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Miranda Kerr: Mango Fashion Shoot in New York City!

Miranda Kerr: Mango Fashion Shoot in New York City!

Miranda Kerr heads out of a studio following a full day of work on Wednesday (January 16) in New York City.

The 29-year-old supermodel participated in a photo shoot for Mango that day.

“Just wrapped a great shoot with mangofashion today in NYC ❤,” Miranda tweeted along with a photo of herself in her dressing room.

Miranda also posted a photo on Instagram of one of her favorite quotes – “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to be over. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

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miranda kerr mango fashion shoot in new york city 01
miranda kerr mango fashion shoot in new york city 02
miranda kerr mango fashion shoot in new york city 03
miranda kerr mango fashion shoot in new york city 04
miranda kerr mango fashion shoot in new york city 05

Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Char

    Social climbing fame whore is back in the city! Already sick of seeing her pap pics every single day


    love her

  • Hehe

    She is beautiful! Unlike those famewhore like the reality TV bimbos and useless C list or D List actresses like Freida pinto! Ugly untalented slum filth!

  • Jim

    She is NOTHING compared to Adriana Lima..

  • mILE

    her next move will be hanging out with the kardashians… I just know it

  • NichrolasHouse

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)

  • rebecca

    go away.

  • T_M

    She is hideous!

  • Stephany

    She is not divorcing Orlando. She keeps him happy in the Bedroom with toys from AthenaToysdotcom

  • yes!

    So gorgeous! Love her!

  • ha

    Can’t wait to see the new campaign.
    She looked amazing in her latest ed in US Vogue.

  • steph

    Her boots…….I want them….now.
    She looks great, as always.

  • Gorgeous…

    JJ, the Daily Mail, People, US weekly and other sites all CHOOSE to post pics of Miranda.

    They pay the paps for the pics & then post them on their sites because they know they will get more hits therefore more dollars.

    It’s called supply & demand, there is no point in blaming Miranda.

    Comments like “go away” or “I’m sick of you” make no sense.

    If you want to blame someone then complain to JJ etc, or you could do a simple thing like NOT clicking on her pics if she bothers you so much!!!

    Calling Miranda a fame***** or attention seeker just because she’s smiling is just ridiculous.

    Being happy is a wonderful way to live your life, instead the “haters” have turned into something negative!

    By that logic all celebrities who smile are “full of themselves” & “love the camera”

    Which of course is untrue, it’s just another excuse to bully Miranda.

    Miranda is beautiful, successful & popular…..get over it!

  • Ellen

    @Gorgeous…: Miranda isn’t in demand though… It’s her and her PR doing all the work. Websites would NEVER pay for her pictures. That doesn’t make sense to me. Also, she was not in any of JJ’s Top 50 Most Popular Posts and Top 50 Most Popluar Celebs of 2012. Thoe celebs on those list are who people demand to see and hence their pictures SELL..
    Seems to me you’re in denial about her status.

  • @14

    Uhmmm, JJ couldn’t post the pictures on his site without buying them. And he wouldn’t buy them if they didn’t make him a profit due to hits and advertising dollars.
    For you to say that this simple concept “just doesn’t make sense” to you, reveals your ignorance.
    Paps take pictures because they can sell them. If pictures of certain celebs sell better than others, they will concentrate their efforts on those, more profitable celebs.
    The constant, and repetative posting by haters guarantees that JJ will continue to buy photos of Miranda. You are making her threads high traffic areas, so that measn that he will buy more pictures. And that guaranteed sale is what drives paps to camp out outside their NY apartment, and their gym in LA.
    Common sense. Again.

  • Ellen

    @@14: Alessandra Ambrosio is in demand too? And JJ and other sites buy her pictures because she’s makes profit for them? For she and Miranda are in the same caliber.
    Aren’t you tired of saying the same thing? People aren’t they know common

  • yup

    that is one hideous outfit

  • 9998

    I’m totally sick of her!

  • ok

    There are a lot of strange people that click on articles of celebrities they’re sick of. Is anyone forcing you to do it or are you just really weird?

  • Tom
  • bgthtr

    @9998: then totally dont click on her.

  • ann

    @Ellen: Haha. I bet Alessandra Ambrosio is in demand like Miranda. Celebrity websites pay SO much for their pictures because they’re SO famous and people are Interested in them. ROFL

  • ha

    As you idiot haters prove so frequently, people with no lives often post just to say horrible things.
    It makes no sense to anyone with a functioning brain to add hits to someone that you are ‘supposedly’ tired of seeing. You are helping to ensure that the person gets even more threads.
    And the difference between Ale and Miranda is that while Ale gets enough hits here to justify her presence, Miranda gets that AND enough response to also be featured on other gossip sites.
    I think that it is hilarious that the very same haters who post here, also post on sites like the Daily Mail. They are again, guaranteeing that they will run every story that they can, because she generates enough ad money to make it worth their while.
    Haters are working FOR her pr. Nothing that they say is taken seriously, and she gets featured. It’s a win, win situation for Miranda.

  • ?!

    @ha: you do know that “miranda” doesn’t know or care about you, right? -_-

  • DEAD

    @ha: LMAO. Alessandra and Miranda are famewhore sisters But Alessandra at least is tame.. Alessandra is on celebrity sites too. Just run a google search on her. So explain to us how Alessandra is also very famous, so much so that websites pay a a lot on her pictures and people are interested in her. According to you, Miranda has to be famous that’s why sites naturally post about her, so EXPLAIN!
    YOu’re so childish. People can’t say they dislike her behavior without being haters? So you’re trying to say everyone likes her and if people post negative comments about her, then it’s the exact same “haters” in every site???!!
    Lol famewhores don’t make hits, they make deals!!!

  • Kells

    @mILE: Lol she’ll be right at home with the Kardashians. They’re all part of the attention who*ring society. Only, the Kardashians have TV shows and she doesn’t. Given that she’s an attention who*re she’ll happily hang out with them. The opportunity just probably hasn’t presented itself.

  • ok

    Well, it’s quite simple. If they say the same things worded the same way and on all those sites at the same time, then yes, it’s reasonable and even logical to think it’s the same “haters”.
    I don’t think everybody who doesn’t like her is a ‘hater’. But generally people who don’t like a celebrity don’t know that celebrity’s life from A to Z, and most of all, they don’t LOOK FOR news and articles about them.
    For example, I don’t like Angelina Jolie. I don’t like Lady Gaga either. But this is the most time I’ve ever spent to mention it. And I most certainly don’t look for news about them nor troll to stir up their fans. Why would I?

  • ?!

    @ok: lolll i wouldn’t be surprised if you have a life size blow up doll that looks like M kerr. TBH

  • ok

    You’d have to be born ten times more to be able to say something that could bother me, poor creature.

  • Bruv

    You don’t have to like Gaga and Jolie to know everything about them. They are worldwide personalities. So whether you look for news about them or not, you’ll know about them.
    And didn’t you say Miranda is incredibly famous? Why should people search about her in order for find news?

  • ?!

    @ok: i said it because i’m sure it’s true

  • mkfamehead

    why does she smile and pose for paps? thats quite snooki of her, lol. I find only D listers who want the attention do that. True movie stars and A listers who cant even breath without 20 or more flashing lights everytime they leave their house would never stop and pose.

  • DEAD

    I’m still waiting for Miranda’s fan to explain how Alessandra is also papped as much as Miranda. They they world famous?!!

  • ok

    I’ve never said that Miranda is “incredibly famous”. I think she’s quite popular but not remotely incredibly famous like Lady Gaga.
    I don’t like Lady Gaga and pretty much can’t stand most American pop, but I have to swallow it because it’s almost impossible to escape from it.
    I do have reasons to say that I’m sick of Lady Gaga. Miranda is popular but among a more specific kind of people. Obviously people who don’t care about fashion or care enough about Orlando Bloom’s life, gossip, etc won’t know who she is but will know who Lady Gaga is.
    So you actually prove my point. I have reasons to say that I’m sick of Lady Gaga. You don’t have reasons to say you’re sick of Miranda. You can choose not to see Miranda’s news. It’s very difficult to avoid hearing Lady Gaga’s music or hearing about her meat dresses and all that.

  • @19

    I do not need to click on the articles, you idiot! It is enough to see!

  • sab

    @ok: “Obviously people who don’t care about fashion or care enough about Orlando Bloom’s life, gossip, etc won’t know who she is but will know who Lady Gaga is.”
    Thank you. This is one your most sensible post. I won’t doubt that she’s absolutely famous in the modeling/fashion world, which is actually a BIG community. And she’s actually one of the 10 models people know (even though I’m not smitten by the way she’s getting fame). She’s gorgeous and rich. But sometimes, you make it sound like she’s the most important model. At least now I know it’s us not understanding where you were coming from

  • @24

    And she certainly doesn’t know or care about you few idiot haters.
    She is too happy to be worried about scum like you.

  • @25

    You kake absolutely no sense.
    Ale is a VS angel, and very popular. That’s why she is on a lot of sites. So you just answered your own question.
    As you said, Miranda and Ale are featured on this site and others because they are famous.
    And you can dislike someone without going out of your way to insult them and call them horrible names. Once you cross that line, you become a hater. No other word for you.
    And you are STILL here, giving JJ hits on her threads.
    Thanks, for that.
    Because of people like you, we fans get lots of Miranda threads!

  • @36

    None of us fans have ever said that she is the ‘most popular’, or the ‘best’ model out there. It’s just that when we correct people who try to insinuate that she is a “flop” model, with facts about her success, they take off on a tangent that we all think that she is “a saint”.
    They put words in our mouths all of the time.
    They stalk her across the internet just to post hateful, horrible things. And when we say one word in her defense, we are the “crazy stalker fans”.
    “At least now I know it’s us not understanding where you were coming from”.
    But that’s just it. Some of these haters understand exactly what we are saying, and always have, yet they play dumb to twist our words. They do this intentionally, to try to stir things up. And as we have mentioned, the only thing that they accomplish, is an increase in the number of posts on her threads.

  • sami

    Miranda’s book is now available in Barnes & Noble!
    Congrats to her!

  • Anon

    @40 are you talking about her book treasure yourself or has she done another book?Do you know who else would carry her book because i am interested in getting her book. Miranda is beautiful in the pics and she comes across as a sweet person in interviews.

  • @41

    Treasure Yourself.
    I believe that you can also get it on Amazon.

  • ok

    I can only speak for myself, but I have never said she’s the most important model or even suggested it. I just think she’s competent at her job, and succesful. I also think she’s quite popular, even if not crazily famous like the women you mentioned.
    I also believe that “true” fame w hores are better known than her. I think that Paris Hilton is almost as well known as American pop singers. So if she really wanted to be that famous, she could, but I don’t think she’s the kind to do whatever it takes to be famous.
    You may not need to click on the articles (??) but you did. It still doesn’t make sense.

  • queen

    @@36: honey its Adriana Lima fans. I have seen it for years how they suddenly begin hating ANY and every model who becomes popular and successful. They are weirdos! They definitely talk about/stalk other models more than they do her, which is very weird to me since they’re so far up her a**.
    Miranda is just the latest target for them since her fame and popularity have sky rocketed in recent years. Next thing you know they will start an online petition for Miranda to go away like they did with Heidi. (you see how successful that was, considering Heidi is still EVERYWHERE) theyre a bunch of sad sack haters.