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Angelina Jolie: Park Playtime with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie: Park Playtime with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie sits in her SUV while her nannies take Knox and Vivienne to play at a local park on Saturday afternoon (October 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress made some calls on her cell phone and watched from her front seat window as Knox and Vivi had fun on the playground with a young female friend.

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It was recently revealed that Angie‘s kids Pax and Zahara will be joining her and Vivienne in the upcoming Disney flick Maleficent!

For more pictures, visit X17!

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie‘s kids at a playground…

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angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 01
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 02
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 03
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 04
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 05
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 06
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 07
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 08
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 09
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 10
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 11
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 12
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 13
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 14
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 15
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 16
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 17
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 18
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 19
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 20
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 21
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 22
angelina jolie park playtime with knox vivienne 23

Credit: RS-Campos-Jack; Photos: X17, FameFlynet Pictures
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  • who


    It’s a great picture of Brad. Knox definitely has Brad’s mouth and chin.

    It’s funny, Shiloh has Brad’s face with Angie’s nose and mouth, Knox is the opposite and has Angie’s face with Brad’s mouth. Vivienne is all Brad.

  • Jen has the last laugh

    While Jolie and Pitt are miles apart and have been living separatedly for almost a year.Jen and Justin have been engaged and have been unseparated for a long time.Guess who is having the last laugh right now.Even with 6 kids,Pitt couldn’t make an honest woman out of Jolie,Even a fake engagement hasn’t stoped Jolie from wh*ring while in L.A.Now that Pitt and Jolie have broken up,I would like to see Jen and Justin’s pics all the time.In your face Brangelinal**nies.HAHAHAHA

  • plz

    You mean Maniston and her paid escort. lmao. Of course, the paid escort is with her, doesn’t he get his money from his sugar mama. On the other hand, Brad and Angie live in full and busy life with their thriving career and big family.

  • hahaha

    plz @ 10/28/2012 at 4:51 am
    So true, both Brad and Angie are working on $200 million budget big movies. But McStumpy is unemployeed, his only employer is Maniston. hahaha

  • Lily

    Speaking of fake engagement, Maniston engagement is the most fake engagement ever. first there was no ring for quite a while, then she bought a ring herself, then no jeweler even came forward to claim to be the designer.

  • NAN

    Brad&Angelina have a last laugh since Oscar 09
    Don’t you see Jen dare not to showed her Ugly face with JM.and Next day JA and JM were KAPUT……Ouch

    People around the world knew that Jen Can’t keep a man.
    Today Jen MUST bought a F-list toyboy to be her man.
    No A-D list hunks wanted to be near her,he ha he ha ha ha ha ha ha .

    Today JenHo must cote tail with JP kids, her new thread got 14 posts that’s why JJ put her mix up with RP,CD,DB…ect
    Jen’s CAREER is DEADEND & KAPUT !!!

    Jen have to bought a man to hide her LONELY H0LE,eeh eeh eeh eeh.

  • kelly

    What is this troll talking about Ticky and her boy just got back together in Oct. Before than he was in NY and she was in NC and NM. Now Ticky and her boy are on a “look at me I am engage” tour. LOL I mean really Ticky has no other reason to be at the LACMA except to get attention. BTW LACMA is the first place we saw Angelina’s beautiful engagement ring.

  • kelly

    One more thing, Brad and Angelina already have committed to each other. They have a family. They have already created a sold foundation. They don’t need to be in any rush to have a wedding. Ticky and her boy are the ones that should be eloping tomorrow because LOL they want to have kids asap right?

  • BW

    What last laugh? like Ticky finally bought a nobody man who is willing to fake to propose to her with her self-bought ring so people won’t pity her anymore. sorry, Anyone can see thru Ticky fake PR engagement.

  • Jo

    Too cute!

  • Chanel

    Brangelina have to announce the split, everybody knows that they are already not together
    The pics of the shame of Jolie and the children in the park are ridiculous

  • Chanel

    What has to see Aniston with Brangelina split?
    Hope that Pitt get custody of his twins and Shi

  • NAN

    Someone has to ANNOUNCE that she is A Bitte B!ich Barren Cow !

    Brad Pitt is Very Happy with his new wife + 6 lovely children.

    Brad is so lucky to meet Angelina The Love of his life.

    Brad Pitt is an gentleman,he just Left The Barren Cow and Producing Baby-Babies with Angelina Jolie.

    Now The whole world knew Who is The Loser&Liar !!!

  • Chanel

    Married women of the world, is a bad day for you
    I guess that at the moment prefers a man like of Jennifer Lopez

    Married men of the world,Jolie is free again¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Chanel

    Brad is very happy, if he is very happy to be in London doing bachelor’s life

  • NAN

    Ooop, Bitter B!tch Barren Cow (Of HW)

    Brad Pitt is a gentleman,he’s not tell all
    Just Moved On and Producing Baby-Babies with Angelina Jolie !

    Someone is still say ” I DID I DO AND I WILL ” with her Dogs !

  • Knox

    I think Angie got custody of Knox , Viv and shi and Maddox. . Her son Knox looks just like her and Vivi is all John Voight

  • Chanel

    NAN you are pathetic, the life continues
    Brangelina is not the only couple that break up and the world does not finish

  • London

    split split split

    Who will give the news first?
    People, usmagazine?

  • NAN

    Wow,Dolly’s friends tried very hard to Lies to Jho that the kids Not look like their Father ” Brad Pitt ”
    Brad’s genes very strong all his bios kids look 100+ % are The Pitts !!!

    Jho will be Ca Ca everyday when she see all those kids growing up to be The famous children of the world like their parents !

  • NAN

    Hehehe,megashitecarrychanel a coward fan of Jho,
    You must be her everyday for your living.
    No B@rking No Paying Right ?

    You had been here 24/7/365,but Jho’s life is not Progress
    The more you B@rking,Jho’s Career is DEADEND !

    She has No Life and she is still Ca Ca with the past May98.

  • W

    Um, why did I get thumbs down for saying Knox looks like Michael Pitt? I still think he looks like his parents Brad and Angie (especially Angie) but that he resembles Michael Pitt which is funny because Michael Pitt could be Brad and Angie’s because he looks like a mix of them both.
    It wasn’t said as a negative thing.
    I think Viv looks the most like Brad and Zahara looks like Angie (except for coloring obviously) but it’s funny how Z has Angie’s bone structure. Shilo looks like Angie’s dad.
    I wish we could see clearer pics of Angie’s beautiful face.

  • Facts

    @How stupid is people: Angie is 37 in high risk pregnancy area, Brad is this close to 49, once they thought that men could be fathers at any age, now they realize older men = old sperm are problems.

  • NAN

    Someone will get more C R A Z Y , if Angie got Pregnant again,
    Do not worry UnFacts, someone at 42+ is still Barren,she said since 14+ years ago that she can,but she is still No Can Do.

    Wow, Mr.Brad you are so lucky that your sperm are good mixs with Angie eggs and made very cute and lovely Babies.

  • l

    both have Angie’s dome

  • pix

    Yes, pregnant.
    Pregnant on the Oscar carpet – the biggest dream of Angelina.

  • Rose

    Good morning to Brad and Angie’s fans wherever you are. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see pictures of the twins and friend. I cannot believe how much they have grown. Look at viv’s long legs, just like her mother’s. Knox gait is just like his dad with all his dad’s mannerism.

    To all fans On the East Coast, please stay safe. I have prepared as much as possible so now I’m praying for Sandy to go away. :-),

    OT: I see a troll here worrying that Angie at 37 is in a high risk category to be pregnant. These are the same trolls praying for the SS at 44 yo is going to get pregnant and have a baby as soon as she gets married. Go figure how trolls think, it’s mind boggling.

  • karlo

    Wow….just a normal mother, yes………my own had three children, and she brought us everywhere – alone, and still did manage to work, and go to the park with us, at least four times a week.

    What a snob.

    The boy looks good though.

  • Rose

    Get a life troll. Stop with the nitpicking. I’m sure your mother was not one of the most beautiful woman in the world, a movie star/actor, One of the most photographed woman in the world, hounded every where she goes for people just to look at her and to go back home and say, guess who I saw today, Angelina Jolie. Now tell us was this your mother? So be thankful your mother took you to the park four days a week. Because of the intrusion in her life Angeline stayed in the car. However, she was still at the park watching her children play. She could have stayed home if she wanted to. So shut up, and shut up. Find something else to worry about about. Go look at SS showing her breasts on the top of the page.

  • chachita

    @split: Is it me or justin Thorux better than Jon mayer, V.Vaughan,G. Butler, P. Scoulfor etc. Brad is far away from this comparison. If there had been a string of them after Brad why compare every Chinnifer man with Brad? Get life dirty tabs.

  • gigi

    I don’t know why you got thumb down. It’s been said before that Knox remind them of Michael Pitt and he does. He looks like a baby version of Michael Pitt. . It doesn’t mean he doesn’t look like Angie.. because he does. They just look alike just like Katie Perry and Zoey D, Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I bet both sets of parents look nothing alike. I don’t think Shiloh looks like JV at all, She looks like Brad, same brows, facial expressions and eye color with Angie’s lips/nose. She’s more of a combo of both parents.That’s why when I see photos of Viv and Knox, I think Knox looks like shiloh and then I see some photos of Viv and think the same. However, Viv is Brad and once she completely loses the baby fat , she will be the female version of Brad. Knox is all Angie..

  • 2Park5


  • mimi

    What a shame Angelina can’t even spend 10 mins outside with the kids playing with them, it will be the nannies they will have the fondest memories of. Just sucks to know they were paid to be with you! Also they have all the money in the world to buy decent, healthy, organic drinks and they are letting them drink that crap.

  • hopeso

    Knox is a little version of his father and Viv is too cute my how her hair have grown.

  • naturegirl

    they are all growing up so fast after not seeing them for a while i get surprise at how they have changed.. BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN

  • nina

    @2Park5: Vivy is the real little princess and knox the little dude. My how the beautiful little ones have grown up, look at their legs -very strong!

  • nina

    @Jen has the last laugh: Alst laugh with z lister stumpy man?

  • just beautiful

    Those are some tall babies! Very sweet family!!

  • Heidi B was there

    The only way old manny got tiny stolen troll boy to go was to tell him that Heidi would be there. Stalker manny had to go to see the place where Angie’s gorgeous ring was 1st spotted. BTW, having a baby post 35 isn’t nearly as difficult if you’ve had at least one successful pregnancy before then.

  • boohoo:(


  • also

    Awww, the twins are just ADORABLE as is Holly’s little girl. I think that nanny has been with them a long time- I remember her from Budapest, too. Yeah, Angie, a woman with 2 successful pregnancies, is far more likely to be able to successful pregnancies into her 40s- the people who START trying in their 40s very often have a difficult time conceiving at all, much less have a successful pregnancy. It’s all in the stats, and, I know several women who began trying for a baby late that ended up adopting or giving up the idea of kids. It’s all good, once you decide to appreciate what you have/be content in your own skin.

  • lylian

    LOL! I was on a plane a few days ago and the guy next to me could have watched any number of new releases but guess what he chose to watch to enliven those seemingly endless, dark hours of the night flying across the pacific ocean?
    You guessed it –
    Mr and Mrs Smith.
    I asked him if he had seen it before. He said yep, several times. But he says the movie has just enough fantasy to help while away a couple of hours on a loooooong flight.

  • shea

    ever notice how jj never calls any jp kid adorable? every other kid is called adorable. wonder why? anyway,these two are beyond precious.

  • rachel

    angelina makes beautiful kids

  • lylian

    OK, I confess, I was one of those who thumbed down the knox comparison with Michael Pitt coz I didn’t know who Michael Pitt was.
    You are right, there’s not reason to thumb down the post. Knox does bear a passing resemblance to Michael Pitt. He’s no mega star but Michael Pitt seems to be quite a talented and hard workng guy. He won’t need to be someone’s gigolo at 41 anyway!

  • Rose

    Just noticed SS trolls are here so I looked at her thread at the top of the page. I noticed the grouping of photos on her thread, SS is the oldest one and she is revealing all her boobs, the others are dressed age appropriate. I see SS is desperate to look younger than her age. If Angie was dressed so inappropriate for her age, with her boobs hanging out of her dress trolls would be here yapping like mad dogs about that dress. It’s so Sad to read comments when trolls are lying to themselves saying SS looks great., showing her saggy boobs.

  • Viv

    Knox is a mini Angie. Vivienne has her dad’s face.

  • Doctors Orders

    Ang has to take it easy for 8 weeks due to her hepC drug treatments.

  • an opinion

    @shea: You have a point. What is up with that Jared??

  • Mar

    True. I am proof of that. And sorry for bringing this to a children’s thread, but I bet that JA sees Drew’s body after baby and says no way! I doubt that she will have a kid, biologically is practically out of the list being the first time at her age, even with in vitro. If she does, she will have a surrogate. Adopting…mmmm I do not think so either. If theyreally want one….. why pospone it? I think they keep posponing it anyways, probably because both of them think they are still in their twenties, just look at them.