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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Biking Twosome!

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend Erin Heatherton enjoy a romantic bicycle ride together on Thursday (June 14) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and Erin, 23, watched the sunset while they rode their bikes along the Manhattan waterfront.

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Earlier in the week, Leo and Erin got cozy while having lunch together at Cuban Italian restaurant Candela Candela.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton riding their bikes in New York…

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  • Helen

    She looks cute and young. This is enough for any man to date someone like and of course she is a model which is a sign that any guy will date her is rich

  • Bubley, the hypocrite

    LOL! I had to laugh at this video. Especially when she mentions this:
    “If you want to make it last, it’s better to take it slow”……LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

    Yeah she sure took it slow when after just meeting him in December, she flew to Australia with him and remained there just like desperate pot of glue!. Erin Bubley has become the easiest catch Leo has ever experienced. What a liar and hypocrite opportunistist female.

  • Cheap & Blah

    She looks cheap and blah and she is cheap and blah but she thinks she deserves only rich guys attention.One of the most disgusting things about this type of famewhores.

  • Cheap & Blah


    Stop joking, please. Leo is the only guy who wants ‘date’ her.

  • LOVE it

    Did you see this on youtube? Notice the date. It’s 4 years ago.

    “Bar Refaheavy Naked, uploaded by axl1 on Jul 4, 2009 ”

    Super model Bar Refaheavy caught naked

  • Hello from Brazil DiCap

    OMG!!!Bubley the Red Nose and Big Ears learning humanity how to look and sound like the princess of the cheap minet. What did they do with VS brand?

  • @Bubley the hypocrite

    I don’t know who she’s trying to fool by claiming these comments…. poor Leo, he’s so naive and immature for a guy his age.

  • Lori

    OK, I totally get where everyone is coming from now with the staged photo Op business. I never followed him that closely before and thought that he just wasn’t a PDA type of guy. Apparently he was with previous gf’s. So now these do look staged to me.
    Perhaps it is like some have said and it out there to balance some of the press Blake and Ryan are getting by being all romantical and homey.

  • A

    Blake Lively dumped Leo!? lol Yeah right, SHE dumped Leo, and for that cheesehead Ryan Reynolds no less?? Muahaha. Sure, hon. That is such b.s. You must be on the Lively payroll, or Lively herself. Also, Leo was ditching her sure as shite, but he wasn’t insensitive to her plight, so he played along for a few more weeks, but anyone will tell you, Leo was dunzo as soon as those pics came out. Remember when she was dating him, and Leo went to a friends wedding, and was photographed walking some supermodel home, and then he had his camp leak to the press that he was dancing with all the young women at the wedding – that was HIS way of announcing to the world that he was not serious about casting couch Lively…he gently extricated himself from the relationship, and so Lively and her ‘brand’ wouldn’t look dumped by mega star Leo over the butt nekkid iphone shots, they had her immediately start dating Reynolds, but no one believed that shite. lol

  • A

    Leo ALWAYS does the dumping, except maybe not in Gisele’s case. I suspect she ended it because she wanted to get married and have babies and he didn’t.

  • @178


    Biking with Gisele, Bar, Blake, Lukas, and by himself there are other people in the picture. Bike with Erin, no one.

  • @Lori

    Y’know for me its not even the PDA thing.
    PDA is not symptomatic of where you or I are at in a relationship. PDA can be akward and forced too. i.e that pic of him and Bar kissing in Milan looked painful to me as he clung to his umbrella.

    What surprised some of us is the literal torrent of Leo news after a drought of almost 2 months. I don’t follow him closely, and the gossip sites do write about him as an A lister intermittently but literally for the past 7-8 days we have either had info in the NY Post and NY Daily News about him and Erin eating at a restaurant or going to the theatre, ALONG with clear as day pictures of the pair. Very uncharacteristic . What gives? What’s he trying to prove?

    I also perosnally believe this is what Lainey actually meant in this earlier post of Leo and Erin she described them as looking tender and romantic
    She only turned sarky when the next day we were also treated to biking pics. I think she was genuinely surprised.

    Personally it reminded me of when he was in Australia and how the press complained he was a paranoid recluse who was not as friendly as Tobey then a few weeks later bam we get Leo walking on the balcony with a parade of hotties in a vest and no face cap. Back to the Beach Haaus where pas practically live.

    I have no beef with eother him or Erin. She seems like a nice enpough gal to me and I think some of the things been said about her and her family are really distasteful. I genuinely wish them both well and hope he and Erin go on a cruise just for the hell of the predictability and the fun comments

  • @160
  • A

    “I personally am an actor on one of Australia’s most popular shows, who recently attended a small event Leonardo was having. The guy is crazy,he actually has groups of girls lined up and paraded through for him to pick girls out. He is like nothing else I have ever encountered in this industry. Being perfectly honest, I have lost all respect for Leonardo since meeting him in Australia. Even Al Pacino turned his nose up at how Leonardo has been behaving, while we were attending a small dinner with Al, the night before his show “One night with Al Pacino”.
    Leonardo literally had the entire cast of Australia’s top model form a line and he choose the girls he wanted to meet. While at a special club that is member invite only, The Georgeous Beach Hause in Kings Cross, Leonard did this again, another line of beautiful young girls paraded through for him to choose and sit with at the club. This guy is awesome at the work he does, but the way he so openly carries himself with these constant scores of girls lined up for him to choose is beyond belief. Any of these girls that are with him in these photos, I feel sorry for, not only have they gone through a process of lining up and being selected, but none of their time with them actually seems fun for them. Most of them are talented young want to be models or aspiring models, who know that being seen with Leonardo may help their career, and thats why friends like Charlotte Dawson , their top model judge, mentor them and advise them hownto behave for such photos. In a way it’s good for them, but at the same time, I really doubt many of these girls actually his company or time spent wi him. We spent the night partying with Xzibit over the weekend, eminem the weekend before that, and even Xzibit was a hundred times more interesting than Leo, just purely because he is open and up for a good time, whereas our time spent with Leo, kind of makes you wonder if within ten years will he be a recluse, affraid to venture outside, he’s just so lonely. Of course I’m not leaving my real name here on this website as I still have work to do with Leo , and I do love playing poker with these guys as stakes are hardly ever this good in Sydney, but Leo needs to take note of his good mate Toby, as Toby has been a really sweet dude while over here in Sydney. For anyone ever visiting Sydney, make sure you visit Beach Hause in Kings Cross, it’s always worth a try to get into buy doubtful. Even myself and my cast mates from our Aussie tv show get turned away at times. That place and Justin Hemmes’s IVY bar pool bar and his level 6 penthouse bar, are the places to visit in Sydney. You will usually see whoever is in Sydney at that moment at these clubs. Xzibit was a blast. Eminem was cool, suprised how he chilled he was sitting down watching the game an hour before going on stage, but I guess he’s a pro at it. It’s been a great year being an actor in the australin industry this year as we have gotten to meet all the biggest of our profession at the night spots, and even the kardashian launch last month. I’m personally hanging out to party with P-Diddy next April 15th. One things for sure, if my cast don’t get an invite to a function with them, I will be at Beach Hause or Ivy bar or Trademark bar on the surrounding nights getting high with the mogul. Such a small place Sydney, it’s hard not to have a good time with the peop,e your cameras chase around in USA. I think over here seeing we don’t have paprazzi like the USA that we get to let our hair down more often and not worry about it ending on the newspaper.”

  • @A

    BS. Your full of s**t NO ONE Knows why it ended
    Leo could have called it a day the moment they came back form Europe if the pics bugged him that much
    Oh and its funny how according to you his camp leaked the info about him dancing with girls at the wedding considering his mom and close gal pal Karolina Kurkova was also in the dancing crew and his camp made sure to leak that info as well
    Its funny how people keep bringing up the Anna J pictures but forgot to mention the youtube video pf Leo BEGGING the papparzo not to use the film. Something he has never done before in all his carousing.
    Yeah sure, ‘They’ the dark forces that now have her dating Reynolds are all part of a conspiracy. Your using baseless rumors to pollute this funny thread show where you are at and how much Blake bugs you even though she;s not in Leos life
    Now go back to kissing the a*s of Eva Mendes in the Gosling forum and race baiting as you often do

  • #215

    Ignore her she’s one of Leos gh*tt* birds.
    And that Sydney story has already been posted here and was also on Celeb**hy. #
    Epic Fail, A is A Tool

  • @A

    fan fiction

  • A is a tool

    Exactly s/he’s obsessed with promulgating this story and anyone with half a brain that can see it’s BS is according to him’her part of the payroll. Why does a Jack Dawson loon always have to ruin these threads
    Also funny considering s/he also said in post 69, she’s not a fan of Leo and Blake but is clearly obsessed with a relationship that ended a year ago and has to project her conspiracy and logic as fact.

  • stale news

    The Sydney story is already in Post 102. It was last December and I think he was dating Erin by then

  • A is Stinkerbell

    Acting like she knows intimate details of his life. Obsessively pumping him up and cutting him down in the same breath.

  • While in Australia

    Correct me is I’m wrong, but I believe has dated 3 different girlfriends while filming in Australia: Blake, Madalina and Erin, not to mention the numerous models (one of them admitted she went into his house). So within a period of 4 months the aging modelizer showed a nice stability. Now, during the filming of Django, he had Erin but he was also seen partying with models in Miami (while on a break) and NOLA.

  • A is a tool

    @A is Stinkerbell:
    Naah I don’t think it is.
    Tinkerbell has already posted here and does not seem that bothered.

  • A is a tool

    Unless of course we are dealing with multiple personalities!!!

  • A

    @#215: Wow, what’s with the racist comments? (I’m white) and I think it’s incredibly disgusting. I rarely post on this site and when I do I get attacked by Leo stans. No wonder people think you’re crazy.
    And Eva who? What are you guys even talking about? Get your posters right or don’t bother commenting at all, it only makes you look even crazier than you are.
    I thought the Australian actor post was interesting you lunatics. And Yes, Leo did dump Blake, just like he dumped the rest of them. Does the truth hurt or what?

  • A

    @A is a tool: Not the same person you idiot. Jared, please make it so you can have a permanent name on here.

  • A

    @A is a tool: Get a life. I’m serious. How much time do you spend on this site to know different user names? my god..

  • Not sure what to say

    Did you see this on youtube? It’s called Bar Refaheavy Naked
    Uploaded by axl1 on Jul 4, 2009 – Super model Bar Refaheavy caught naked. Notice the date – that is 3 years ago, when ___ was 24?


  • Lori

    You know it’s sad when the only honest man in Hollywood is Charlie Sheen.

  • A is a tool

    Leo stans? I though we were all on the ‘Lively’ payroll for not buying your idiotic but ‘factual’ narrative story. Insisting everyone here should take your incredibly disgusting slanderous opinion as fact because of course, you know Leo hang out with him and have full inside info on the logisitcs and dynamics of all his relationships suggest you might be the one to get a life as well as professional help.
    Your repeating “I know it as fact” does not mean we all here have to buy your BS, and you’re just p**sed cause you’ve been called on it.
    Now go back to kissing drunk coke head ,Eva Mendes b**ver.
    Damn this thread was actually informative and fun to read till now!

  • They Are Pathetic

    @A is a tool: Calm down dear, take an advil or something. No one, especially not an anonymous poster, should have that much power over you to ruin your “fun”. That’s kind of sad.

  • @Lori

    But maybe Leo is honest. He is honest enough that he does not want marriage and children but instead to bang as many hotties as he wants sans responsibilities. He does not have anywhere the rap sheet of Charlie Sheen and no kids to suffer from his antics!

  • A is a tool

    A, your schizophrenic posts on people you claim “you don’t care about ” have only proven you are every bit as crazy as whom you deride. Trust.

  • Jenn Jenn


    This is true, and if these women don’t like the game they can always pick another player. ;)

  • A

    @They Are Pathetic: Thank you! Yeah, I’m glad I have that much power of her to ruin all her fun lol but she’s starting to creep me out as do most stans who spend way too much time talking and fantasizing about their favorite stars and defending them to the point it gets seriously creepy.

  • You Are Pathetic

    Calm down, dear. You’re obsessed. Don’t give anyone the power to make you feel bad about it. Acting like you’re above it when you’re not only makes you look pathetic. No one believes you. You’re here reading nine pages in.

  • A is a tool

    Oh so it’s Gosling freaks now? LOL
    Poor A, leo stans, lively payroll, gosling freaks anyone who calls BS on your hateful diatribes. You obviously know the pattern of posts for all these people indicating you read the celeb posts here voraciously while evidently living a rich fulfiled life yourself.

  • A is a tool

    Oh shame 239 that you’re on the deranged liar’s side. But this is fun for me. Mwhamwha.

  • You Are Pathetic

    You protest too much. Digging up old posts. Talking like you know DiCaprio. Freaking out when you are called on it. You’re not fooling anyone. You’re obsessed. Admit it. Take you’re own advice and get a life.

  • A

    @A is a tool: Sweetie, this will be my last post to you and probably the last time I post on here because you are creeping me out.
    The only time I have defended Eva (as you can look up for yourself) is when posters have called her racist names (Cuban wh*re being one of them). And I’ve done that once or twice OoOoo what a crazy loon I am *sarcasm*.
    And this is the first time I have posted on a Leo thread. I posted the Australian encounter because I had just found it (because i’m not a crazy stalker and happened to come across it when I was reading something else).
    I mean this in the most sincere, positive, genuine way: You spend too much time on here. Seriously. I don’t even post here all that much and yet you know I have posted on an Eva thread twice!? One being a month or so ago. That takes a lot of dedication…energy you could have spent on something more productive but I digress.
    I wouldn’t call myself a Leo fan, I usually come here when I’m bored (duh) and decided to engage in this madness.
    You guys really are insane, what is this? 10 pages? I’ve read like the last few and you know way too much info about this man, really though, leave the man alone and get a man of your own. I mean that in the nicest way possible.
    Well, ta-ta, don’t let me ruin anymore of your fun ;)

  • Jenn Jenn

    I just realized something about Leo and think that it may have something to do with being part Latino (daddy is Italian, of course).

    Latino men have something called machismo, it is the ability to be manly, it’s acting like a man. Machismo is not in the sense of raising kids or being a good father, but it is the ability to strut like a man, i.e., a rooster.

    Men who have lots of machismo will will say to girlfriends or wives, it doesn’t matter that I cheated on you, that was only a one time thing, you’re permanent.

    It’s interesting that Leo’s mentor is Martin Scorsese, a man who has been married 5 times and has/had serious issues with fidelity. Scorsese (though short in stature) is full of machismo and definitely able to please the ladies, they want to be with him, just like Leo.


  • @You

    @A is a tool: To be fair, you’re the one who freaked out when “A” mentioned that Leo dumped Blake.

  • A is a tool

    I always throw out the Eva Mendes line cos Leo and Ryan G relationships get people rancid. But its great you took the bait dear. And anyone who comes in here after going to actively SEEK out and post old info on Leo and then say with a straight face ‘get a life’ is not worthy of game.

    @242 You’re clealry confused. I did not come in here ranting about what went down in Leo’s relationships and who/who dumped who. How is that proof that I know him? You better hand over that self-help book to your friend A.

  • A is a tool

    I guess it came off that way. Its just that couch rumor (which A utilised in her bogus narrative) and has been falsely ascribed to Lively when it was actually about Gretchen Moll got to me. Its the same thing when I see it repeated about Sienna Miller and Emma Watson.
    I have experience of that kind of malice but won’t derail the thread. So I’ll just leave it.

  • Philly

    Woooh, thread’s gone wild! @240 I though his dad was part Italian and part German. As his mum is full german does that not mean Leo has more teutonic than Latin blood? Then again he is a Scorpio so maybe that’s a null point.

  • Lori

    @Philly: @Jenn Jenn: OK this is what I was trying to say many posts back. He is a scorpio and acts like one and again Martin Scorsesse is a Scorp as well and they seem to get on very well and work well together. There are very few strong felmale roles in Martin’s movies and very few in either of their personal lives.

  • Jenn Jenn


    I am speaking culturally and how a man is raised, his father definitely defines himself as Italian and he is the male role model in Leo’s life. I’ve seen pictures of his father and he definitely looks like an Italian.

  • Jenn Jenn


    They do have many things in common, one of them being the Madonna/whore complex, either a woman is a complete virtuous being or a complete whore. Guess which one gets the wedding ring.

    The other thing that they have in common is an incredible devotion to the mother, who is seen as the Madonna/woman they are supposed to marry.

    This probably explains why every woman has to be given approval from mom before the relationship can go forward.

  • @A is A Tool

    @A is a tool:

    Doll, my words were for A and her friend. She wants to have it both ways. She’s reading 10 pages deep, digging up old posts, talking like she knows DiCaprio and friends and freaking out when called on it, but she acts like she’s above everyone. She huffs and puffs and says she’s leaving, but she always comes back peddling more of the same. Talk about obsessed.

  • Lori

    @Jenn Jenn: Gerard Butler….Another Scorpio that can’t keep it in his pants.

  • Jenn Jenn


    That’s true of many men of all astrological signs, but there are men who give off a vibe of manliness. For example – Benicio Del Torro, David Beckam, Adrien Brody and you can probably think of many others :)

    I think that a certain part of manliness comes from how a guy treats a woman and how he presents himself to a woman.

    What I find interesting about DiCaprio is that no matter how badly he treats women they just keep coming back, this is what I am speaking of when I say machismo.