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Nicole Kidman Covers DuJour Magazine Winter 2012

Nicole Kidman Covers DuJour Magazine Winter 2012

Nicole Kidman is triumphant on the cover of DuJour magazine‘s Winter 2012 issue.

Here is what the 45-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her marriage to Tom Cruise: “I was totally smitten”I fell madly, passionately in love. I was reeling with Tom. I would have gone to the ends of the earth for him. I was so impulsive and naïve… We were in a bubble, just the two of us. We became very dependent on one another.”

On filming Eyes Wide Shut: “It was an exhausting project, but in the end everyone felt they accomplished something special. I know critics think the movie is dark, but I think there is hope. Stanley [Kubrick] was emphasizing the importance of loyalty and commitment in a marriage, that marriage is a relationship that has to transcend sexuality.”

On how Keith Urban changed her life: “My life changed. He is a wonderful, caring man and he makes me feel secure. We don’t ever like to be separated.”

On how motherhood healed her: “Having my baby has been a healing experience. It took me so long to have a child. I feel enormous gratitude. Sunday has healed an enormous amount in me. It’s a very private thing, but she just has.”

For more from Nicole, visit! Bigger cover pic inside…

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nicole kidman covers dujour magazine winter 2012

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  • Moh123

    Gorgeous as usual

  • Me

    She looks fantastic!!! She has taken very good care of herself & she has a happy fullfilling life…Her man is a perfect husband & father…Too bad younger celebs like Angelina Jolie did not take care of herself & she is younger than Nicole…I guess being in an honest, happy, loving relationship is everything!!!

  • http://dlookingo rachel

    Dont compare angie to this frozen face boring woman with no personality douche.

  • sweetness

    uhm..such glowing loving words about an ex…sounds like she still loves Tom.

    PS. has Angie not taken care of herself. The woman is a mother of 6, she’s a great humanitarian, a director, ambassador to The UN…and she has a loving partner. Not for nothing NK left her two children with Cruise to pursue her acting career.

  • KC

    I don’t have anything against Nicole, but she has been divorced from Tom Cruise for over 10 years. There is no point in talking about her marriage or divorce to Tom Cruise anymore.

  • DB

    She is very attractive.

    And it sounds like Tom was her first true, passionate love, and I think that’s cool. It may be the only real, deep honest love he ever has felt for someone. Who knows?

    But it’s good that she can remember it fondly but still move on.

  • ally

    If the journalist ask about tom cruise she answer, it’s simple. STUNNING PHOTO by the way.

  • uhhh???

    why must everyone be compared to AngelinaJolie? Why is she the standard bearer for everyone and everything….strange…and if by taking care of yourself, you mean freezing your face; you are correct, AJ hasn’t gotten there yet…

  • Jordyn

    The whole article is available on line. It’s long and sort of summarizes her life. Of course, sites will excerpt the Tom parts to get more hits. She loved him, but I think he was pulled away by Miscavige and his religion. Since he is so closed-mouth about her, I think he’s the one regretting it now. She’s moved on with a wonderful man who does not live in a “bubble” and their two adorable little girls.

  • Nathan

    Why do interviewers still ask Nicole about her old life with Tom Cruise? It seems really disrespectful I mean she has a new family now.

    interview aside Nicole dose look beautiful on that cover. :)

  • Question screening

    @ally: I find it hard to believe that NK doesn’t have her interview questions screened and can’t find a way to keep from being asked about TC.
    If not, then a clear and professional answer like “I have answered that question a million times”, “it’s been more than 10 years and we have both moved on”.
    She sounds like she is still in love with TC (person, image, package, etc). She wants to talk about him and their relationship— attention, regret, longing?
    Otherwise, stop the question before it’s asked.

  • kelly

    On how motherhood healed her….
    She became a mother when she adopted. She should have corrected that. It is sad that she never treats in interviews like she was a mother until she gave birth. Nothing classy about that.

  • cruise control

    say what you want about cruise, but it’s odd his wives can’t let go. he never throws out their names in interview to promote his career. especially this one…she’s got a great husband or let’s be honest a reformed druggie with a penchant for cheating. So she sees life with Tom was more exciting. the man never had control over her she was just ingrateful.

  • Jordyn


    Why don’t people take the time to read the entire article before they judge based on web-site captions? She doesn’t say “motherhood” healed her.

    “Having my baby has been a healing experience,” she says. “It took me so long to have a child. I feel enormous gratitude. Sunday has healed an enormous amount in me. It’s a very private thing, but she just has.”

    Anyone who had tried so long and so unsuccessfully to have a child herself would have felt like that – grateful.

  • toria

    @Question screening:

    Actually Nicole is one of the few A listers who does not give interviewers a list of topics they can’t discuss. When pushed she has said she doesn’t want to talk about “whatever” and lets go on to another topic.

  • danielle


    Did you ever think it was painful for Nicole to lose Bella and Connor? The cult declared her a suppressive and Tom went right along with it.

    Instead of criticizing Nicole taking the high road and not causing those kids untold grief with a custody battle, why not criticize Katie Holmes? Tom went out of his way to tell us all that Bella and Connor considered her mom. She basically dumped them when she dumped Tom. That is pretty cruel. And how about Tommy girl himself? He hasn’t seen his six year old daughter in over three months. I don’t care what excuse he gives, his lawyer gives, or his fans give–three months in a six year old’s life is huge. Kids change so quickly at that age. He has missed 25 percent of her life in a year’s span. Anti-fans like you constantly bring up Nicole not seeing Bella and Connor yet you give Tom and Katie a pass.

  • DB

    I think she’s ballsy for doing the interview without preconditions.

    People want to know about her history with Tom, and she doesn’t avoid it. She just says “Hey, I was in love, I was happy and it was great, until it fell apart.”

    Just that simple. I really respect her for that.

    Tom and Nicole were great together, until they weren’t. Now she’s moved on and found happiness.

    Good for her all the way around.

  • Jes

    I like her and her family but she should remember that she has 2 older chidren, no matter if she didn’t give birth to them or now they live with their father. SHE IS the mother and natural children or adopted children are the same.

  • missy

    Wow, Nicole fans are so hypocritical. You defend Nicole for not being involved in Bella and Connor’s lives. You say that Tom kept them away from her, brainwashed them etc. And yet bash Katie for supposedly “dumping” them, as if she had a choice. I mean if Nicole who is their legal mother was pushed away. Do you honestly think that the kids who be allowed to maintain a relationship with Katie who is probably one of the biggest SP’s in the history of the church? And unlike Nicole, Katie has no legal right to the children.

  • missy

    *would be

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love Nicole and Keith together. It’s a perfect pairing of two talented and sweet people. Tom and Nicole were a nice couple but I think Nicole is much happier and more relaxed now that she’s with Keith. I’m sure Nicole is well aware of her 2 older children and speaks of them often but they had to be raised Scientologist so they were not allowed to see her much. It’s wonderful she was able to have a second family with Keith. He is an entirely new and better man since they’ve been married. She helped him through his addictions and he has a joyful life now with his 2 little girls. It’s nice to see a normal celeb marrage!

  • ANNA

    Beautiful picture of Nicole. Inside and out she seems a very nice person.
    If they ask and she says nothing abt. Tom, then you throw that at her. If they ask and she trys to just stay professional, you throw that at her, and when she answers honestly ( and give always a nice thought abt. Tom) that is bad too. LOL

    Have any of you ever heard of respect? She tries to be respectful of Tom BECAUSE OF HER CHILDREN.
    What a concept. !
    Too bad many of you can’t understand that word.

    Give Keith and Nicole a break and take a look at a new life, a new love and a wonderful loving family. They should inspire you if that is something you need in your negative life or view of the world.

  • ANNA


    Bravo. A sane poster!

  • aizhan

    What about Connor and Isabella? Since she divorced with Tom Cruise then she is not their mother anymore? How can anyone get divorced with one’s own children. It’s like she had never been connected to them never been their mother never says a word about them. Just cant get it…

  • Lou

    What a stunning photo!!! Eyes Wide Shut is an excellent movie BTW.

  • Louise

    Gorgeous, loving woman inside and out. Truly a class act. She looks so lovely in the photos; perhaps she should cut her hair short like the pictures. Nicole’s hair is too long for her age. Not criticizing her because she is fabulous. So happy she and Keith Urban found one another and have a content family life. They deserve only good things.

  • Carol

    What a pretty photo of Nicole. I like her hair short that way. So glad she’s found happiness again.

  • beth


  • KissThis

    WOW. she looks phenomenal

  • http://yahoo Liz

    I’d love to read this article completely. I find it hard to believe she went on and on about her love life with #1, and only commented that Keith was a good caring man, considering last month she was saying that it was Keith who had made her comfortable with her sexuality. JJ has been a little slow in quoting Nicole in the past when it came to her feelings about Urban, mostly by cutting out everything she’d said about her present happiness. But I will say one thing about you folks, you’re predictable, if nothing else.
    If you’re so interested in Cruise, why not interview poor Katie, she may be having a few second thoughts about now.

  • Maxine

    @KC: I agree…but I guess the journos keep bringing it up…anyhoo she needs to stop talking about him already!

  • Dieter

    She has a gorgeous ass !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ze

    why why oh nicole do you still talk about Tom Cruise?????? getting soooooooooooooo boooooooooooring.

  • P. Green

    Conner and Bella are older now, they can make decisions on what they want in life. Nicole tried to keep peace because they were adopted. Tom Cruise was something to deal with. She didn’t want those children to go through bickering, when they were younger. Nicole has a right to be happy. She brought a house LA to be close to them so they could visit.

  • P. Green

    Connor and Bella are older now, they can make decisions on what they want to do. Nicole has a right to be happy. She brought a home, in LA so she could be close to them, so they could visit. Who are we to judge anyone. Those of us who live in glass houses, should not throw stones. No one really knows the whole truth, we only go by what we read.

  • kelly

    That picture is phoney. They took away all her wrinkles. Boring woman.

  • Hamlet

    Quit repeating old tabloid stories that have never been proven, #17. You’re not even repeating old rumors correctly.

  • a.nonny.mouse

    Beautiful stunning pictures!! The peachyness really suits Nicole. My favourite is the one standing at the coast in white jeans; beyond stunning! Well done team! Nicole is L’Wren Scott’s muse, and is the stylist here on the shoot; interesting. She is as tall as Nicole, if not taller; certainly a great team. I still remember that amazing white sequinned long sleeved dress L’Wren designed for Nicole for a premier in London, and a similar one in black. Lucky lucky Nicole to get to wear such beautiful garments!! And be paid to: sigh!

    A bit more about Keith and a lot less about Tom would make me feel happier … for Keith; even though that’s his/their business really, not mine. The power IS fully in her hands; but I can see how much of her not-so private life reflects in her movie roles; so there is the expediency factor, I’ll concede.

  • a.nonny.mouse

    Something just struck me; Nicole says she fell “passionately” in love with Tom, yet in a recent interview she said that Keith opened her up to things (her sexuality etc), so I am wondering if there may have been some kind of directive from the Cruise Team to correct the assumption that the public would thus have that there had been no passion (sexuality) in her marriage to Tom, given her comments about Keith & her relationship recently. hmmm

  • a.nonny.mouse

    one last thing: the credits say her wedding/engagement ring is Cartier; however, I thought it had been designed by a South American jeweller; I remember the story involving the moon. Maybe he worked for Cartier; hope someone could fill me in on that? Not important though.

  • a.nonny.mouse

    Congratulations also to Patricia Bosworth: a really well-written piece!

  • wan

    Go ahead Nic & Keith. Don’t care anything.

  • Faye

    Tom’s loss. He is definitely the one regretting now. Nicole was the love of his life but he screwed up. Now, Nicole has moved on and is happily married to Keith who loves her equally, while Tom is divorced and will never again find a woman who will love him the way Nicole did.

  • Kitty

    I am unaware of any other actress who continually talks about their ex-husband in interviews. After 10 years, still talking publicly about feelings of passion, love, etc. It is wrong and I feel deeply sorry for her husband Keith Urban.

    Can you imagine Keith Urban doing interviews where he talks about the passionate love he shared with his previous long term girlfriend Niki Taylor … I’m sure the public would think how hurtful, disrespectful and humiliating that would be for Nicole. Yet she has no such qualms.

  • http://Comcast Teri

    Although Nicole and Keith are my favorite celebrity couple, Kittys’ comments really make sense, I hadn’t thought of it that way but it is so true.

  • ..

    Keith Urban needs to sit his wife down and insist she immediately stop publicly gushing about her ex-husband. It is an embarrassment for him and their children.

  • Bob

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing if Nicole did an honest interview and revealed the following:

    1. My marriage to Cruise was not conventional. He required a public foil for his homosexuality and I am an extremely ambitious actress, who was offered and willingly accepted a contract, which gave me unprecedented exposure in hollywood and around the world.

    2. Part of the reason my two eldest children have virtually nothing to do with me is because I was not a great mother. Funnily enough, Tom has much better parenting skills than me.

    3. Even though we divorced over 10 years ago, I continually mention Tom in interviews because I know his name will generate me publicity.

    3. I am terrified of losing my looks and that is why I obsessively exercise and botox my face to eradicate any signs of ageing. Breast and cheek implants, skin bleaching, etc. I will do whatever it takes to remain desirable and relevant.

    4. My life is far from perfect. My ambition is overwhelming and in my desperation to remain in the public eye, I work continuously … consequently, there is little time left over for my family.

    5. I am not shy. Actually I am quite cunning, controlling and very high maintenance.

    6. I have been misleading the public for years and I apologise.

  • ..

    The web of lies we weave … Kidman will go down in history as undoubtedly one of the greatest pathological liars hollywood has ever seen.

  • @@

    Well done Bob. I’ve been smelling a rat with Kidman for years and it’s time she was exposed.

  • :/

    One can only imagine the utter humiliation Keith Urban must be experiencing when his wife, so publicly, expresses the profoundly deep and passionate love she felt for Tom Cruise.