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Alex O'Loughlin Expecting Baby with Girlfriend Malia Jones!

Alex O'Loughlin Expecting Baby with Girlfriend Malia Jones!

Alex O’Loughlin and his girlfriend, model Malia Jones, are expecting their first child together, his rep confirms to!

This will be the first child for the 35-year-old actor, who is currently filming for his hit television show Hawaii Five-0, and Malia, who both have children from previous relationships, E! reports.

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Hawaii Five-0 is set to return from its summer hiatus on Monday (September 24) at 10pm EST on CBS. Be sure to check it out!

Congratulations to Alex and Malia on the happy news!!!

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Credit: Lisa Maree Williams; Photos: Getty
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  • Jess

    Read again what you just published: This will be the first child for the 35-year-old actor,….and Malia, who both have children from previous relationships, E! reports.

    It should say that it’s their first child together – they each have a son from previous relationships.

  • sallie

    Why not get married first? I guess that’s just me. Are they even engaged?

  • Max

    @Sallie: Don’t be so old fashioned, go join tea party with beliefs like that.

    @Jared: It’s not Alex’s first child. He has a teenage son back in Australia as far as I know.

  • DGS

    @sallie: I don’t believe they are engaged, I never heard anything. I did not expect that. All I will say is I hope the relationship lasts, because it seems neither can sustain long term relationships, children or not.

  • sallie

    @Max: Huh? What makes you think I’m old fashioned? If anything, I am likely to be more progressive, young, and open-minded if I’m on JustJared. I was merely asking a question. It’s his/her prerogative.

    Ideally, I’d prefer a symbol of commitment, at least a promise or engagement ring before having a baby (although that may sound juvenile or idealistic). Like I said that’s just me. Who knows it’s quite possible that they have some sort of understanding. Good luck to them and hope they have a healthy baby.

  • losa

    Alex O’Loughlin has a son named Saxon. He and Saxon’s mother have separated and Saxon resides in Australia with his mother but visits O’Loughlin frequently in the US.
    Malie Jones married surfer Conan Hayes in 1999 then divorced.
    In 2007, she married Australian professional surfer Luke Stedman. In 2009, she gave birth to the couples first child, Spike.The couple is currently separated

  • sallie

    @DGS: Thanks, DGS. I’ve seen him in Hawaii and he is good looking. Good luck to them, especially since she is pregnant.

  • Becca


  • not again

    @losa: I hope they are really compatible. If their past is any indication of their future, the odds are not in their favor. Having a child with someone is something that people should really put a lot of though into. How long they have been dating?

  • Tellu

    Well let’s hope he stays out of rehab this time!

  • brr

    first, there’s no need to be engaged or married to have a baby, a baby is more important than a ridiculous ring. and second, saxon moved to hawaii last year, now he lives with alex

  • Jane

    Actually, saxon lives with him in Hawaii. Congrats to them, but a part of me wishes it was me haha

  • Leena

    “No need to be engaged or married to have a baby?” Hmmm… noone is saying that here. “Having a baby is more important than a ridiculous ring?” Hmmmm? That’s a flawed connection/logic. It’s all about the commitment.

    The act of having a baby requires a solid commitment first; that’s what’s important or so that’s what most people aspire to have. It has nothing to do with a ring or feeling to have a baby because it’s ‘important to have a baby.’ Let’s hope they have a strong commitment because it can be hard on a child to live with one parent instead of both or having to split time across states.

    Commitment and dedication matters when deciding to have a child with someone. Some people choose to express their commitment by asking you to marry them, others express by buying a home together, or moving in together, or consistently being there for you, and many other ways. For example, Angelina and Brad Pitt are not married, but those two appear very, very dedicated and committed to each other and to raising their children together, way before they even became engaged.

  • Sheri

    @Tellu: @Tellu

    What a stupid and heartless comment.

    Alex has handled himself with dignity regarding his time seeking treatment……..dignity, something you do not have.

    CONTRATULATIONS to Alex and Malia on their happy news !

  • Splits

    Lots of dignity, kids with different peeps, rehab, LOL

  • Sheri


    You make it sound like he runs around fathering dozens of childen. He is 35 years old and this is his 2nd child.
    He had his 1st as a young man of 20 and there is NOTHING to suggest that he has never been anything but a devoted father to Saxon.

    Pain Medication addiction due to a work related injury is nothing to be ashamed of. He is a human being with faults and lives his life under a microscope. Thank God he was smart enough to seek the help he needed.

    I with him and Malia all the happiness in the world.

  • jorja_argentina

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! i wanted to carry alex’s baby… lol!
    I love him on H5-0. i’m sure he’s gonna be an awesome dad :)

  • justine

    Splits…..what color is the sky in your perfect world?
    They are consenting adults, they are not on welfare, his use of painkillers escalted to help him through a shoulder injury to continue to work on the show, but he was a man and stepped up to the plate and got help. But out of curiousity is this mans personal life really any of your f’ing business??

  • KissThis

    Congrats to them! I’m sure Alex is a great dad!

  • dee

    He’s so hot. And that’s all folks.

  • Jerry

    That 2nd paragraph is a mess.

  • ChocoMouse

    Happy Birthday Alex!!

  • laura

    they haven’t been together that long, if i’m not mistaken. it seems like this was an accident. he has always seemed like such a warn, genuinely nice guy.. i would have hoped better for him than her, honestly. ah well.

  • Rosie

    Happy Happy Birthday Alex! hope your day is spent doing all the things you love to do, but most importantly being surrounded by the ones that matter most and bring you happiness! CHEERS to a great year..
    your birthday is the same day as a friend of mine & 2 days before my birthday….Virgo’s Rock!!! Cheers

  • Gritta Garb

    I read somewhere she’s only separated from her husband, so she’s still married to that guy. That means Alex is having a kid with a married woman? She also had a kid by her first husband and then left him right away for greener pastures from what I’ve heard. I sense a pattern with this girl. Wish the best for the kid, anyways.

  • Jenscen

    I don’t think they have been dating that long, so I am wondering if this was an “oopsie”. Alex seems very responsible, so I am sure they will work it out just fine on their own. Alex has a son from a previous relationship when he was very young. Saxon is a teenager now, and just recently moved to live with his dad in the states. Prior to this, he was with his mother full time in Australia. Alex and his mother never married. Malia has had two marriages and divorces very close together…the last one resulting in a child…about 3 years old. So…it will be interesting to see how it pans out, but I wish them both the best, although, I am quite bitter….LOL. I was hoping it would be me….

  • Monica

    A lot of you need to get over yourselves and stop recycling rumors. It is WELL KNOWN that BOTH Malia’s husband cheated on her. Luke Stedman actually cheated while she was pregnant!!!! What a nice guy. No one deserves that kind of treatment. No one!!

    I am very happy for Malia a d Alex. In my opinion, this was more than likely planned. Although many celebrities have babies later than us average folks, once you get to be 35 and 36, you’re at an increased odds of having problems in the pregnancy. So, maybe they decided to go ahead and get pregnant now…and I doubt this will be their last child together.

    We will never know unless they decide to tell us, but that’s really their business. He has the devotion, love, and means to care for both her, their two sons, and this new baby on the way, so. Don’t really see the problem. They aren’t hurting anyone. They are both adults. I wish them all the happiness in the world!!!


    What bothers me is the timing and the way it was announced. Not by themselves but through Alex’s publicist with nothing about how pleased they both are therefore I don’t think this was planned. Their relationship has been said to be on/off and this makes me think they are not together as a couple. It has also been stated she is further on than people think. The picture taken at the fundraiser at the beginning of May she is dressed in black and seems to suggest she had put weight on compared with the pics in January when they were in LA.
    My guess is that she got pregnant in January. They broke up in March after Alex’s rehab. She found she was pregnant and told Alex. They got back together as she was reported to be seen at H50′S rap party. They were then reportedly seen together on Waikiki beach in June. Then details were taken off Alex’s wikipedia page towards end of June. They have not been seen out together other than 1 day in July it was reported they went on lunch break after Alex had finished shooting on H50 set.
    I know Alex is a private person but now he is speaking about his son as in June when he attended Hollywood foreign press conference so I would have thought he would say something about this. It leads me to believe they are no longer together and it had to be announced as Malia is about due. I know Alex will stand by this child as he has done by Saxon. Good luck to him

  • luv2run

    @sallie: No it’s not just you i feel the same way lol :)


    Rumour on the island baby due October

  • Melinda Dawson

    @LIZZIE: I totally agree with you, something isn’t right!!!

  • http://ALEXI123 ALEXI


  • http://Angela211625 Nguyen angela

    Hi Alex o Loughlin I’m 8 years old I’m fan!

  • http://Angela211625 Nguyen angela

    Hi Alex i’m 8 years old I’m fan where are you from ?and now where are you live .I thing you nice and beautiful I love you so much and I’m from vietnam

  • http://Angela211625 Nguyen angela

    Hi my name Angela and I’m 8 years old and I’m from vietnam and where are you live now ? I think you are beautiful than me think I see you on tv you like supperman,fast ,height ,beautiful,I like Hawaii 5-0 and the back up plan you so hot I watching tv and sometime I see Hawaii 5-0 and I’m so happy and I’m tell mom
    Mom Hawaii 5-0 look at this why you don’t watching!!!
    But she doesn’t watching Im so sad

  • Gina

    He was not some crack head who went to rehab.He does his own stunts for the show and was badly injured.Unfortunately,he became addicted to the pain meds he was given during his recovery.At least he was off doing cocaine just for the heck of it.He realized he had a problem & sought treatment.


    @Gina I think you ought to read what you have written

  • Italy

    Lizzie agree something ain’t right.

  • Tricia

    Okay- this is insane- are they together or not- he has made no formal announcement and from what i hear she is already married to someone else = dont people get divorced and married anymore before having babies or do they just keep bringing kids into this world — i think that it is incrediably infantile to do that with no regard for the conquences for the child and lets not forget he already has a son by a previous relationship and no marriage there from what i hear-i really like him as an actor but it appears tht his personal life is far removed from his on screen persona and that is a tragedy –he needs to get his act together if for no other reason than the care and welfare of his kidsI I REALLY HOPE EVERYTHING WORKS OUT FOR HIM


    @Tricia: She needs to get her act together as well


    @LIZZIE: YOU ARE SO RIGHT–she is just as culpable as he but –my feelings are -women should take care of themselves unles they have alterative motives and this is just so off the wall- first they split-then he is in rehab then all of a sudden she is pregnant–MY MAIN CONCERN IS THE THE CHILD AND WHERE IS HER OTHER KID– we hear about Alexs but not hers and is she a good mother


    @TRICIA: Her young one I believe spends time with his father Luke Stedman in Australia. There were pics on twitter (lukesteds) at a birthday party and surfing on his Dad’s shoulder in July and just on 2 September another pic showing him surfing. Don’t know if this is recent. Don’t know if she is a good mother. By all accounts she has already got a babysitter and the child isn’t born yet. IMO she is more to blame for getting pregnant as it was at the time Alex was at his lowest. I hope for his sake they are no longer together but he will stand by his child

  • Melinda

    This is what I don’t get, why no pictures. I understand Alex is private, but he openly talks about his son and has pictures made with him, that is about private as you can get. I am not trying to put her down, but I don’t get a warm feeling about her. If they do marry, I don’t see it lasting. Look at the few pictures we have seen, they just don’t seem to click. I don’t buy she is shy, good grief she has nude pictures out there. I am not jealous, I am a huge fan of his and I really hope he finds a good woman to settle with, he needs that, just have a bad feeling about her. Furthermore, why does she need a babysitter?


    @Melinda: I have kept this thought to myself but I will say it that she does not want to be around this child. She already sent Spike to school at the age of 2


    Okay== waited a while and CBS still has not made any kind of acknowlegement on the subject of the baby– nor had Alex- and from what i have read no one seems to know if they are still together– I know he is a very private person—but– a baby — most men would be making some kind of statement and he isnt- so one had to wonder –and i am sure everyone is asking themselves – WHY??–i wish him all the best but have a bad feeling when from what i have read the baby is due soon so when was it concieved while he was in rehab.??? and she already has a care giver for the infant is this true??– MOST NEW MOMS WANT TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN NEW BABY –SAD SITUTATION– NO ONE WINS IN THIS SENARIO


    @TRICIA: They say baby due October so she got pregnant in January. But I have had this niggling thought what if she got pregnant whilst Alex was in rehab? That is why nothing has been said by Alex and her. We will have to see when the baby is born

  • DLP111

    Alex was in rehab from March till April, so she must got pregnant before.
    I don’t think that Alex’s rep would make an anouncement about the pregnancy if it is not Alex baby-because I am pretty sure Alex wouldn’t allow it.
    I don’t want defend Malia, but i don’t think she is a bad mother.
    There are lots of pics with her and her son on the internet, where she seems to be very lovingly with him.
    And that she has already a babysitter doesn’t mean, that she don’t want to have her child around her.

  • susie smith

    Of course it will depend on when the baby is born–but usually when you are in rehab you don’t leave- which is why he was not able to be in a couple of episodes of H50–so probably got with child before rehab when he was very vulnerable. Wonder what his mates feel about all this and Saxon–who came to live with his father when he was having problems- father goes to get the problem taken care of and oops now has a baby on the way. Lots of pictures of Saxon popping up on internet with Alex–that seems to be no longer an issue now that he is older. In defense of Malia– lots of new Moms need babysitters cause they have to work.

  • Melanie

    What is really sad is a baby is involved and from the sound of it, they have some major issues if they have broken up several times.

  • Tricia

    Question– why are there no pictures of them together and her showing her baby bump -everyone else is showing off their conditions and making statements–is she that egotistial about her looks or is there something else going on –is this a happy event or not–the longer the silence goes on the more the fans like me are wondering and hoping for him that this works out–BUT– I FEEL THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK OUT–SO SAD FOR HIM