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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Glampires for Halloween Charity Event!

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Glampires for Halloween Charity Event!

Adam Lambert dresses up while attending Fred & Jason’s Annual Halloweenie Celebrity Charity Event on Friday (October 26) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old entertainer was joined on the black carpet by boyfriend Sauli Koskinen.

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Earlier in the day, Adam tweeted, “…..And now Sauli and I will begin to turn into Glampires for the evening! #changeosubject.”

Adam also shared who he would be voting for in the presidential election.

“In case I hadn’t been direct, I am voting for OBAMA,” Adam said.

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Credit: Imeh Akpanudosen; Photos: Getty
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  • Lydia

    Girlfriend is looking FIERCE!

    She better work!

  • Octoberfest


  • cool


  • Xaty


  • 15minutes

    so last season
    i mean lambert and his outfit
    and he has worst fans in the biz

  • Annie

    Adam and Sauli both look amazing….

  • Liza

    Adam and the boyfriend that killed his career.

  • Elle

    Is he going to be a vampire every year? He used to be exciting, what happened to him?

  • Annie


    I don’t know what you are talking about because Adam fans that I have met have been the nicest most generous people I’ve ever met…Shame on you for making up lies….

  • Riley

    Does this guy even care about his career? He become so lazy.

  • Chris

    I give him a couple of months before this label drops this. His whole 2nd era is a bomb.

  • Jun

    Great halloween outfits! Adam and Sauli look fantastic.

  • Amalia W.

    Adam looks great., Sauli too. Go Adam !

  • No nonsense

    Saudi, go home to Finland!

  • melody

    Some green eyed monsters on the comment board.. Adam is doing Great .. International super star and Sauli is also a very popular TV personality in Finland.

    Love them both…

  • trannypants

    He was a much better vampire on Pretty Little Liars. I was surprised I enjoyed him on that. He must have new cd coming out the way Jared is pimping him.

  • adamfan

    Adam and Sauli looked so great last night and it looks like they had so much fun. Adam also did great on Pretty Little Liars. Don’t know where all these commenters came from on here, but they obviously don’t know anything about Adam’s career. He just got back from Australia and New Zealand and is going to South Africa and Japan next month. He’s also in Texas tomorrow. Such comments when you don’t even know what is happening. So sad for you.

  • B


    It must have taken like a gallon of filler and bottles of conceiler to get a smooth surface on Adams’ face……..did you use spackle to fill in those pock marks and acne scars? Maybe airbrush makeup works…..or a can of 3M spray paint……LOL

    No matter what you do……you can’t change UGLY.

  • Lilly

    Awwww Adam and Sauli – the sweetest couple ever.

  • A

    Adam career died when he got a boyfriend. And his boyfriend got a career because of Adam.

  • Nic

    I wish Adam would get his head out of his BF ass long enough to realize that his career is in the toilet.

  • Lola

    Adam looks great!

  • http://twitter Kat

    Adam Lambert is sexy in anything he wears. He loves being a vampire for Halloween and it’s his business and no one else’s. Every time he is a vampire he changes it up and this is his best look yet. Super hot.

    As far as his career goes he is super hot internationally and I know he will have longevity because he has rare talent compared to the artists of today who are all cookie-cutter and non-unique.

    I find it fascinating that people who hate on here seek out these articles to comment on. I for one can’t stand Justin Bieber and I can promise you that I have never seeked out articles on him to comment on. I can’t be bothered. Perhaps these haters should take a closer look at themselves and come to terms with their liking of Adam Lambert. Face it if you seek out articles to comment on something has to be driving you. Come clean and join the fan army. It’s a great place to be.

  • Carey

    He so unoriginal.

  • Carey

    @Kat you sound like on the the 60 year old glamberts, who are way over the top.

  • noplace

    Adam looks fantastic! They both do!

  • Annie

    Ok…Just figured out where all these nasty trolls came over from…..It all makes sense now…..They are still posting the same comments…Talk about being unoriginal…

  • http://hotmail moni

    Adam loves Halloween, and Sauli is perfect for him =)

  • Lambytch

    Bitch ass Lambert fans can’t handle the truth – you can’t hide every comment that doesn’t butt kiss your sorry ass boy’s article. I find Lambitch common, mediocre in talent, and woefully unoriginal. He gives gay a bad name. No desire to pray the gay away on this one, just want his flop ass to just go away.

  • Melissa

    It always amazes me so many haters seek out articles about Adam, and feel it is their mission to spew their hatred. Are their lives that empty and miserable? Why don’t they spend their time posting love and support for those they actually like? The more I hear about Adam, the more I love him and respect him. I’m so excited about all the international concerts Adam has scheduled. He is breaking new ground this time: So. Africa and China, and more to come. Too bad the haters wear blinders when it comes to Adam, but it is their loss.


    I see the Adommy losers are posting. Adam needs to seriously get rid of that loser Tommy.

  • Berry

    @Melissa is the usual Idol tards because their guy got dropped by RCA. Lol. I love how upset they are. It’s actually quite funny.

  • Berry

    @Annie: The operative word isn’t “Trolls” as in plural. It’s usually one person posting over and over and changing the name. You can see how they post back to back comments and like I said above it’s always the butthurt Idol tards because their guy got dropped like yesterdays trash.

  • Andie

    I LOVE Adam’s and Sauli’s costume. They are a perfect compliment to each other. Congrats to Adam on his cd Trespassing and all his success. He is a true inspiration to ALL people !!

  • mlm

    @No nonsense: And why don’t you and the rest of the Tommy lovers go crawl back under your rocks!!! You can’t stand it that he makes Adam happy. Deal with it!!

  • Gleaux

    @Carey: Better to be a 60-year old Glambert enjoying life than a pathetic loser of any age. LOL It’s a pretty sad existance when you have to get your jollies hiding behind a computer screen, probably in your parent’s basement, creating multiple identities to post multiple immature comments about someone who doesn’t give an F what you say.

  • tonythetiger

    Great costumes, good to see Adam having fun, taking a little break and just relaxing and doing what he likes to do with his soul mate…Just purchased his cd this week, it is the best I have bought in months.

  • mlm

    @B: You sound like a person who knows all about trying to cover up ugly, but nothing can help the type of ugly you have which is bone deep!!! Adam is a beautiful person both inside and out. A few scares take nothing away from his natural beauty!

  • Karen

    Carey…So sorry for your life. I speak from experience, Adam has thousands upon thousands of young fans. It’s good to have a diverse fanbase, because then when you have young adults as fans, they are old enough to know whats really great.. Not so likely with teen singers like Bieber. Little kids tire quickly when their crush grows up, so it’s better to have fans who are with you because of your talent. I can guarantee you that Adam has more talent than any singer out there today, and he is gorgeous, too!!!!! Kat is right when she says that you people who come here to read and comment on someone you claim to hate, must have some fascination with him or you wouldn’t be here. Maybe is’t jealousy, but no matter, any press is good press. You’re keeping Adam’s name out there, so keep it up. You only make yourself look small!!!!!!! Light and Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    So glad Sauli is back home after getting his ELLE style award in Finland. I’m sure Adam missed him terribly. They are great together
    and are coming up on their two year anniversary November 6th. Adam is going to be performing in South America, Japan and Moscow, and then , hopefully, a world tour to promote his new album. Can’t wait to see him in Texas next week, and then to NYC to see him at the Beacon Theatre with Cindi Lauper for a charity concert for homeless LGBT youth. Adam is a busy man and a wonderful human being!!!! LOVE him so much!!!!!!!! He was AWSOME on PLL the other night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

  • http://twitter Kat

    Carey – I am actually 21. i just happen to have taste. i am tired of listening to the radio and having the same 5 artist’s songs played over and over again.

    I am not way over the top. The psychology courses I have been taking are very informative when it comes to the mentality of haters like you. Perhaps you and the other haters need a life. It is rather sad that you sit behind the keyboard spewing forth garbage and hatred as a faceless coward would.

    I actually have a full life and admire the bravery of one Adam Lambert who goes forth being himself one who is honest and very caring and kind. He does not spread hatred. You could learn from him. When you look in the mirror – do you like what you see?

  • FU

    @Xaty: look in the mirror

  • wee

    @15minutes: oh, do you know all his fans? what an arrogant moron you are thinking you know others , that’s the problem isn’t it you can’t think

  • wee

    @Chris: jealousy is a bi@ch isn’t it

  • twit

    @Carey: LMAO.. no, you are…. nothing…

  • morion

    @Carey: you sound like you have your head way up your a$$

  • Allison

    lol awww Adam and Sauli look amazing and I love how much thought they put into their costumes.

    All the hateful comments are so predictable & it’s obvious they’re likely coming from either the fans of that certain someone recently dropped by RCA or the fans of a certain guitarist in Adam’s band who like to believe in relationships that don’t actually exist. I mean did they really think Sauli’s trip to Finland was a one-way one? Lolllllll at the stupidity of some people. I have news for you losers: you not believing in something doesn’t make it not real; it just makes you an idiot who gets laughed at. A lot.

    And I don’t even have enough words for the fans of other Idols who, after 3 years, still take time from their lives to find anything and everything written about Adam and leave their hateful comments. Too bad you’re a fan of someone who’s leaving you so bored. Thing is, you keep insisting Adam sucks and no one likes him yet he’s still here and he’s not going anywhere. Trust me on that. But hey, you keep up the good work and giving hits everywhere Adam’s name is written, it just proves even more how popular Adam really is. Thank you for that. :)

    Meanwhile, Adam continues to be his gorgeous, talented, hard-working, honest, sweet, adorable self who’s madly in love with his partner, Sauli. He made an excellent album that got rave reviews from the cream of the crop and even though US radio hasn’t quite been on board (yet), his popularity is growing every day. His appearance on Pretty Little Liars and subsequent boost in sales proves that when his music is actually heard, people love it and buy it. It’s just the beginning for him and he’s going to go far. That’s what’s real, folks.

    Thanks for the pics, Jared! :)

  • tara

    I first thought he was Marilyn Manson, great costume!

  • sheeeeeeeeee

    glamberts, you are proving in here why you are considered as worst fans in the biz, good job y’all

  • Gabi

    Adam and his boyfriend look hot and they obviously are enjoying Halloween! I absolutely love their costumes! Wow, some haters with no lives must have ganged up again…I would never waste my time and seek out celebrities online that I don’t care about. Makes me crack up! Adam Lambert is a hot item and even “haters” can’t stay away from him. I am so thrilled about his international success. Wasn’t he fantastic with his guest appearance on “Pretty Little Liars”? He sure gained a lot of new fans with his stunning performance.