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Lady Gaga Cancels All Remaining Tour Dates, Needs Surgery

Lady Gaga Cancels All Remaining Tour Dates, Needs Surgery

Bad news Little Monsters – Lady Gaga has cancelled all the remaining dates of her Born This Way Ball Tour and will be needing surgery after injuring her hip.

“Live Nation Global Touring has confirmed that the remainder of the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball performances have been cancelled,” a statement on Gaga‘s website read. “After additional tests this morning to review the severity of the issue, it has been determined that Lady Gaga has a labral tear of the right hip caused by strenuous repetitive movements in her performances. She will need surgery to repair the problem, followed by strict down time to recover. This unfortunately, will force her to cancel the tour, so she can heal. Refunds for the cancelled performances will be available at point of purchase starting Feb 14, 2013.”

ARE YOU SAD that Lady Gaga had to cancel the rest of her Born This Way Ball Tour?

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  • Clarabella

    Perez Hilton said she had low ticket sales for US…Is that true?

  • Chezza

    Poor Gaga!

  • Alyssa

    There goes my year. I was really looking forward to this concert as it was a miracle for me and my sister. We went two years ago and wanted to see her once more. Our mother miraculously bought us tickets and were surprised to get custom t-shirts for christmas, saying that we were going to the ball.
    :/ Bye Gaga.
    I don’t know if we’ll ever see you again.


    @Clarabella: NO! she still sells out stadiums, however they dont sell out in minutes like they used to. people cant afford the extreme prices Live Nation set for her shows and most of her fans are young!


    good thing I didnt buy tickets… the beauty of having friends in high places! ;)

  • Trinity

    Yay! This made my day! Great news!

  • http://@lexiluk Ruth judge

    I’m devastated! I saw BTW in London Uk (where I live) I loved it so much my husband bought me tickets to see her again in Miami march 16th.
    Flights hotel the lot all booked… I’m gutted not to see you again GAGA but I can’t afford another holiday to Miami when you reschedule. Your amazing get well soon we all love you!!!!! Ruth xxxx

  • http://@lexiluk Ruth judge

    @Alyssa: lots of love to you sisters… Iv had an one off hat made for this too… Not to mention traveling from UK to Miami for it

  • Michael M


  • Damion

    @Clarabella: No…

  • Buzzy

    A real pro stays in shape for his or her fans. Gaga should take a lesson from her elders and spend more time trying to keep herself in shape than keep her name in the headlines.

  • Damion

    Thank goodness I live in Montreal or I would have been SO disappointed!!!

  • raison


    Perez is a bully who uses his site to wage petty vendettas against people who have hurt his feelings. He had a falling out with Gaga and now posts only negative news about her.

  • tranceman

    She just did 2 nights in Toronto. Lots of tickets were sold for that!!!!

  • raison

    Of course it’s too bad she is ill but really this could be a blessing. She needs a rest and a break from touring.

  • Johnny Frost

    yeah, no surprise! I think the low ticket sales is the real reason. they are hiding the fact that the brand LADY GAGA is struggeling more and more.

    Smart move from her team. Now nobody will find out about the horrible sales and she can promote the next tour with a single and album and maybe will sell again…

  • ladyb

    Now we know why Madonna work her butt off at the gym. It’s not easy doing those moves day in and night out. And she’s been doing it for 30 years. She maintains those muscles for a reason.

  • C Smythe

    I am saddened by her pain and discomfort. She really puts out in her shows. I love energetic performers like GaGa, Madonna and Mick Jagger.
    I truly hope this is not a career ender for her. I guess every superstar has a breaking point be they singer, dancer or hockey player. Get well soon Lady. We Love You!

  • C Smythe

    @Buzzy: And you have inside knowledge of Lady’s workout regime and schedule? You are a doctor or therapist? Tell us more oh insightful gaga expert . .

  • Meg

    This is the 2nd time I’ve had tickets to see her and it was cancelled. The first time was when she was supposed to tour with Kanye. That one was cancelled after the whole “imma let you finish” debacle. Guess it’s not meant to be.

  • luke


    Madonnas tours have always been relatively short so she has less muscle stress. Gaga had more tour dates on her 2nd tour than all of Madonna’s from 1983-2001 combined.

    2008-2013: Fame Ball(70), Monsterball(200), Born this wall ball (100)
    1985-2013:Virgin tour (40), Whos that girl tour (40) Blond ambition (60) Girle tour (40) Drowned World (50), Reinvention (60), Sweet sticky (90), Mdna (90)

  • lika

    thank God for that

    she is so fake

    Perez Hilton said she had low ticket sales for US…Is that true?

    It’s true, baby

  • John

    Yes, she did have severely low ticket sales. She was unable to sell out more than a few shows. I feel bad for her but she can’t perform to save her life.

  • LaCroix

    “labral tear of the right hip caused by strenuous repetitive movements in her performances” .. um she hardly moves in all her performances.. talk truth GaGa.. your tour was a flop that’s why you ended it.

  • Jelena

    Sometimes everyone needs a break. I love you Gaga. :*

  • penelope


  • Lea

    best news EVER!!

  • arimonster

    @LaCroix: barely moves? i saw her monday night (last show before the cancellation) and even though pain she didnt stop moving for a second. stop talking out of your ass and find something better to do than be an asshole behind a computer screen

  • gaga4life

    I think people especially people like perez hilton, need to be not negative about the cancellation of the BTW BALL , the woman is clearly in pain and cannot perform GIVE HER A F****ING BREAK !!! also to add regardless of ticketsales im pretty sure there are more lil monsters out there than you ,, and i am also in agreement that ticket sales were a bit steep this time round than compared to the MONSTERBALL , but hey every cent was worth it to see that beautiful creature (GAGA) perform for nearly 2.5 hrs straight , thats pure dedication and proof alone that shes worth it!!! so dont judge until you see her live in concert yourself like i did when she came to dublin ,,, so guys across the pond i can understand that some of u may be gutted ,but please give (GAGA ) a break and time 2 heal and i am sure she will make it up to you whether its a crazy new song from ARTPOP ,, get well soon gaga :)

  • Littlemonster

    Her fregrence is the third fastest selling fregrence EVER.
    Also it is the 8th most sold item of the year 2012.

    Her concert at O2 arena was sold out in record time.

    Get your facts straight buddy.

  • lol

    she is probably getting a hip replacement.. “can i get Madonna’s type of hip.. i am a flab” ahhahahh

  • lynn


    Madonna doesn’t schedule as many date son each tour because she-like many others- know that there are limits to what you can do. Madonna is in better shape than Gaga yet she is not gonna overbook herself in order to give the best performance each show and reduce the risk of having to cancel (and Madonna did cancel due to sickness on a few tours).

    It has been said by many that Gaga’s tour as not selling well and in Chicago, they were almost giving the tickets away. And why would she “hide” this injury from all of her people (manager,etc)? Sounds VERY suspicious to me.And before anyone starts that “her doctor said…” remember that ANY doctor can say anything for the right price.

  • Jason Bouchard

    Although I did attend both of Lady Gaga’s shows in Toronto last weekend, I am still saddened and disappointed that her Born This Way Ball Tour ended prematurely. It was overall, a great concert and I though she performed really well. I didn’t even realize she was dealing with an injury. I feel sorry for the fans who bought tickets for her tour because they would definitely have a great time. I wish Lady Gaga a full recovery and I hope she will come back better than ever.

  • aaaaa

    Good. Die.

  • Joseph

    Gaga haters are ruthless. Have some respect. The girl tore her damn labrum you heartless creeps. I am extremely saddened by this news. I saw her in Montreal and knew something must have been wrong. She wasn’t her crazy energetic self, as I remembered her when I was at her show in 2009. Get well soon Gaga!! Your fans around the world are here supporting you. The Montreal show was a sold-out arena and I’m positive the rest of her dates would have done the same.

  • http://Mikeiacobell Michael Iacobelli

    I’m so upset next Wednesday I was going to see her like I’ve been waiting for so long to see her like I’m crying. But her health is way important and hopefully surgery won’t be too much pain.. Love you gaga!!!

  • Paulie

    She came down with a bad case of poor ticket sales.

  • lindsay

    most of taylor swift’s fans are young too, yet she still sells out tours. people are just sick ofr this big nosed tranny, that’s all. she’s DONE!

  • Dom

    @Johnny Frost: her brand is struggling, yet her perfume is the 2nd highest selling OF ALL TIME.. get your facts straight idiot/

  • Dom

    @lindsay: @lindsay: also, taylor fan’s have parents who support her cookie cutter image. not everyone like what gaga stands for. plus you pay to see taylor attempt to dance and screech her way thru performances. with gaga, who’s tickets are more expensive, you get an actual show.

  • She’sNotMe

    Luke….didn’t think we were counting tour dates. So Madonna’s last tour (highest grossing tour of 2012) she did 90 dates at 50 something years old without a problem. Gaga is 30 years younger and couldn’t finish 100 dates. Put down the liquor and go to a gym.

  • riri

    I thought she is highly professional, but not.
    don’t hide your pain gaga
    nobody wants you to do that.

  • Marty McLean

    @Johnny Frost: First thing, the company is the ‘Haus of Gaga’ which she owns and manages herself (as well as Backplane, a software development company, Haus Laboratories and numerous charitable organisations) and second, her US shows are financed and managed by LiveNation (unlike her other shows outside the US) and they raise the ticket prices up higher. And I honestly don’t blame them. An almost life-sized castle that opens up, her full band, lighting and projections, a mechanical unicorn, the piano/motorbike, the new disco stick, the fake meat hooks and the meat grinder are pretty damn expensive.

  • Louis

    It’s true, people r very rude. I can tell this much. My cousin is a dancer on this tour and they have been giving seats away to fill stadiums. They had been warned that the tour may end early while out of the country if u.s. sales didn’t increase. Live Nation pulled the plug. Her record company is not happy with ArtPop’s tunes and they want her back in the studio with better producers to cut hits. It’s business. Happens all the time.

  • Audrey

    Her BOYFRIEND is the BEST LOVER, He kisses Her NECK and uses HIS TONGUE to Penetrate Deep Inside Her, with the help of BEDROOM TOYS from AthenaToysDotcom

  • Neal

    I saw the Monster Ball which was amazing. However Born This Way Ball wasn’t great compared to it, and the Rose Garden in Portland wasn’t even close to sold out. I wish everyone good health, but I don’t think it’s the only factor here playing a part.

  • Lilaa


  • sharona

    Some comments prove that Madonna’s fans are heartless and so hateful (they are a lot like their bitchy ‘Queen’…no surprise)

  • Gary Sabiya

    @Chezza: G# don’t no what to say…

  • Circus

    This must be part of Gaga’s ~ aaaart. HAHA