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Rihanna & Chris Brown: Gansevoort Hotel Departure

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Gansevoort Hotel Departure

Rihanna and Chris Brown make separate exits out of the Gansevoort Park Hotel on Wednesday evening (October 3) in New York City.

The 24-year-old singer exited the hotel shortly after Chris did that night.

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Earlier in the week, Rihanna and Chris reportedly kissed while partying at the same nightclub, according to Us Weekly. Despite the rumors that the pair are rekindling their relationship, Chris was spotted out with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran this week.

25+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Chris Brown leaving their hotel…

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rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 01
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 02
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 03
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 04
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 05
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 06
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 07
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 08
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 09
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 10
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 11
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 12
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 13
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 14
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 15
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 16
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 17
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 18
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 19
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 20
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 21
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 22
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 23
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 24
rihanna chris brown gansevoort hotel departure 25

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  • lza

    WHAT do does she SEE in him!? Rihanna you are very beautiful and I don’t know why you can’t seem to find a decent man on this planet. Now I don’t know Chris personally but he comes off as a douche.

  • Isha

    Unbelievable!!! This is truly sad, she must come from an abusive home.

  • KissThis

    They have such a dark and unhealthy bond with each other. They both need serious help.

  • cami

    I’m not surprised but I’m incredibly disappointed. There’s nothing anyone could say to her so she can see he’s not right for her. It’s been years, she must have been with so many other men but she still comes back to him everytime. And now as a mistress! How do you expect the world to see you as a strong woman, Rihanna? Sing about your vagina and how you can shoot a man it’s not enough.

  • Lauren

    Uh oh. Her shirt was not buttoned up very well. You can see her boob, as well as the huge tattoo under it in the last three pics.

  • emily

    it’s seriously f uc kin ridiculous how many people support and encourage this relationship. I know at one point JAY Z tried to help her out but beyonce was pissed off about it (blind item a while ago) – just wish there were more people in her life not afraid to help her out..
    it’s the classic behavior of someone who has been abused but her enablers (aka her friends that use her for money) aren’t helping either.. or that idiot “puffy” who let them have his house to sort out their problems – I wonder if his daughters were abused he’d do the same thing?

  • Isha

    @KissThis: Like you said their relationship is dark and unhealthy as she associates anger and jealous rages as loving and caring. That’s really sick.

  • hm

    theres a private exit to that hotel but they chose to leave thru the front? ugh im sick of them. im sick of fan girls that support that idiot 2.

  • gotta say

    Way too many tattoos! Ugh, I hate them, sorry Brangelina fans. They have ruined his looks. He used to be cute, but not anymore.

  • KissThis

    @Isha: It is! It’s really sad too. I hope she realizes that about herself.

  • ha ha

    both into rough s.ex

  • http://@carohzn Caroline

    oh why Rihanna WHY? you´re such an amaizing girl! it´s such a pity..

  • Hoe

    This guy has a girlfriend Right? Ri-Ri Dont be a hoe! Please!

  • Hoe

    @gotta say: gosh you are so funny man, this page is for Brangelina Fans 100 percent for sure,

  • hm

    @Hoe: i’m no angelina fan. i mean i don’t hate her but im not sure what she has to do with anything. we’re discussing abuse not tattoos.

  • pickles

    She’s gonna pay for this. People will stop buying her records and she is going to lose her endorsement deals too. Her career will be in the toilet. I know I am over her if she gets with him anymore. He has never changed. He is an animal.

  • rtyrt

    My boyfriend and I both interested in motorcycle riding. He is a handsome Harley rider, we met on [BING ridérdɑting ]a hot biker club. It is worth a try!

  • Elva

    It’s so unbelievably sad. She has everything going for her but can’t shake this horrible douche of a boy. I’m enraged every time I hear his song play on the radio or when he wins countless awards. Forgiveness is earned and he has done nothing but prove – time and time again – that he hasn’t made any changes. How he has two beautiful women fighting over him, I’ll never know. I hope she snaps out of it before HE snaps again.

  • Hoe

    @hm: Well, I dont hate her, I know she is a good person but yes I hated Brad (for personal reasons) I understand what you mean.

  • samson

    @Elva: agreed – especially because he continues to fight & generally act like a tu r d. people who have that much aggression can’t afford to have bad tempers (or 2 not seek help). it’s only a matter of time before he puts her in hospital or worse. and i don’t say that to be cruel, but its inevitable in abusive relationships. a lot of the time the women end up dead.

  • Sean

    What an idiot. Horrible message to be sending to battered women all across the world.

  • Dave Franco

    Let’s be honest; they both smashed it up in that hotel. Chris the cheater.

  • bahha black sheep

    can’t hate Chris Brown…he has good beats

  • lori

    Love is blind, it should not be black and blue.

  • lori

    desperate attention seekers. rihanna’s star is starting to fade… her style and look is prob what keeps her so relevant ya kno.

  • lori

    @lori: Another “lori” oh no!

  • bahha black sheep

    Chris is my hero, bang shit out of Rihanna…dude is pimp

  • bahha black sheep


  • http://gossip gossip


  • http://twitter dikgang galebone

    what the hell do you know about my girl friend just leave her alone is it your first time to see such a beautiful creature on planet earth?

  • xxx
  • ze

    they both deserve each other. uneducated tato baboon pair! They can kill each other and who cares!

  • somali girl


  • as

    What I hate the most is that Rihanna is setting a wrong example… Because yes, as an artist, with so many cameras on you and fans looking up to you, it’s not ok to hang out with the man who beat you up. No excuse.

  • stume

    she must be into da pu ssy if she back with that thaaaaang


    She has no self respect whatsoever

  • S*

    Singer, super star, role model, whatever people wanna call her….at the end of the day..yes he did hit her…and he’s an ass for that and there’s no excuse (EVER) for hitting a woman. She did try to forget about him since 2009…but as we can see..she cant and she loves him.

    And super star or not, she just a girl who loves a boy and she obviously doesnt care about what people think. She’s living HER life, cause it’s HERS.

  • hm….

    rihanna you are making a mistake!!!!

  • just me

    Didn’t you say yesterday that he pick up his girlfriend? So why you copy everyone site? He aready said that people make up stories about him and her. This is not news. No asked them about that anyway. So why people start rumors about that anyway. People can be at the same place does not mean they was together there. She is the fool for letting people think that they was together there. Its publicity for her to keep her in public eye. Need leave this alone anyway. Soon she will be hanging by herself again. Jared you know better than to copy other people site. Its just a rumors .

  • wtf

    they both disgust me.. this proves how much both of them are immature spoiled human beings.. next time chris beats her she should not come out telling errbody hw poor she is

  • Go Ask Alice

    Agreed wtf.

    She ahs been hinting back about him for some time. May she go back to and may he beat the shet out her again and upside her head be3cause the first time, her brain got srambled. A good beating, maybe he can scramblke her brain nback in place.
    Both people ahve some talent and youth and had so much reason to do so much good as in chrities, be respectful.
    Rhianna acts like trash. She started out cute girl, cute songs. Now, she acts like trash. the Sat.Night Live show was purely xrated, but it was so dumb and cheap. It was not, say ,like a PussyDolls Dance Las Vegas show .
    Both grew up in absuives homes.
    All sad.

  • Kay

    As Oprah had onced warned all women when the scandal happenned: If he hit you once HE WILL HIT YOU AGAIN!

  • Anna


    She doesn’t love him. She came from an abusive home. She has low self esteem. What she needs is therapy.

  • keka

    @just me: chris brown and karrueche tran broke up. he just released a statement saying he did it because he didnt want “her to be hurt by his friendship with rihanna” these idiots deserve each other

  • Huda

    Mybe all she needs is a good beating so her brain get to its first state like the old Rihanna

  • Jovi92

    what a disappointment, I remember that she spoke of how she wanted to be an example for women who had suffered domestic violence. if they come back together she will be an example not to follow.

  • Babbom

    She said she never wanted to be another statistic.
    Well now she is.

  • ida

    oh no… why so many tattoos? =(

  • HelenaSK

    I think that maybe that they are together are a positive thing, maybe chris is rihannas love, maybe they are meant to be. Then I think that they should be together. I am a big Rihanna fan I think that Rihanna deserves true love. And Rihanna is brave to be with him again, because of all people who will think about her, and talk.

  • Angelori

    Well, Rihanna is fatal attraction with him, she must obsession with him and he is obsession same time. Chris is psycho person. ugh