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Johnny Depp - Grammys 2013 Presenter!

Johnny Depp - Grammys 2013 Presenter!

Johnny Depp hits the stage to present a performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The 49-year-old actor presented a performance from Album of the Year winners Mumford & Sons!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Johnny Depp

Earlier in the weekend, Johnny was spotted attending the Grammys MusiCares Person of the Year event with the band’s frontman Marcus Mumford.

Make sure to check out Johnny‘s hot new film The Lone Ranger when it hits theaters later this year!

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  • Lucy


  • dani

    Why is he so orange?

  • Vanity-Insecurity

    49? he made a pact with the devil.. so young looking!

  • Nanette

    Never thought Johnny would become the ‘creepy dude’. But there he is.

  • iambebe

    is he all right? his looks is very rough and looks like he just get up from the bar and walk straight to the event without clean up, oh johnny,.

  • Ghj

    Does he have aids? He looks awful. And like a chariacture of himself

  • KissThis

    Even when he tries so hard to not be sexy, he still is!

  • Elena

    It’s so frustrating to know how incredibly good looking he is under all that!

  • Mary

    He ate too many carrots.

  • lee


  • fugmug

    he lost weight?. i still love Johnny.

  • Dorothy Gibson

    I think he looks awesome,I would go to the end of the world just to see him

  • Dorothy Gibson

    Forgot to ssk, do you know when the London premier of The Lone Ranger is ???

  • Ceara

    He really looks his age here. Sucks that he couldn’t stay 29 forever :(

  • Johnny depp fan

    @lee: Yuck? He looks x100 better than you at your best

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Lucy: No it’s his style

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Ceara: He looks great for his age

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Vanity-Insecurity: i think he will be young forever

  • Johnny depp fan

    @dani: Tan :)

  • Ellgy

    OMG. Some of you need to take off your rose-tinted glasses. He looks awful.

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Ellgy: he looks great and can you show us your photo to see how awful you look

  • No

    He looks dirty and ridiculous.
    Like one of those badly aging rockers who can’t admit that they are long past the age of long hair and silly outfits. Right down to the gosh awful fake tan.

  • Sasha

    I used to like him, but after her made so many offensive comments, he will never get another dollar from me at the box office.
    He looks like a hobo who hasn’t bathed in a month.

  • Tim

    I lost all respect for him after he cheated in Vanessa.
    And he really does look ridiculous here.
    Pathetic old man who is trying to stay young by being with younger women and dumping the mother of his children. What an @ss.

  • Johnny depp fan

    i know you are the same person you stupid cheap hater @No @Sasha @Tim

  • @24

    That’s OK. Amber just made a fool of him by dumping him.
    What goes around, comes around.

  • @Johnny depp fan

    Youreally need to step back and take off your rose colored glasses. This is not a man worthy of admiration.
    And people are entitled to their own opinions, and have a right to express them. Attacking them just makes you look like an obsessed loon.

  • @19

    I think that you mean ‘FAKE tan’.

  • Johnny depp fan

    @@Johnny depp fan: F*ck you

  • @29

    How charming. No wonder you are infatuated with such a dirtbag. He’s right up your alley.

  • kat

    The same hater writing over and over again, and also the same “lover”. let the people comment and stop talking nonsense like you know the true about his life and the end of his marriage. People fall off love every day, why crucify him? when he had a relationship that last most than most of normal couples not only in HW in the normal world also.
    Now, about “crucify him” Johnny is in the right moment to play Jesus in some movie, and I’m not even joking
    He looks really good. Old men can’t carry the long hair and still looks good but he can!
    He has lost weight, looks very fit. young. And he’ll change his looks soon because his next movies (I think he’ll have to cut his hair) so leave him alone!

  • @19

    @@19: he doesn’t need a fake tan…he has his OWN ISLAND! jelaous?

  • Elena

    You said it best,thank you. Same hater writing over and over again and same fan telling people to post their own pics are equally annoying.
    About the end of his relationship,”no one knows the truth”, that’s Vanessa’s quote from 2 months ago. Nothing she has said supports the accusations. He and Vanessa ended it in 2011,he was entitled to his rebound. Both have been classy IMHO.

  • Johnny depp fan

    @kat: the same hater yes but not the same lover becuase johnny has a billion lover over the world

  • karen

    I hope he has learned his lesson about Amber Heard. He should have NEVER hooked up with her. I fear it really hurt his image and broke his heart!

  • kat

    @Johnny depp fan: Of course I know he has millions of fans around the world, but you act like you are the only one, and like you have to defend him…his fans doesn’t have to defend him from jealous haters! jealous haters doesn’t matter.
    Do you think he cares about what the haters think or say? Do you think these haters would be here if they didn’t were jelaous of him? jelaous from the attention he have from the press? or how he looks we don’t even trying?
    Fans have to support him with things that really matter, and a couple of haters/trolls writting over and over again, trying to ensure in their minds that he isn’t an admired or loved guy anymore, DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL!!

  • Elena


    I doubt both those assumptions. It was a typical rebound blown out of proportion by the hungry tabloid media.They didn’t share a social life so it just fizzled and I doubt anyone’s heartbroken. As for his image,general public doesn’t know or care who his rebound was. Don’t be deceived by comments on gossip sites. It wasn’t even among the big news from last year.
    He and Vanessa handled their split well. Vanessa was very classy in her interviews,like a slap in the face to those hungry for drama.

  • LooseLipz

    He really needs a makeover. This pirate look is so over.

  • Starshine

    I think he’s in midlife crisis. Lost the love of his life, kids are growing up, going back to his original dream of playing in a band. Unfortunately the rocker life will eventually head him in the wrong direction. He’s a man who has everything and yet has nothing. I think he needs the Lord.

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Starshine: vanessa is the mother of his children not the love of his life his real life love was winona .. and plz don’t act like if he’s nothing now

  • BM

    Oh Johnny! I miss you so much. I am forward to watch your next movie and the next one and the next one….I wanna see you, listen to you. I’m so tired of all those tabloids, suppositions.
    You’re magic, amazing.
    Try to be happy and bring us a little bit of your fairy light!
    A hug from a fan.

  • Hetto

    Does Johnny Depp have a Prince Albert piercing?

  • Khaleathepirate

    When I see so many negative comments and articles about Johnny Depp I get legitimately angry. Johnny is like this awesome anti celebrity he doesn’t try to impress or roll around in his fame like others. He’s insecure and humble he’s not strutting around he doesn’t have a Facebook or twitter he doesn’t try and he doesn’t have to he’s amazing. So shut up about how he looked at the grammys or how he has made”bad comments” he’s an amazingly talented actor and musician he looks better on his worst day than most of you on your best

  • Baby

    @Starshine: Yes, he lost the love of his life, but it happened in 1993, 20 years ago, I think he is ok now @Johnny depp fan: Agreed about Winona.

  • Baby

    @@24: @karen: Why you are so sure about Amber having dumped him? Just because tabloids said that, it doesn’t mean that it’s true! And he didn’t cheat anyone, he’s single for over a year (maybe two), so he is able to date whoever he wants!
    Johnny is so lovely, a humble man with a good heart. He doesn’t deserve all this hate, jealousy, fake-fans (those who say things like that: “I USED to like him BUT…”) and tabloid gossip. He’s so different of most celebrities, he deserves more respect from all of us and the press because he respects everybody, so this is not fair!!!!

  • M

    @Johnny depp fan:

    Johnny said in an interview that he didn’t really fall in love until his 30′s…around the time he was dating Kate Moss. So he doesn’t even count Winona apparently.

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Baby: what a great comment he really don’t deserve all of this hate who become from his only hater here who wrote all this $hit over and over again

  • Nell

    This is what you look like, when you make millions and millions of dollars from making shitty movies and giving mediocre performances.

  • Baby

    @M: To me it was clear that he was hurt, so he wanted to hurt Winona, that’s why he said that, but when he was with her his eyes shined more than ever, he made a tattoo saying “Winona forever” and he said: “I love her more than life!”. Now he says that about his kids, only. With kate I think it was more passion than love. Vanessa was more physical attraction than anything, but she was smart and got pregnant in less than three months! Without kids, I doubt that relationship would last more than a few months! @Johnny depp fan: Thanks. I hope the press understand that and leave him alone. He is a great person and deserves respect and love, and of course, he deserves to be happy (as I think he’s been now).

  • Johnny depp fan

    @Nell: 80% of his movies had the critics acclaim and they nominated for the biggest awards and he nominated for the oscars three times and the golden globes 10 times and won it once (for sweeney) and he won the sag award (for pirates) not to mention his other 45 award .. So how he gives a medicore performaces ?