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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Visit Friends with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Visit Friends with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr and her hubby Orlando Bloom pay a visit to a friend’s house on Wednesday afternoon (December 26) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor carried their boy Flynn as they made their way through the home’s gate and into the house.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Over the weekend, Orly and Flynn were spotted doing some last minute holiday shopping.

This is the first time that Miranda and Orlando have been spotted together since September. We love seeing the whole family together!

20+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom‘s day out…

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miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 10
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 11
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 12
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 13
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 14
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 15
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 16
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 17
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 18
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 19
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 20
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 21
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 22
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 23
miranda kerr orlando bloom flynn post christmas party 24

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    @@41: keep going racist

  • @51

    No one here is racist. And since I’m 1/4 Black, 1/4 Mexican and 1/2 white, it would be hard for me to be racist, doncha think?
    Oh, wat, I’m sorry.
    You don’t think, do you.

  • @52

    Don’t feed the Adriana troll. According to s/he its all one person posting here. Shes angry that people stood up to her. Not two or more people with similar views. Paranoia is a sad thing. And why would any functioning adult waste time arguing and picking fights with in her words a ‘model obsessed tween’ on a gossip blog. Miranda is all powerful for her haters.

  • http://xoxnimaxox nima

    Such a beautiful family! I love Orlando, he is so handsome!

  • Daleann

    I don’t have anything nice to say…

  • Shelly

    Besides all the backlash, Miranda is gorgeous. Love seeing the whole family together for once

  • Fan

    Orlando was never seen wearing his wedding ring, unlike Miranda. Thanks for the additional pics, Jared.

  • Karla

    Orlando carrying Flynn: Ignoring the paps and hiding his son’s face. While Miranda is smiling for them.
    Miranda carrying Flynn: Smiling to the paps, showing her son, while Orlando is trying to cover his son and Miranda is busy still smiling for them.

  • Suz

    Just Jared shouldn’t have been taking photos in the first place.

  • KAY blood

    Miranda definitely has her diamond & wedding ring on. Check out the photo where they are leaving the house. Someone posted that they don’t wear their wedding rings – yes, they do.

  • @45……Adriana troll

    What a hypocrite you are.

    You are the one that made the comment about “more Adriana, less Miranda Kerr” #2 on Adriana’s page.

    You are the one that makes the first 10 negative posts about Miranda under different names then green arrows your own nasty posts.

    You are the one that red arrows any positive comments about Miranda.

    You are the one that insults Miranda simply because you’re jealous she’s more popular than Adriana.

    You are the one that whinges about other posters yet you’re the one that manipulates Miranda’s page by having MULTUPLE USER ACCOUNTS to shut down positive comments about her.

    Miranda has many many fans that don’t feel the need to have multiple user accounts to control the comment page while you do so because there are only a few of you.

    You think people are fooled by your pathetic attempt to make people dislike her by green arrowing your own nasty comments???…….How obsessed you must be to go to such lengths…..what a loser…….lol.

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    @@45……Adriana troll: actually i wasn’t but good try
    and yes i will continue to report your racist comments
    and you can call me anything you like
    but until i have you banned i won’t stop reporting it.
    so you can “LOL” all day long

  • MIA

    Yeah, Miranda always smiling for camera!

  • They are the best family.


  • @62

    Report that person of that OTHER thread if you want, but people on THIS thread don’t have to be reported or be called racists only because you live in the spectacularly strange belief that all the comments that defend Miranda come from one person, who happens to be the one you had an argument with on another thread.
    Someone said that Miranda has more than a million fans on twitter, so you have a very strange vision of statistics.

  • how sweet

    Oh what a precious little baby:)
    Cutest! I love his chubby cheeks!

  • oooohhh

    In what world is Miranda more famous than any old school Victoria’s Secret Angel? This desperate, cheap, paparazzi model is only more famous and popular than the younger girls at Victoria’s Secret now.
    We know it’s the same person talking to herself pretending that Miranda has fans all over Just Jared (something you can only wish for).

    As usual, here she is famewhoring. Wanting so hard to be a supermodel. Sad story really.

  • Kel

    Hope those blind items aren’t about her.

  • kimberly

    I love orlando, I have for years. He looks amazing. And their son is the cutest thing ever.

    All I want is for him to be happy and I don’t know, he prob is happy. but just as a Vibe feeling I don’t think him and miranda will last. I know they’ve been together for years but I think in time it won’t last. But I wish them all the best.
    I have to agree that she seems loves attention while Orlando loves doing his job and not being followed.

    Like I said I don’t know them or how they really feel just going off my feeling.

  • Scully

    Since the pictures have been updated, you can even more clearly see how Miranda flaunts herself and her son for the camera while Orlando is trying to keep away.
    Also, the fact that the pictures were updated (the front image was even changed) speaks of a PR deal her team has done with JJ.

  • Give it a break

    Come on guys – you can clearly see how she smiles and looks right into the camera. It’s so set up.

  • @kimberly…..#69

    Oh please just another attempt to bash Mitanda by pretending to have a “vibe that they won’t last & that she loves attention”….just another hater that is jealous that Orlando loves her!

  • kimberly

    @@kimberly…..#69: not saying he doesn’t love her, I’m just saying she seems to love attention more than her husband.

  • Poor

    Poor Orlando, she got an attention wh0re for a wife… When her fellow VS models are getting Miu Miu, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Tiffany and co., Londo Fog and even starring in TV series’. All making bank. Miranda is showing off her Mango campaign. Kate Moss was getting big campaigns when she was the face of Mango, it was just another average campaign for her. Miranda is treating it like the best campaign out there. Well you know what they say, ‘there are different classes in the world’.

    I hope Orlando stops her from her attention seeking behavior and shows her it’s nothing but a waste of time

  • hahaha

    actually, if the pics have been updated that means that JJ didn’t have them all from the beginning, which is the opposite of what you’re saying.

  • hahaha

    Considering that Mango hired her, she would be a very bad professional if she didn’t treat it like it’s the best campaign out there.

    And be careful with praising all those fantastic campaigns the other VS models are getting. If Miranda gets to work with any of them you’ll have to bash them and say they’re crap, so look out XD

  • Scully

    @hahaha: Why do you think Miranda posts land in the highlighted bars above? Those spots aren’t based on hits; if a PR team who’s already paying JJ to have their images features pay a little extra, they land those spots. I can clearly see you’re a person who can’t be reasoned with. Their deal includes a bond requiring JJ to post the best images, and the updated ones are better than the last. He didn’t do it just to be nice OR because people care, because they don’t.
    That one obsessed fan keeps posting and having “fan wars” with her/himself just goes to show how irrelevant this girl really is in America.

  • Poor

    @hahaha: Oh, Miu Miu, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Tiffany and co., Londo Fog are not crap. Which is why she’ll never get them.
    By some confusing stroke of luck, she had a prada campaign and Jil Sander a thousand years ago, when the balance in the universe had issues. Alas, the balance went back in it’s right place and she went back to doing low profile work.

  • hahaha

    I merely stated that what you said doesn’t make sense, you respond insulting me and I’m the one that can’t be reasoned with? LMAO!

    Well, you get out of nowhere that she pays JJ to get her story highlighted, and I think it’s because it gets hits and comments, which is more logical as this site contains ads. Who do you think ads are here for?
    And why do you insist in saying people don’t care, when I see with my own eyes that her posts get many comments, from Americans or non-Americans? Are you asking me to believe you more than my own eyes?

    And for the last time, Miranda fans are, at least, a million on the social networks. Haters are aound four. Obsessed, but four.

  • jasmine

    @Scully: Pure truth, she only works with the paparazzi in America. Nobody really cares about her. Which is why she doesn’t work in the American market. Working in America like a true celeb isn’t work her. That’s for the hand full of the finest, famous models out there.

  • hahaha

    Careful, you also said that she would never get a Vogue cover, and just like right now you use the hilarous excuse of “the universe having issues” or “a crazy stroke of luck”, in that moment your excuse was that the only Vogue that matters is the American one.
    Always wrong, always finding excuses. Aren’t you tired?

  • @jasmine

    “Which is why she doesn’t work in the American market.”

    She doesn’t? Seriously, stop inventing alternative universes.

  • kautr

    @hahaha: Miranda getting hits? Come on, wake up from your dream. Why isn’t she in Jared’s most popular stories in 2012 if she has hits? She had a 100000 stories including all her fake rumors and her nude photo shoots.
    The most popular stories are of the true celebrities hence proving everyone’s point that she has only one fan that makes 99% of the comments in her threads

  • jasmine

    @@jasmine: She doesn’t work in America. Victoria’s Secret is her only client there. Adriana has VS but she works in America like a celebrity. Even Doutzen who doesn’t work in the US like a celebrity still works in the US market. She does Tiffany and Co.

  • @scully & give it a break…

    By your deluded logic then, in the second last photo Orlando is looking directly at the cameras so this means he is posing for them.

    In photo #11 Orlando is smiling therefore he called the paps & it is all a set up by him.

    This is how ridiculous you are with your delusional conspiracy theories.

    The truth is the paps know they could sell the pics because of all the FAKE rumours about them splitting up so they staked out their house & followed them.

    They do the same thing to Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba & her family, Qwen Steffani, Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth etc etc etc.

    Funny how you don’t accuse other celebrities of calling the paps or flaunting their children, only Miranda……of course it has nothing to do with you being insanely jealous of her because Orlando is so in love with his stunningly beautiful wife…….right?????

  • @78…

    I see the crazy delusional obessessed Adriana fan is back posting over over again under different names insulting Miranda with the same old comments…….You really think we don’t know it’s the same person with multiple user accounts???

    It’s hysterical that you keep trying to convince people that she only has one fan!!!

    You really are obsessed they way you rant & rave like a broken record.

    The more you go on & on about Adriana the more desperate you sound & are making a fool of yourself……lol.

    Everybody knows that Miranda is now more popular than Adriana no matter how much say otherwise!!!

  • @Scully

    Honest question If its the stan that’s obsessed how is it that in the space of 10 minutes remarks that were +9 are now _20.
    I was just reading this popped down to make myself some toast refreshed this link and the dynamics were clear. Please no BS that all of a sudden 30 people have logged on and ALL thumbed down the positive remarks.
    The Miranda hater(s) is every bit as crazy. I would say more so because who the h8ll would go through so much trouble unless they had psychotic tendencies? She’s obviously doing something right if she can drive her haters to such extremes and paranoia.

  • @86

    I just wrote that. Its one obsessed loser using obviously multiple user accounts. NO WAY did 30 people suddenly log on and give -20 to a post that’s 3 minutes old

  • good

    @kautr: Also proving that, she has some kind of deal with websites like jj

  • ????

    What do you mean Adriana fans? I really don’t understand. You think they’re the only ones clever enough to detect Miranda Kerr’s attention seeking attentions?
    Why do you care if people thumbs up or thumbs down a comment? I don’t even think one person can thumbs down/up the same comment more than once.

  • Yeah……..


    On top of it just how many guys would be so tolerate if their wife wanted to name their child after a dead ex boyfriend?

  • Poor

    @Yeah……..: That is none of your fuc*king business.
    Miranda loved that guy and would probably have married him if he was still alive.
    I’m all over calling out Miranda’s attention seeking action, as you can see from my previous comments, but I’m not heartless enough to insult her in such a way. Some of you people are bl00dy f00ls. What’s wrong with naming you child after someone you once loved with all of you heart?
    You idiots act like babies.

  • Sandy

    Gosh! What are you gonna to do when your acting career is fading??? You spread the split rumour and after lots of gossip you just call the paparazzis and act as a cute couple. Publicity well done!

  • correct

    Very true, I’m not going to call her names for that. Her ex boyfriend was a person too. Are you saying it’s some kind of sin or taboo to name your child after a bf?
    That’s stupid. The hate some of you have for her is crazy. You can make fun of her work and her calling the paparazzi but not this…

  • overrated

    @..: its true though, Adriana stans are urban. she has that same hom* erectus look they have so they relate to her.

  • Eliza

    I don’t believe that she named her child after her dead boyfriend. I think they thought of Errol Flyn. Orlando Bloom was often compared to him! It’s another business strategy. It’s typical Miranda Kerr! She always is talking about Victoria Secret, about her look, beauty aids, beauty guide books….the child’s name is another way to do business…

  • Oh?

    @overrated: And Miranda fans are mentally ill pathological liars who think Miranda is the most famous model and is a media darling?

  • Yeah……..


    ButI guess its YOUR FKING BUSINESS to comment on “poor” Orlando? ! Either you know them personally or I just touched a nerve!

  • elfsstilettos


    Like you were an expert!

  • say what?

    I don’t think Miranda fans are crazy enough to call the most famous model. lol no