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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Check out the newly released trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The Quentin Tarantino western flick also stars Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and is set to be released on December 25 of this year!

Here’s a synopsis: With the help of his mentor (Waltz), a slave-turned-bounty hunter (Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (DiCaprio).

In case you missed them, check out Leo, Christoph, and Jamie in these first look pictures from the flick.

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  • to :))

    @Anonymous: yes she is in turkey idiot….check again fool

  • @99

    Her tweet says she is excited to be in Turkey. To me it reads she is there and I read somewhere a couple of days ago that she was going there!

  • raven

    Well said Tigerseye!! Love to you girl :)

  • @104

    Oh, let`s be honest it`s not just the Leo fans who are aggressive… Name calling is coming from both sides

  • Patricia

    @Trust me. I am a doctor.: Where’s the hotnesssssss??? All I can see is a huge bag of bones!

  • Patricia

    @So sad !: Totally agree,He is so sad! Just like you said dancing like MJ??? and twirling Erin around??? Yeah,right! Gimme a break…

  • tinkerbell

    @Patricia: he likes that hat though. I see guys wear hats like that shows they are into retro stuff, swing, jive, jazz, the fifties, the forties, etc—I think he is. Looks great in historic clothes from the Teddy Daniels era…yum yum yum mummmmpf

    a lot of “hep cats” in Williamsburg wear those porkpies at the feast of the giglio to show they are down with the sopranos …

  • special thanks

    Blake Lively’s Savages trailer uses the EXACT same music. SO AWKWARD!

  • Tigerseye

    Right back at you raven girl, thanks gorgeous xxx

  • reba

    i love Quinton! His rewrites of ‘history’ are so ridiculous but you still want to believe it could’ve happened! Can’t wait to see this++

  • Interstingly….

    quite a few posts have dissappeared. Typical Leo posts

  • Fieldy

    I hate to say it, but Leonardo looks like the weak link. He’s turned into a hammy scenery chewing hack. Christoph Waltz can act circles around him.

  • Super trailor Leo!

    I guess Bar does not like America? She wants to scream with the flag on? She looks really mad and disgusted:
    From her twitter: “make we wanna scream” picture below.

  • tinkerbell

    @Interstingly….: which ones???? what did they say?

  • tinkerbell

    @Super trailor Leo!: what is this supposed to mean…I dont get it….is she saying she is “psyched” to be “american” (which she isnt at all) or doesnt like the US but does like using the stars and stripes as a tank top??? HUNHHHH????

  • tinkerbell

    matthew and camilla look so wonderful…why cant leo find someone classy and exotic like her…they look so great together…

    mateo isnt leo’s caliber of actor but he takes care of himself and can handle having a family….

  • Huh?

    How is she classy? She was also a no name model that hooked up with a rich American, got jobs and pregnant within the blink of an eye.
    Is it cos she’s brunette you’re talking crap about her being classy?

  • lol

    @tinkerbell: Why are you so obsessed with leo’s love life?

  • idiot tink

    @tinkerbell: saying you hope leo finds someone exotic is just as prejudice as saying u hope leo finds someone white. Lets hope leo finds someone that he likes regardless of what they look like.

  • @lol

    jj, bz, et. are full of obsessed little girls. they’re groupies or haters for whomever his latest plaything and trash his exs. real leo fans don’t care.

  • tinkerbell

    @idiot tink: I think blondes are overrated, and to me Camila looks great there.

    Bottom line, he married her. He sees something in her he likes. HE likes her exotic, dark beauty, and he’s as all-american blonde as they come.

    Sorry, I want an interesting woman for leo, not the stereotype that all these girls try to make themselves (every single one) dye their hair, implants, nose job. Do you see Camila doing that?

  • Enough…
  • idiot tink

    @tinkerbell: of course you missed my point…lol Not surprised. Ok here we go. It doesnt matter what someone looks like on the outside its what’s on the inside that counts. Leo could be with the most exotic looking woman on the plannet and it could still be a very shallow and unfulfilling relationship. Yes, I don’t think blonde people are extra special but I don’t think “exotic” people are extra special either. We are all the same. It’s not a prize for an “exotical” to be married to a rich white American man. That is a slavery mentality way of thinking. Shame on you.
    Interesting comes in many forms and as long as she’s interesting to Leo that is all that is important. If Leo does settle down with someone there will be something about her that you wont like. Maybe she did plastic surgery, maybe she took nude pics, maybe she doesnt have 10000 PhDs, maybe she made a stupid comment at one point, maybe she has a job, maybe she has no job, maybe she’s not perfect, and maybe just maybe she’s human . There is a perfect woman FOR Leo but there ISNT a perfect woman for Leo FOR his fans.
    Sorry its his life you don’t get to decided and thank god for that. But you do get to decide to be a hater or lover and hate kills…eventually…slowly… like a cancer.

  • Huh?

    And I think ‘exoticals’ are waaaay over rated.
    Matthew married her after knocking her up x 2 and dragging his feet for 6 years.
    Only you gives a s**t what you want for Leo, and what YOU crazily beleive is right/worthy for someone you don’t even know from Adam. Thankfully Leo will make HIS own choices no matter what race obsessed nut jobs like you Tinkertwat think is right for him.

  • who knows?!?

    @Enough…: I don’t know if what lainey is saying is true but I do believe that Blake called it off first. Why would Leo jump from Blake to Borrington. Its obvious she left Leo for Ryan. And then Leo went to find Borrington.

  • http://deleted Enough…

    @125: I also think that Lively left him. I can`t stand her but I do give her credit for that. It was smart not to play along and go after a `normal` ( compared to Leo ) boyfriend. But this `how did she do it?` part is getting on my nerves. I just don`t think Lively `played` Leo as Lainey still says it.
    After Gisele he went to Bar. After Lively he got Borrington ( I love that name! ) From challenge to easy. From somewhat normal to being in control.

  • Philly

    I like Lively and I think Lainey is full of **it.
    No one knows what went down and Lainey has formed her own narrative and goes with it. She also will do anything to make Canadians look good ( Ryan G, Nina Dobrev, Rachel McAdams, Cory whatever) hence her crap narrative insisting Ryan R was a first choice.
    Also of course the story brings major hits to her websites. Simple as.

  • Why?…

    is everyone so damn worked up about Lainey all of a sudden.
    Is it due to a lack of Leo news?
    Just ignore her. BFD

  • Enough…

    @128: I wouldn`t say `all of a sudden`. This is the opinion about her for a while. She has a new post about Leo so why is it such a big deal that it was posted here and people comment on it? If these threads frustrate you so much why are you pushing it picking on everything possible?

  • @129

    You’re clearly the frustrated one. The story has been there since Friday, it’s not the first time shes said this and its now you’ve decided to vent on it in 3 posts 3 days later.
    And you’re not the thread police to complain if people do not react to the story the way you had hoped them to with your typical BS Leda.

  • Kattin


    Leo is overrated, not blondes.
    Blonde gene is really rare and recessive gene,btw,what are talking about?
    ‘Classy’ woman will be unhappy and miserable with someone like leo, that’s for sure.

  • Kattin

    @idiot tink:

    ‘Interesting comes in many forms and as long as she’s interesting to Leo that is all that is important. ‘

    That’s even sounds disgusting. Women aren’t interesting things to play with, especially as long as someone spoiled like aging leo the brat, with 5-7 years of High School and 20 years of modelizing finds it funny

  • Why?

    @130 Here we go again…
    I think if one day I visited this Leo forum, and I don’t read anything about Leda or Bar or Bellafreaks, it’s most likely that I entered the wrong forum.

  • Patricia

    Hi everyone….where is Leo today?

  • tinkerbell

    Regarding Lainey- there have now been a lot of reports that LWD is a bit of a diva on the set—been hearing that since Cameron—but many time creative people are like that—and he’s a BIG starr and a real actor—its easy to have creative differences too. Gatsby got filmed and will blitz the box office, that is all that matters. Leo has a better chance at an Oscar for this one than Django because with the “edgy” actors they often reward a more middle of the road role (nicholson for prizzis honor, pacino for scent of a woman not dog day afternoon)

    I dont think Blake dumped him. I just dont, but supposedly Blake is in love with someone besides Ryan anyway. I dont know–she is young, but SHADY. I think he gave her her papers. Its an interesting rumor though

    Dont know where our boy is and I have some things to attend to so I will not be posting as much (dont have a party, I have an opp to make some serious freelance cash and wont be sleeping much) but it will be interesting to see.

    Sorry, I think Leo’s blondes are all boring and phony and semi-fug in the face. I think he doesnt want anyone prettier than him in the picture or wants to date his mother. I would rather look like Adriana Lima than anyone else in the world, but I would rather have an athletes’s body….oh well.

  • thats crap @135

    Your non stop obsession with focusing on and denigrating blondes suggest you have deep racial issues which you project with anger, bitterness and frustration onto Leos choices. And please spare me the crap that you are an irish redhead or some nonsense we both know thats crap.
    And I think Camilla looks like a tranny and she has a moustache but Matthew loves her so who gives a c**p.

  • Enough…

    @130&133: Oh, so many drama queens here. Again if these threads are so horrible why are you keep checking them out? Nobody forces you I guess. So why not checking out a thread that you like? Do you think it`s so much fun reading your complaints about everything? Also putting words and thoughts into my comments I never said or meant. Things that only exist in your head. People don`t react to things that way I want to… How stupid is that? And of course you are so much better… The only opinion you have is about people posting here and of course you have them all figured out and you think you are all above that.

  • tinkerbell

    @thats crap @135: To quote Everlast:

    You know I’m Irish, but I’m not a leprechaun,
    Ya wanna fight alright we’ll get it on….

    Yep, freckly Irish brunette. I’m also scotch and that’s nowt crap captain.

    Camilla looks like the Portuguese girls I grew up, to some extent, looks very Portuguese with a hint of indian somewhere. Very pretty/exotic. And Matthew did the right thing by her. I like him, I like her. I like Brangelina too. I dont even mind LaBundchen with Brady, they are a little obnoxious, as was his leaving Bridget when she was pregnant….but whatev.

    Ya know what I dont like? Leo’s only dating one hair color for his entire dating life since 21 with what’s her name….its like nothing else matters and he’s sooooo superficial.

    I’m not perfect but I am EEOC when it comes to the coloring, racial, or intra-racial, whatev. I even like viking looking white guys like The Edge or Lee Tergesen, (look it up) I just dont think being blonde, dyed or otherwise is more attractive or in any way superior.

  • tinkerbell

    Camila knows how to dress/style herself too…she is not the MOST beautiful woman I’ve ever seen but she puts it all together for herself well…she looks like a grown woman there, classy, and not some broad in daisy dukes and flip flops and and off the rack fashion disaster like a certain past Leo lulu.

  • Patricia

    @tinkerbell: I am Brazilian (and very proud of it) and also Camila :) thanks for the nice comments about Brazilian girls ;)



    LOVE the Brazilian girls and their high moral standards (minus Carnival). But they are as beautiful on the inside as outside.
    God Bless Brazilian grls, their GOOD mamas and grandmothers, and their culture too!


  • tinkerbell

    @Patricia: you are welcome, where I grew up in the US the biggest immigrant group was
    Portuguese, from Portugal, (New England) and my best friend was a really hot, funny, witty Portuguese girl named Anabella. I guess that is why I like Brazilian chicks….and like Camila. She looks just a little like my friend, who was the hottest chick in the town I grew up in….grown men were offering her cars and jewelry when she was 16 but she just laughed at them ! She liked flirting but never gave in. I always thought she was the coolest.

    There is a Portuguese kind of look, Camila has it….its sort of close to Sicilian or North African, or Italian. Mediterranean. Very dark, but with its own cachet. I had a big crush on her brother Apaulo.

    I am a Carmen Miranda fan too….I just think she was a great performer, even if a little stereotypical for US movies she was just a great dancer. So I like the dark Rio type Brazilians–the Bahians,
    I read a lot of Jorge Amado when I was in college too.

    If I could choose whom to look like it would be Adriana Lima but I am not a devout Catholic like her…

    we all have our life experiences. I dont hate blondes but worshipping them is stupid….

  • tinkerbell

    there is nothing really wrong with Gisele, Alessandra, Amber Valletta (early Leo conquest) or Vendela—all more European Brazilians, but I like Sonia Braga types too, Sonia’s niece is hot and a good actress.

    Amber and Vendela were, in my opinion way more beautiful blondes than Gisele but Gisele has a twin sister to do the business side—she always had that ace in the hole.

  • @Lainey?

    Requested a different hotel? They were in different towns so there was no choice but to stay in different hotels. What are you talking about? Not giving in? Like she has a choice… Also Leo picks girlfriends who `gave in` immediately and has no `requests`. That`s why it didn`t work with Lively. That Mexico thing is evident. Different cities so they had to stay in different hotels. Why do you have to complicate something that is so simple?

  • tinkerbell

    @Lainey?: Erin I think does not need Leo to model (which always annoyed me about the unmentionable) but I think she sells herself too short. Someone said here she was waiting until after Django so she could get a couple of months with him…yes I understand he is special, but why settle for a guy who’s a somatime man–some of the time. I guess when you are young will settle for this but when you get older you dont want to waste time, which is why he likes em young, they dont hear their clock ticking.

    If I didnt see a guy for two months and then all of a sudden for one day…I’d be like…this isnt a relationship and I’m not waiting around…yeah we can hook up I guess but I dont promise YOU anything either if something better comes around…a real guy who is 24/7. Erin will find some nice guy in NYC who’s a jock or musician I bet….or maybe down with the stone cold cash like Uma and Arpad.

  • tinkerbell

    My feeling is that Leo used the four months in Australia to let Blake down easy. He coulda flown her in for weeks at a time if he wanted…he just didnt. We’ll never know….but I kind of like the idea of him being devastated by her…I just wonder who she is into now…its not Ryan apparently. I also read somewhere they had the typical leo relationship—
    “we’re going too fast” and they broke up twice before the final…run run run away as fast as you can if it seems like the girl really likes you…classic committment phobe, which is just too bad. But part of his cachet as well.

  • @146

    Leo wants a girl who is young and wants to have fun. Someone who profits from their relationship career-wise. Erin fits that. Both Erin and Bar modeled before they started dating but none of them was uber successful. Dating him boosts their career and they are fine with that. Dating a rich guy, gifts, trips and attention. It was said Erin wanted a famous boyfriend just like the other VS girls. She is more low key than Bar but not much different than her ( when it comes to being Leo`s girl and enjoying the benefits ). This is how Leo likes it. No commitment, just fun. I bet the girls know this and they are fine with it. At least for a while. Nobody is holding a gun to Erin`s head to be with a guy like Leo. It`s her choice. By now she should know that Leo doesn`t wanna settle down just to have fun. If it`s Ok with her and she is up for it for the benefits it`s her business.

  • Patricia

    @LEO LOVES BRAZIL: sorry I didn’t get your point…you think WE are MORE beautiful on the inside as outside or both??? lol

    I’ll just put my modesty aside but I love being Brazilian,besides good ppl Brazilians are sexy as hell and have swaggerrrrrrr haha lol

  • Patricia

    @tinkerbell: awww *-* thankssssss a lot! Glad you guys like our culture and our character @ Tinkerbell and @ LEO LOVES BRAZIL

    PS: and of course my name is not Patricia lol

  • LOL

    @who knows?!?:
    Of course Lively left him for Reynolds, and so will Heatherton when she finds someone.. He is their CHAPERON!! And really waiting for one of you fans to come and rescue him… LOLLL