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Alexander Skarsgard & Stephen Moyer: 'True Blood' at Comic-Con!

Alexander Skarsgard & Stephen Moyer: 'True Blood' at Comic-Con!

Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer sign autographs for fans of their show True Blood held during 2012 Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday (July 14) in California.

The guys were joined by co-star, and Stephen‘s wife, Anna Paquin and the rest of the cast during a panel that afternoon. To check out all the details from the panel, visit!

Later that evening, Alex, Stephen, Joe Manganiello, and Sam Trammell attended Entertainment Weekly‘s annual Comic-Con party.

Also pictured inside: Joe and Kristin Bauer lounging that afternoon at the Wired Cafe located at the Palm Terrace at the Omni Hotel.

20+ pictures inside of the True Blood cast enjoying events at Comic-Con…

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alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 01
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 02
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 03
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 04
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 05
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 06
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 07
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 08
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 09
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 10
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 11
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 12
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 13
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 14
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 15
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 16
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 17
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 18
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 19
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 20
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 21
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 22
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer true blood comic con 23

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Jerod Harris, Michael Buckner, ; Photos: Getty, Film Magic
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  • Lilly

    Anna is glowing <3

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    hello Alex

  • yall
  • Din

    Could eat Alex on a cracker…

  • Lois


    Yep, he either has Keith or Bjorne as his wing men; sometimes it’s both. It’s probably comforting to have someone to keep away the crazies.

  • POGO

    I just love the cast of this show. Especially Alex.

  • mmm k

    @Lois: And by “comforting” you mean boinking, right?

  • karl

    so what was thís talk about lucy and alex trvalling together to only go to comicon, and not because they are actually a couple… shouldnt she be there too then, no shes at home making dinner…

  • Rogerjbk

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  • Kirk

    I bet skarsgard slept he did @ 2011 comic con. Is he that desperate for women. ……He posed with 2 playboy bunnies I bet he slept with them never mind if any of these women have bfs or there married-he doesn’t care. He is dirty he needs a medical …………
    “Me and @HeatherRaeYoung with my fave Vamp from the party Alexander yummy!!” SummerAltice @ twitter

  • ladybug

    Ah, I see the troll(s) came out overnight.

    I hope this isn’t the only picture of Alex and MicMac:

  • POGO

    The bunny who posted that pic, is Summer Altice, she is not just a bunny. She happens to be an ex-vollyball player. She use to date Vin Diesel. She was the center fold in one of the Playboy Issue. It was probable one of the best layouts they ever did. She use to have a boyfriend but who knows now.

    So what if he get’s his groove on, he is a 35yr old grown man.

    Oh, wait a minute Kirk thinks sex is nasty. Grow up kirk and get into the real world. Pepole do have sex.

  • POGO


    I hope it’s not the only pic either. The two of them are so funny together.

  • So what

    And what’s your prob? Alexander isn’t even aloud to talk to women or even pose with them? Oh I forgot if Alex poses with a women he is having sex jeez think of all the female fan pics he has taken over the years he must have shagged all those women lol

  • ladybug

    @POGO: That, and it was a True Blood/Playboy party, so all work related and stuff :)
    I think Kirk’s just a little bit jealous.

    This also amuses me:

  • POGO


    Yeah kirk wishes he was on the resieving end.

    When I saw that pic I was like to of my favorite men. Alex is such a jokester.

  • danielik

    I love TB cast, especially Alex!

  • lena

    love the show, and the cast is amazing! but is it me or alex looks tired here??

  • Shoshanna

    Stephen and Alexander: best couple ever.
    Stephen is my favorite! <3<3<3

  • mforman

    AS is truly the perfect man, but the whole cast really, really does seem to like being around each other, to me they seem more like a family than a crew.. That must be a nice atmosphere to work in.
    The trolls have landed, the trolls have landed, I cannot wait to see how many posts there will now be of him either just posing with a female fan, a female that works at Comic Con, or just walking by a woman that happens to be at CC, before they start with all their ridiculous nonesense.
    You know according to them, he is not allowed to know any women at all, the trolls are so important and smart they know it all.
    It is too bad they cannot see beyond his looks, I have watched pretty much all his movies, especially the ones out of Sweden, before he got to America and he can play any character and he just makes that character his own, he truly is sooo talented and hasn’t let success spoil him or the way he treats not only crew members and cast but also his fans.
    For some reason the trolls want to ruin his image, with the image they believe is true and the funniest thing is the image they are portraying does not even make sense and can always be shown to be not true.
    How very, very sad, and then they start to attack the people that are his true fans, who only disprove what the trolls say.
    Why post on AS’s threads, if it is just to make him look awful and ridiculous. I guess the one or two of you that just change your sign ons, get some kind of thrill.
    It was interesting that out of the Authority, the character of “Roman” was the only one there. I am wondering if the entire Authority is destroyed in the season finale and “Roman”, is the only one left standing.

  • No Lucy?

    I was wondering where was Lucy considering she is in the states? So far she is not at any of the cast parties , comic con? even some of the not so well known supporting cast members were at the party , Is she filming another movie ?.

  • ladybug

    @No Lucy?: She wasn’t on the TB panel, or any other panel and perhaps these conventions aren’t her sort of thing? Of the new characters this season, only Meloni/Roman was at the panel, or apparently even there. And that may be because Meloni’s well known.
    She’s not listed for anything on IMBD, but that doesn’t mean she’s not doing something.

    @mforman: I think a lot of the Authority is dead by the end of the season, but I’m getting a feeling that Roman is gone earlier than that.

  • chris

    Oh my god, Alex is so freakin gorgeous!

  • lola

    Stephen and Anna = best couple ever. And yeah I might be stating the obvious but Alex is HOT!

  • just reading

    Correct me if I’m wrong (or blind, I don’t know), but isn’t this Lucy on the left next to Joe:

  • No

    @just reading:

    No sadly thats not Lucy,
    Lucy has darker hair she is also 5 ft 6 or 7 fairly decent height

    This is Lucy

  • ladybug

    @No: Looks familiar though, Anna Kendrick, who’s at Comic Con?

  • Lilla

    @No: No, that’s Anna Kendrick from Twilight.

    I love this cast. Everyone looks so great & happy.

  • gemma

    @mforman: “Why post on AS’s threads, if it is just to make him look awful and ridiculous.” Good advice. You should follow it. Don’t post at a celebrity’s thread if it’s just to make them look awful and ridiculous. It’s a $hitty thing to do.
    I’m not liking TB as much this season. Too many characters, too many subplots. I’ll keep watching, however!

  • Rachel

    Alex is soooo hot. I hope he gets the 50 shades role. yes its a shitty written book, but I could ignore that if we got to see Alex getting his sexy on.

  • ladybug

    @Rachel: He needs to stay far, far away from it: Typecasting.
    It could be directed by Pedro Almodovar and Alex as Christian would still be typecasting.

    He can get his sexy on in a different movie.

    @gemma: “Too many characters, too many subplots” That’s been a feature since S2.

  • taina

    @mmm k:
    keith and alex have been friends WAYYYYY too long for it to be anything relationships end just like all others I dont think keith would be around that much if he was anex….as doesnt work that way

  • Cafélady

    That’s nice. I already was looking forward on pic’s and vid’s of the comic-con for the whole week.
    I think Alex comes across very relaxt here, and it seems as would he enjoy it to spend time with his colleagues on this way.
    Anyway – it looks as would the whole cast of TB who attended at comic-con, had had a great time and fun with each other. And that’s very nice.

    I guess it’s understandable that he obviously enjoys it too, to be in company with Kristin – because she seems to be a very nice, down-to-earth and not conceited person. At least she comes across like that to me. Obviously, both feel very comfortable in company with the other person – pure matey, of course.

    I could imagine, that this exactly is the point for him (or one of it) – to feel comfortable with the people around him.

    And exactly this, will be often misinterpreted by certain people…

  • Rachel ()

    @ladybug: I agree! Alex needs to stay away from vampires, s&m, and dungeons. Can’t wait to see some of his new movies! He needs to be in films that show his range, and 50 shades will not require talent.

  • chelad

    Stephen and Anna are such a beautifull couple, love them. I miss them being together in True Blood.

  • ladybug

    @chelad: I think Sookie needs a break from bfs/romance, so hopefully that’ll be for this entire season.

    I have no idea if TB will end with Sookie with anyone, but it’s good not to focus on the ‘triangle’ all the time, distracts from the other stuff going on, especially this season.

    Also, and I don’t know how much people realize they’re doing it, but Sookie/Bill are not Anna/Stephen. I think sometimes even some of the cast forgets this.

  • Texas Swede

    You said a mouthful there. As Anna and Stephen I think they are a great couple and wish them the best life has to give. I am excited for their upcoming blessing of twin babies. From everything I have seen of them they are a very fun, funny, and loving couple.

    But people do have a difficult time separating the actors from the roles they play. Just as some have trouble separating the characters from the books from the ones in the series.

    I am like you in that we have no idea if Sookie will wind up with anyone. I have my choice as does everyone else but everyone has their own choice for that choice.

    This season is a good one so far and I am going to focus on it. But they made a major in the Pam/Eric flashback. Last season when Pam and Bill fought physically Pam told him she was older than him. Yet in the flashback he was already a vampire when she was turned.
    I am looking for the episode now and will post the name later today.

  • Texas Swede

    @ladybug: I apologize. It was Sn3 and it was Bill who told Pam he was older. I should have checked facts before posting. Sorry.

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: I’m not really a ‘shipper’ anymore, either for the books or the series. If they do have her end up with someone it should make sense (or as much sense as anything in the wacky world of Bon Temps).

    As for the Pam/Bill age difference, I know in TB they reversed what it was in the books, where Pam is older than Bill. But that doesn’t mean the writers don’t occasionally screw up.

    Ryan showing off a previously unknown skill:

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: Not a problem. With the whole ‘vampires might have killed the Stackhouses’ storyline I’d thought that in TB Sookie at least had been told they’d been killed by fae. Nope. All Claudine said was ‘it wasn’t the water that killed them.’
    Hard to keep track of those little things.

    Alex on Pam:

  • Detroit
  • RM

    Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard are starting to look a little creepily thin. Especially Stephen at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic Con party:

  • lol

    Least Alex isnt banging Olivia Munn LOLOLOL

  • Cafélady

    @Texas Swede: #37…hi texas, once again I have to totally agree with you. I also can observe this often here (in my personal environment), that people have some problems to differentiate between the real person/actor and the role he/she has to play. That’s somehow amazing.
    I mean, of course it should be clear that there is an difference between both. Even though, some actors (and also alex) say, that they somehow has to find a piece or a nuance of the character -who they have to play- somewhere inside of their self. But this doesn’t mean that role and actor are identical, of course not.
    (private personal note): Perhaps you have wondered about that I rarely commented here in the recent times, but the things go a bit ‘wilder’ now. At least I’m (half)official a single again, now – and this means too that these god d*** separating year has started now finally (in germany one must make a so called ‘separating year’ before one can be divorced…). Sometimes I’m just emotional ‘empty’. LoL
    At least, the last 1,5 year were very ugly…
    For the moment I’m served – with this entire man-woman thing absolutely…LOL

  • April

    @Detroit: How do you know this is a woman he is dating ? Were they together at the party?

  • Texas Swede

    @Cafélady: It is good to see you on again. I took a week off last month myself. My father passed away. And I haven’t posted as often since. I know that empty feeling myself.

    But I think you are a very strong woman and will come thru this an even better person because of it. So hold your head up high and know you are on the road to a better time.

    Just watch something with Alex and smile when you need to. ;)

  • ladybug

    @April: Please ignore it, it’s a relationship troll.

  • ladybug

    @Texas Swede: “My father passed away.”


  • mforman

    @gemma—–You just needed to find one thing to pick on.
    I said alot in my post, and yes I will continue to ask the trolls why they seem intent to go onto AS’s theards and just post the most ridiculous things they can find; even when someone brings proof to the table, that it is false, they continue.
    The funniest is, with the way the trolls have started to behave, I myself am definitely feeling like it is the same 4 or 5 and they just use new names. The same goes for the ridiculous comments they are posting about him. Seriously what do they gain out of it, unless they are being paid very well by a third party.
    Why should I follow my own advice. I have and always will consider him an amazing actor, who has a reputation in HW and Sweden that cannot be touched.
    I have never nor will I ever post anything negative on his threads about him.

  • Texas Swede

    @ladybug: Thanks. Been needing a lot of those lately.