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Bikini-Clad Candice Swanepoel: Beach with Hermann Nicoli!

Bikini-Clad Candice Swanepoel: Beach with Hermann Nicoli!

Candice Swanepoel holds onto her boyfriend Hermann Nicoli‘s hand as they make their way out of the water at the beach on Wednesday (July 4) in Miami, Fla.

The 23-year-old South African model wore a mismatched bikini while Hermann chose a tiny speedo.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Candice Swanepoel

Candice and Hermann spent the afternoon at the beach together the day before. They even changed suits midway through the day!

20+ pictures inside of Candice Swanepoel and Hermann Nicoli at the beach…

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candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 01
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 02
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 03
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 04
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 05
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 06
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 07
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 08
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 09
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 10
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 11
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 12
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 13
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 14
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 15
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 16
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 17
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 18
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 19
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 20
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 21
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 22
candice swanepoel hermann nicoli miami beach 23

Credit: Manuel Munoz; Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • bahha black sheep

    so skinny

  • doodle

    WOW and there he is again YUMMY!

  • lol


  • nimeiya

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  • Hello

    She has nice figure, but it’s clear that VS has been photoshopped the hell out of all of her photos.

  • fern

    Gosh, she looks so skinny! And he is hot…

  • Sweetie Pie

    She has a great figure, but it amazes me that VS can make her flat chest look like it something is there.

  • Clarence Beeks

    Sweetie Pie, I was just about to comment how photoshopped her modeling pics are, because she really has little boobies. I like the little ones, but they make her look huge in those pics!

  • Sweetie Pie

    @Clarence Beeks: I’d say it’s a lot of tape and cutlets – I mean A LOT of them.
    (She’s still gorgeous though)

  • hm

    @Sweetie Pie: yeah – i remember her when she was modelling in south africa and she was much bigger. She lost at least half her weight when she started with VS which is disappointing because victorias secrets models are ‘bigger’ (and i do not mean fat) than high fashion models.

  • lili


  • lili

    who is this skeleton?

  • kami

    omg, that girl is skinny!!!! how can she even stand up?

  • Kayla

    Anorexia and obesity are both medical diseases you dull hog. You very obviously don’t understand these diseases and therefore have no right to judge.this girl is sick.

  • Taty

    Its sad that these kind of things make us think that skinny is beautiful. Its NOT!! Its sickly looking and a women should have curves… these models are all bitches because they are so upset they havent had a proper meal to eat… eat up girl and be happy…

  • JK

    this woman still has the courage to wear a bikini!!

  • Fabiana

    anorexia has destroyed the lives of many beautiful women. Yet it is actively encouraged by fashion designers,photographers, magazine publishers and sick bastards who go online and encourage them to lose even more weight.

  • Micky

    Poor thing, she looks absolutely dreadful. These anorexic models set such bad examples for young impressionable people!

  • Eva

    Men should never wear speedos. Foul. Board shorts only, please.

  • KissThis

    Way too thin

  • hmm

    I see that her check to the paps cleared.
    She looks just awful. Way too skinny. She looks sick.
    You can be thin and still look healthy. Other VS models do it, why can’t she?

  • somali girl

    Eww! Her vagina must be gaping That’s what happens when you are that skeletor. She looks like a famine victim.

  • jenny

    She’s a VS model and can’t even fill out her top properly–3rd picture. Why does VS even hire models with small breasts if they’re going to alter the photos anyway?

  • rada

    she’s not anorexic, she still has a nice butt and shapely thighs. if she was anorexic those would be totally gone. almost all the new vs girls are skinny now, i think the reason is they photograph well on tv and pictures.

  • somewhere in europe

    I don’t get it, … she must have lost loads of weight after she became a VS model cos they don’t hire them like that. The models need to be skinny and curvy at the same time, more fit than skinny actually, they have like the hardest selection process ever… ?!

  • Effy

    I like her, but she’s way too thin. Seeing that many bones sticking out is gross.

  • Ally

    Ohhh would all stop making assumptions already? How dare people point at someone they don’t know nothing about and call them sick!? I’m turning 29 this fall and i just had a baby 8 months ago. Before my pregnancy I was just like Candice, I’m 5’10 and I was always a very skinny girl, to a point my elbows and knees were much bigger than the rest of my legs and arms. And it had nothing do do with my eating habits, it was purely hormonal. I could eat whatever and still have no breasts or butt, hips… And now body has changed, i got a little more curves and I put 12 pounds after the baby was born, i feel very feminine and secure about my body. But i do understand that people’s body are built differently! Some will think being this thin is impossible unless you’re anorexic, but sometimes that’s just how nature works! Don’t judge!

  • Ally

    Oh, and also… there’s a few things to look for in a anorexic girl, like her collar bone and ribs would be showing a lot more, her skin would be very pale and a bit yellow, and her hair and nails would get britlle… She’s very skinny, yes, but she looks healthy, no matter what you say.

  • s

    Her body looks great, not too skinny at all. Skinny ppl can’t have natural big breasts because breasts are fat.

  • @ally

    You seem way too occupied with “ana” to have been naturally thin.
    This chick looks sick and like a teenaged boy.

  • Kk

    Woah! Girl needs to eat….and keep it down. This is not attractive.

  • Fart In Your Face

    @Eva: Old fat ugly people like you should go to the beach in sweatpants and sweaters. People who look like that should wear as little as possible and since hot men have better legs than women he should show off every inch of his amazing body, fat c-u-n-t.

  • Fart In Your Face

    @Fabiana: She doesn’t have anorexia, look at her toned arms and legs, look at the definition. That’s what it looks like when a 23 year old does exercise and isn’t a burger guzzling alcoholic like most American girls that age.

  • Ally


    Well there’s this new website, not sure if u’ve ever heard of… its called google. Go do your research darling…

  • MC

    WOW she’s so skinny… models should have moe curves.. but she’s an incredible model, i love her!

  • .

    Candice is NOT anorexic..what is wrong with you people…you can see that she exercise and probably she’s eating healthy. AND she still does some high fashion runways,so before claiming that she’s anorexic look at other girls at that shows. She’s healthy skinny,that’s all.

  • Guy

    Wow!! Hermann looks fantastic, especially in speedos, I wish more dudes who have hot bodies wear speedos. Hermann body is way hotter and better than the girl. I wish JJ photograher gave us a few solo shots of Hermann, I could use it for a screen saver.

  • no

    She does NOT look healthy. Her arms don’t look toned, they look scrawny. When you can see someone’s upper ribs and breastbone they are undernourished.
    And this is not her natural body type, She used to be healthy looking and thin. Now she looks horrible.
    VS will fire her if she doesn;t watch it.

  • lafamepoma

    i don’t like her body, is not balanced and i’m not jealous it’s just weird, and him is hottt

  • sun

    What she needs…………a hamburger!

  • Anon

    She use to have a great body, but in these photos she looks really sick! WAY TOO SKINNY.

  • missy

    now that she’s being embraced by high fashion she probably wants herself out of VS. Sadly fro her, VS is the only thing that will make her famous and give her more opportinities for global brands.

  • @42

    She’d be stupid to leave VS. As you said, she isn’t well known yet. She might be able to cut back on her VS commitments like Doutzen and Miranda have, but I don’t think that she is well established enough to even do that. Fashion is very fickle. And if they see that not that many people respond to her, she’s gone.

  • Dee

    First of all, to all the people saying VS is going to fire her — have you seen their new models? Toni Garnn, Chanel Iman, Karlie Kloss, Anja Rubik….they are not hiring “curvy” anymore, those days ended with Doutzen. Even their Brazilian models like Lais and Emanuela are very skinny. I don’t agree with it, but that’s the look they prefer now.

    And secondly, I really don’t think she’s anorexic. She’s really tall and so it makes her thinness look worse. Don’t get me wrong, she is VERY skinny but I don’t believe it’s unhealthy. Compare her on the VS Runway to Alessandra, Miranda and all of the newer girls – Candi has the best body. If she’s this skinny, the other girls must be even worse in their swimsuits.

  • jenny

    @Dee: Actually, the other models have better bodies than she does. Take a look at Miranda’s pictures on JustJared.

  • V

    I can’t believe i’m reading this kind of comments here. FYI calling someone skinny with disrespectful names such as skeleton is as rude as when you calling someone fat, why nobody seems to notice that? It’s not ok saying these things to the fat people, but for the skinny is? Anorexia is a serious disease, stop saying this. Sad that the people still thinks like that. If you know a little more about her before speaking you will know how healthy she is. She is naturally thin, accept the differences.

  • @44

    No, Miranda doesn’t look emaciated. She looks healthy, while Candice looks like a famine victim.

  • tina

    at the end of the day she has an amazing body ! you hates are just jealous . x

  • lol

    She’s not anorexic. Jealous? You fat fugly American girls LOL hahahahahahahahaha
    North American girls are so ugly and fat. EWWW

  • lol

    American girls think 160cm 80kg is a perfect, amazing, beautiful body, because average American girls’ weight is 82kg They wear XXXXXL clothes lol They don’t exercise, they don’t take care of themselves, eat lots of lots of burgers and greasy food and… they expect to hear ‘You’re beautiful’ from other ppl hahahahaha This is why they are so ugly and fat. Top 3 fattest countries in the world-America, Canada and Australia!!