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Katie Holmes' Broadway Play 'Dead Accounts' Closing Early

Katie Holmes' Broadway Play 'Dead Accounts' Closing Early

Katie Holmes arrives at the Music Box Theatre for one of the final performances of her Broadway play Dead Accounts on Thursday (December 27) in New York City.

It was just announced that the 34-year-old actress’ play will be closing early on January 6 instead of its previously scheduled closing date of February 24.

“I am extremely proud of this production and the cast. Theresa Rebeck and Jack O’Brien have created an inspiring and hilarious new play and we are all sad to see Dead Accounts end on Broadway. I look forward to working with this remarkably talented cast and creative team again very soon,” the show’s producer Jeffrey Finn said in a statement (via Broadway World).

Last week, Dead Accounts had the lowest attendance of any show on Broadway with 38.1% of the seats filled for the week.

HAVE YOU SEEN Katie Holmes perform in Dead Accounts?

FYI: Katie is wearing Pretty Polly tights.

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  • ck

    “Last week, Dead Accounts had the lowest attendance of any show on Broadway with 38.1% of the seats filled for the week.”


  • JC

    She can act stage flop to her list of tv and movie flops.

  • Don’t Reply

    HAHA! This is truly hilarious! She is a terrible actress especially in this play, it’s awful!!
    She just did this play to try and act like she was doing something other than being a mom and ex-wife to Tom Cruise.
    It’s sad but Katie should stay home and take care of her kid like a good housewife. Hey, she wanted to be a mother, she should be one!

  • Sarah Palin

    Good, she should stay home and be a mom, like me!

  • Jen

    Ouch! 38.1% is really, really, really bad. Usually shows start closing when they get under 60%. 38.1% means people weren’t even buying discounted tickets at TKTS.

  • RupertSanders

    Flop, back to TV

  • tara

    It happens. It’s not her fault. I’m sure the play was just bad.

    It just shows that having a celebrity isn’t enough to get people to see a play.

  • sad

    Stop spoiling your kid and you’ll get more views

  • Sofia

    Hilarious! Her PR isn’t working for her now. Did they really think people would race out to see her just because she divorced Tom Cruise… too funny. Should should move Suri to a more private area and let the kid live in peace now.

  • laura

    Ela é linda e talentosa. Vai decolar assim como Nicole. Tom também seus 02 últimos filmes não estão e foram bem. Todos tem altos e baixos.

  • hmm

    Maybe she should avoid plays with the word ‘Dead’ in its title when you’re making a comeback.

  • NEXT H & Y?

    How long before H & Y close their door? Pretty sure their numbers don’t look so great either.

    So, Katie’s post-production films (see imdb)? – straight to video?

    Is the Bobbi Brown contract solid? How long is that for?

    BWR (her PR peeps) must be sweatin bullets.

    Katie didn’t learn anything while married to Tom –

    “Do not bring your Queen out too early.” – from Francisco Bernardina Calogno’s poem ‘On the Game of Chess’ (‘De ludo scachorum’) circa 1500

    Katie should have taken a break after the divorce and studied something (acting or whatever).

    Return to the Buckeye state for the Win!

  • Kelly

    Hopefully Broadway will stop hiring people just for their name recognition. Also hope that we will hear less about this woman now.

  • Holy Moly

    I don’t care for her acting at all, but I don’t think the closing is all her fault. The play was not Broadway material and the script was weak. But that then begs the question–for someone of Holmes experience as well as the others involved–how could they not realize it was a weak script? I think they were all counting on her being bankable. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

    I realize some of her failures with regards to movie choices had to do with Tom’s people telling her what to do and which roles to take, but she badly needs a success if she wants to keep working in film. She has a string of failures that would have shoved any other actress into obscurity. She makes such piss poor choices. I don’t get it. If she wants to get her ‘bankability’ up then try and get even a bit part in an animated film with Disney. It will give her a better average. Or even a small part in another movie along the lines of Batman.

    Sorry, but my PR background is rearing up here. Katie looks like a loser in the industry because of her choices and how poor they have turned out. Kidman detractors talk about her movies bombing all the time, but the majority have not–she is known for choosing indies, but almost all of them have made money and she is a hugely bankable star overseas. Katie is not. Katie needs to sit down with her management team and map out how to make a come back if she wants to work in film. She is being seen as a loser (and based only on financial figures alone)–and she is. No one wants to take a chance on someone who has had such huge bombs as Holmes.

    Okay, like I said, I don’t care for Holmes and her acting skills, but other less talented actresses still manage to get work–why? Because they know where they fit and they know their limitations. Katie is 34 and still hasn’t figured hers out!

  • TomKat to K-Flop

    BWR should have had Katie enrolled in some acting classes, communication classes and fashion classes instead of maintaining her daughter as the most photographed child in the world.

    -Can’t even play herself (mid-west girl) in a play about her “home peeps” (how much time has/does Katie spend in OHIO?)
    -TV Interviews become comedic fodder
    -No style or fashion instincts to even dress herself

    Katie is pretty but her face on the cover of magazines or cosmetic line is for those ventures to make money and people aren’t buying it.

    “Good players develop a tactical instinct, a sense of what is possible or likely and what is not worth calculating.” – Samuel Reshevsky

    Has BWR looked into “Real Housewives [of something or another]“?

  • rubyz

    No surprise the play is closing early. And no, it’s not all her fault, but her piss poor acting didn’t help. Surely, she has just about reached the end of her free ride in terms of an acting “career.” Of course, she’s still got Suri, and she can continue as tabloid fodder.

  • Lakerr

    i love you katie <3!!! I think its not her fault but the production was bad! She has a really potential!


    “A Broadway source tells Confidenti@l that the play [Dead Accounts] made it to the Great White Way simply because Holmes agreed to star. Now its future rests entirely on her shoulders.“Katie is a curiosity. She is not a Broadway actress,” the source says. “But I don’t believe that anyone will pull the rug out on her. I don’t believe Katie’s team would stand for it.”

    —Sitting or Standing the rug STILL got pulled.

    Read more:

  • Hamlet

    What kind of dumb parenting advice is that, #9? There’s nothing wrong with being raised in NYC. It’s very peaceful.

    Therese Rebeck is a respected, Pulitzer prize-nominated playwright that recently created a hit show, #14.

    Cruise had nothing to do with the selection of her recent roles which weren’t any worse than any other mainstream actress.

    What makes you say that Holmes doesn’t manage to get work or knows where she fits?

  • Holy Moly


    Hamlet are you on drugs or what? Therese Rebeck may be a respected playwright, but critics from all over the world who saw the play commented on the fact that it was weak and had problems and no one raved about Katie.
    Also, Xenu was responsible for many of the choices Katie made. There are articles out there. Google it.

    And finally what exactly has Katie done lately in the last year or so that has been a success. And her movies have performed much worse than any mainstream actress out there over the last five years. Her movies average $27.5k per film which is the LOWEST average for ANY mainstream actress. Every other actress averages $40-$60k and more. Including Halle Berry ($60k), Amy Adams ($60k), Aniston ($52k), Blanchett ($61k), Bullock ($54k), Jolie ($56k), Kidman ($43k), Witherspoon ($46k). All mainstream, all hugely more successful than Katie Holmes. And she isn’t in their league whatsoever with her acting skills. SHe has one of the lowest averages for any popular actress and I use the word “popular actress” loosely.

    Do your research Hamlet before you spew your miinformation. You are always calling folks morons, idiots etc. for not doing their research, but it appears in this case you’ve not done yours.

  • Sofia

    Hamlet, if you think Suri’s life in NY has been peaceful, then you are as nutty and dumb as K-flop! That child has been hiding her face from the paps since Katie dragged her to NY.

  • annie

    Katie does make wrong decisions, I’m her greatest fan and I think that.
    But the closing of the play had nothing to do with her, Norbet Leo Butts is the star and Tony winner, and nobody liked the story line
    Katie is a beautiful girl, yet for some reason she chooses un beautiful roles, or makes sure that she doesn’t bring out her beautiful looks, just like in The Romantics, hair tied back, unflattering clothes, yet you see this beautiful girl that appears so fleetingly, in her movies.
    Don’t know if anyone saw Disturbing Behaviour, she was so sexy looking, the same in The Gift, until people started on her for taking her top off, oh my god Katie don’t do it again. GO she was good in that, wonderful in Pieces of April, Thank You for Smoking, she suited the role as Batmans Rachel Dawes, and would have probably been in all of them, if she didn’t turn the role down…..that’s where it all started, going downhill.
    For me, it’s about time she plays up her looks in movies a bit, just like other actresses do,who are not as good looking as her.
    I realise she wants to be taken seriously, but this way of thinking isn’t going to get her anywhere.
    Honestly, I would like somebody like Bobbi Brown and Ester Lauder to say to her she has to start being modely looking, perfectly groomed, hair done, makeup , clothes, the works, she constantly lets herself down in this department, because as Katie herself has said”she wasn’t brought up to be just pretty”, but she is in a profession that demands, that, people want that from her, you see it in comments, when she does spruce up, yet she fights it.
    She’s obviously somebody who doesn’t see herself that way, but she is incredibly attractive, she lost a lot of weight as well.
    I wish somebody took her aside and told her , her manager, her publicist, don’t think her sisters are helpful.
    Katie is a film star, a lot of people thought she was special, before Tom, and I’m not blaming him, I’m only giving a time line.
    She really needs to look back and see why it worked for her before, but not now. Why is she choosing wrong now, and what she needs to do to lift her game, because she is doing something wrong.
    These washed out roles she chooses are not working for her.
    She needs to sell herself differently, and maybe, I’m streching it a bit here ,but she needs to let go of her parents and siblings a little, it seems to worry her a lot on what they think. And I can imagine what they tell her… yourself Katie. I think she needs a big ego, that’s part of the problem too, you need one in her line of work.
    In my way of thinking , if you are going to model jewellery, clothes,makeup, design clothes, and make movies, then you have to play the part , like they all do, otherwise it’s not going to work.
    Seriously I wish somebody in the know would talk to her, in what she’
    s doing wrong, and why she fights the obvious so much!
    She’s letting herself down, by accepting these roles, of washed out women, these roles are not working for her.
    Pretty roles worked a lot better, because she is a pretty woman.!

  • Suri is the Star

    The only reason Katie Holmes is even remotely interesting is because she carts Suri around. Her daughter is the one that draws attention and drives curiosity on gossip sites …NOT that boring Katie Holmes.

    Yes it is weird that adults are fascinated with a child but that’s the reality of the situation here. No one was going to pay money to see Katie Holmes on stage..but had the director managed to put Suri in the play instead of Katie..That would have been a Broadway hit!


    “What does 2013 hold for Holmes? “Katie is an incredibly strong woman,” a source says, adding she’s “on a mission to not be coddled, she doesn’t want to be looked upon as Tom Cruise’s ex any more.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @usweekly on Twitter | usweekly on Facebook

    Katie got her wish – No more coddling – Broadway FINALLY took OFF the kid gloves.

    But seriously, it took “38.1% of the seats filled for the week” for the rug to be pulled?

    “doesn’t want to be looked upon as Tom Cruise’s ex any more.” – Good Luck with that. Being the ex-Mrs Cruise will be her legacy; outside of the teen soap opera “Dawson’s Creek” – both are the highlight of her celebrity.

  • amanda


    because she has no choice. Did any movie producer call her? She has no any work now. I think she can go back to TV!

  • amanda


    When she divorced Tom Cruise, every faults belong to Tom.
    When this play take off early, all the faults belong to the others.
    KHO is always right forever & ever.
    I know,I know.


    All future projects should be SOLELY Katie and her management teams decision right? Dead Accounts was probably planned pre-divorce and Holmes & Yang was launched pre-divorce

    So, what’s next? Indie Film, TV show or an off-broadway play?

    Hopefully, Katie, her PR and management team reflect on what she said to WWD on Sept 6 –

    “When you go in and you show your clothing, you think that they’re going to buy the whole collection,” she said with a hearty laugh during an exclusive interview with WWD on Tuesday, minutes after inking a deal with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. “And when they don’t, you’re like, ‘What do you mean? It all goes together. So what do we do with this?’ So that was new, but I think that’s kind of a life thing — ‘What, you don’t want all of me?’”

    Bobbi Brown must be concerned about her prospects (seeing the numbers of Dead Accounts) of her contract with Katie. Will Bobbi Brown profit ? Doubtful… but her is a little background on the deal –

    According to executives, she also will act as the brand’s muse and a full-blown collaborator. Her face will appear in a new ad campaign, due to break next spring, as well as on-counter visuals at point of sale. In fall 2013, her name will appear on a capsule collection of color cosmetics. While Holmes, Brown and executives from the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., which owns the brand, declined comment on details of Holmes’ contract with the brand, industry sources estimated the actress is being paid between $2 million and $3 million over the course of a multiyear deal.

    “brand’s muse and a full-blown collaborator.” — Even a blind person can see the writing on this wall.


  • lr

    She should take Suri and go home, to Ohio, near family and raise her away from the photographers her daughter hates so much. Katie just isn’t that talented and her fashion sense is horrible.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Holy Moly: And this coming from a not PR person, I have strongly felt that way. I could so seriously have seen her instead of Anne Hatheway in Batman Rises (unless they don’t have the same actress on purpose). But still, if acting on stage helps your skill, I get it: Get another on/off broadway part for more stage presence experience and then try again: I could still see her in a follow up of the Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep. I think she should try an, evil, coy part. She definitely has the vacant eyes; and look how she pulled off the divorce with Cruise!!! She would have nailed the vampire movie with Johnny Depp, the vixen part. As far as the Katie haters go though re: being calculating, I only blame Tom Cruise for not seeing it coming. THAT is how full of himself he is..

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Holy Moly: Do think she had potential until she tried hitching onto Cruise. For that reason alone, I want to see her “nail” a show/movie this time around.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Perfectly Said!! Wonder why u scored low?????? Do they foster b*****, trife comments in JJ???

  • uh what?


    Hey Katie Holmes did not have to go back to work. She got enough of a settlement and care package to never have to work again. Do you realize how many women in America who divorce from husband of means and still they get peanuts for child support or alimony. Those women have to go to work to make ends meet. These millionaire celebrity divorces are not what real ex wives face. How and why women are feeling she’s some martyr is beyond me. If she were on food stamps and living in a housing project after her divorce I’d be woe is me to Katie Holmes but she’s definitely not a she HAD to go to work mom. Let’s stop pretending.

  • Holy Moly


    She is not a film star. None of her movies with the exception of Pieces of April have garnered great reviews. And it has nothing to do with her looking beautiful. She can’t act. Yes she has above average acting talents, but in the league she is playing in she is an amateur.

    And, Annie, she was pretty bad in Dead Accounts. Her acting skills next to Butts and the others were abysmal. She dragged the entire play down. And her scene she was bragging about where she could scream and yell? Ohmigod. It was so embarrassing to watch her posturing. She needs to take an honest look at her talent and skills and then settle on something and work towards being good at it. She is a mediocre fashion designer, a horrible fashion “icon,” a below average movie actress, she is below average for a dancer and singer, with the right part she does shine on TV and with photo shopping she is a beautiful model. She just turned 34 and this is the start of the age where actresses are considered to be aging. If she doesn’t figure it out soon she’ll be “old” by Hollywood standards. You know if she loves the field she can do cameos, small supporting parts and more where the movie or play doesn’t rest on her “popularity.” She has shown over and over that she cannot propel a play or movie to financial success with her in a lead role.
    And yes I’ve read JJ for years and you are Katie’s number one fan. But she can’t rest on her fans for success. She doesn’t have enough of them.

  • sassy

    I really do NOT understand why EVERY ONE is sooooooooooo jealous of Katie Holmes!!!
    If you write something bad about her, that means ONLY one thing, you are GREEN Jealous with her and her life and her courage and with her exceptional beauty!
    Simple as that!
    If anyone answers negative to my comments, that shows you are even MORE jealous of Katie!

  • dani


    Sassy–why would anyone be jealous of her? She lives in a fish bowl with every one criticizing her. She lacks talent in almost every area she has tried. In her interviews, well I hate to be cruel, but she sounds like she has been lobotomized. I had hoped after she dumped Cruise she would at least sound intelligent, wrong-oh. Not to mention she has an ex who belongs to a nasty cult that if they have the opportunity will most likely try and discredit her.
    And beauty is in the eye of the beholder., Katie to me is not beautiful. Furthermore, she often looks like she doesn’t bath or wash–her hair in the past (she has improved the last few weeks) has been down right dirty, her clothe stained, wrinkled, ill-fitting and sometimes dirty. Sorry but it gave me the impression she doesn’t care about hygiene and that she possibly smells like she doesn’t bathe. I’m sure she does, but when you look at a pic of her in wrinkled, stained clothing with dirty hair–well it doesn’t scream “I’M JEALOUS OF YOU KATIE HOLMES.”
    If I was going to be jealous of someone–it would be someone with talent. Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, J.K. Rowling. NOT KATIE HOLMES.

  • annie

    first of all , let’s have a bit of honesty here, 3 shows are shutting down,not just Dead Accounts.
    Secondly, I think she only got 1 sort of negative review, out all of them.
    A few of you here really don’t know much about her, never knew who she was before TC, because you wouldn’t be mentioning Meryl Sreep ,or Kate Blanchett, so that makes you somewhat older.
    So let’s get a couple of things straight here, and these are facts.
    Maybe she isn’t in the same league as the actresses mentioned a few posts before, but before TC Katie was liked and respected, and thought enough of to be given the lead roles in movies, without a well known leading man.
    She got good reviews in all her movies, or at least a lot of them.
    She was terrific, as a young druggie in the Ice Storm, and even tho she was only 10 minutes in Wonder Boys, she was good in the part as the student who had the hots for her teacher Micheal Douglas.
    She was cute as the pretty girlfriend of married Colin Farrell (who wanted to bed her in Phonebooth).
    Abandon was written for her, the only thing wrong with it was ,it was a bit slow sometimes, but her scene when she went for a job interview was amazing, and the closeups of her were beautiful.
    Teaching Mrs Tingle was written for her by Kevin W illiamson who created DC and the Scream movies, and Vampire Diaries. And the innocent love scene, between her and her love interest, was more sexy than most saucy love scenes from other actresses
    Katie also did the best reading for Hellen of Troy, but she missed out on the role because of her colouring.

    She was so good in that, but Hellen Mirren was absolutely fantastic as Mrs Tingle

    And she was good in Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark, nobody said she wasn’t, and the movie made just as much as the movie with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weis.
    The thing is, Katie is not good at comedy, she’s moody broody, and meaty difficult complicated with well done sexy scenes, because her face and the way her hair falls in those movies said much more, than actual sex scenes, that’s why she and Joshua Jackson were so good in the DC scenes, it was really hot without anything showing.
    She’s very good at that.
    But the truth is , after 2005, her choices were not so good, but don’t dismiss her , when you don’t know that much about her.
    She will find her way again, but she has to stick to what suits her best and go back to the weight she was at Batman Begins premiere.