

    @Karen: Eva IS a vapid model type.

  • far_out

    @Monica: He said Eva was the female version of himself. I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing.

  • may

    She’s posed nude many times and had many nude scenes in films. She actually complained once that people didn’t applaud her for being brave because she was more beautiful than other actresses doing nudity or something. She’s self absorbed and doesn’t seem very bright.

  • Stella

    @gina: Their age difference is very inconsequential. Now his age difference with Sandra Bullock was enormous, not 10 years but 16 and he was like 21 at the time.

  • Alyssa

    I feel like every time I come to this site I see pictures of Eva getting coffee somewhere. She must bleed caffeine.

  • misty

    Shame this actor is starting to make more news for his personal life than his actual work. I liked him more when it was the other way around.

  • Mosley

    Sadly Eva Mendes is the perfect example in objectification of women. She made most of her money from selling herself primarily as a sex pod and is desperately getting away from that shallow image now as she ages and can’t do those nude pics any more. Being seen with Gosling is the best thing she can do now. He has the reputation of a talented actor and up to this point always had a good image. If he can get her to move into the more respected side of the movie business is another thing. Her movie bombed, not only because of her performance, but also it was not a very intelligent film. Sadly the trailer for his new movie also didn’t look very convincing – more like plain Hollywood movie fare. They both may need each other to stay in the public eye.

  • Piglatin

    The people who keep saying her recent movie bombed need to do their research. It’s a small, independent film that opened in NY and LA and is actually tracking very well.

  • foryourinterest

    Parts of a review from the Star-Ledger:
    “Girl in Progress” is a movie in crisis. Is it a light-hearted tween picture? A portrait of a struggling single mother? A hip, quirky comedy?
    Mostly, it seems, it’s a mess.”
    “Eva Mendes isn’t much more than a cartoon, tottering around in high-heeled boots and tiny skirts, throwing herself at the unappealing and unavailable Matthew Modine, and remaining generally clueless.”