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Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

Who Won 'American Idol' 2012?

The winner of American Idol season 11 has been announced!

Sixteen-year-old powerhouse singer Jessica Sanchez and 21-year-old heartthrob Phillip Phillips were the last two contestants standing in the finale.

A record number of votes were cast after last night’s sing off — 132 million!

During last evening’s performance show, the judges – Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson – crowned Phillip as their favorite after his original song performance.

On tonight’s results show, past Idol contestants Ace Young and girlfriend Diana Degarmo got engaged. Host Ryan Seacrest pulled the couple up on stage where Ace proposed!

Click inside to find out who won American Idol season eleven…


ARE YOU HAPPY with the results of American Idol season eleven?

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  • Fassdong

    Yes! he is so hot!

  • Germany

    How do you post before it is announced?

  • Hina

    Predictable. Another wgwg won.

  • http://twitter sheila

    no im pist Philip sucks Jessica Sanchez Is going to be bbeter then philip because every singer that wins american idol sucks and the runner up tyurns out better.

  • SE

    He so diserved it, I just love him :D

  • Jessa

    Nonsensical. Her voice blows his out of the water. She’ll be fine – I have a feeling she’ll pull a Jennifer Hudson in no time.

  • B

    The same guys have won for years now, David Cook,Chris Allen, Lee Dewyze ,and now Phillip . Good for him, but Jessica is way more talented. Little girls should not be able to vote.

  • Kylee

    AI is so predictable. He is a good performer, someone similar to Mumford and sons (vocally) but he doesn’t have the chops like Jessica. Glad to see he was so overwhelmed by it though.

  • Eric

    If Phillip did win, they need to change the name of American Idol to “Who would you vote for if you were a 13 year old girl”, or possibly “American’s Smiling Growler Contest”. Jessica, according to anyone who knows about talented singers, is in a league FAR ahead of Phillip, who will end up singing in a lounge at the Holiday Inn in a couple years.

  • Sean

    America keeps voting for these cute white guys every season yet their albums always flops. Yet the 2 most successful Idol winners were….women.

  • Rose1987389!!!

    What only white guys win American Idol now? Not that I think it’s a racial thing more than just a bunch of silly girls who only vote for the guys that they think are hot instead of the best performers. Anyone knows the shows demographics in regards to viewership? It would be interested to know because the guys who have won over the past few years have not had a lot of commercial success in real life.

  • buio

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  • Ryan Runs

    Who cares

  • ahhh

    Three years ago i wanted Adam to win , he didn’t. Last year i wanted Haley Reinhart to win, she didn’t, This year it was either Joshua or Jessica , they both didn’t. American Idol is all about being safe.Nothing against Phillip , he’s a nice guy.But When little girls pick up the phone they go for who’s cute, they don’t go for talent.There should be an age limit or something, or they should just let the judges pick The American Idol , because clearly the voting system is messed up.

  • Renee

    Un freaking believable! Another guy with a forgettable voice gets crowned. Both Joshua and Jessica were light years ahead of this guy. I hope all those little girls who voted for him will buy his record!

  • NancyT

    Hell, they all suck. Jessica should be grateful the judges saved her ass. America wanted her out weeks ago!

  • Debbie

    Congrats Ace and Diana!

  • sid

    “she’ll be like jennifer hudson”
    um no. She’d need to have a much better voice than the one she has.
    people said the same about Pia Toscano and nobody cares about her anymore.

    There are a lot of women out there with big voices, unless you’re Sarah Brightman, i don’t care for you.

    Phil has that extra something and has a lot more commercial potential, regardless of how much you hate on him.

  • Krista

    Yes! He so deserved to win. Anyone who thinks that jessica is better is so wrong. She’s a whitney housten wannabee and he makes songs original and better! Go Phillip Phillips, you rock!

  • Rebecca

    @Krista: You are just another person that thinks that Philip is “HOT” even though every time I hear him sing I want to slap him.. He just sucks! Jessica has the talent here.. She deserves to win I may be young but I don’t care about looks I care about talent..

  • Victoria

    Jessica deserves it. She is the talented one..

  • Suzanne

    Ryan Seacrest…will you marry me ?

  • Harley

    HELL NO!!! I was really hoping Jessica would have won. I agree with Sheila … like adam lambert american idol season 8. I’ve seen him come back on AI and I hear his name on the radio. But for the life of me … I can’t even remember who won season 8 with out having to google who it was. So there was really no Shocker that Philip won.

    Jessica is still the winner to me … Phillip … may had some really good songs, but still was never as good as Jessica. If this show was more about finding really good talent and not just a cute guy that could play a guitar (which we already had last season) who is every young girl or grandma’s eye candy they want to watch every week until AI is over (with only one exception of Scotty McCreery: because the wgwg was really awesome). I really do believe Jessica would have came up on top.

    Fun facts: Expert say Jessica won’t win because … check this link out

    for the past 4 seasons it’s been all white guys that’s won on AI.

    Season 7- David Cook, S8: Kris Allen, S9: Lee Dewyze, & S10: Scotty McCreery. Now S11: Phillip Pillips …. do you see a trend going on?

    The last female that won AI was S6: Jordin Sparks.

    So why should anyone be shocked that Phillip won AI. .

  • Antonio

    To Rose1987389!!!: What a racist remark! You complain about this? What about all of the “black only” groups? Miss black America, BET, minority loans, Magic Johnson Foundation (for blacks only)…etc…etc…etc Why don’t you complain about that///// huh? That is the real issue, not American Idol.

  • Carol

    @Eric: Actually, I think you are wrong. Jessica does have an amaazing voice, but she never really showed what her style was. She would always sing something that would make her voice nice to be heard, no matter what style that was. Philip was philip from beggining till the end. When people told him what to do, how he should sing, his choice was to say “no, this is the musician I am”. You don’t need to have the greatest voice to be an amazing singer and musician. Although Jessica has an amazing voice, every time Philip was on stage, you could feel his performance through lyrics and melody and harmony and everything. That is what makes an idol.

  • :P NO!

    Darn you American Idol! In my opinion, Jessica deserves it! Are you kidding me?! She’s only 16! I’m guessing most girls voted for Phillip… T^T

  • solecito

    Another triumph for stupid teenage girls voting non-stop for the cute white guy with guitar.

  • Marymartisius

    Regardless of who wins, my fav and most entertaining part is the auditions. My family laughs like crazy. Exposure is the most important issue for these young singers. Those who are the best , winner or not, will move forward with a singing career….and most of the ones who win, because of the “cute” factor will fade over time. It is frustrating that the best and most talented don’t always win, but those who really want it have a chance to go after it.

  • Tiana

    So pissed right now! Jessica, with the right material, your still going to shine baby girl<3 Her voice is amazing!!

  • Marisa

    This is by far one of the, if not the best season EVER of American Idol. Soo many talented singers in the top 12! Although I really wanted Jessica to win, I had a feeling that Phil would take home the trophy. Sometimes the most talented person doesn’t take the title, just look at Daughtry and where he is now. He got out after the top 7!! Jessica will definitely be a HUGE star with that voice and I wish both her and Phil a lot of success. Great show tonight and can’t wait for next season!!

  • Marissa

    @Krista: @Hina: Yes predictable again You must be kidding me

  • Diane

    Um, I’m far from my teen years. 51 actually. I am thrilled Phillip won. His style and song choice and performances entertained me week after week. I never cared for Jessica’s performances. How about that annoying screaming tonight when she sang with that bizarre woman with the strange faces? What the heck was THAT? Certainly not entertainment.

    I really enjoyed Phillip with Fogerty. Way to go America! Phillip rocks!

  • Marissa

    @SE: So you must be one of those adolescent girls

  • Me3

    Totally agree Diane. Phillip rocks! I’m so HAPPY! Oh yeah, I’m 37 yrs. old. Far from my teen years too.

  • Rick

    Who was that woman Jessica sang with tonight? I couldn’t keep a straight face. That was just stupid. That’s why Jessica lost. YOU WILL LOVE ME! No. No we won’t.

  • JoshyBoy

    I’m a Josh fan, but I voted for Phillip last night. I’d buy his CD. Not Jessica’s. I’m a 27 year old guy. It takes more than impressing teen girls to win.

  • wakeupNsee

    I only heard Phillip sing once and that was tonight when I tuned in to the last 5 minutes of the show. I skipped the whole season. Anyway, I thought he sounded awful! And he showed no excitement when he won. Like he expected to win and was bored.

  • Ladybug


    I’m with you Diane. I don’t think I remember my teen years it’s been so long. HAHAHAHAHA Phillip is adorable and has a sweet voice. It was so sweet when he cried tonight.

  • Ladybug

    He was crying! You try singing when you’re crying! He was stunned, couldn’t you tell? He’s a sweetheart. Everyone loved him.

  • Ladybug


    HAHAHAHA Rick! I know! When that lady first started to sing, I thought she yawned. The facial expressions were out there. And I don’t care for that type of song or singing. Shove it down our throats why don’t you. YUCK!

  • sdf

    @Antonio: What makes you think Rose1987389 is black? Or are you just using Black people as an example? For YEARS whites had their t.v. with NO black people on it. So don’t try to pull that black people have their own station bs as if whites never had theirs. Come up with a better example next time.

  • Paulina

    Phillips sucks… Jessica waz soooo much better!!!!

  • gmac3

    duh you must blind as well

  • Stef

    Indeed, Jessica did a great job. The sad part is, talent like hers is never appreciated. At the end of the day, those who people think is cute, hot and everything nice physically wins. I am so disappointed… tsk.=(

  • Sunny

    @Marisa: Are you kidding me this is the worst season of American Idol ever…EVER!!!

  • Roy

    ANOTHER bull—t show…!!! The judges changed their minds and made it clear who they wanted to win – for whatever political reasons. They “sold Jessica out” – BIG TIME!!!

  • AmerIdol

    Talen t like hers in never appreciated? Or maybe, people just don’t LIKE her style as much as Phillips. There is no right and wrong in what people LIKE about music. Your opinion is not more valid than mine. She made it to the final. Some people like her. Fact is, more people like Phillip. Deal.

  • bella0104

    So far in 11 seasons, only Whites and African Americans have won the contest. Both Phillip and Jessica were talented and I was hoping that Jessica will win if only to show that the rumors of the contest being racist are not true. The judges skewered Jessica at the perfect moment the other night and at that point i knew that it will be the white guy again. It’s been WGWGs one after another and so far, they have had no commercial success that came close to Carrie’s or Kelly’s.Clearly, the WGWG demographic vote but do not buy the records. Jessica has a wider demographic globally and her winning would have made a great statement. She would have been the youngest, Asian-Latina-American who almost went home but got saved winner.

  • Sad

    I’m shocked at how Jessica fans have been bashing Phillip. This attitude is maybe what turned people off of voting for Jessica. You can’t tell anyone how to vote and saying bad things about Phillip only backfired in the end. Show some respect. She lost, but she made it to the finals. She’ll be okay.

  • jay

    this is the reason why philip win:the most viewers of american idol is women