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Miranda Kerr: Floral Dress Outing

Miranda Kerr: Floral Dress Outing

Miranda Kerr steps out in style wearing a pretty white and yellow floral dress on Wednesday (September 5) in Sydney, Australia.

The 29-year-old Aussie model smiled for the photogs as she enjoyed her afternoon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Last week, Miranda got dolled up for the David Jones Amex Press Conference where she helped promote the department store’s new Amex card and rewards program.

In case you missed it, make sure you check out Miranda on the October 2012 cover of Australia’sMarie Claire.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr out and about..

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  • n

    Calling it now: she is going to fizzle out real quickly due to lost interest caused by overexposure and in 5yrs everyone will say ‘miranda who?!’ bc in reality VS models are pretty forgettable (and she is not the rare exception…)

  • allspice

    Beautiful young lady!!

  • @1…n

    Typical Miranda “hater” comment full of petty jealousy and envy.

    You can’t stand the fact she’s beautiful, successful, popular, happily married to gorgeous Orlando and they have sweetie pie Flynn.

    You can post as many nasty catty remarks as you like under different names over and over again as you usually do but it will NOT change the facts……get over it and move on!!!

  • Sj


  • Halle

    Miranda looks beautiful, love the dress. She always looks so classy and stylish.

  • tay

    photo op – kind of a pointless one, too.

  • LOL

    @@1…n: You find the fact that she is hardly with Orlando as being happily married? RIght!

  • thighmegatampon

    She is so beautiful. Makes it all look so effortless. However, it doesn’t help her image when she sounds condescending in magazines.

  • yep


  • @7…..LOL

    Your stalking abilities must be slipping as there are photos of Orlando driving with Miranda, Flynn & her parents in a convertable in Sydney last night….and even worse for you they were all laughing & having have together.

    JJ will no doubt post it soon so u can leave your usual delusional “hater” comments….lol.

  • Shelly

    Stunning wow sexy

  • cambria

    pretty but overexposed

  • sara

    So beautiful and chic!

  • melinda

    @@7…..LOL: how do you even know that???
    you need a hobby *_*

  • @14

    Uhm cuz maybe she’s a fan, and those pics were posted all over Orlando and Miranda fan sites hours and hours ago.
    What’s wrong? Are you mad that your stalker on duty fell down on the job?

  • melinda

    @@14: “Are you mad that your stalker on duty fell down on the job?” — what? i have no idea what you mean but OK? =/ this thread feels weird

  • shanghai

    Gorgeous just as long as you dont let her speak. Preferred Megan Gale as the face of David Jones now there is a woman with substance, intelligence and wit!!

  • Alyssa

    @shanghai: i use to work at D.J’s and met megan gale, she’s a sweetheart and didn’t turn up with an entourage. and agree about M kerr talking, the bogan seems to come out when she speaks.

  • Alyne

    I like her so much better when she’s in jeans and a shirt, she looks more youthful. For some reason her style has got more formal over the past few months.

  • @6

    Actually, she is on her way to shoot a promo spot for the hair care products that she just started repping.
    Hardly “pointless”.

  • @19

    Because she is working. Pap shots that we have seen of her while off duty are as casual as ever. Still stylish, but very casual.

  • @18

    While I like Megan, she isn’t nearly as famous as Miranda. The driver, bodyguard and assistants are probably part of her contract, since she is on her way to work.

  • tay

    @@6: and they need a photo of her doing that because?

  • lizzie

    It’s amazing she manages to get papped in Australia aswell. Hmmm. She’s just so massively over exposed, more so than Gisele even. And so patronizing in interviews, I always feel like I’m being talked down to by her. And let’s be honest David Jones is not exactly a high quality thing to be he face of is it.
    I really loathe the term ‘hater’ btw and just because someones opinion is negative or not inline with yours, slinging the ‘hater’ thing around is ridiculous. The comments section is surely a place for people to express their opinions, coming here and just calling someone a hater is lazy. There, done, no doubt you’ll hate that too.

  • @23

    Because she is popular, and people like to see her, her photos sell. If you didn’t ‘need’ to see her, then why did you click on the thread?

  • @24

    Are you kidding? She is insanely popular in Australia, and one of our most well know exports, so of course the paps are going to follow her People want to see her, so her photos sell. And we see pap pics of Gisele all of the time, so I don’t see how you can make that statement.
    David Jones is a highly respected chain of stores. They carry some very high end, designer brands, so I don’t know where you get the idea that they aren’t “high quality”.
    And you see, comments like the ones you used WILL get you called a hater. Not because they are negative, or because people want to stifle your opinion, or because we are “lazy”. It’s because they are negative without making sense, or using any logic. THAT is the difference between having a differing opinion, and being a hater.

  • @24….lizzie

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    BUT when it’s negative with statements that are blatantly untrue then it’s no longer an opinion instead just lies.

    “She’s massively over exposed”…..this is a ridiculous comment.

    Miranda is a model, she makes her living doing VS, runway, magazines, commercials etc…’s her JOB, just like actresses who make movies, or singers making videos/CDs…..You wouldn’t say the same about a successful actress or singer but only because it’s Miranda.

    “So patronizing in interviews, I feel like I’m being talked down to”…….again not true.

    I’ve seen lots of her interviews on Conan, Ellen, The Project, 60 minutes, Sunrise and many more and she comes across as fun, warm, down to earth and I’ve never once heard her be patronizing or talk down to people as you claim.

    “David Jones is not exactly a high quality thing to be the face of is it”……very ignorant comment.

    David Jones is a high end store like Nordstrom, Selfridges, etc…selling not only top Australian designers but brands like Chanel, Dior, Prada, Gucci and so on.

    You seem to forget that Miranda is Australian, for her to be the Ambassador for the store is huge in many ways…. she’s a local girl made good, this makes her very popular which the store loves…..It’s called supply and demand and why she’s paid a lot of money to be “the face”….in other words, very successful for them both.

    So yes I have a problem with your comments when there not only false but mostly because it’s obvious they stem from petty jealousy and envy.

  • tandy

    In an interview, Miranda stated that she was going to be taking six weeks off in a couple of weeks.
    Maybe she is going to South Africa while Orlando is filming Zulu!