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Maroon 5: 'Saturday Night Live' Performances!

Maroon 5: 'Saturday Night Live' Performances!

Adam Levine and his Maroon 5 band mates hit the stage for a performance of their hit song “One More Night,” on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The band wore all matching orange outfits to jam out to their live song together.

Later in the evening, Maroon 5 returned for a performance of their song “Daylight”.

The celebrity host of the sketch variety show that evening was Jeremy Renner!

Check out their performance of “One More Night” below, and click inside to watch “Daylight”!

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70 Responses to “Maroon 5: 'Saturday Night Live' Performances!”

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  1. 1
    Truth Says:

    I dont understand why they wear matching outfits. Are they in a boy band or school band? At least whites are fine, but this Orange? I was blinded watching them.

  2. 2
    Jess Says:

    Lol, in that cover image Adam looks like Ross from Friends.

  3. 3
    Zorbitor Says:

    Sting phoned from the nursing home to say he liked it.

  4. 4
    unknown Says:

    Actually it is red, and of course it means love, passion and if it is a Feng shue reference, it could also mean marriage, or anger. Depends on how you look at it. The fact he is singing a pretty much a break up, fight song, but can’t let go or get away lyrical song. It could represent anger, but his non passion in his eyes and performance and his voice cracking could mean several things as well.
    Or his voice could be cracking because he isn’t feeling well. Or could be depressed and sulking. He is a Pisces so his eyes would be luminate if he was happy. I feel there is sadness, and even the performance lacked passion.

    If he is sad then it could be different things, he could miss his gf, or maybe my source is right and saying that there is massive trouble in paradise. Possible break up. I don’t know all the facts yet on it but I get the feeling he is single again, or will be soon.

    But don’t forget that it can also mean marriage. The white signifies that they want good luck and purity. So this color could possibly be love and a sign of commitment and or marriage.

    Just sayin

  5. 5
    unknown Says:

    The fact they are all wearing the color grey while performing a love song can mean noncommitment and the sadness in eyes e en thougn he seems more passionate while singing it. Could possibly mean that he wants the song meaning but haven’t found it just yet. His eyes are usually lit up while singing love songs his eyes sips into his soul. Remember how the light was in his eyes when he was with his ex. He doesn’t shine with his new love, but grey is a shade that’s usually of being depressed or blue.

    Just sayin

    And anyone can depict this as they want I’m just giving the fact he is spiritual type person and the fact he usually is calling the shots. If he was in love the out fits color wise would have been switched around.

  6. 6
    Sayer Says:

    This guy is full of himself and thinks he’s so hot and he’s not.

  7. 7
    Sam Says:

    Omgsh…He looked hot in that “Stand-off” sketch… even though he was only in it for a few seconds :P

  8. 8
    Adamtina Says:

    If he looks sad is because he has everything but his true love xtina..

    did you see him performing with Christina last week??
    he only shines when she is around.

  9. 9
    Adamtina Says:

    Adamtina met for the first time in the set of SNL, he was thinking about her when she was singing ‘one more night’
    that song represent this love…
    who wears red lipstick?
    who is wearing red???

    the destiny brought them together again on the voice…

  10. 10
    unknown Says:

    I am well aware thedy met when Xtina hosted it years ago, but seruously do everyone a favor and I’m not being rude, but get therapy! They will never get together plain and simple. Get over it dear and get help. Its a fact that Adam and Chris will never be a couple and never will even look at eachother like that. Ao just shut up seriously. Ur getting on everyones nerves with ur dillusions. @Adamtina:

  11. 11
    Mike Says:

    let Adamtina dream..
    Plus never say never, Adam and xtina have chemistry..It’s so obvious!

  12. 12
    Carrie Says:

    I think if Adam and Christina truly felt something for each other, then they would have hooked up already.

  13. 13
    Carrie Says:

    Unknown- OMN, is a passionate, yet angry song…so you might be onto something there. I highly doubt that Adam is thinking of marriage because he doesn’t leave me with the impression that he’ll ever marry. He might have felt that way when he was younger, but I think his opinion of marriage ha shifted in the opposite direction. There is nothing wrong with not wanting marriage. In his line of work and given his passion for his work, I’m not sure marriage would be beneficial to him. Of course, I don’t have any special insight into his personal life, I just go by what he says in and listen to his lyrics. I agree about the gray outfits. I was just underwhelmed by their performance Saturday night. Adam seemed off.

  14. 14
    Adamtina Says:

    Adamtina is getting along the best this season!
    they cant be together cause there are other people involved..And they don’t wanna hurt those people…Their love is platonic!!

    They should be single so they can start their romance.

    but even Celo knows it, even Celo can feel it!

  15. 15
    Adamtina Says:

    if Adamtina is meant to be it will be…
    one day they met in the set of SNL in 2003, and 9 years later they met again on the voice..

    even the destiny knows it…

  16. 16
    Rach Says:

    I didn’t catch the performance. But I did read about the orange! A lot of people didn’t seem to get the choice of color. Maybe they wanted to stand out, or their idea of being original, who knows? I thought it was interesting an interesting choice, and maybe that was the whole idea?

    It does seem like Adam is down. I agree with the light of happiness in someone’s eyes. Don’t want to go back to Anne, because, again I didn’t follow their relationship, nor know what happened, but the pics I saw of them, he looked happy. Maybe the relationship wasn’t good in some parts,but, he definitely looked happy. Behati, don’t want to put her down, I don’t know her, but, he doesn’t look happy. More just a woman to accompany him with, have occasional fun with, but maybe the not the partner he is looking for. There is a difference between “fun” and “commitment” . So we will see. I hope Adam finds happiness. First with himself, and really knowing what he wants. And the kind of woman he wants.

  17. 17
    Rach Says:

    As far as Adam and Christina. It shouldn’t happen.

    I think when people see a man and a woman fight or tease each other, people automatically believe there’s a dying sexual passion with the “arguments”. Because it makes the relationship more “interesting”. It’s not conventional. It’s different. But, just because two people argue occasional it doesn’t mean they are secretly in love. It just means, I don’t know? They argue! Like brother and sisters do. That’s what Adam and Christina seem like. Just my opinion.

  18. 18
    ReadAPaper Says:

    They all wore red because Israel is at war, and Adam Levine is joining Jews around the world to support Israel by wearing red.
    Dumbass, the lot of you; don’t you ever read the news?

  19. 19
    unknown Says:

    First Of all you don’t need to insult anyone. Second I seriously doubt that. Adam is a more spiritual person as is many of the other guys. Adam is not going to to wear Red in support of anything. So why did he wear all grey with the rest of the band. What was he supporting then and when they all wear white what was he supporting then? Its an excuse, and one of his many lil white lies.

    As far as marriage, with the right woman, and no its not Xtina, she would make him her ***** in a heartbeat. She needs a strong man who will stand up to her and as far as them getting along. Please, with Adams popularity and Blakes on the Voice that was a discussion that was held at a meeting. How many times we hear oh we are like family, we all get along and then the cameras stop rolling and after the show was over it comes out by someone saying they couldn’t stand eachother. Its about popularity. They know girls, which is most of the fan base of the show, are in love with Adam. So guess who brings in the ratings? Adam and Blake do. When she and Cee Lo takes off next season, it shows a sample of what not to do.

    As far again for the Jews, I have been a Advocate/ Activists for Isreal, please Red has nothing to do with it. Maybe you should actually get involved in a cause before reading a paper full of ****. Blue and white has always been a significant color, like pink is to breast cancer awareness. Red is the color for AIDS! So before anyone starts calling anyone names and insulting people first of all know the colors that signify the causes and second makes sure you know WTH u are talking about as far as Adam or anyone is concearned. He wouldn’t wear a solid color with his whole band on tv for that phrpose. Adam says a lot of things and then changes his mind like the wind. Adam wears his heart on his sleeves and is a very emotional individual, he wouldn’t do that if it was making a personal emotional message. That’s the way he is.

    Adams vocals were off, and he didn’t have the passion to perform like he usually does. His voice and eyes say it all. If he was on tour then that would be a different story. He knows its over between him and Behati its a matter of time. So get over yourselves that come here to say something. Have facts and knowledge before anyone says anything. I bet my track record on Adams life is better than anyones on here as far as facts are concearned and I know many of you can in fact back me up on this as many weren’t so quick to jump on the bandwagon at first. But alas the when it all came out let’s see who is right and my money is on me!! Just sayin @ReadAPaper:

  20. 20
    unknown Says:

    I agree, many couples don’t do marriage for many reasons. They don’t see the point of having a piece of paper when they know in fact they are basically married in their mind, heart and soul. Adam will never find that even without the paper if he doesn’t make changes in himself. To basically say I don’t want to get married because of my folks just says he has emotional issues. So I don’t believe him when he says they just didn’t spend time together that’s why hey divorced. Adam def was traumatized by the event so it must have been a very nasty battel. O inflict as much as he doesn’t want that commitment there is always more to the story than what he says. My bet is daddy cheated on his mother and his mother had a lot of anger issues. He made a comment about living with two jilted women. Which probably he heard and witnessed more than he wants to admit, or actually its not the publics opinion. But something had to scar him from marriage. @Carrie:

  21. 21
    unknown Says:

    @Mike: I get that but u don’t know Xtina like I do. She would make Adam her *****. WW3 would have nothing like their battles, and they are getting along because of the producers. Nothing more nothing less. She just needs to stop attacking everyone on every site. It gets old even certain sites won’t let her comment. Its one thing to wish two people to get together but she continues on and often attacks certain people for not agreeing with her. So there for she needs to stop..

  22. 22
    unknown Says:

    He was completely off. Its just a color that associates with love and often marriage in certain cultures. Not saying he wants to take a dive into marriage.what its like saying here is a color represents love but I’m doing a song full of anger. So its like a twist and Adam is known for twists emotionally. So yeah I think it has something to do more emotionally than anything. His performance and behavior are off even backstage from what I gather. Those who have met him time after time have said, according to my sources said he was sweet but def wasn’t himself all together. He was distant. Like he was there but wasn’t fully there. He was still nice and sweet as always but from what I gathered he seemed like I’m here I will be nice but I don’t really want to be anywhere. From what I gathered. And it wasn’t because he was missing his gf either. It was def something really bothering him from what I understand. @Carrie:

  23. 23
    well Says:

    he looks sad but hopefully everything is okay..

    on xtina and adam, yeah I think they are friends, and they are so opposite but hey negative and positive attract to each other, and they both look happy when they are together…

    I don’t think they fake that happiness.

  24. 24
    Carrie Says:

    I just get a different vibe about Adam and Behati. I think he enjoys her enough to spend time with her. Whatever. But he seems to lack a spark with her. Also I noticed something else with Adam regarding his SNL performance, at the end, he spent a lot of time hugging cast member Nasim Pedrad. She’s very pretty, educated, has a good career, is close to his age, and is from Irvine, CA. After they hugged, he was leaned into her talking to her a bit. He seemed animated. I think they’d be cute together. When he performed at the American Museum of National History, Nasim was there too. Not that I think anything is happening, but it was interesting.

  25. 25
    British Latin American Says:

    The pic is hilarious. He looks like he is about to give someone a bl*w job.

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