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Katie Holmes & Suri 'Make Meaning' in New York City

Katie Holmes & Suri 'Make Meaning' in New York City

Katie Holmes heads down the street with her daughter Suri by her side on Monday (August 20) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress and Suri visited Make Meaning, a creative crafts store on the Upper West Side of the Big Apple!

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The day before, Katie and Suri were spotted exiting a taxi cab at a private residence in NYC.

It was also recently announced that Katie will show her Holmes & Yang fashion line at New York Fashion Week in September. Katie‘s line will go up the same day as Victoria Beckham‘s.

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  • SimplementMoi

    Katie is gonna wear those boots till they fall off.

  • @

    I guess its time to pimp out Suri agin for another photo op. It was nice last week when she kept Suri out of the public eye and gave the kid some privacy.

  • Sally

    Looks like the photogs are getting too close to Suri again. Come on guys, she looks cuter when you’re a bit further away.

  • mlllllllllllle

    Poor child, you’re drivin’ her crazy by buyin’ those pictures and encouraging the paparazzis.
    You’ll probably be more than happy to announce her suicide when she’ll be a fragile teenager.

  • Sally

    @@: You’re pitiful. She’s living life with her daughter. How on earth is that ‘pimping out’ Suri? Get a life.

  • dabu

    I like Suri’s jacket…but she is in bad need of a hair cut and wash.

  • Allie

    Well at least she is stimulated by different activities like arts and crafts, gymanstics, ballet etc that she always taken to.
    That’s really good.

  • Ken

    Katie has a most unfortunate figure – she’s all lower body.

    I cannot imagine that Suri is ready for school – wonder if she’ll start in kindergarten instead of 1st grade.

  • Eva

    OMG, incredible. I knew another “sighting” was coming soon. This is so ridiculous and obvious. What the hell is Kate wearing?!

  • Kim

    Oh no, those beige boots are going to creep into my nightmares! They are just horrible. And why is Kate’s jean shirt half in- half out?

  • suzi

    The return of those beige boots. Not a good look with those pants. She should were sandals. 99 cents flip flops, anything but those beige boots!

  • confused

    At this rate, I’m not sure if Suri is mortified by the Pap or by Kate’s beige boots!

  • hmmm

    And this is the person who people are now calling designer? LMAO! Get out of here!

  • keana

    I would not be surprised if Katie puts those beige boots in her collection! Yes, the exact same pair she has on because apparently those boots have 9 lives!


    I guess she is just living her life with her daughter nothing wrong about that. Unfortunately she is famous and every step there will always be paparazzis. If Katie was going out with friends she will be criticized for not being a good mom and party too much. It will help crazy Tom get full custody of Suri… If she spent time with her daughter then she is using her??? Is never winning on this…. we do not know the dynamics of their lives… I do agree that Suri needs a haircut and need to go to school ASAP she is 6 yrs oll already!! I wonder if raising her as scientologist for her first years are going to affect her behavior for the rest of her life…

  • Tam

    I’m really bored of these two.

  • Bootpolice

    I’ve been tracking those beige boots to put them under arrest for assault on fashion to no avail.

  • Ciara

    It astounds me that Katie has a fashion line. I feel sorry for the few people who are going to buy. The collection is bland and very expensive. I’m talking about $1500 for a blouse. Completely ridic!

  • Kaia

    Katie a designer? What a wasted an investment. I expect to see that collection on the sales rack on arrival. Where did she get inspiration for the line? She’ll probably say something like “for the fashionista working mom.” blah blah blah more bull crap!

  • Alice

    All this to promote a fashionless clothing line. Perfect. I will not go anyway near her line in Barney’s. It looks like her age demographic is geared toward 48-55 anyway.

  • lisa

    Katie is ruining a perfectly pair of white pants as they are evidently dragging on the street. Is it to hide her dirty beige boots?

  • ace

    Is Katie’s visit to a “creative crafts store” on the Upper West Side suppose to lend creative credibility to her ‘designing’ venture? LMAO!

    Katie is no designer. It’s like saying Paris Hilton is a legitimate rapper.

  • jghawaii

    I don’t know — dragging her kid through the streets of NYC everyday with all the paparazzi tagging along. That doesn’t seem like a “good” mother to me. I can’t think of anything more punishing to the child than that constant attention. Suri does not on any of those days look like she is enjoying the outings — she looks miserable.

  • Jen

    Someone please explain their jackets and boots. It’s 75 degrees today! It’s supposed to be in the 80′s in NYC all week! WHY are the they wearing cold weather clothing?!?! Katie always dresses like it’s November.

  • mrd2

    Oh barf! How much of these two do we have to see EVERY STINKING DAY. Who cares – really?

  • rubyz

    Hopefully this divorce will soon drive Holmes back to relative obscurity. Her willingness to publicly pimp her daughter every day to keep herself relevant is reprehensible. Without having fathered Cruise’s child, she would long ago have disappeared into anonymity, and she knows this. As to the fashion line … you have seen how this woman dresses, non?

  • katie will win an oscar

    Katie has Fame & Fortunte she just wants a good career. Tom helped her a lot getting her fashion career started. ooh I forgot he is controlling sci fi midget. and Katie is not pimping her daughter Katie was like this from the day suri was born I remember an old magazine pic of Katie proudly holding up her daughter so the paps could get a good pic Katie was wearing a swim suite and suri was just a baby. Some people may think Tom was evil but Katie is lucky money wise

  • Just My Opinion

    What is it about Katie that she can’t look normal. I mean can’t she at least comb her hair? They both look so odd. When its cold weather Suri is out in sun dresses and now she wearing a coat? Honestly, they don’t look cute or pretty but messing, lazy. Who would want to buy clothes from this woman? And with a pricey cost? C’mon Katie get with it. You wanted freedom and you got it. You don’t look happy or like if you have direction. You look sloppy. Like it or not you are a public person, a known celebrity, you don’t have to look extremely well groomed but how about a neat ponytail and clothes that don’t appear grunging. Its not a good look for you (and I’m being nice).

  • takeit

    @Ken: She has a fine body. Go phuck yourself.

  • Jordan

    Suri should keep her hair a bit shorter than it is. But she’s cute. I feel bad for her

  • justin

    barf barf barf….its like an odd circus with these two!

  • Melanie

    I’m so over fickle people how easily you turn. Katie rocks, Katie sucks, Suri’s precious, Suri’s pathetic. Its pretty low. Michelle Williams isn’t a pimp but Katie is? What next? Robert Pattison is actually the bad guy and you all switch sides to Kristen? Just let her be a mom, actress and celebrity and leave Suri out of catty remarks.

  • Hamlet

    Dragging her kids through the streets, #23? She’s just out in public!

    She can’t help the paparazzi. Be mad at them, not the mother that wouldn’t and couldn’t stay cooped inside all the time.

    How does a child that doesn’t do anything, keep you relevant, #26?

    Right, #32.

  • dana

    Paparazzi are really stalking them. Do they sleep in front of Katie’s buliding or what? I really feel for the little girl.

  • Beatrice

    I understand that Katie has ugly feet (you can see them when Katie puts on high heels), but for God’s sake can still walk in the boots but other, NEW! She’s in those awful shoes comes from March 2011!
    Suri every day running around New York in a new dress for around $ 300. Is Katie can spend in a day and do not buy dresses for Suri, but shoes for yourself?

  • Halina

    We do petitions to Katie threw those tan boots. Who’s with me?

  • maestox


    i think you should mind your own business

  • james

    Suri looks just like the Mapotha’s.

  • james

    @keana: #14

    She’s can’t put those boots in her collection. That would be design stealing.

  • nancy

    Ciara @ 08/20/2012 at 9:34 pm #18

    It astounds me that Katie has a fashion line. I feel sorry for the few people who are going to buy. The collection is bland and very expensive. I’m talking about $1500 for a blouse. Completely ridic!

    $1500 for a darn blouse? What a greedy pig she is.
    Don’t feel sorry for the fools who would pay that much for that crap, if they are foolish enough to buy them.

  • Suri fights back

    Great pick of Suri sticking her tongue out at the paps as mommy carries hjer big baby:

  • Suri the meal ticket

    If you think Suri should be taken out of the fishbowl (and I completely agree), you’ll have to talk to Katie. She’s the one trotting the child out in public every day. There are ways celebrities ensure their kids’ privacy – Ms. Holmes doesn’t seem interested in doing those things for Suri, however I read an account of TC’s & Katie’s breakup and divorce in New York magazine recently. Did you know that the swank building Katie & Suri are living in has an extremely private underground garage and tunnel that actually connects the building to some local shops and stores? And that the store a couple of hundred feet from the building’s front door is accustomed to DELIVERING groceries to VIPS there? So . . . why is little Suri constantly being paraded before the papparazzi when it could so easily avoided much of the time? Ask yourself that question. Katie is a LOT more saavy than the public realizes, and I think we all – especially TC – got played.
    - Sherry, Midwest, U.S., 21/8/2012 0:31

    Read more:

  • RF

    Não mostrou as fotos da Suri mostrando a língua para os fotógrafos…

  • Priya

    Divorce is the second most stressful thing apart from death. I am sure Katie must feel depressed. She may not be mentally ill, just depressed. Having said that, she can do better with her clothes and boots and hair as well as the brushing of Suri’s hair and giving her a pair of running shoes so she can walk most of the time. Non-celebrity mothers do this all the time, depressed or not. Come on Katie, that would be a step towards some degree of normality and healing!.