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Daniel Craig: Aston Martin Convertible Purchase!

Daniel Craig: Aston Martin Convertible Purchase!

Daniel Craig is all bundled up while heading to a workout session at a local gym on Friday (March 15) in New York City.

On the same day, the 45-year-old English actor’s wife Rachel Weisz showed her stripes while walking her son Henry to school.

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The day before, Rachel was seen walking hand in hand with Henry while heading to his school.

Daniel was recently spotted picking up car keys for his new Aston Martin convertible in London. Maybe a birthday present for himself?

15+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig heading to the gym in the Big Apple…

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daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 01
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 02
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 03
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 04
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 05
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 06
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 07
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 08
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 09
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 10
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 11
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 12
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 13
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 14
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 15
daniel craig ashton martin convertible purchase 16

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  • bela
  • dont hit i’m belgium

    Craig also grabed the cellphone of a fan who wanted to take pic of him and Rachel in a supermarket and yelled him

    i’m against the paps but if you can’t support that a fan(even unpolite) takes a pic of you ,you stay at home and you refuse to act James Bond

  • MS

    well .. he is James Bond after all)))

  • Joe

    @dont hit i’m belgium: yelled? No, he did NOT yell or scream. The STORY came from unreliable source information — The National Enquirer!!
    However Daily Star/Daily Mail and many outlets spread an exaggerated rumor.
    The original report is here:
    “BOND…JAMES BOND!” DANIEL CRAIG, shopping with wife RACHEL WEISZ at a market near their NYC home, cast a spy’s eye at a suspicious guy lurking nearby…pointing a cell phone right at them!

    Quicker than you can say “Look…it’s 007,” Craig narrowed his eyes and whirled, snatching the cell out of the suddenly petrified guy’s hand and snapped: “Is watching me food shopping with my wife all that interesting to you?”

    Said My SpyWitness: “Daniel was really angry but before he could do something he might regret – like destroy the phone – Rachel stepped in and gave the guy a stern, but polite, lecture on privacy, then ordered hubby to give the phone back.

    Daniel handed it over, but ASKED the guy to please delete the VIDEO he’d taken.

    The man obliged, erased it pronto while apologizing for the incident, then quickly split as James…er, Daniel and Rachel went back to their shopping.”
    See, he was angry. However, he NEVER freaked out!! Anyway this STORY is false because, you know, it’s The National Enquirer!

  • Kim

    If I were Daniel, I wouldn’t care to the kind of fan who don’t know how to behave properly and politely.

  • Pamela

    I don’t believe this **** rumor. Why do people believe lies and rumors so easily? My SpyWitness? lol Who are you? An anonymous sells the story to a gossip site as National Enquirer. They place the story without confirmation.

  • Alex

    Daniel is still in New York, so he won’t go to Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, right? Damn, Herald Sun AU…. lazy journalism!

  • Lili

    Rachel is a gorgeous woman and her son looks just like her! Beautiful couple!

  • @Joe

    I noticed the same thing. Firstly, Showbiz Spy picked up the article of The National Enquirer. Daily Star followed Showbiz Spy and blow the whole thing out of proportion. Daniel didn’t go mad, and he asked to delete the video calmly. Rachel didn’t demand an apology. A man apologized to them with his own will. So I posted it to Daily Mail, but they refused to put my comment twice!! LOL
    Ok, Daily Mail wants to pour oil on the fire.

  • Tom

    I highly doubt Daniel bought Aston Martin. In the first place, I can’t believe he chose the red. Secondly, there’s only two V12VR’s in Flame Orange in UK (one the AML demo, the other recently was sold to Grange Exeter)
    I think Daniel is satisfied with his old pal, Audi.
    Did Daniel Craig buy this Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster?

  • Nikitta

    Daniel is a punk. He probably hits Rachel at home, that’s the type of man he is.

  • Rachel Girl

    @Nikitta: Rachel is not such a weak woman. If he hits her, she leaves their home immediately. I don’t believe this made-up story coz I never heard such a thing in NY. And it was published by The National Enquirer….
    I hate NE. They posted it — Rachel Hannah Weisz Before And After.

  • Kayla

    A fan? I don’t think so!! If the man adore Daniel or Rachel, he never suddenly present his phone in front of their face. None of us knows this situation anyway, and Duhhhhhh National Enquirer? Ha!

  • Becca

    It’s so weird. I find that hard to believe. I checked Rachel things on twitter and FaceBook every day. But Nobody tweeted/commented this. (sorry, I don’t check Daniel’s). Rachel and Daniel never have been spotted for shopping grocery at a small grocery store together so far this year. They sometimes are spotted at grocery store in Upstate NY last year, though.

  • Mark

    The National Enquirer. ENOUGH SAID.

  • Becca

    Do you know women who suffered from domestic violence? They all look very miserable, are skin and bones. Rachel has become more and more beautiful since her marriage, always says she’s so happy for having a wonderful husband and son.

  • Amy

    I posted it before. They were spotted at a grocery store ONCE this year. In London, NOT in New York! The witness said they were nice! But nobody sold the pretty good story to any gossip sites! Why? lol
    neel ‏@neel_mistry
    It’s not often you get a chance to do grocery shopping alone with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. Nice people.

  • Julia

    To be honest, people don’t like a good rumor. They tend to believe a rumor that is worse than a good rumor.
    “Daniel Craig is a nice guy, friendly and politely to a fan”
    “Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz support the Free-ranging urban dog in NY”
    “Daniel Craig supports the children’s hospital in UK”
    Maybe their fans click the link, however many people ignore them. If celebs want to have their good rumor brought, they must pay money to a tabloid/gossip web!! XD

  • Elle

    I heard Daniel/Rachel support the Cat Rescue in NYC.

  • gera

    what is real?

    Rachel Weisz Shaken & Stirred By 007 Daniel Craig’s Fan Photo Requests!

    You’d think being married to James Bond would have its benefits, but Rachel Weisz certainly isn’t seeing any!

    Everywhere she goes with husband and current 007 Daniel Craig, 44, die-hard Bond fans fall over themselves to get a snap with their favorite star and exclusively reports that it’s leaving Oscar-winner Rachel, 42, shaken AND stirred because she can’t believe how popular he is!

    “Daniel’s popularity has soared since playing James Bond and he’s often asked by fans for a picture,” a source told

    “He is very aware of the duties of playing such a famous character and always stops to give fans what they want. He never shirks his responsibilities.”

    The source continued, “But Rachel often gets frozen out, she gets pushed aside while they pose next to Daniel or, even worse, is asked to take the picture herself!

    “She just can’t understand it. Rachel’s won an Oscar, but that’s not as impressive as getting snapped with James Bond.

    In one instance, Rachel had to tear Daniel away from a horde of fans asking them, ‘Can I have my husband back?’

    “When she married Daniel, she didn’t expect to be getting James Bond as well!”

  • Carolina D. Smith

    just as Shannon responded I am amazed that some people can profit $4364 in a few weeks on the computer. have you seen this web link….

  • Magda

    So now any filthy tabloid can write whatever they want, without any evidence, just to attract publicity? I think the story about a fan who was trying to make video of Daniel and Rachel was all made-up. Besides, stars have the right to privacy and nobody should invade this without first asking. Now this crappy piece of “news” has been published by all online sites and many people are bashing Daniel for his “unfortunate behaviour”. Yet, if the story were true – whose behaviour was improper? I’d say the “fan’s”. Here’s and old video of Daniel dealing very politely with a fan/paparazzo trying to video him and Satsuki in St. Bart:

  • Lux

    These stories are all such bullshit. The tabloids just keep getting worse and worse.

  • Alex

    Good find! The National Enquirer versus The Radar Online…..
    I can hardly decide which is a reliable source!!! LOL
    BTW outlets like Daily Mail/HuffPost/Daily Star picked the Rachel’s story up ever? I trust neither The National Enquirer nor The Radar Online. But why do tabloids take up only the Daniel’s one? Just saying…..

  • Alex

    @Magda: Well, but many people don’t know the story came from the most unreliable source, The National Enquirer. NE spread malicious gossip without proofs AGAIN!!!!! BS!