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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Cannes Festival Couple!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Cannes Festival Couple!

Kristen Stewart and boyfriend Robert Pattinson have fun party hopping after spending the week promoting their latest flicks at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 25) in Cannes, France.

At one point during the night, the duo was surrounded by so many fans that security helped them back to their car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

In case you missed it, check out the brand new posters for Kristen and Rob‘s upcoming film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which also feature co-star Taylor Lautner!

The final installment of the hit vampire franchise will come to a close when Part 2 hits theaters November 16.

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière jacket with a Dolce&Gabbana “Blondie” T-shirt.

10+ pictures of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson out in Cannes…

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Credit: VPA; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Ace

    Miserable cvnt

  • *Lola*

    I love her outfit and makeup!
    Red is definitively her color :)

  • jan

    Oh boy I thought you have some new kissing pics like before. I know, no “kissing” sh*t on the headline but still. Great work you have there guys. Awesome couple.

  • It’s true

    These two have the most pathetic fans, sorry but the way you guys went on and on after they kissed was really embarrassing. i felt embarrassed for you!
    That people are so invested in these two as a couple is creepy. Quite frankly I’d be worried if I were them.
    They’re human like the rest of you, stop worshiping them you pathetic sheep.

  • CLu

    Wow they both look really stressed out in these pictures! The fans must be crazy…

  • Gossipgirl

    Could her shorts possibly be any shorter without giving her an infection?? I am so over the greatness of these two. Some celebrities I just don’t get.

  • anonymous

    Never knew she had out of shape thighs. You don’t notice it as much in regular clothes, but in shorts she looks slightly soft and out of shape. She needs to blot the oil on her face or maybe it’s sweat from freaking out with those crowds.

  • kristin

    crappy outfit

  • Sam

    I like this couple but so over the I hate being a celebrity attitude. When their popularity fades like what happens to all actors they will realize they took it for granted.

  • sweetness

    they are so over exposed. they proclaimed to not like attention..
    NOW they have become the biggest famew___e.

  • you troll

    @Ace: you jealous c*nt

  • Coco

    Actually it is embarrassing how those people are trying to touch him like wild animals. And the reactions psycho fans give every time these two are seen kissing or holding hands are hideous and weird. I like Rob and Kristen too, but when I see those psycho fans I feel embarrassed for them. They really need some help, because they are so seriously obsessed with Rob and Kristen that It is even scary!

  • anonymous

    These fans are idiots to go so crazy over anybody, let alone a vanilla couple like this one. KS is bland and has one expression and a monotone voice and a boring personality and there are prettier British boys and better actors than Rob. I can’t wait until both their popularity fades and it WILL HAPPEN, it’s Hollywood, every star fades. Jennifer Lawrence is getting offered much better roles and has Hahaha, watch when they fade to black they will begging for the attention and they’ll release a “secret” porn tape to reignite the loser-fans, those people need to get a life people!!!

  • Alexis

    I love Rob and Kristen!

  • just

    They don’t need the attention. They are rich rich rich and combine they are even richer. Kristen made 34 million this past year, and BD2 hasn’t even been released yet (she gets a percentage of the gross).
    Her talent will speak for itself. She isn’t a fashion, fame whoore like the majority of hollywood starlets. I imagine she won’t miss the fame like them.

  • Peapo

    He looks good. She is a hot mess in her outfit. Come on, cut off shorts?

  • Daisy Kenyon

    The jealousy towards Kristen Stewart is mind-blowing to me. It must be because of the obsession with “The BF” As if any of you really had a chance.

  • aquarius64

    Geez, KS looks like a hooker in this outfit! And she looks hung over too! The Balenciaga jacket doesn’t class it up. She’s at Cannes, good grief!

    For those of you who made comments about the Twi-hard/Robsten stans: brace yourself for next weekend when Snow White and the Huntsman premieres. Say a prayer for the critics who would give a negative review to the movie. They will need to go into Witness Protection because her fans will blow up their emails and write God knows what. It wouldn’t matter if the criticism is valid. If SWATH doesn’t open at #1 by next Sunday AND bring in a boatload of cash, I shudder at the thought of the fallout.

  • puuke!

    unathletic legs

  • sweetness

    Loads of people are rich. Rich has nothing to do with being a famewh_re.
    They’re talentless who appeal to tweens because they played two absurd characters they got rich. Now that they are in other movies which bomb bomb bomb they realize they need to be in the spotlight at every chance they can get because no one cares about them in anything else they do.
    what happened to that movie Bel was so bad it went straight to DVD.

  • Cari

    She always looks like a spineless lump of meat

  • Tilda

    You can argue amongst yourself but Kristen and rob are successful in their careers and have respect from those who matter the most, their peers. Haters just don’t have anything better to do and unsuccessful in life. You don’t like them, go devote your energy somewhere else. Pole dancing??

  • Anna

    They are screwing in Cannes :D

  • cuckoostew

    She looks ready for a crack-up.

  • pup

    OVERRATED & untalented. Can’t wait until they both fade away.

  • allen

    How come her boyfriend always looks so happy and spirited at Cannes, or anywhere for that matter, while she looks so miserable and on drugs. Please girl get that sour face checked out. What personality differences these two have.

  • allen

    Kristen Stewart is actually one of the biggest famewhores around in this industry. Going around with a sullen face like that all the time but loving the attention…. She keeps slamming actresses for selling themselves but girl, you keep selling yourselves to endorse fashion campaigns. What a loser. The girl is getting negative reviews for OTR and she’s way too overrated. I’m so glad an actress like Jennifer Lawrence is already stealing all the meaty roles with Oscar winning directors chasing her.


    God I can’t stand this chick. She’s so ANNOYING. She should disappear with her perfect life and give us some peace!

  • tom

    it makes me always wonder, how people can be so invested in somebody the don’ like!!
    obsessed !!!!!!!

  • Cyn

    So happy for both of them being at Cannes! Love them both!!

  • aliciavee

    Poor kid. She’s not enjoying her Cannes experience. She looks so stressed out.

  • blue

    Such a loser. She was booed by paps and people all over in Cannes. She has no respect and she’s getting horrible reviews for her performance in OTR. Go away. Stick to modeling or something.

  • Jane

    Kristen’s getting really good reviews for On the Road. Her career is on fire. Not only is she a good actress, she is also a boxoffice draw. Let’s see if Snow White will do well at the box office. She deserves the Bafta rising star award hands down. The only other actor I can think of with this much all around success is Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Until they star in a non franchise film (spider man and x-men and hunger games) we will have to wait for it. I hope Kristen gets recognized during the award season so she could shut the haters up.

  • Kristen Stewart reviews

    On The Road reviews from Cannes critics.

    “The hope that this actress is now mature enough to branch out and immerse herself in a character other than Twilight’s Bella is quickly, disappointingly dispelled. While the other actors appear strong, albeit in need of some sound writing, Stewart simply registers as weak.

    “Stewart as Marylou completes the awkward threesome for a large part of the film and whilst there is little for her to do here she also makes very little out of what she has to work with.”

    “Marylou is played by the typically unsmiling Kristen Stewart”

    “Stewart flatters to deceive, offering brief moments of passion…criminally underplaying a character in Marylou who is supposed to burn with energy”

    “There is no hope for this actress”

    Kristen Stewart can’t act. Thank you for proving the point.

  • chloe

    @Jane: Every movie Emma Stone has starred in has been a box office success. That is why she’s being honored by MTV. The Help, Easy A… and she’s gotten raving reviews for each one of her movies. Jennifer Lawrence was already a hit. Her indie movie Winter’s Bone made $13 million even though it was released in less theaters than Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways. She’s also a far better actress than the miserable Stewart here.

  • Jane

    Winter’s bone was Oscar nominated. The help was an ensemble cast with also Oscar winning actresses and adapted from a best selling book. You can’t really compare the two. Easy a was golden globe nominated. It was also Emma stone’s break out role.

  • sweetness

    OTR is an ensemble movie and it is not getting rave reviews. if she is an example of fine acting then hollywood is going down the toilet.

  • ugh

    I am sorry but Rob is not that great looking. I think that the infatuation is due to the fact that he portrayed Edward Cullen. The guys from Game of Thrones are more attractive especially Jon Snow and Robb Stark…even the imp is better looking than Rob. Kristen Stuart is pretty but not stunning. She is not as pretty as Natalie Portman. People just love the two of them b/c they played Edward and Bella and people loved those books including myself. It makes them more appealing to all of us especially as they are couple in real life as well. I am sure I will get lot of haters b/c of my observation but it is only a matter of opinion so don’t freak out too much.

  • @sweetness

    Hollywood isn’t about fine acting. It is about fame, money, drugs, booze, hot girls, and partying. If you want fine acting, check out indie films at the local art house theater, dear. On the Road is an indie movie and it is getting rave reviews for its actors. The movie as a whole is lukewarm because it is an adaptation of a book with no plot. Wonder why such an iconic book for generations has never been adapted before?

  • jim

    Love what Kristen is wearing. She is on a role.

  • V

    They both look great. Really I wonder what you haters looks like and wear? So many stars hang themselves out….or wear short shorts …but if it’s Kristen….it’s like the anti-Christ. You people need to chill out. It’s just clothes…how does what Kristen wear affect you? And aquarius64 seriously get a life. Your Kristen bashing shows what kind of person you really are. You are a bully.

  • tim

    I agree with V. Aquarius64 bashes Kristen every chance she gets. On and on and on. Never a compliment in her post, not one single compliment. Shows her hidden agenda.
    There are entertainers who dress worse than Kristen. Short shorts in hot Cannes is not a problem. There are women in dresses that look like lingerie at these events.

  • http://singapore anna

    what ever you talking guys your jealous for them i like theme both they are real kris and rob so shot up

  • Skarsgard is better looking

    Why do fans smooch over Robert pattison he looks like he never takes a bath half of the time,with all that money he carnt afford to buy a bar of soap and scrub his face or have a Shave sorry just don’t see his appeal :(

    Now trueblood Alexander skarsgard ( eric northman)he is a Swedish sex god and best looking in HW

  • gigi


  • just me

    been one of those “normal” never-crossing the line loyal Robert’s fans, i have never felt the need to defend Kristen. but lastly the more i read the more i get mad at all kinds of haters. obviously most of females can only dream of having such a flawless appearance as she has, her translucent, heavenly skin, model-like legs, perfect hair, beautiful eyes and…her ..don’t even get me started with… supportive boyfriend.. oh, and let’s not forget her money! we get the picture of the perfect young woman. how in the heck can anyone look at her pictures in red at Cannes and not appreciate the beauty what she is, is beyond me..