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Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Poster!

Alexander Skarsgard: 'The East' Poster!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps it cool while arriving at LAX Airport for a departing flight on Friday (March 15) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor took the time to sign his autograph for an awaiting fan while heading to his terminal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Earlier in the week, Alexander was spotted grabbing some lunch with his friends in Los Feliz.

Check out the newly released poster for Alexander‘s upcoming film The East, which is scheduled to premiere tomorrow at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival.

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alexander skarsgard the east poster 01
alexander skarsgard the east poster 02
alexander skarsgard the east poster 03
alexander skarsgard the east poster 04
alexander skarsgard the east poster 05
alexander skarsgard the east poster 06

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ladybug

    Looking good, as usual.

    Though I’m not sure The East’s showing at SWSX can be called a premiere, since it that at Sundance.

  • Lilla

    Looking good :)

  • Creative

    I LOVE HIM!!!

  • Warped

    He looks great! Can’t wait for more of him, Ellen, Brit and Zal together.
    They are so much fun to watch.

  • Strange

    Yummy!! Looking good !!

  • East

    He looks amazingly good. Go East!

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Yes, he looks good – and more relaxed here than in the pics with this scratch on his cheek. But I wouldn’t say it isn’t a real premiere – or would he attend there in this case if not? Either way – I hope for some red carpet pics and perhaps an little interview, this would be nice.

    As for JJ’s moderation sys. problem: good grief – all my posts in the last 1 or 2 AS news posts was been moderated. That’s why I had this bigger break regarding posting comments (aside of some other pesky things I had to do recently). I tried it several times, but it didn’t worked. No clue why. Really, this moderation system is sometimes just sowhat of frustrating…I wish JJ could finally solve this problem…*eye roll*

  • Ceara

    I had a dream about him a couple nights ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it!

  • Creative

    I know how you feel.

  • Kimble

    And we .will be hearing some hooking up report/flirting with some wannabe model boney- Skelton -type -bleach-proxied blond- 20yold he has a type like Leo dicap best buddies wh:re chicks -around like candy .-

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: It’s not a premiere, it first showed at Sundance. But it’s the closing film at SWSX and therefore another chance for he and Zal and Brit to promote the film. So yes, since he had the free time this is something he’d do. As he did in January for Disconnect with the Santa Barbara Film Festival. That wasn’t its premiere, that had happened several months ago. But it was a chance to promote it.

    And the moderation system has gotten even goofier again the last two days. You’d think by now, with over two months of it being even worse than normal they’d have fixed it. Or maybe they just don’t care anymore.

    @Warped, he and Zal, Brit and Ellen seemed to have so much together at Sundance.

  • Reba

    His body is AMAZING! But his hair and forehead bug the shit out of me!

  • Samantha Patterson

    Having lived in Austin, TX, for 5 years, where SXSW happens, I can tell you it does not attract boney model wannabes, so I wouldn’t expect any hook-up reports from this weekend.

  • Macy

    I don’t really like the way he does his hair either, but it looks ok when it’s styled for photoshoots. The rest of him is hot though. LOL

  • SB

    Hey JJ, heads up, that guy isn’t a fan. He’s one of those celeb stalkers that has handfuls of pictures, posters, etc and waits for a celeb to sign it, then sells it……

  • Canuck

    Question pulled forward from the last thread:
    Why isn’t KBVS getting any film roles? I find that very strange.

  • Derma

    He has had botox or a treatment done. Perhaps laser. His skin is different to last week. Zoom you will see.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: Reposting your entire comment from last thread:

    “I think that getting paid $100,000 for showing up at a store opening for a few hours is easy money. Can’t say I’d turn down an offer like that. As for swag, at least he actually wears what he gets. He’s been sporting that IWC watch ever since he went to one of their events. I’d guess that doing a few of these, usually choice “man’s man” type products/brands was perhaps a calculated plan by his agent on the path to getting him endorsement deals. Which worked, first Hickey Freeman then Calvin Klein. Most of the people mentioned in that article would give their right arms for that sort of a deal.

    It occured to me last night that we never hear about KSVB doing any films in her time off. Why?”

    She did film one movie role in summer/fall of 2011. But looking at her IMDB page she seems to be more of a tv actress:

    As to why she’s not getting many movie roles, I have no idea. WIth AP excepted, and JM’s role in Magic Mike as well, the leads/supporting in TB haven’t had big movie roles so far. But they all work, whether in smaller films or tv or theatre.

    As to the rest of the comment, I think it’s correct. He went to selected events and now he doesn’t have to. He has actual endorsement deals.

    @SB, I though that man looked familiar.

  • LornaTeller

    What’s with the mom jeans?

  • Botox?


    What’s with the Shiney forehead? Tell me he’s not doing a Charlize and having the filler treatments.

  • STFU

    He look askardorkable cute but in agreement the mom jeans got to go. They are ageing and look like what grandma wants men to wear.

  • Cupid

    Hope he hooks up with Brit again and leaves Lucy brat face Griffiths in the dust.

  • Sindy T. Evert

    my co-worker’s mom makes $77/hour on the laptop. She has been out of a job for six months but last month her income was $15073 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more…

  • ALFS

    You’re an idiot he could just be using a cream of sort there is nothing on his face to show that he went to some treatment or got something done, plus he was probably dry skin from all that vamp makeup and Alex doesn’t look like the kind to moisturize everyday or get enough bed rest which does help and everyone is making so much fuss it was a bruise alot of people bruise and he is white so it shows. You think he would walk down the street do so many errands, carpet drop then gas while he knew he was being followed if he was so vain he would have got something done to his face then surface. Plus you could see his bruise on Saturday at SHM concert probably arrive home late on Sunday so went would he get this work done. Because Monday he had lunch face looked fine then. You people are fools and are always looking for some thing to say because your lives are vapid and HIS JEANS are fine. He looks great his face just looks shiny because he proabably wearing some face cream and the pap were right up in his face flashing away.

  • Warped

    Jeans look great. Wonder if they are Calvin Klein?

  • Keiko

    Yeah, what’s with the jeans and skin comments? His jeans look exactly like they always do except he’s wearing a belt so maybe they aren’t hanging as low as usual. I think he looks amazing, and his skin looks clean and totally natural. His arms are so perfect. And his neck. His arms and neck are competing for best prize in this photo set.

  • akfanlove

    Not getting the jeans riffs at all…sure they’re Calvin Klein, but even if they aren’t, those long legs and buff chest can be draped in anything and look fantastic…or nothing is a good look too.
    Can’t wait to see everything he has coming up. The East promo looks like a really cool movie. Disconnect looks fantastic, and that more carefree and lovable side of him in What Maizse Knew. The man can do it all.
    True blood should be extactic to have him, just wish they would ramp up his storyline to what it deserves to be…but that’s another story. Love you Alexander! Can’t wait to see any movie you are in!

  • Slinky the Cat

    Yeah, I’m not getting the digs on his jeans or his skin for that matter. His cute little butt looks damn good here. The man is smoking, but his jeans usually look like they’re heading south on permanent vacation, which isn’t a bad thing if you think about it. That being said, sometimes seeing his well defined thighs wrapped in denim wins the day. Guessing whoever made those remarks doesn’t pay much attention to his more regular fashion choices.

    I’m not sure which of his movies I’m looking forward to more. Right now, it’s The East. Tomorrow it’ll be Maisie. I’m liking the Skarsmörgåsbord we’ve got going on. They all look good. Cannot wait!

  • Minpin lover

    I work in the fashion and retail industry. I’m with the ladies on the jeans comments but the skin comments are unfair. He doesn’t handle the sun so well and gets a shiny forehead so what? He needs to go back to wearing his jeans low the way he used to as its younger and more flattering. Maybe the outdated older fans don’t get how jeans should look on a young man. He can fix the jeans but you can’t fix your ugly personalities.

  • Jojo

    He looks like Dylan Mckay from 90210 circa 90′s.

  • newish

    @Minpin lover: for all we know you could be the cleaner. I AM a fashion student the jeans are fine.

  • ladybug

    @Slinky the Cat: Well, he could ask CK to custom design jeans that actually fit his butt, but something tells me he doesn’t really care that much. Pity for us! :)
    But other than that the jeans are fine.

  • Yuku OhNo


    Calm down Livelong from yuku, you’ll bust something. Wink. Such a Savage response.

  • Lana

    I luv him. He’s such a great actor and so cute. I’m really excited about his upcoming movies. The True Blood writers are idiots if they don’t realize what a good thing they have going. I hope he gets more screen time next season. I only watch that show for him.

  • Kia
  • oy

    That poster looks like a rehab version of the Brady Bunch intro.

  • YOLO


    Your another ten thousandth fashion student and wannabe designer from the AS purse forum LOLOL you opinion really worth much LOLOL

  • Stacey


    you mean wants to be. will be another keyboard warrior wanting in industry to touch Alex peen lol

  • Cafélady

    @Slinky the Cat: #28 Skarsmörgåsbord? I like that one. :) It’s really a nice selection what he offers to us now (movie-wise), isn’t it? LoL
    I looking forward to all his new movies, I haven’t really a #1 in that row. WMK is a special, of course, just alone for the great interacting of him and Onata. But ‘The East’ (and ‘Disconnect’ too) has also a really important thing as topic – so hard to decide what could be a #1 on the waiting list.
    I know only one thing; I want to see them all! :)

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #11
    “And the moderation system has gotten even goofier again the last two days. You’d think by now, with over two months of it being even worse than normal they’d have fixed it. Or maybe they just don’t care anymore.”

    This wouldn’t be a good idea, if they really wouldn’t care for it anymore. I mean, I guess I’m not the only one who often is frustrated by the moderation system. It can’t be in their intention, to annoy the fans of the site. May be, it’s a more difficult thing to solve the system problems, than we imagine…

    As for KBvS; of course I too don’t know her reasons, why she hasn’t had bigger movies to do up to now. May be, she hadn’t had good offers until now – but couldn’t it also be possible that she just has not enough time for that? I mean, her time window for other projects is as big (or small) as that of her colleagues – but she is also additionally an artist (in painting). Perhaps she uses the rest of the time (after TB schedule) for her art respectively for painting? I could imagine that now, since she has a more known name, that there are also could exist more people (than previously) who would like to buy her pictures. From what I could see on her site, she is really talented.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more difficult IT issues concerning the comment system. OTOH, if they’re this consistent perhaps JJ should look into a different system.
    As for KBvS, I wouldn’t be surprised if she too is getting enough money from TB to say yes only to the the projects that interest her. She has her painting, plus her animal advocacy issues, so it’s not as if she’s sitting around her house waiting for roles.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: #41 My comment has been ‘eaten’ again, so I’ll try it again *sigh*…that I had totally forgotten to mention – her activities for animal projects/animal protection. See, then it is easy to explain. Perhaps she had other offers – but had no interest for the offered role. And in this case; not if it take then too much time away from the things for which she possibly already reserved the rest of her time. And if they really all (the main cast of TB) get that salary that you’ve recently mentioned…in that case she has the possibility to decide what she want to give the bigger priority…

    That’s another thing what I find (among others) so inspiring by her. Her interest/activity for animal protection and ecological topics. From what I could see from her (web)site and so on, she is everything else than an superficial celeb. It seems actually like as if she would care for others and also for a lot of important things – and not only for that to be an successful actress.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: I think the two million a year is Alex/Anna/Stephen only, they’re the leads, no one else can really be can considered that. However, I’m sure she makes a very nice salary.