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Nicole Kidman: Post-SAG Awards LAX Departure with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman: Post-SAG Awards LAX Departure with the Girls!

Nicole Kidman flashes a smile while arriving at LAX Airport for a departing flight on Monday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The 45-year-old Aussie actress was accompanied by her two precious daughters Sunday and Faith.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The night before, Nicole attended the 2013 SAG Awards, where she presented the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, which was won by Tommy Lee Jones.

“We’ve been looking for a long time now. But both of us have…picky tastes. It has to be the right piece,” Nicole‘s gal pal Naomi Watts recently shared about working together.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman having her hands full with Sunday and Faith at LAX Airport…

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nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 01
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 02
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 03
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 04
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 05
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 06
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 07
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 08
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 09
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 10
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 11
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 12
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 13
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 14
nicole kidman post sag awards lax departure with the girls 15

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  • LooseLipz

    What cute kids! The eldest waving to the paps, aw…

  • ..

    Nice to see Faith giving Nicole a clip behind the ear for her inappropriate behaviour over the past week.

  • Kate

    Beautiful kids! Faith is a mini-Nicole, super cute! Sunday is a very beautiful girl, great mix of Nicole and Keith.

  • SerenaL

    @LooseLipz – I think she was probably waving at the driver who dropped them off at the airport.

  • mmm

    Let’s hope Nicker’s takes it easy on the white wine during the flight to Oz, or it could be free lap dances all round.

  • Sarah

    She forgot her adoptive kids after she had biological ones? It’s such a shame! She’s just another celebrity who likes to adopt kids to make a good image for the press and the audience, but when they have biological kids they start to ignore the adoptives just like Nicole and Tom did.
    Btw, I admire people like Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor who don’t use their adoptive kids to promote themselves.

  • x

    2011 – Kidman on wanting to make more child-friendly movies – “A lot of the films that I have made are adult films (flops). I think once you have (surrogate) children, you want to balance the (crap) work you do. Occasionally, you want to make films that they can take their friends to (The Paperboy), that they can go to the premiere of (Nine) – that they can celebrate (Trespass).”

  • Comprar Bisuteria Barata

    Cute kids! You are a great mother Nicole

  • Trinitygrey

    Awesome award got you ..congrats.

  • Josh

    Beautiful family.

  • Josh

    “..”, “Sarah”, “mmm” and “x” = same person (still crazy)

  • http://Comcast Teri

    Yes Josh, you’re exactly right.

  • http://Comcast Terry

    It is such a deep, deep jealousy this person has for Nicole. Is it because Nicole stepped down from Scientology or is it because Nicole and Keith Urban fell in love ????

  • michael keaton

    What did she get conor for his 18th birthday?

  • Censorship.

    suppression, censorship, mistaken target

  • Accountability.

    good quote:

    15 hours ago

    “It’s amazing how vicious people can be toward each other when there is no chance of accountability for our words. It’s a sad result of the Internet and the not so Social Communities that have been created.”

    Read more:

  • http://Comcast Terry


  • Accountability.

    comment #17 was the one for #14 ‘awaiting moderation’
    - I wonder on what grounds. Very fishy.

  • TSquared


    Sarah I realize you are just a troll, but Tom has been a devoted father to Bella and Connor with one glaring and horrible exception–he allowed his cult to cut Nicole out of their lives by spewing lies and declaring her a suppressive. If you look at early pics before the divorce of Nicole with the kids–you can clearly see she loved them. There are candids out there too and you can clearly see her doting on them.

    And you know she probably did call or try and see Connor. She probably got him a birthday present. He seems to have bought into the cult brainwashing whereas Bella and Nicole appear to have a good solid relationship. Bella isn’t as gullible on the xenu-suppressed mom front as Tom and Connor. And if you want to criticize someone, how about Katie Holmes? She and Tom both declared the kids called her Mom. And when she left Tom she fired Bella from Holmes and Yang, probably without explanation and then dumped the kids just like she dumped tom. And while she was not their mother, she was their friend and stepmom and supposedly according to Tom and Katie she loved the kids and they loved her. To me that is just as bad as Tom culling Nicole from their lives.

    And there are two sides, sometimes three to everythign and we don’t know the whole or probably even a quarter of the story and that includes you.

  • Moh123

    So cute, love u NICOLE!

  • Louise

    Delightful pictures of a delightful family on their way to Australia to meet up with dad Keith Urban and do an award show. Keith is so proud of his family and these pictures show why he is so proud. These little girls are beautiful children, and with the intelligence and talent of their parents, they are very fortunate and gifted. Keith and Nicole will keep their girls grounded.

  • an opinion

    Katie fought for Suri. Nicole did not fight for Connor or Bella. Those are the facts. Nicole is not a good mom to those kids.

  • Avery4

    Nicole agreed to shared custody not knowing Tom would use his time with the kids to brainwash them against her. Tom can still brainwash Suri especially when she gets to the pre-teen years. That’s probably why Katie looks so anxious when Suri is with him.

  • Little MY

    Did faith slap Nicole across the face>?

  • wan

    So cute mom and two girls. Love them.

  • Liz

    She didn’t care about bella and connor because they aren’t her bio kids!

  • @

    Years ago it was revealed, in a nanny book to the stars, the writer said her friend was a nanny to the Cruise kids and she NEVER saw Nicole spend any time with them; and there is always that publicist story that floats around of Nic storming in saying “we’ve adopted these kids like you said and now I’m expected to f$@king look after them!”

  • x

    Blind Gossip … “If motherhood is so rewarding, and what she’s been waiting for her entire life, why is it that there is no evidence of motherhood in her home? Particularly accessories. Pottery Barn doesn’t sell baby bottles. Which could be why she insists on banning them from the house? How does she feed her child when there are no bottles in the house? Well … it’s because she doesn’t feed her child. It’s because the nannies feed her child. The nannies do everything for the child all days of the week. The nannies nanny morning and night while she works morning and night. Perhaps that’s how she can justify her mandates: no bottles in the house, only bottles in the nanny trailers. She’s the modern mom?”

  • Avery4

    @ and x, you need to get professional help. You are obsessed with hating Nicole.

  • Josh

    @@: A story from a nanny who later admitted she had lied, a story that “floats around” (made up by you) and blind gossip? Is it all you have? You really are desperate. And you sound more and more like a crazy scientologist…

  • Avery4

    The crazies hate to see Nicole with her happy little girls. The pictures are so cute and they can’t stand it. They want to see the kids crying so they can say they aren’t happy. A 2 year old drinks from a cup, not a baby bottle.

  • Dee

    Much to Nicole’s irritation, it’s seems quite apparent the girls are plain and homely looking.

  • x

    The ‘staged’ walk from the car to the boarding gate would be more than enough mothering for one day. Once out of sight from the paps, it’s time to hand the girls back to the nannies and bid them adieu as mom(?) settles herself into first class and the girls make do back in economy.

  • Louise

    The happiness on the faces of these two little girls tells the story. They are obviously well adjusted and loving their mama.

  • Ivermom

    Cute girls :)


    A lovely family.

  • TC

    “I’m just a nice Southern girl” … Nicole Kidman has defended her recent TV lap dance, explaining the saucy spectacle was totally ‘impromptu’.
    “Ah, yeah. Impromptu. Very impromptu. No, no!” she laughed to ET Online when asked if she’d planned it. “Robin Williams had done it before so I thought, well, why not?” …

  • Casper

    Either Faith just watched the video of her mommy dry humping another man and is saying “Bad mommy” or Faith is checking to see if this is her mommy’s real hair or another wig.

  • http://Comcast Terry

    Such a sick jealous person you are and I did say person with lots of names. Beautiful family Keith and Nicole have.

  • ..

    It may now be prudent to employ an extra nanny for 45 year old ‘baby girl’ as her behaviour becomes increasingly more childish and unpredictable.

  • Lia

    Looks like poor little Sunday Roast has been re-programmed to smile at the paps.

  • Josh

    The crazies are going insane! They are nastier than ever…

  • reality calling

    Look for the mental patients to go absolutely off the rails with the next set of photos – family reunion in Australia with Russell Crowe carrying Faith to see Daddy. Beaming smiles from all the girls. It will be too much for them to handke.

  • TC

    Can’t wait ‘reality calling’. It’s long been rumoured that Kidman and Crowe had an unsavoury past relationship, to say the least.

  • Macy

    I saw the reunion pictures and they are brimful of love and happiness. What a beautiful family!

  • Ana Maria

    Love Nicole and her beautiful daughters :)

  • Molly

    Where are the arrival pictures, JJ ??

  • Juicy Lucy

    What I lovely photo of Nicole and her daughters. She seems to have a ligher air about her since her marriage to Keith. So nice to see her happy.

  • Ashley

    What a beautiful little girls

  • Sam

    Awhhhhhhhhhhh. So cute. Off to see their family and especially Daddy.

    Beautiful family .

    This crazy world must be in worse shape than I thought, when a strange person gets on here and writes hateful things about cute, sweet family pictures.

    Ofcourse the little girls are excited and all are smiling with happiness.

    That ugle person should be ban.