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Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Backstage' Mag February 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Backstage' Mag February 2013

Jennifer Lawrence takes the cover of Backstage magazine‘s February 2013 issue.

Here is what the 22-year-old Silver Linings Playbook actress had to share with the mag:

On experiencing awards season with a cast: “I’m just thrilled to be in this movie with such an amazing cast. I’ve never been through this; the last time, I kind of went through this alone and didn’t get to sit at the table with everyone from the movie. It’s a really incredible feeling.”

On landing roles after auditions: “Being offered a part is very nice, but there’s something about feeling like you really went in there and earned it. Then in times of doubt, you know they saw something in you and hired you for a reason. Because I have many moments of doubt, and that’s always been very helpful.”

On meeting Lena Dunham: “I had a total fan-girl geek-out. I’m such a huge fan of hers; I kind of got really insane and put my arm around her neck. I forget I’m much bigger than other people, and I probably half strangled her.”

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  • Gerard Butthole

    Sick of her already.

  • Jules

    Looks gorgeous….very talented actress.

  • Toni

    I dont get tired of her, she’s so bubbly.

  • OH NO !!

    She looks so fat in this cover !!! A disaster !

  • maria


    3 REASONS: 1) it is a ROMANTIC COMEDY!!! (although i liked the way the story was told) 2) it is NOT A ROLE TO BE NOMINATED FOR, OTHER ACTRESSES CAN DO IT, IT’S TOO LIGHT! (just shouting and getting crazy a couple of times) 3) other actresses such as emmanuelle riva did a huge more interesting and different and deep role!


  • ti_ju

    i agree, you are all buying these whole harvey weinstein-academy members’ crap! its all about marketing!

  • Annie

    @Maria – I agree. I like Jennifer and think she has acting chops, but her role was simply too lightweight to be Oscar Material. IMO an oscar winning role needs to have something important to say to us, some sort of deeper commentary on world affairs or the human condition or touch us emotionally in some way that goes beyond light entertainment. No bitchiness intended towards J-Law – however good an actor may be they can’t be more than the part they are given. Either Watts, Chastain or Riva for the win!

  • Ya

    She seems like a nice girl but she’s everywhere and it’s kinda annoying now

  • Tian

    She is terribly annoying, overrated and unbearable actress.

  • Toni

    I think she did an oscar-worthy performance. Its not “just” a reomantic comedy, it really touches on something really important, struggling with mental health and acceptance. And she portrayed that brilliantly. So did all the actors.

  • :)


  • izzie1992

    @OH NO !!: you must really powerful, saying nasty behind a computer. i wanna see what you look like.jerk

  • alice

    She’s very beautiful))

  • LOL

    I think she deserves praise….if men in HW get praised for their accomplishments you don’t see guys saying he’s over exposed…

    she’s talented and it’s clear that the people who nominated actresses for their work chose to acknowledge her this year. congrats to her!

  • Message

    Please go away.

  • s

    I love this girl even though the media is exposing her too much, it’s not her fault really. Probably in her Weinstein contract to do this much media. But I don’t know why people are making this Oscar thing about her and Jessica Chastain fighting. Hasn’t ANYONE seen “Amour”?

    Go watch this movie and you’ll see that the Oscar truly should be Emmanuelle Riva’s. I cried my eyes out watching that movie, amazing actress AND she’s 85!

    Effing media are so obsessed by stars that they don’t see the true talent.

  • li

    They should give her oscar. Did any other actress attend Ellen, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Piers Morgan, Conan, Saturday Night Light and thats just a tv, don’t forget about magazines and everything to promote SLP. Her performance was so breathtaking that she must talk about it all the time from november till now :)
    I hope that Riva will win, because true talent don’t need such a self promotion.

  • ???

    I also think she´s a good actress, but I don´t think she´s hot and of course in my opinion she doesn´t deserve to be considered the most desirable woman, SHE´S FAT !!! on screen and magazines she looks good but in real life she looks like a cow, I mean she looks fat.

  • Elizabeth

    Love how ‘history’ is re-written. For “Winter’s Bone”, it wasn’t just Lawrence who received accolades. Dale Dickey actually WON the Indie Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress and Hawkes too was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor category. So she wasn’t really ‘alone’ that last time.

  • Laura

    Lawrence didn’t say she was the only one nominated for any awards, just that she was the only one at the Oscars from her movie. And John Hawkes she wasn’t really close with- they only had a couple scenes.

  • Laura


    You are an idiot. Chastain was on Ellen and Leno just this week. And she went on Letterman, Conan , leno, Ellen, Craig. She did everything that Lawrence did. She promoted not only ZDT but Mama.
    She was out and about a lot – and wasn’t even entertaining . At least Lawrence brings something fun to talk shows.

    As for the others…Riva isn’t visible because she is 85. Wallis has to attend school. And Watts did do promotion as well but the movie isn’t really getting a push and so nobody cares.

  • Laura


    and she wasn’t talking about the Oscars… my mistake – she was talking about the Globes which makes sense. They didn’t put her at a table with her peers in the movie. Are you lacking in reading comprehension?

  • ashley


    I disagree with that. Actors always say comedy is harder to do than drama. And you can tackle serious subject matters in uplifting and positive ways, have some deeper commentary, and still touch people emotionally without being too serious or depressing all the time. I get that life is hard, but staying positive and looking on the bright side of things is what helps you to survive.

  • sophia

    She’s just not a natural beauty. The cannot hide the farm girl from her.

  • Emmy Jay

    First off, she is NOT fat…she just hasn’t bought into the anorexic hypnotic way of living that so many others have. Quite obviously her curves appeal to men! Why else is J lo is in the top of Most Desirable Women and Gwyneth Paltrow is not even on the list? I was trying to choose women in the same age range roughly. Why do men fall all over Sofia Vegaro? Answer: curves

    Some of the talk shows are a contractual obligation,I would imagine. At her age being nominated for an Academy Award!!! I happen to really admire how she handles herself in interviews…she is funny and doesn’t take herself so seriously.

    Watching her as compared to Kristen Stewart (same ages) , it is apparent to me who has been affected by their fame, and its not J Lawrence.

    Don’t understand the haters at all. Do women have to look like bobble heads so they are not called fat??

    Try a little love in your lives!,,