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Beyonce: Post-Super Bowl Show Interview - Watch Now!

Beyonce: Post-Super Bowl Show Interview - Watch Now!

Beyonce chats with omg! Insider co-anchor Kevin Frazier just minutes after her 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance in this newly released interview.

“It feels good to know the hard work paid off,” the 31-year-old singer said about what she thought was a successful show.

“It’s a live television show, it’s the biggest show in America, and there’s so many things that could happen and God was on my side, so I’m very, very happy that it went well and the power went out after,” she added.

Make sure to read Beyonce‘s note dedicated to African-American women that she wrote after the show.

Beyonce: Post-Super Bowl Show Interview – Watch Now!
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  • Vanity-Insecurity

    I don’t think it was successful.. It could have been alot better..

  • AnoAno

    I think it was boring. Successful to her must mean she pulled it off, so in way it was yes. But it was the same dance moves and songs she has dones a billion times before an award shows, on tour, ect. so I don’t get why so much prep time was needed, you would think sh could do the Single Lady dance with her eyes closed by now. There was nothing new, nothing that made you go WOW, more like YAWN, schleping the same songs she was singing years ago!!

  • jen

    has been

  • kimmie

    Beyonce thought that she did good and started bragging about being African American when all she does was dancing and showing her blond weave to hide her Afro hair.

  • B.

    “…about what she thought was a successful show.”
    Wow, she took a snap even from JJ’s redator. LOL!

  • poop

    illuminati symbolism

  • xoxo

    If being successful means she pulled the same moves while tossing that blonde weave around while several wind machines are blowing..then she was successful. If it means that she presented new material, sang new songs, did new dance moves than it left a lot to be desired.

  • A

    @kimmie: What is your obsession with her hair? Are you jealous that you can’t pull it off or what? The honey blond hair actually suits her complexion. And everyone in Hollywood wears weave, including Jessica Simpson and Kim kardashian. Funny you don’t say anything about that.
    I’m not even a Beyonce fan but I will defend her when it comes to racism.

  • SalineDijon

    My goodness, she is annoying. Looking forward to the day she retires.

  • kanyewins

    No big difference between her and Kim Kardashian. Both do everything for fame! Only difference Kims boyfriend is more famous.

  • ok

    I thought she did an awesome job with that performance, i loved every second, i loved all the lights, she sounded great, she looked great and it was awesome seeing destiny’s child together again, the only time i was dissapointed was when it ended, i wanted more, i love watching her perform.

  • bla

    im just so fuc<king over beyonce's bullshi<t – i get that she's trying to move on from her lip syncing incident but seriously she's not bringing anything new to the stage.

  • bla

    @ok: then go to her concert?????????????

  • Clarabella

    She needs to Thank God for Back up Singers.

  • Honestly

    I didn’t see anything or hear anything spectacular. I mean the stage and fireworks show was okay but as far as her performing it was just her saying a few words, girating, giving full up close cr@tch shots and swinging her hair. Tina Turner gave a performance with singing, dancing, no fancy stages and you left mesmerized. Michael Jackson used fancy stages and performed like a mad man leaving you in a daze wanting more.
    Most only recognized the first song unless you’re a fan.

  • Ginger

    What a great show. She needs her Boyfriend to buy her Romantic Gifts for Women at AthenaToysDotcom

  • offtheproperty

    @Vanity-Insecurity: It could have been a lot better if it had been Kelly Clarkson. As long as it was Beyonce it was never going to be anything but dull and over-rated.

  • maeve

    One of the best halftimes shows I’ve seen. She did a great job and is such a hard worker.

  • maeve

    @offtheproperty: Name someone other than beyonce that can sing and move like she does without breaking a sweat of losing breathe. Ill wait. There is no one.

  • janice

    @kanyewins: First Beyonce doesn’t have a sex tape and she has been with the same man since she was 19 and she is 31 now. Kanye will never be more famous than Jay-Z and he will never have more money either.

  • kieth

    @xoxo: She did have new dance moves. But she is saving the new songs for the Grammys duh.

  • kieth

    @Honestly: She is doing the same thing that Tina did back in the day. And if you didn’t know MJ felt that Beyonce was the greatest performer out (besides himself) and was his favorite person when he was alive. He even had a crush on her. And Tina has said that Beyonce is the only artist who could do a tina song justice. The legends love beyonce because she is a future legend. Who are you?

  • Narrah

    She was incredible so proud of Beyonce. She can sing, dance, and give electrifying performances in heels. As for.the ignorant commentary, Bey is BADD yall mad!