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Rihanna: Birthday Stroll with Chris Brown in Hawaii!

Rihanna: Birthday Stroll with Chris Brown in Hawaii!

Rihanna holds onto her boyfriend Chris Brown‘s hand while taking a stroll along the beach on Wednesday (February 20) in Oahu, Hawaii.

The “Stay” singer celebrated her 25th birthday that afternoon and looks like she wanted to spend it with her beau!

“Pour it up pour it up! #birthdaybehavior,” Rihanna wrote on Instagram, along with a pic of herself sitting on Chris‘ lap in a van.

“#epic day already, I woke up to sunshine in paradise and #STAY done jumped 54 spots to #3 on the BillboardHot100!!” Rihanna wrote on Twitter.

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rihanna birthday stroll with chris brown in hawaii 01
rihanna birthday stroll with chris brown in hawaii 02
rihanna birthday stroll with chris brown in hawaii 03
rihanna birthday stroll with chris brown in hawaii 04
rihanna birthday stroll with chris brown in hawaii 05
rihanna birthday stroll with chris brown in hawaii 06

Photos: AKM-GSI, Instagram
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  • andy

    my question is why….why riri??

  • Yousef

    yawn :o

  • Seha

    It’s a bit disturbing to see Rihanna with CB again but she can’t help who she falls in love with.

  • ab

    I didnt know Rihanna would be such a STUPID girl! sad

  • Tee

    i knew she was stupid for a long time.

  • LooseLipz

    I can’t decide who I loathe more, this annoying overrated slutty smut chick or the narcissistic no-talent Kim K.

  • Jessi

    Can we please agree to stop with the stories about them. She made her choice as stupid as it is, so be it. But to give them publicity for their sick relationship is just too much. Please stop reporting on them!

  • Dee

    Ghetto alert: You can see her weave wanting to fly away from her head. lol

  • Emp

    LOVE Rihanna and Happy Birthday babe. N chris brown I don’t personally like him but if Rihanna is okay with him so am I. Live Laugh and Fun its what its all about

  • me

    sips tea. what’s new?

  • Thomas kingi

    happy birthday Rihanna yol!! must bee mistaking, for the bahamas, humilation Chris brown eye drama’s pull down yah pants foresaking.
    tattoo’s describe personalities trance ugly arts, thats your making subscribe.
    Mac!! products make up plaque not a varible study impact motto formating NOT!!!
    Dark repretation wit Drake and chris brown, inspiration blow out the fake candles underground thats how your present marked, package and handle lounge, celebration good times.
    Breezy bussiness security professionality elevation negative witness consurmers, sensitive threw the bottle abusive big time!! like lotto!! you losee.
    Feel the abusive wriiten in yah present, un attractive lesson, bitteness in Chris brown ambarassment image, physically listen.

    Geeeeee pop!!!! pop!!!! pop!!!! pop!!!!! boff!!!!( )boff!!!!( )boff!!!!( )boff!!!
    Geeeee pop!!! pop!!! pop!!! boff!!!!( )boff!!!!( )boff!!!!( )boff
    melissa comforde yol!!!! dance is not in demand!!!

  • Mimi

    I bet you all have watched videos on youtube of men sucker punching random women, or laughed and cheered when the Bus Driver punched the woman, but somehow a rich millionaire woman deserves more sympathy than the average constantly abused woman who can’t get a tabloid in the media for the life of her? Rihanna isn’t a abused woman, she got into a fight with her spoiled also rich boyfriend. They’re both spoiled rich celebrities that people stan over because of their looks and fame. Human beings are quite a disguting, superficial bunch.

  • eric

    They seem to be enjoying themselves. Happy Birthday Rihanna!

  • minnie

    What a messed up situation. He doesn’t seem too thrilled in that pic with her in his lap, either. If he did spend time with his other ex before flying to see Rihanna, then I really cant with these 2 anymore.

    I am fine with “letting them be”, but they obviously want us (or his other ex) to know about it…

  • souless wanderer

    Ike and tina turner

  • GR

    Sure Rhianna, getting some PR as the -Oh my god the poor abused girl- is more important, than making a stand against violent male behaviour.
    She is disgusting!

  • Diedre

    Sooo tired of hearing about these two. Can somebody please wake me up when either of them actually does something noteworthy?

  • Dollbaby

    How about you just stay asleep and not bother to read the stories hmm? I mean, if you’re sooo tired of hearing about them. FOH

  • Dollbaby

    They will stop reporting when you stop reading. #SIMPLE

  • me

    @Dollbaby: yeah. let’s all not read it anymore. then their business is worthless and they can go die. great. lol. you know this’ not gonna work if they wanna stay on the news right with every lil thingy? lol

  • Anonymous

    @Dollbaby: how about we all ignore abuse and just sleep it off? good choice –_–

  • Matt Kemp

    She has always loved Chris more than he loves her.

  • Uh huh

    pancake butt

  • Lilly

    Cause it’s her life, now mind your own

  • Lilly

    @ Mattt Kemp, shut up

  • Lilly

    Are you talking about your mama and papa. Mind your damn business.

  • Love

    I could care less about her personal life, but she really does love him and will do anything for him. She looked so happy , the first time in years. Wish them all the best.

  • Rayray

    @Lilly: matt kemp right… body language says it all and not just in this photo. He got her back- he’s proved his point and improved his public image (slightly, some don’t fall for that BS) I say all the best to them both- really.

  • Mix-Girl

    she has zero self respect it’s quite evident !

  • http://@RinajZ zum zum

    in ain’t nobody business…but her’s and Chris

  • ortf

    She’s deserve no respect.
    She’s down for me.

  • Marilyn

    You sound like someone who helps abuse victims personally. Hands on. That is truly admirable. Thanks for being a person who takes action rather than just spewing hatred on a blog toward an abuse victim who is still in the cycle. The internet brings out the most disgusting in peoople doesn’t it?

  • guest

    awww love is in the air… love Ri Ri! She looks so happy with Chris…i hope they surprise all the naysayers and make it work this time!

  • jamal

    she looks soo lost in live

  • Rai

    Of course he’s dragging her along in that walking/handsheld picture, because he has no respect for her.

    the the woman beating punk bitch piece of shit.

  • Rai
  • Boy

    She’s way too into him, and he seems like he’s not into her at all. Is he sleeping in that one pic, where she’s all happy and looking into the camera? There’s just no picture of him looking at her, ever! That says a lot. Men are very visual, and when they like someone, they can’t not look. They keep looking, and smiling, and not just at the person’s body, but moreso their face. You just don’t see that with these two.

    I think he’s with her, because of the fame and the status it gives him. He probably thinks that if the victim can forgive him, so will the rest of the world. And because she’s world famous, he thinks that probably by association, his record sales will go up. It’s just a good look for him. But besides that, I don’t think he likes her.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!

    Happy Birthday, Rihanna!
    I wish you a delicious BIRTHDAY CAKE !

  • mila

    she looks happy and in love, he looks bored and and saying “whatever”.

  • YUP

    @Matt Kemp you are so right. It’s kind of sad to watch but like a car accident you just can look away. At least now I know I’m not the only one who see it.

  • just me

    Very sad . Riannah think this good and its not. Chris brown is no bettter than to go back with her. Both are sick people to say the least. And people are grabbing at this like its something special and its not. Why chris brown think that people like this anyway? People don’t when he had a nice girlfriend and went back hanging with her cause his ex didn’t like her. Riannag doing this for publicity onlly. When she know that chris is not really into her. why beg and please with a man to be with you and be with a no good woman. chris brown, Nobody win here, why do people hook up with their exs anyway? It don’t get any better with that off and on relationship. When there are lies going on with both or them. Riannah is a control freak. And chris brown is a weak man to say the least. If he don’t want to be with her tell her so,

  • MyLeNe – Montreal

    One Day he will give her a other shot and she will regret to take him back .. i don’t see a happy ending for this relationship ..

  • Tanya

    Would you all SHUT THE F**K UP since when did you all have the right to judge anyone or anyones relationship? We all make mistakes some worse than others i don’t condone his actions by any means i myself was a victim of physical and mental abuse for a long time but thats different from one mistake. Personally i hate judgemental a**holes that think they know everything, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors so go back to living YOUR life and stop butting in to others. i only come on this site for fashion tips not to sit on my chair and think ‘oh my god what a idiot, oh my god why are they famous?’ blah blah if you have a problem with it don’t click on the story idiots

  • Steph

    Who cares? We need more Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins thanks :D

  • Rosa

    It’s just a matter of time before he uses his fists to decorate her face again. He has not changed one bit. Remember GMA and his interview with Robin? She is a pathetic and negative role model for young girls the world over.

  • AMY

    I beat you she’s one of those girls who loves being slapped around.

  • Rosa

    @Tanya: And you have no issues, do you? Try counseling, it might help your bitterness and hatred.

  • Tiana

    i think the sad part is that people are almost kinda WAITING for him to hit her again just so they can get the satisfaction of saying i told you so. if she chose to get back with him she simply did, if things go sour thats HER truth and reality that she is gonna have to live with not ours. its easy to judge form the outside looking in. we dont know Chris or Rihanna on a personal level. all we can do is pray and support them not wait for something bad to happen. come on people. smdh

  • Pamela C. Kelly

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  • Kevin