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Zac Efron & Lily Collins Split

Zac Efron & Lily Collins Split

Zac Efron holds onto some bags while meeting up with a friend before heading to the L.A. Kings vs. N.J. Devils Stanley Cup Finals on Monday (June 11) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor has reportedly split from Lily Collins after a short-lived spring fling, according to Us Weekly.

“They’re no longer together. They were never serious, though; it was just a casual thing and it fizzled,” a source told the mag. “They were never in the same place at the same time.”

FYI: Zac is wearing Topman trousers!

Zac Efron should date next?

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  • lauren

    when were they ever together tho?

  • abbimorgan

    1D @lauren: i thought the same

  • bahha black sheep

    He should date Taylor Lautner

  • andrea

    he should date vanessa hudgens next!

  • kami

    don’t think many ppl knew they were even dating, so why release a statement to whoever? these kinds of things are always leaked by someone’s pr. don’t think it would be zac’s ppl, more likely lily’s. but why? oh, wait, she supposed to be dating chord overstreet isn’t she?

  • http://@ZEfron_Girl Whitney

    He should date me next!!! :D

  • Ha!

    They weren’t even together for REAL in the first place. BlindGossip has a solved blind that says they didn’t renew their PR contracts. LOL!

  • uhhh

    people actually thought this was real and on a P.R’s wet dream???

  • lol

    so.. hes still being ‘straight’ for the sake of his career??

  • Samantha

    He is wearing an Auburn University shirt! War Eagle!!

  • ColinG

    when in the hell were they two dating, he cheated on me again! He is going to hear it tonight!

  • Surprised? No

    Zac, you need to move heaven and earth to get Vanessa back. I’m thinking you still love her.

  • Surprised? No

    Make your move dude before it’s too late.

  • Lola

    something must be weird with Lily that we don’t know about because Taylor Lautner AND Zac Efron have both dumped her!

  • Xo

    @kami: I thought he and Emma Roberts got back together?

  • notyourfriend

    he will turn me into a cougar if i keep looking at these awesome pics!!

  • Chiara

    And on to the next beard

  • My 2 Cents

    Zac is totally just into girls so stop it. My goodness he was in a relationship for five years. With Lily Collins they were friends they tried dating and just look at his schedule the past months he couldn’t pay attention to a relationship properly even if he wanted to. I believe it was a casual dating/friends thing but since it was reported they were seeing each other it would look bad if one or the other would start dating someone else. So not to cause problems or resentments why not just announce they are free. Kami is right Lily Collins was reported to be with Chord Overstreet at a party and Zac has been seen with other women. People would think there is cheating involved if this wasn’t announced. So now she is free and so is he. It’s my opinion that Zac keep his dating casual and not get into a serious relationship. He is young but most of all his career should be the focus. With his career in full swing it is it’s very hard to keep a GF happy when your away so much. He has plenty of time to get serious down the line. For now casual dating is more logical.

  • Marisa

    So basically, what’s being said is that he left her because she couldn’t keep up with him all of the time, singing duets and such, high school musical times, and I can. Therefore, he’s with me now, and yes, we make beautiful music together. ;)

  • Nikki

    Maybe if he’s bitter he’ll give her a poison apple like in Mirror Mirror? …And then he can date me :)

  • Chiara

    @My 2 Cents: Yeah Zac is totally into girls. He even had to fend of advances from Demi Moore. See, woman of all ages are into Zac. You wanna know why? That´s right, that´s because he´s just into girls.

  • Tony

    This should make Miss Tisdale very happy. Did she cause the supposed breakup?

  • john

    This kids such a tool.

  • melo

    LMAO Poor Lily, she probably feel so bad with the Zac /Ashley pictures

  • EmmaG.

    He should date Vanessa again!!! I’m probably going to get so much hate for this. Lol. Whatever, bring it on :)

  • R U sure

    @My 2 Cents You make a great deal of sense here.

  • florence2

    well to be honest whoever zac dates next will have to learn to just sit back and accept the fact that he let’s one of his friends paw all over him, posts pictures of them with a bed behind them and send out tweets suggesting there is more to them than just being friends, ashley is fine scott already does this and seem’s is fine with it but another girl might not be so understanding and who could blame her so good luck with that zac not all girls are a walk over.

  • SHAN

    @Lola: yeh because both of them are in the closet, sadly it’s a career thing if they go out of the closet they won’t have a career any more

  • Mr. Big

    Let me guess….
    He wouldn’t touch her….

  • Tony

    He should date Teen Wolf actor, Colton Haynes. They would look so hot together.

  • cher

    @ColinG: LOL’sssss ;p

  • Lorie

    I think Zac and Taylor Swift would make a great couple!

  • nonya

    i’ll probably get so much dislikes but i hope he’s gay cause he is so HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a laugh

    as someone said on twitter, did they (z&l) even know they were dating?

  • abcd

    why are people so against him being gay?? aren’t we a little more tolerant than that? (or is this crowd the ‘just jared JNRS’??)

  • Like

    @kami: his people and her people are the SAME people. They both are repped by the same publicist.

  • nana

    well venessa because she is the only perfect for him!

  • Like

    For the past three months both have been promoting movies, both are repped by the same publicist and have the same circle of friends. Neither are now promoting movies,and oh look a break up.

    one thing though, this report first appeared from a magazine that once claimed that Rob and kristen were breaking up and then the next issue they were getting married and moving in together.

    You take it with a pinch of salt.

  • Darwa

    @What a laugh:
    Nope, the gay comments are comming because he is one of the most femine tween stars on the planet. The fact that he usually uses gender neutral terms when asked about relationships speaks volumes too.
    Ricky Martin all over again…
    And that guy had at least 10 girlfriends!

  • kami


    they have the same agency caa, but i don’t think gina hoffman is lily’s pr person. i could be wrong, but heard that somewhere.

  • Bo

    Zac is young, dude will find another dude, relationships aren’t easy.

  • Derya gul

    He should come out of the closet.

  • Bunnylover

    @EmmaG.: But what about Austin? Remember, she HAS a boyfriend! Are you suggesting that she should dump him???? And as others have said. How can they split when it was just a PR relationship for her benefit!@Darwa: And he hasn’t been a tween star for a long time!

  • Brad

    First Off it was never Confirmed that Zac and Lilly where dating . There where lots of Speculation that they where going out and Hanging Out But Still No Confirmation. They Could have been Dating We all know that Zac likes to keep His Love Life Privacy.

    Like the new Pictures he looks great. Glad to see he’s Enjoying his time off before he gets Busy again this Year Film and Pomorting the Paperboy.

  • R U sure

    Call Zac gay all you want , that does not make it true.He is straight and does not need to go out with girl all the time to prove it.Those who know him best, knows he is straight.

  • Cutie

    Wow, still wearing those pegged pants. He must really like them.

  • zanessafan

    No one ever thought they became together. I mean, only those paparazzis have called them a couple like duhhhhhhhhhh? He even told in an interview that he is single after his breakup with my ever loving idol, Vanessa.

  • Rachel

    So lame of US Weekly to even announce something about it! Even the source said that they were never in the same place together..No one hardly knew if they were together, why release headlines about it?
    Anyway, looking good there Zac!

  • Rachel

    And how do people know who all has he been with? From stupid celeb websites that spread rumours that sell like hot cakes? How come he has dated ‘so many’ people as some people say when he has not been spotted with them as such. Lame! And he has said so many times that he is single, he said so recently in an interview. But people will obviously prefer to listen to stupid gossip sites and their so called ‘sources’.

  • lauren

    my guess is to create a buzz on them, idk.
    my first thought was um when was there ever proof or anything? but of course some people knew they were together or w/e who knows. im just glad this fake bullshit is over.