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Miranda Kerr Shares Grandma's Advice on How to Keep Orlando Bloom!

Miranda Kerr Shares Grandma's Advice on How to Keep Orlando Bloom!

Miranda Kerr keeps it casual chic while arriving at LAX Airport for a departing flight on Tuesday (December 4) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 29-year-old model made an appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and chatted about her grandmother’s tip for maintaining a happy marriage.

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“My grandma said, ‘Men are very visual, so don’t forget that,’” Miranda shared. “She said, ‘Every day, put a little makeup on, put on some nice underwear, and you’ll keep your husband.’” Check out the video below!

Miranda Kerr – ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ Interview

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr flying out of Los Angeles…

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  • Yaddle

    A real Einstein, that one.

  • Wallender

    what a sexist cunt her and her grandmother are! and she can talk the cheating bitch!

  • Kate

    Yeah put on some make-up for those who love plastic dolls…what a shitty advice…a man who loves you will love you with or without make-up…that is called LOVE…not crappy tricks…

  • Kat

    Ugh, her grandmother sounds about as shallow as she seems. Sorry, but I am so sick of her “advice” to women about being a wife and mother. Yes, if most of us had a day job that consisted of nothing but looking good and tons of money to have help taking care of our kids, we could spend our time worrying about stupid crap like that.

  • pill

    That one doesn’t seem to have much talent– except for modelling & having babies. If it weren’t for her husband, then few people would care about her. She is not Kate Upton. A lot of people seem to have migrated here from that Cuban guy’s website. He’s always censoring & shutting off the comments. It’s so annoying. He’s also a nasty bully & a shallow starfkking idiot. Some things don’t change.

  • yay!

    She was hilarious on the show last night. And she looked absolutely gorgeous.

  • @5

    Well,she IS a model. It’s nice that you think her talent is modeling.
    “She is not Kate Upton”
    You say that like it’s a bad thing. LOL!
    Kate is just another vulgar commercial model. Nothing to aspire to there at all.

  • hmm

    Those of you disagreeing wuth her comments must not be married. Yes, of course a husband will love you without makeup, but there isn’t anything wrong with looking pretty for him. Just like you love your husband even if he doesn’t bring you flowers, but when he does…watch out! No difference.

  • !


  • Notagain

    Gosh, is she for real? Or better say is any part of her real? She tries too keep her back straight, look sexy, pose for the camera, look in the other camera to see how it looks, no she doesn’t like how it looks with her legs crossed so she tries something else…Can you say FAKE? Even the way she talks seems fake. FAKE FAKE FAKE…wait, is her real name Miranda Kerr? I wouldn’t be surprised…

  • What’s next?

    Every time Miranda kerr open her mouth is to say a foolish. She should listen to her grandmother and refrain only to wear bras and model. Don’t talk at all.

  • @10

    What is fake about wanting to look good on camera?
    And now you haters are even attacking her good posture?
    And you wonder why we call you psychotic?

  • oops

    Orlando Bloom sounds like a dog to her. Well anyway if he’s useless to her now, she should ditch him as fast as possible. Leo is definitely better at getting her more fame.

  • Mkhay

    never knew her really before but she seems super nice and funny

  • yes


  • amanda

    She’s gorgeous, funny and intelligent. I’m jealous! As for the negative comments. She wouldn’t have everything she has if she was dumb.



    Well nobody says it’s wrong to look pretty for your husband, lover, boyfriend…that’s part of being a woman…but she basically implies that without make-up your husband or whatever will no longer like you…which is so dumb…and she’s saying it like OMG what a great piece of advice…like eally now?

  • L

    She smokes, every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie!
    She’s built her whole brand around her ultra healthy lifestyle, and its all a lie! No wonder her marriage is over if she thinks wearing makeup and sexy underwear is the secret to a happy marriage. A marriage wont survive when you spend barely any time together, Orlando and Miranda rarely see each other. She also seems to think her family are more important than orlando’s. They spent flynn’s first christmas and new year with miranda’s family, both of the past 2 summers were spent in Australia, numerous other trips were made to australia, yet they spend no time in England with orlando’s family. Flynn is regulary seen with his australian relatives, but has never been phorographed with Orlando’s parents or siblings. That is a disgrace!

  • @18

    Still with teh smoking garbage? If you can’t show a recent picture of her smoking, the smart thing to do would be to shut up. You just look like an idiot beating a dead horse.
    And hardly together? That cr@p again? Idiot.
    And she was working in Australia these past two summers, and Orlando was in NZ. And how do you know how often they are with his family? Sonia was photographed with him in NZ. If you don’t live with them, you have no idea how often they see each other. You’re jumping to idiotic hater assumptions.
    The only thing disgraceful here is your utter detachment from reality.

  • InsertCoolNameHere

    I hate how she always talk down to other people. Stop it !

  • Special One

    I saw her once at Runyon Canyon, she is so skinny in person, gross, and her face so fat. It’s just weird. She looks great in pics and tv but not in real life. And her advice is wrong, a lot of beautiful women are dumped on a daily basis and they get divorced all the time.

  • @17

    One of the biggest problems in long term relationships is complacentcy. Spicing things up a bit is healthy for the marriage (or partnership). Once you stop trying to romance your spouse, the end of the marriage could be near.

  • Sayer

    This pumpkinhead alien thing needs to disappear in a galaxy far, far away.

  • steph

    Gorgeous and so funny!

  • Yaddle

    Her and Kate Bosworth should have a Forehead-Off. May the biggest forehead win.

  • happiness

    I adore her!

  • Marie

    Wow, tough crowd for a celebrity gossip site. Take it for what it is people.

  • Dude


    What the heck has romance to do with make-up or what her advice is about? Spicing up a relationship doesn’t mean putting make-up on…geez, narrow-minded much?

  • @28

    Are you kidding?
    I guess that you don’t know many men. Men are visual, and looking pretty for them IS romantic in their eyes. A little effort goes a long way.

  • Journalistic

    God, she’s dumb.

  • rach

    Oh blah, blah, blah Miranda. Just stick to wearing clothes and keeping quiet, we don’t need you’re ‘wisdom’ thanks very much or your grandma’s. Jeez this woman, I swear, such a high opinion of herself. Someone should tell her that being conceited isn’t an attractive trait since she’s so determine to look just perfect and pose all the fking time.

  • Joy

    She’s awesome!!!!

  • @29

    Maybe I don’t know many men, but I guess you don’t know the definition of romance. Being romantic is about feeling not looks. Don’t know what’s so hard to understand.

  • Anne

    Could this be more shallow? Pretty girl… but keep your mouth shut please!

  • @33

    Women ‘feel’ romance. Men ‘see’ it.
    Men are much more visual than women.
    But we also want our men to put in a little effort once in a while. Do you think that it is ‘romantic’ when the man that you love more than life itself sits around in his underwear and doesn’t shave for a week? Or is it ‘romantic’ when he makes the effort to shave every day for you, and to put on something nice, but still comfortable?
    See what difference a little effort can make, even for the female definition of romantic?
    Now igagine those visual cues magnified by ten for the guys. Do you think he believes that it is romantic for you to schlep around the house in a raggedy old t-shirt with no make-up and messy hair? Don’t you think that your husband would appreciate a little effort, too?
    Common sense.

  • Oh boy


    WTF? Wearing make up is ‘romantic’ for guys? Perhaps you mean sexy? Cause romantic is a whole other thing honey. Plus visuals are only so important for shallow guys. Remember that.

  • @35

    Boy, I kind of feel sorry for you. You seem to have dated all the wrong men.

  • *eyeroll*

    Wow, you sure can tell the bitter old maids from the ones in a happy relationship.
    Anyone who thinks that men aren’t visual, or that only “shallow” men are visual, are destined to be lonely forever.
    They must be the fat girls sitting in the corner wondering why no man will ask then to dance.
    Poor things.
    Better start collecting your cats now.

  • Olivia


    Ahhahaha! In what twisted world does one “see” romance? Romance to you is when a man shaves up? Is when you look extra pretty for your man? That’s common sense to you when it comes to romance? Wow, I must say my friend you have reduced me to silence.

  • *eyeroll*

    You didn’t answer her question.
    Do you think that a man sitting around in his underwear with a scruffy face is as romantic as that same guy freshly shaved and dressed?
    Come on. Be honest with yourself.
    Shallowness has nothing to do with any of this, BTW.

  • LOL!

    Don’t bother dear.
    You can’t explain a man to anyone who has never been with one.

  • LOL!

    The only women in the world who think men don’t care if you are pretty.
    That is the dream that they are DESPERATELY clinging to. That’s why common sense hurts their brain!

  • @40


    The problem I have is using the word romantic inappropriately. I think a man sitting around in underwear and having a scruffy face is less appealing/sexy/attractive than a man shaved and dressed to answer the question. This has nothing to do with being romantic.

  • @40

    Are some of you dumb on purpose? Who said anything that men don’t give a shit if women are pretty? They do, of course. But again this has nothing to do with romance. And wtf is with all these insults? Fat girls, hags and so on…is this how you carry a conversation in real life too or are you only so brave behind a computer screen? It’s kind of pathetic.

  • What?

    And she actually told that on TV? That’s the type of crap women used to say before the women’s lib era. No wonder she’s waving padded pushup bras and blows kisses to earn her life. What an empty boring idiot.

  • Chica

    Jeez, she’s married and she’s blatantly flirting with the host with the gross winking ugh, get some dignity

  • MFB

    I REALLY don’t understand the fascination with her! Not to knock her, since she’s parlayed (fill in the blank) success from her modeling, good for her. But, I don’t get it!

  • well

    Well everyone has their own perspetive. she is a beautiful woman and that is her angle, so it is ok for her to have that perspetive. there is nothing wrong with what she said. I personally find in my marriage that my husband sees all my aspets and loves me with all my faults and less than pretty sides- so that is nie to not have to fake it. But I never wear akeup anyway. But I see what she is saying from her perspective, to not neglect the marriage.

  • well

    the c on my computer seems to be stuck hence the typos above

  • Weirdo

    LMAO…okay then why was she grinding up against Dicaprio in a club this past weekend.
    Is THAT a way to ‘keep your husband?’