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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Super Bowl Teaser Trailer! (Video)

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' Super Bowl Teaser Trailer! (Video)

Brad Pitt tries to keep his family safe in this newly released trailer for his film World War Z, which will air during the Super Bowl.

The 49-year-old actor stars as a U.N. employee who is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

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Brad stars alongside Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox, and James Badge Dale in the flick.

In case you missed them, check out new candid photos of Brad arriving at LAX Airport earlier this week.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Super Bowl commercial for World War Z?

Brad Pitt: ‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Teaser Trailer!
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  • Eric

    This might be the worst teaser ever.

  • GhostOfGabrielFromExhale

    lost touch! definitely!

  • mrst

    I love it…=)

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    This movie is so bad

  • http://Justjarde Lol
    Same as I’m legend . Lame movie

  • will

    looks good,cant wait to see it.

  • http://Justjarde Jessica

    I love the book . But the movie ……not

  • lylian

    I’m in the 1st page?? LOL! Hasn’t happened in a long time!

  • rianne

    So excited to see this film!!

  • Shreya

    Yay on first page

  • Shreya

    @ Jessica: how do you know the movie isn’t good? It doesn’t come out until later this year.

  • Phool

    Rose @ 02/01/2013 at 8:49 am
    Talking about Kaisers running Hot & cold when it comes to Angie, she I must agree has her few moments of truly being funny, I am emphasizing on “few”, but don’t you think it’s a bit iffy how come she’s doesn’t call out Ticky all the time when writing Tickys posts I mean Tickys Iced T.itts & trolling of Brad & Angie is very obvious common knowledge but never mentions that every time she brings up the snark of Angie” the Leg “comment on every firkin article even when they are news of her UNHCR . She seems to jump on the bandwagon or b.itching more about Brad & Angie than Ticky notice her snarl more lukewarm towards Ticky.
    I find Kaiser is as shady as Lainey both in my opinion are the same b.itchy personalities, they either get paid the same going rate for their lame writing credits because I have noticed that snarl is the same from both these hags just my opinion.

  • loser Bradley

    Advertisement for a movie at the Super Bowl?
    Wow, Brad needs it for his career! what a loser!

  • Phool

    Love the Trailer and its great its going to get more exposure during the Super Bowl you go Brad.

  • Phool

    Congratulations 4Q for being the first you beat the Trolls to it lol

  • Love it

    Can’t wait to watch this film!
    Can’t wait to watch Brad!!!

  • plez

    Can’t wait to see this movie. For millions and millions of people who have never seen the 1st trailer, this teaser will be quite interesting.

  • Sara

    @ Loser Bradley: ummm most movies get screened at the Super Bowl – it is advertising heaven hence the reason it is quite expensive to advertise at that time….

  • NWO conditioning

    mind control
    brad sucks

  • Place IS Dead

    How’s the heavy moderation workin’ for ya?

  • Dc

    Can’t wait. Love him

  • karl

    looks so dumb…

  • chachita

    Love it!, Love him, everything about him!

  • awwwww

    I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • who

    Puts the “kick” in kickass action! I can’t wait!

  • Phool

    Hey Jared as Brads got two new news worthy threads that you could have at least Highlighted at the Top of your main Paige First with Brads Arrival that was what yesterdays News, But you failed to highlight that on the main page hmm and second with today’s WWZ trailer at Super Bowl you still have time it can be put up .
    Its just a reminder because you seem to be pre-occupied with these C-liters arrivals & departures I.e. Miranda & co or the Affleck’s daily A’.sss & Cooch shows at the park, coffee shop & park is put up within seconds of them leaving their homes, so just giving you heads up know that you have a Bona-fide A-lister Stars News to put up on the main thread.

  • Jaye

    D.amn, these pop ups of Jared’s are annoying. Every time I scroll up or down a page, there it is. I have to close the window for it to go away. Whose fricking bad idea was this?
    Sorry, Hi FANS! I just had to get my frustrations out. This site has been bad enough for weeks without the addition of the pop up nonsense.

  • Lucian

    I was hoping it would show closeup of zombie in the new trailer. I guess they want to keep the suspense. I am looking forward to seeing the film.

  • Tweet

    David Grann ‏@DavidGrann
    RT @daweiner: Koch to have Daniel Pearl’s last words inscribed on his grave marker:

  • Jaye

    Phool — Carry over from 2 threads ago. I go away for a while and there’s two new threads.
    About Fifty shades having a connection to Twilight. I read some time ago that it was in fact a Fan Fiction with Bella and Edward, by name, as the main characters. Apparently, as the word was, the story was too steamy for some fans, so the author got her own site up and posted it and changed the names. It grew from word of mouth.
    I don’t hate the Twilight series per se, I just don’t think they were very good. Once I saw the first one, I sort of committed myself to see the rest. I actually liked ( as much as I could) the first one despite the fact that Stewart annoyed the h.ell out of me with her lackluster personality and constant biting of her lip. The other actors were decent given the script and source material. I hated ( did I say I didn’t hate? lol) the second and third ones. I wish I could have killed Jacob off. The last two were ok, Stewart was only slightly less annoying by then because I got use to her and didn’t expect any more.
    lol@ your none too subtle inquiry about how I feel after writing the s.ex scenes lol. I don’t know if I feel liberated, but it’s d.amn hot while I’m writing it. lol I certainly pay attention to details while I’m describing the action. The point is to set a mood and if something is out of order, the mood gets broken. So, position and changes in position made during the act are part of the narrative. Then there’s movement and the progress of that movement of the couple and the feelings that are elicited are described. There is some talk, but that’s minimal, any real talk between the couple happens afterwards or before. Once I’m in the zone( writing wise), talk is not all that necessary. Writing the scenes and capturing the emotions become easier the more I write. I call the body parts what they are. You won’t find any reference to the woman feeling something ‘down there’. lol. “Down there has a real name dammit!
    As for Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland, uh, don’t know about that. Almost all actors who play an iconic celebrity almost always disappoints me. Now there is this also fixation on Monroe. How many movies do we need about her? It’s not that I don’t have interest in her, it’s just that she seems larger than life and that essence is not easy to capture.

  • Rose

    @Phool: Phool, I saw this on CB written by Josephine today.
    I was just about to call BS on this article until…
    I just heard Howard Stern’s interview with Jason Bateman, one of Aniston’s besties, that aired YESTERDAY… Of a very long interview and BEFORE any mention of his upcoming movie identity theft, Howard Stern steers the conversation towards temptation with co stars (how very UN-Augustus.). Stern reminded Bateman that at one time said that Aniston was his dream mate. Of course, Bateman got his mop out quickly cleaned that mess up.

    But Stern was after something. He kept probing, talking about Aniston … And waddy a know? Brad Pitt’s name came up! Coattail moment: stern asks about Brad Pitt/Aniston and then … Because he could not resist, he says:

    “I’ve not met Angelina Jolie, but I think that any man would make a huge mistake to leave Jennifer Aniston.”

    So …Aniston has been with how many men SINCE BP? Mistake to leave Aniston? Many men have left her, Vince Vaughn, John meter (twice) Paul Sculfar, Gerard Butler, Sport F*uck guy, ect. Are you going to scold ALL of these men who leave her?

    Her FRIENDS’ focus is on what her focus is- Brad Pitt. Aniston is STILL speaking through her friends. NINE YEARS LATER and she is still not over her power couple status she had with Brad.

    Yeah, she needs to stay in therapy. Poor Justin, he is overshadowed by
    a Ghost named Brad Pitt.

    Phool, this was a reply to the star article about SS back in therapy because of her obsession with brad.

  • Jaye

    Rose– follow up on your comment 2 threads ago.
    You mentioned something about LeAnn Rimes which clicked my memory. I saw Brandi Granville on Jay Leno last night. I don’t know if it was a rerun or not. The only reason I watched it was that my B/f wanted to see the Battle of the Celebrities segment ( reality stars). They were asked question by Jay and the one with the most correct answer wins.
    Brandi was dumb as a stump, she didn’t get ONE answer correct. The other two got eight and nine correct respectively. Anyway, one of the questions was, “Who was called the little Tramp?” Brandi answered, Leann Rimes, then she made a half- hearted apology.
    I was really shocked that she would carry her bitterness over into a game like that. I wanted to reach into the tv and b.itch slap her lol. She should put on her big girl drawers and just get over it, instead of embarrassing herself like that.

  • Rose

    @Jaye: Hi Jaye, how are you? I believe Brandi G is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. the things that comes out of that woman’s mouth makes LeAnn looks normal. You know Brandi just wrote a tell all book talking about making out with other women while EC watched, talked about his prowess in the bedroom, her having a new va jay jay, ect. Her behavior is very low class. As you said, she should put on her big girl panties and get over it. Also, EC appears to be a hound dog. She should say good bye to bad rubbish.

  • Julia

    Movie looks great, cannot wait to see this.

  • Dakota

    I think I will have to DVR the Super Bowl, so in case I miss the ad, I can watch it later. It will also be interesting to see what time it appears or if it appears more than once.

  • World War Zzzzzzz

    It’s OVER bradley

  • Erica

    Love Megan Ellison, the girl is amazing. I wish more billionaires like her. Bill Pohlad is another billionaire who funded great indie movies like Tree of Life and TYAS.

  • umm

    Harvey Weinstein totally messed up KTS release date and how it was released. It should have been released before election and limited first and gradually expanded. I am glad Weinstein won’t be able to release “Blonde”.

  • Lucian

    So Blonde is still on. I hope Brad will play JFK in the movie.

  • nada

    Ok- i went over & looked at the cb thing you guys were talking about- it is a pretty funny item. Based on years & years of being subjected to old manny’s plant & deny stories, I think this is yet ANOTHER one she planted herself. The woeful tone, the picture of manny as a strong/brave martyr- all textbook manny. Yup, the old girl is more desperate than ever since she had lowered herself to planting so much negative stuff about herself these past several years- just to twist in a JP mention. Nobody ever bought the stories of of secret meeting with Shiloh, anyhow!..This part is vintage manny- totally tries to dismiss 8+ years of awful and disturbed behavior by saying it’s fine now bc she has a man that hasn’t run yet:

    “While FAT TICK old manny’s preoccupation with Brad made sense when she was in and out of failed relationships, she’s committed to Justin now and still thinks about Brad on a daily basis, says our insider.”

  • Jesus…

    @Ⱦam’sin: You keep hoping in there and dreaming, honey, I don’t usually reply to trolls, but you actually made me crack a smile. “Hopefully this will be the nail in the coffin for Pitty’s finances and will leave him near bankrupcy. :D”, mhmm… yeah, right, lol. Don’t your femalefirst friends miss you?;)

  • LOL


  • Just Sayin

    During KTS NYC premiere, Megan Ellison tweeted “Andrew Dominick is a badass”. She obviously loved KTS. I am excited that she is supporting Dominick again.

  • BW

    Stupid troll, Brad and Plan B didn’t finance WWZ, they produced it. Paramount, GKFilms and Skydance Productions ( a company owned by Megan Ellison’s brother) together financed it.

  • Yap

    BW @ 02/01/2013 at 2:04 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    Stupid troll, Brad and Plan B didn’t finance WWZ, they produced it. Paramount, GKFilms and Skydance Productions ( a company owned by Megan Ellison’s brother) together financed it.
    Skydance is David Ellison’s company, he seems to be into big budget films as Megan is into indie films. It is rumored that Megan gets $2 billion from her dad Larry Ellison on her 25th birthday. She is so rich, she can do whatever she wants, but she invests in intelligent, artsy and quality films and she doesn’t care if she can get her money back. So good for her and her money.

  • Go Figure!

    @Rose: @ #32. Have all of Lenny’s so-called “friends” ever stopped to think and ask how this must make Squiggy feel? He probably doesn’t care as long as he can keep spending her money. After all you know, love doesn’t come cheap. But this woman is still so pathetic.

  • LOL

    i don’t want to spoil the thread by brining about the 10 years old garbage but. I cant understand why Blogs like Celbitchy or Kaieser would put those titles for people to comment on it.. As if the idolit tabolids themselves or if they feed that story then, they shouldn’t put it a cover. Who will buy that? or care about decade of things??? leave his name alone and live and let live so kaiser and celbitchy and the tabolids and laniney say live and let live and that and only that if you MUST say anything . or best don’t say anything at all ingore. it is boring…. it makes look stupid old women.

  • BAP

    Angelina is still taking flack for what Brad decided to do; that is to leave Jennifer Anniston. Brad should be wise enough to know what he wanted. The media and haters constantly make ANGELINA take the fall, for Brad decisions. You haters out there should KNOW that Brad is a strong minded individual, he should be able to say I cannot leave Jennifer, I love my wife, but he decided himself Mr. Brad to get a divorce, because the marriage was not working for him. ANGELINA WAS NOTTHE MARRIED JENNIFER, BRAD COULD HAVE OPTED TO STAY WITH JENNIFER, BUT DID NOT. BRAD MADE ALL THE DECISIONS REGARDING JENNIFER, NOT ANGLEINA.

  • LOL

    @BAP: Angie doesn’t need you or doesn’t need this or doesn’t need defend 10 years later . Pls fans don’t make this about 10 year of garbage thread…. Don’t give the huvane hos whatever they desire everytime. Brad is in news and good and they want the side history with something or another. Pls don’t discuss them and don’t give them what they want everytimes you lead and take control.