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Beyonce's 'Bow Down/I Been On' - Listen Now!

Beyonce's 'Bow Down/I Been On' - Listen Now!

Check out Beyonce‘s newly released song “Bow Down/I Been On,” posted to her Soundcloud account on Sunday (March 17).

The 31-year-old entertainer also posted a promo pic on her Instagram to celebrate the new song, which was produced by famed producer Hit Boy!

“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife,” Beyonce sings on the track. “Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted, this my sh-t, bow down b-tches.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down/I Been On”??

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  • Oh Beyhive

    time to retire..liar!

  • Olie

    flop her down…!



  • Koko

    Beyonce is the joke of the decade ! Remember Obama’s inauguration big lipped whooopppssss ?

  • Gia

    i have no time/respect for profanity and wannabe ghetto stripper…..

  • K


  • an opinion

    Now I understand why Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow are friends. Both are arrogant and patronizing.

  • Lady J

    I’m a fan of B but this song is NOT a great one. Not feeling it and to me it seems beneath her but hey to each their own.

  • Rohan

    All these people with these negative comments on a person they don’t even know personally tells me what kind of people they are. Some of the comments on here are totally not necessary!! If you like the song say you like it, if you don’t say you don’t and keep it moving! I would like to know what people would think and say about yall! Especially since you have no talent, no money, no beauty and can’t sing a note.

  • sunnyautumn

    Bow down? She is trying too hard to act like someone in their early 20s.

  • Elijah

    Beyonce is ALLOWED to be full of herself lol. She runs the world haters. This #BeyNation. KNOW THIS


    Ayyye different and definitely a risk but taking mad props to Beyonce.

  • tee

    Ummm, for people who don’t know or understand what “screw” music is. This is what she did. She is paying homage to the music that originated in H-town. It’s chopped and scrwed. duh…. I don’t care what anyone says, this beat is sick!!!! Hitboy killed it!!!

  • me

    @funny witch:


    she is going about it WRONG. Run The World was amazing but bcause it wasnt recieved well she began this campaign to be liked and relatable…THEN this massive attitude and EGO came out and it’s NONSTOP!!!

    she is bugging me.hard.

  • Alesha B

    Horrible! I don’t know what she was thinking when she made this song.. I usually am a fan of Beyonce but I feel like she’s trying to stay relevant and compete with younger, newer, better artist. Bow down b****s? B**** please!

  • Covergirl85

    Can’t Say Queen Bey, don’t get you talking lol! On another note check out Jewish Soul Singer Amy Faithe as she covers Emile Sande Smash Hit!! “Next To Me”

  • rhea

    @an opinion: WORD!

  • tboo

    She needs to sing irreplaceable to herself….TO THE LEFT, TO THE LEFT!!!!

  • I BOW to no one FAKEONCE

    To Beyonce and her fans, this dumb as rock no speaking woman just killed her career. This thing is blowing up all over the internet and it looks bad for Beyonce. You don’t tell people to bow down to you. Backlash, Backlash and a double backlash. Boycott Beyonce’s new album everybody and lets have her bow down to us. We put her where she is and we can make some one else hot while she fades out.

  • cooled

    This song is Trash!!!

  • DoneWithHer

    She is so FAKE!
    if her “good” side is claiming Christianity, why would she say bow down.. towards herself??? idolization much?? FAKE much??
    snippet or not this crap sucks.
    beyonce is and has been old news.
    and her little act of “struggling” between the good girl “beyonce” and the bad side “sasha fierce”. it’s quite OBVIOUS which one she choose by stating
    “dont think im just his little wife”
    Everyone knows Jay-z is bad news,, Neyo even stated “Jay-z is not someone you want mad at you.”
    smh.. Yal some DUMB fans if you really bow down to someone who demands it calling you a bitch in the process…

  • DoneWithHer

    @Taylor Fans Forever:

    why should she ?? its not like she even cares for the one she has already!
    out trying to make a comeback.. she needs to go home and take care of her child instead of being selfish and have all the attention on her,,
    it aint about her no more

  • RevaDaDiva

    Mrs Queen Carter killed it again…see ppl think you always are going to be nice and polite but everyone WOMAN has a “im feed up side”. real. talk don’t hate.

    Keep it up B

  • V


  • Luis


    If she wants to give a teaser she needs to take a page out of the Birthday Cake book. That got people wanting more, This gets people grabbing the remote faster. Nothing sexy or seductive about this song.

  • http://@laurielovesadam Solo

    Realy Bey? Really? i think we just got punked.

  • Rochelle Maclin

    After having a baby and sining at the inauguration. I would not think beyonce would come out with this dump song. I hate it!!!!! Why should people bow down to you?? Because you have money!!!! The only person I will bow down to is my Lord Jesus Christ. Beyonce who do you think you are God??? Just like your on top it can all come down. See how money and power go to people head. STOP IT.

  • SpeakTruth

    Seriously? Is this what music has come to? She needs to get off her high horse, she’s so full of herself. You make music Beyonce, that’s it. You’re not God…there is only one worthy of our worship and His name is not Beyonce, sorry

  • MsKay

    First of all, this song sounds like GARBAGE. Second of all, how can you claim to be a Christian and you have the nerve to say BOW DOWN…to who? YOU? Last time I checked, she is NOT God. You do not run anybody’s world, at least not mine. You need to eat some humble pie, chick.

    Beyonce, are you really this insecure that you need to make a derogatory, expletive laden song to proclaim that you are the best? If you really were the best, you wouldn’t need to say it. Threatened much?

    Aren’t you Ms. Women Run the World and now you’re out here calling us “bitches”? Really? Beyonce, get your story straight and figure who you are. Not something NINA SIMONE would do, since you had the nerve to liken yourself to her (which was a total farse, given you are her antithesis in every way).

    Maybe some of your numb-skull, stupid worshippers to whom you can do no wrong (those who refer to her as “Queen Bey”) worship you Beyonce, but I for one will not, do not, never have, and never will. I don’t even understand how it is possible to admire and worship someone as much as some of these commenters do….it’s pathetic and scary.

    Anyway, this song is trash. Beyonce, you are old news. Stop it. Go nurse your child or something.

  • MsKay



  • MRS. W

    I love Beyonce but what the hell was that? Sounded like it was going to be jamming, then went into some gothic instrumentals. Not feeling it!

  • Di Di

    You are so right. This girl is too full of herself. When she reaches Michael Jackson or even Madonna status she’ll be doing something. Until then I wish she would go somewhere and learn to speak. AND, somehow she’s convinced she can’t get attention unless she’s half-naked. She is EXTREMELY insecure and has very low self-esteem. YET she’s called a role model??????!!!!! I can only pray for her. Another thing, she’s always saying how humble she is. She LOVES this attention and glory. She’s greedy for it, you can see it in her eyes. Humble people don’t have to proclaim it, it can be seen and heard by the way they speak and is SEEN in their mannerisms. This is just like in the Bible, about hypocrites who stand on rooftops and announce their salvation, what good people they are, etc. While a true Christian shows Christ by how they live, WITHOUT their having to scream it out. And we all have to remember, the devil is powerful and tricky, he wants us to bow down to him too. Hmmmmmmmm. Hey Bey, if you performed with clothes on would you still get the attention? TRY IT. A woman’s body is sacred and should be treated as such – first by the woman herself. By now you all know I’m not a Beyonce fan. For all of the geniuses who call people like myself haters, have you ever hard of preference and opinion?

  • Di Di


    Well said JOURNALISTIC. HUMILITY, Beyonce, HUMILITY. Think about it, she is ALWAYS saying how humble she is. Humble people don’t NEED to say it. They show it. She LOVES the fame and attention, she’s greedy for it, you can see it in her eyes. The girl has low self-esteem, or she would not be near-naked ALL of the time. And she’s obviously not well educated,( the way she speaks). She feels she won’t get any attention if she puts some clothes on. And for those of you who call people with the same opinion as mine, haters, there are two little things that most grown-up mature people understand, PREFERENCE and OPINION. I don’t hate her, I feel sorry for her. I’m as poor as dirt, and she is filthy rich, but, somehow I feel so sorry for her. So, I pray for her.

  • Di Di


    @Angelina – I was JUST thinking the SAME EXACT THING. !!!!! LOL And since when did a President and First Lady hang out with rappers and hip hop people anyway. What is up with THAT? I want my prez and 1st lady to be focused on world security. Not on someone who feels they can’t get attention unless they’re near-naked. This girl has NO IDEA what humble means let alone how to be humble. But she’s always saying how humble she is. She needs to a lesson from some of our previous truly humble, truly ENTERTAINING artists. She is fame and attention hungry, and and she is fake. She loves it, ergo, she is NOT humble, she’s simply FULL OF HERSELF………. For the people who would call us haters, you all need to know that there are two things most of us grown-up and mature people know, we are ALL entitled to preferences and opinions. And these are MINE.

  • Di Di

    @funny witch:

    @Funny Witch – I LOVE YOU. Beyonce is SO full of herself she CAN’T see anything else. HUMBLE – NO. SELF-ESTEEM – NO, if she had any she wouldn’t feel she needs to be near-naked to get attention. Go away Beyonce.

  • Di Di


    @ROHAN – I don’t know how old you are, but you are obviously not old enough to understand what grown up and mature people know. We are ALL entitled to two very specific things: PREFERENCE and OPINION. And the last time I checked we still live in a free country. If you don’t like what we’re saying about Beyonce, click your mouse. No one is forcing you to read these comments. Do you have talent, beauty(?), money, and are you able to sing a note? I haven’t read one comment of anyone claiming any of these things. Yet, it sounds TO ME, like you are
    assuming that none of us have any of these qualities. Baby, we are ONLY sharing our PREFENCES AND OPINIONS just like you are.

  • Di Di


    I just told ROHAN the same thing I’m gonna tell you. Grown-up, mature people understand that there are TWO things for sure, that we ALL are entitled to – PREFERENCE and OPINION. We don’t HAVE to be ‘haters’ just becasue we’re not Beyonce fans. PREFERENCE and OPINION. Remember that, it’ll take you a long way in life. I’m thinking that you are not a grown-up, mature person, yet. But you will be someday.

  • Di Di


    @ELIJAH- It’s obvious you are very young, if you weren”t you would know that PREFERENCE and OPINION is open to EVERYONE. Because some of us are not Beyonce fans does not make us ‘haters’. It ONLY means that w have a different PREFERENCE and OPINION of her than you do. That’s it and that’s ALL it means.

  • Di Di

    @Go Home:

    @GO HOME – Have we EVER heard of or had a Prez and 1st lady who were best buds with rappers and hip hoppers ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMH. I want MY president and 1st lady to concern themselves with NATIONAL SECURITY, our social security, and everything else relevant to being the prez and 1st. lady. Well I guess ther really is a FIRST time for everything. And this is one of them.

  • Di Di

    @Rochelle Maclin:

    @Rochelle Maclin – You are so RIGHT. We are to bow to none other than God. And Beyonce has the NERVE to tell someone to bow down to her. !!!!!! REMEMBER THE DEVIL WANTED US TO BOW DOWN TO HIM, TOO. AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM…… It’s just a matter of time before God is sick of her haughtiness, and she will have to bow down to HIM.

  • casht380

    @DiDi You sound like a racist fool. Why shouldn’t the President and First Lady be friends with rappers and hip hoppers? They’re friends with rockers and country westerners!!! What the others shiii don’t stink or something? SMH. Beyoncé spoke her mind and you clowns have to deal with it. She will continue to rule the game for at least another 10 strong years and there’s nothing you can do about it but Bow Down Bitches!!!

    PS. The shout out to Willie D was too gangsta!!!!

  • http://Facebook JayRaa

    OOOhh H*** nah… in my opinion she is loved by many because she never had to something like that… She know she’s nice on what she do why make a song like that when it was so unnecessary… i love beyonce For the Music she puts out but I’m with keisha On that one.Over all there is Many,Many amazing artist Out there.

  • yop

    i liked it before the creepy rappers(i think tehy are rappers idk) came in

  • Cara C

    Low class and embarrassing, the anthem of a narcissist.

  • PlushsizeDiva

    Everyone is so upset for nothing. It was a song made for pure entertainment. Yes it was vulgar but what isn’t nowadays. You can’t really turn on the tv with children in the room anymore. And let’s not forget that in his day Shakespeare was vile and vulgar, writing about inappropriate subjects, but today we praise his writing like it was elegant. It was just a song, I am sure she does not want anyone to actually bow down to her. It was just figuratively speaking to represent her position in the industry. There were no rappers, that was Bey rapping and it was “screwed” (slowed down) to pay homage to her hometown Houston, TX where screw music originated and Houston brought screw to the rest of the world. It was a fun, cocky song and my goodness after all of her accolades, awards, and hard work if she can’t have a cocky moment, none of us deserve one either. I have days where I feel like I am the BEST thing walking, and I think we all have those days. We do not need to get so riled up about a song, we need to get riled up about hate crimes, and feeding the hungry, and donating money to families in need but I am more than sure most ppl in this comment thread don’t think twice about those things. They just rather be upset about a singer who really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Don’t pray for Beyonce, pray for the woman under the bridge with the 3 children who are hungry. Beyonce has enough ppl praying for her. Just my opinion.