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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson - amfAR Cannes Gala 2012

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson - amfAR Cannes Gala 2012

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger hold hands at the 2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala on Thursday (May 24) at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France.

Inside the soiree, the 35-year-old actress (and 2012 Cannes Film Festival jury member) hit the stage with designer Karl Lagerfeld and producer Harvey Weinstein.

The day before, Joshua won a Carla Amorim necklace for Diane at the Nights in Monaco gala fundraiser – with a bid of $45,000!

Though Joshua was rumored to be overheard saying it was an engagement present, sources told People the two are not engaged.

FYI: Diane is wearing a Chanel dress.

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Credit: Andreas Rentz, Lia Toby; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • oh-oh

    Here we go again, Diane trying to sell herself. I wish she would realize that she shouldn’t wear her hair back, that forehead needs it’s own zipcode. It’s nice to see Josh smiling, we know it’s not about the direction his career is taking. By the way, her people wanted it to be known that they are NOT engaged, oh the love.

  • jen

    She has been getting SO SKINNY. Her arms are so sad

  • Meg

    Marc Malkin is a columnist at EONLINE covering Hollywood 24/7.

    Marc Malkin @marcmalkin
    Rep for joshua jackson insists he never said engagement comment. So no buying wedding presents rite now.


  • tara

    Diane never has an off-day when it comes to fashion. It’s like a fairy tale princess dress with a modern twist.

  • Ahh

    She never looks happy.Does she ever smile ?.She always seems robotic. Other than that, she has great fashion sense, and she is very pretty.

  • Lola

    Diane, you’re beautiful but please eat more.

  • Anon

    Does she ever smile, she always looks like a “B”. I know women want to be thin, but I think she’s taking it way too far, her legs and arms look horrible. The way Carl’s pressed up against her, you have to wonder exactly what they both did to help her career along. Her mentor when she first moved to Paris alone as a 15 year old?

  • Anna

    @Anon: lol at the idea of Karl wanting favors from a female

  • Eonyk

    I don’t know how, but Diane somehow manages to make just about anything look really good when she wears it. Like that dress, which is not to my taste at all – yet she looks amazing in it.

  • Elle

    I envy her fashion privileges so much! I mean its Chanel Cruise right off the runway!

  • flora


    She really does get the best clothes. I don’t love this dress, but I’m impressed at her ability to pull off avant garde looks.

  • Meg
  • Sped

    Has this woman even seen any of the films being judged at Cannes? The woman seems to be there for her own benefit and manipulating her puppet (Joshua). It’s a shame we are even forced to see the word actress next to her name considering there are real actors there. It’s laughable that she is even on the jury considering her body of acting work. She must have done somebody big to be given this honor. Poor Josh thinks he’s got himself a real keeper, poor stupid man.

  • flora


    Again, she is a juror this year. That means she has seen two movies up for competition each day she’s been there. One day, far in the future, that will make sense to you, hopefully.

    And yay! Suggesting that a woman only gets honors because she has sex with more powerful men is so novel. It’s not completely misogynistic or anything.

  • What?

    What happened to Josh? He used to be so handsome and charming, now he seems so pathetic. I’m alright with loving somebody, but does that mean you have to lose who you are? He seems so tired and vacant in the eyes. I loved him as Pacey and in the beginning respected him as Peter, now I feel nothing but sadness for Josh. Run Josh, run. Maybe it’s time to start a save Josh campaign. Save his soul, save his career.

  • flora

    I think he looks tired because he’s been going nonstop since Fringe ended. I’m sure switching time zones like that takes its’ toll. I certainly don’t think he needs saving from anything. He’s a grown man who seems very secure in who he is. All his interviews prove that to be true.

  • Meg

    the flora is desperate

  • flora

    I’m not desperate for anything. I’m just stating how I feel.

  • Marieme

    Sexy, sexy couple!

  • han

    they both look like crap…blah

  • selling joshua jackson

    i just read that diane donated the services of her boyfriend joshua jackson:

    Heidi Klum offered a massage, Diane Kruger donated the services of her boyfriend Joshua Jackson, “Vampire Diaries” starlet Nina Dobrev said she’d willingly bite a bidder and Chris Tucker did a mini Michael Jackson dance routine – all to win people over and get them opening their wallets.


    what does that mean? is she pimping him out?

  • he is property

    @selling joshua jackson:

    it’s official: joshua jackson is a property for sale

  • Anon

    It’s clear she really respects him. Selling his services, how demeaning for Josh.

  • InterplanetJanet

    Wow, there are A LOT of pathetic, angry people that live on this thread. Must be gratifying to hate so much on two complete strangers, huh? lol…what a bunch of empty negative noise!

    Anyone who actually had an ounce of first-hand, factual knowledge about the lives of two celebrity actors would not be hanging out every single moment on a thread at “Just Jared” Hahahahaaa!!!

    But I’m sure the negativity is really affecting Diane and Joshua in all their ridiculous beautiful hotness, bouncing between their several incredible homes across the globe, currently on their ultra exclusive, luxury week in Cannes, with Diane’s international resume of film credits and awards, designers falling over themselves for her to wear their clothes, and Josh just adding to his serious bank with yet another TV series of his being sold into syndication…


  • uh no

    It’s clear she really respects him. Selling his services, how demeaning for Josh.
    Why couldn´t she donate her own services for charity? Was she afraid nobody would be interested?

    @Anon: Diane Kruger doesn´t know what “respect” means. She divides people in two categories : useful and useless (for her and her career).

  • InterplanetJanet

    uh oh…you are just so tragic, so sad. lol…

  • Sheila

    I agree there are some really idiotic comments on this board!

    For starters, Karl Lagerfeld? Diane’s “mentor”? Is gay. So to Anon–your comment makes literally zero sense.

    And, yeah, Josh Jackson looks really upset with his situation, waking up to that every morning. Heh. /sarcasm

    The charity for which Diane donated her time, and Josh his cash, raised close to $ 11 million for AIDS research that night. But I notice the same negative posters here also seem to be the least of the open-minded in the world, so that is lost on them.

    Only trolls could be that upset and bothered by beautiful people, that’s what I think! ;)

  • uh no

    @Sheila: enjoy Diane&Josh pictures. As long as you can. ; )

  • Sheila

    uh oh–You are a pathetic little creature, aren’t you?

    I can understand someone who spends all their time on a website about an actor or actress they love, but to spend all your time obsessing over the relationship of two people you obviously hate? That’s beyond sad.

    Do yourself a favor and step away from the computer, get out of your house (or basement) and enjoy the holiday weekend. There’s more to life than hating on two people you do not and will never know.

  • ***

    Mandy? : )

  • Eonyk

    @Sheila: Unfortunately there is no way any of these trolls will acknowledge logic or reason, or even consider a differing POV. You see how any positive comments get voted down, or certain posters are picked on even if their comment is harmless.

    The new JustJared culture seems to encourage negativity and hate. It’s not just DK/JJ, it’s all over this site. I guess JJ is getting the traffic the site needs to make money so is OK with this, but it’s very unfortunate that this has become a place for trolls to nest and spew their venom against complete strangers.

    I have to admit, since DK/JJ threads on here used to be quite positive, this change in atmosphere saddens me, but that seems to be how this site is now. Oh well.

  • Anon

    Are all 5 of Josh’s fans from FF present and accounted for (econyk, flora, sheila, mandy and interplanetjanet)? Go back and discuss what you love, the person below me and gushing over how his hair looks best parted this way or that way.

  • flora


    I’m not on Fan Forum actually, but nice try. And why would I leave here when it’s so much fun to disprove your nonsensical ramblings with simple common sense? It’s like participating in the world’s easiest debate ever.

  • Charlotta

    Anon…again…why is it SOOO important to you to hate on two strangers, to the point you need to actually attack those who don’t hate as much as you?

    That’s really quite INSANE behavior. LOL. But now I’m interested as to why you are so obsessed with hating these two celebrities. You’re like a case study in abnormal psychology.

  • omd

    people are such pathetic haters. she’s always been skinny. she was a model before she acted, and a real fashion model, not kate upton swimsuit crap. i like them together and i love that she speaks french and german. so sexy. they are a cute, humble couple. unlike kanye and kim GAG

  • R

    @oh-oh: Diane Kruger, is a very talented and respected actress in Europe, she’s a big deal here. Your JJ is nobody here, he was at Cannes simply as her date, nothing more. Nobody knows who he was in Cannes, in TV, when they showed what happenning in Cannes during the festival and there was pictures or videos of Diane, they always cut him.