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Kate Bosworth: Topshop Topman LA Opening Party

Kate Bosworth: Topshop Topman LA Opening Party

Kate Bosworth looks elegant and chic as she arrives at the Topshop Topman LA Opening Party at Cecconi’s West Hollywood on Wednesday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress was joined by her fiance Michael Polish at the big event.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier this month, Kate and Michael were spotted holding hands while heading into LAX Airport to catch their departing flight.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at the Topshop Topman LA Opening Party

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kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 01
kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 02
kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 03
kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 04
kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 05
kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 06
kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 07
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kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 09
kate bosworth topshop topman la opening party 10

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Lord

    The Daily Mail had the other people who attended…..what a s h i t guest list. A bunch of nobodies. Chris Brown, a Kardasian, the wife of the dude who cheated with KStew, boneswoth and her hobbit.

    Hows the Jmint going?? anyone know??

  • ladybug

    @Lord: I think JMint survives, and I don’t think she has anything to do with it anymore.

    Oh, Daily Mail, you are an endless source of amusement:

    “She might be one of Hollywood’s most prominent A-listers, but it seems that Kate Bosworth is a high street girl at heart.”

    I don’t mind the dress, though sadly it exposes her knees, and she’s still poses like a drunken giraffe.

    And Chris Brown? Oh, so Topshop is promoting domestic abusers now?

  • What??

    She actually looks good here. Her hair looks great and she’s actually smiling!

  • Tanter

    On the plus side: she looks good here.

    On the negative side: this is what she does now? Attends openings of high street stores? What happened to her going to FW? Or even doing movies? Quite sad – if it wasn’t for the fact that it seems to have been brought on by her own actions..

  • Suze

    @ladybug: The DM is funny! She hasn’t been on the A list in a long time.

    I like her hair parted on the side, I like the style of the dress. Michelle Trachtenberg had on the same pattern dress, just a different style. I can’t get over how frozen her face looks in the second picture. She needs to stop messing with her face.

  • see

    Kate Bosworth does not look good here or anywhere else. Kate has a pretty face that sadly always looks tortured and malnourished. Kate has a body that needs more flesh on the bones to look good, to bulk up those starvation dents all over her limbs and torso and neck and back.

  • ladybug

    @Tanter: No NYFW for her, again. But Burberry’s London show is Monday, so I’m presuming she’ll be there.

    And yes, this is what she does now, attend store openings. It’s not like her acting career is doing anything.

    @Suze, I highly doubt she was ever really truly A list, even 10 years ago with Blue Crush. B maybe, but I’d have had a hard time saying she was ever an A.

    And JJ: “Earlier this month, Kate and Michael were spotted holding hands while heading into LAX Airport to catch their departing flight”
    Ah, you’re as bad as the DM in repeating incorrect info-they were arriving at LAX, not leaving from. But I’m sure you’ll have some depature shots this weekend, as they leave for London FW.

  • @1

    How dare you insult them like that! What have they ever done to you?
    They live thir own lives, never bothering anyone, and you come to this public forum to drag them through the mud.
    After everything else they have been through, you have the nerve to compare them with this Michael Polish guy!!!!!!
    Poor defenseless hobbits.
    Leave my hobbitses alone you big meanie!

  • Eresyn

    Oh wow! She’s actually smiling! i like the dress and the hair, still she needs to stop doing that silly pose, gain weight asap and considering doing something else that atending opening stores, if she really wants to improve whatever career she has left…

  • Suze

    @ladybug: Haha, I know, I was being generous :) JJ isn’t letting me post links, but per her website, MP cast her in another movie of his! It’s called “Rememory”.

  • Journalistic

    She has DEFINITELY had work done. She looks so much less tired and malnourished but the weight remains the same? That’s not exactly how it works. Plus, look at the picture of her trying to smile with teeth – her face looks frozen!

  • Frozen

    Seriously she is starting to look like a put away statue. Her face is frozen. She looks no where near young. She messed with her face too much it’s no where near what she used to look like. She looks like an old middle age woman and she needs to eat because Eww. I don’t care what designer she is wearing I look at her and Ewwww.

  • Eresyn

    Yes, ITA, her smile looks very forced, crooked, as if she was having a hard time trying to move her face to smile…that’s so wrong, she should stop doing whatever she’s doing with her face right now, she thinks she looks fresh and young but she looks way older than she is.

  • Jessa

    She does look nice here compared to other photos I have seen of her. Her face is pretty. But that boyfriend? No ma’am. I don’t know what happened between her and Alex but she needs to ask for forgiveness or forgive him so they can get back together. My goodness. My vagina goes dry dry dry looking at this new dude.

  • Whycantipost

    OMG I thought she was Jessica Biel in this pic:

    She does look better though; hair and outfit are really nice, just don’t think the eyeliner does her any favors. And the surgeries are obvious. I feel sad when I think this girl is so young and yet looks so rough and feels the need to get surgeries. She used to be very pretty :(
    Same with Rose McGowan; Gorgeous gal, but with the surgery she looks mid forties to fifty. WHY???

  • Jen

    Really, a store opening?? HAHAHAHA!!

  • Strange

    This is the best i have seen her look … Love the hair & dress not the legs though .

  • ND

    I like a lot of her event styling but I can’t always get behind the colors. She looks great and the dress is a cool design and her hair looks really good. I just hate that it’s (sort of) yellow! I hope she wears another owl sweater to the Burberry show. I didn’t like it tucked into the skirt last year, but I coveted that sweater!

  • Sup

    Yeh hair and dress good. For a change. She just looks drugged to me. Kind of glazed. She clings to her fiancé like a lifeline. As if she may topple over at any minute.

  • ND

    @Whycantipost: Rose McGowan was in a pretty serious car accident in 2007 and had some reconstructive surgery. I’m not sure it was her choice to make the changes we see now.

  • Brown

    CB was there so it’s a HUGE FAIL! Anything CB is involved in is FAIL and plus add KB on it. LOSERS.

  • Keiko

    Oh gross. There she is. Got her own post. I was commenting on a previous Top Shop post that it appears she was ignored, but here she is, looking stupid as ever. With that stupid smile.

  • ladybug

    @@1: Would you like a tissue to cry in? :)

    @Suze: Here’s the IMDB’s description of Rememory:

    Rememory Begins Production: First Movie Poster

    4 February 2013 12:10 PM, PST | 28 Days Later Analysis | See recent 28 Days Later Analysis news »

    A new thriller is being developed titled Rememory. This title will star Adrien Brody and Kate Bosworth. Rememory involves a car accident, amnesia and changing identities. A husband, Garland (Brody), is nursed back to health, after a fender bender. And, the wife, Hilary (Bosworth), slowly begins to reveal who she truly is. Fans of mystery will want to follow this psychological tale, which is currently in pre-production. The first poster for the film is here. The graphic shows both the accident and the character Hilary combined, in a surreal fashion. Further cast and crew details are below. Director: Michael Polish. Writer: Amy Kolquist.

    @ND: The owl sweater didn’t look good on her. To me it reinforced her dressing like a teenager. And that was from last year’s collection. So whatever she’ll be wearing at the show will be straight from the runway from this year’s collection.

  • Roo

    No wonder we haven’t “seen” much of her lately. She DEFINITELY had something done. She’s really starting to lose the pretty. He is just plain creepy. On a nice note: the dress is kinda cute.

  • ladybug

    @ND: I think this is above and beyond repairing any damaged done to the area around her eyes. Especially since most of it seems fairly recent:

  • chelle

    Hell of a thing to wake up to.. yikes! So let me get this straight… the only “acting ” rolls she can get is from the hobbit?!? Wow talk about sad! She needs to realize she has nothing bankable left and just go be a housewife… on Pluto

  • Eresyn

    OMG nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! love Adrien Brody, but i can’t imagine them being together in the same movie…ugh…and my evil mind keeps telling me she’s gonna try to hook up with him, you know, an Oscar winner, A list actor, etc…this would be perfect for her ;););)

  • chelle

    @ladybug: Is this the same Lisa Larson I think it is??? How much did she have to beg for that picture??

  • It’s all about the hair

    Good gracious get the American flags out , she actually brushed and straightened her hair

  • It’s all about the hair

    Her and Lisa are still sort of buddies I thought that ship sailed
    I think it’s a.. look at me I still have my long term ex’s pals lol
    I have never seen them out together since when was the last best friend sighting 2 years ago

  • donnadew

    You’d think with her addiction to plastic surgery she’d have those huge, flapping Dumbo ears whittled down. They’re ridiculous, careful makeup job or not. They’re the first thing you see.

    And he looks like a creepster par excellence. Who’s demanding bi-weekly “news” bulletins about these two losers anyway?

  • ladybug


    reposting since JJ is back to not posting anything with links:

    Funny thing is that that movie isn’t showing up as ‘in development’ on any of their pages.

    And the post originally linked to from IMDB is blank.

    As for the twitpic, I did a double take, because it does look like her as a blond.

    @It’s all about the hair: But that’s why this is odd, Bjorn and Lisa were often seen with AS and KB until Fall 2010, and then it seems never again. So if it’s really her, why pop up now?

    @Ereysn: Sad for Adrien, but he’s been pretty much downhill since The Pianist. Not sure we can really even call him A list anymore.

    And since he’s busy filming a movie and this one is really just preproduction, who knows if it’ll ever get made.

  • Whycantipost


    That is true, but that was only on one eye. Judging by her pics, she also had a facelift, botox, fillers and something done on her lips; they are a completely different shape now.
    Still sad, she looks so different! During her Scream and Charmed days she was gorgeous, now she looks more older and her delicate features are now harsh, the same effect KB has: she had a pretty angelic face (very young looking and generally a pretty girl) and now she looks much harsher and ‘tight’ in the face.

    (Just scrolled up and see Ladybug said the same xD)

  • Whycantipost

    Since I can’t add two urls at the same time: Rose’s before and after:

    That is not just eye surgery for a car accident.

  • Whycantipost

    And the before of KB:

    Maybe a bit of weightloss and general aging caused some of it; but how can a person look SO different after a couple of years? She can barely move her face now!

  • Whycantipost

    To add to #34: the after pic of Rose is from a couple of years ago. Right now she looks even more ‘jokerish’. I like Rose, so extra sadface :(

    *will go on topic now xD*

  • ladybug

    @Whycantipost: I think KB’s look is less plastic surgery and more weight loss, peels and injectables.

    Rose M didn’t start looking really weird until several years after the accident.

    The movie thing is still odd to me. Not that MP wouldn’t make sure KB was cast in a movie that he was doing, but there seems to be nothing else on it., except what her fan site was able to find on the Stealth Media site. Which I can’t even find.

    And Vogue UK bloggers need to do their homework:

    “Next up, is the Calvin Klein Collection show – which always draws some of the biggest stars of the week to its front row seats. No doubt the likes of Naomi Watts, Emma Stone or Kate Bosworth will be in attendance this season to see the latest round of directional and sensual designs from Francisco Costa.”

    If they’d bother to do a few minutes of research they’d discover that KB hasn’t been to a CK show in two years.

  • Macy

    Well she looks good here actually. Whatever she’s doing to her face needs to stop though, she can barely move it. Polish looks as creepy as ever.Nobody needs to be associated with Chris Brown, not even Bosworth.

  • chelle

    @Macy: Or the Kartrashians

  • chelle

    OK in the enlarged pictures that dress is awful… her hair color is SOME better but she would still look tons better if she had the short style like when she was with Orly

  • ladybug

    @Macy: The Chris Brown appearance really ticks me off, even more than having the Kartrashians there. Just because Rihanna is too mentally fubared to not stop going back to him doesn’t mean you have to invite him to the opening of your store, and then have your picture taken with him.

    @chelle, well, in close ups the dress is rather odd looking. But from a distance she looks alright. Much better than whatever the heck it was that JLo was wearing.

  • Lorelai Gilmore

    She is a STRONG, SUCCESSFUL, AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN who uses Love Gifts for Women from AthenaToysDotcom

  • Macy

    Yeah me too. That *sshole was way too easily forgiven. Even though Bosworth is totally annoying, she’s not a violent douche like this guy. Though I see she tweeted JJ’s photo of her, which is totally lame.

  • Sandra

    Kate’s gorgeous!

  • oy

    Again, why is this woman famous?

  • Really?

    I wouldn’t really call that expression a smile. You can tell she’s trying to smile, but she’s not quite pulling it off.

  • Fashionista

    Head to toe fabulous!

  • saaj