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Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Q&A in London!

Gerard Butler: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Q&A in London!

Gerard Butler is all smiles while attending the Meet The Filmmakers event for his new flick Olympus Has Fallen at Apple Store, Regent Street on Tuesday (April 2) in London, England.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by his co-star Aaron Eckhart.

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“Thanks for coming to the Q&A w/ Aaron Eckhart & me at the Apple Store in London! You guys were awesome. It turned out to be a real blast,” Gerard tweeted.

On the same day, Gerry was spotted exiting The Corinthia Hotel.

Gerry is scheduled to walk the red carpet at the premiere for the flick tomorrow in the UK.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a John Varvatos jacket.

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart promoting Olympus Has Fallen

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Credit: Stuart C. Wilson; Photos: Getty, INF Daily
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  • http://justjared lolita

    Well, I got to go but thank you all for the nice chats, hope you all have a nice evening/day where ever you are.

  • kite

    OOops, sorry,now if I think again, she actually asked a question in the end. It was about the possibility of a sequel.

  • GFW

    Was there an answer?

  • tony

    @what part of:
    the OHF add is there with the premiere date mentioned for april 5, and also the LA hospital video with GB…

  • meaghan

    @what part of:
    “plus she took off the pic of her & him at the Oscar Vanity party and anything that she posted about his OHF movie.”
    What are you talking about? ALL of those posts are still on her FB. She didn’t take any of them down.

  • Eileen

    @what part of:
    “a few of her fans know they broke up and have told other people to stop asking her to tell GB anything”
    It is always the same person who write that kind of comments (Gloria Van Houten) and it is probably a fake fb account. Her fans are asking the same question due to that comment.
    “she took off the pic of her & him at the Oscar Vanity party and anything that she posted about his OHF movie.”
    The pictures and the posts about OHF are still there …

  • Clamsie

    @meaghan: The droolers and Maddie-haters can’t stand it so they keep making up this crap about them breaking up. They are a working couple with famiiles and friends in different parts of the world. They’re doing the best they can with longdistance and sometimes they aren’t together.

    I think both of them are smart to give themselves time apart now and then. It keeps everything hot and spicy when they do meet up. Too much togetherness is toxic for some relationships.

    If they REALLY broke up, based on her previous behavior, she’d completely remove him from all of her fb accounts. She’s left everything up.

  • meaghan

    ALL of the Gerry posts are still on her FB — the OHF promo, the children’s hospital video, and the Vanity Fair loved up couple photo….
    There’s nothing on her FB to indicate a break up. People are just setting themselves up for disappointment when she shows up in Rome.

  • meaghan

    Speaking of MG’s facebook, I think she’s going to be at some Chanel event in Milan on Thursday, so there won’t be any London sightings of her.

  • Eileen

    “If they REALLY broke up, based on her previous behavior, she’d completely remove him from all of her fb accounts. She’s left everything up.”
    What previous behavior are you talking about?
    I don’t think they broke up … but if they do and they remain friends I don’t see why should she remove anything?. According to her VF interview, she said that if they break up she would never find a man like him again … that sound to me like she consider to keep him like a friend even if they break up.
    You come here and complain about people that claim to know things about GB but you are not different from them if you claim to know things about MG.

  • my point of view

    I hope they did not break up. He’s cool and she is beautiful. They both seemed happy.

  • Autumn

    Evening All – shout out to CGE, JDV, Ducky, Lolita, CCake and AnaB (nice to see the old gang around) and everyone else too numerous to mention.

    Loved the film – would like a sequel – my SS buds saw it and liked it a great deal – they want a sequel too (said it’s about time we get portrayed as bad azzes) – these guys are very testosterone driven.

    Would love GB in a period piece: I want Sean Connery as the DAD, Billy Connolly as the Uncle; GB as the oldest brother; James MacAvoy as the younger brother; Kelly McDonald as the sister; then work in Robert Carlyle, Ewan McGregror, Simon Kidd, and Dougray Scott : pretty much a Scottish Dream Team – at the least the accents would be authentic! I love my countrymen!

    Nice to see the press tour with AE – he’s a really down to earth guy; owns a ranch in Montana – pretty cool and very private – he was raised a Mormon which is also cool. Perhaps it’s why he keeps his life private and maybe he can rub off a bit on our hot Scot.

    I thought GB sold his London apartment – remembering an interview where it was mentioned briefly. Had to laugh with the mention of no Englishmen in London any more – sad but a tad true. And yes, we only feel at home in Scotland – BIG SMILE!

    Best to all – have a great week!

  • meaghan

    I think Aaron has been a really good traveling companion for Gerry on this tour. He seems really low key and grounded. No drama.
    Also – can we find a role for Peter Mullan in your period piece? Love, love, love him. One of the best voices on film!

  • Clamsie

    @Eileen: Uh…have you seen anything on her fb pages about previous bfs?

    No. If she did date Leo, she removed every shred of it from her fb pages.

    She hasn’t broken up with Gerry at all in spite of some of the best faked efforts on this board to try to make the claim they did.


  • Autumn

    @meaghan: Absolutely the more the merrier! Will have to google Mr. Mullan? Have a lovely evening.


  • Totally Useless Information

    I believe Little Maddie and GB are still together, too, which is too bad for her considering how nice she looks with a man closer to her own age being young, wild and free.

  • @Kite

    I was at the Apple Event with friends and Moira said nothing of the sort. I think it was something like enjoying the film is the best fun you can have with your clothes on. Got lots of laughs even from Gerry. He even shouted out to her when he first saw her. Doesn’t seem the actions of someone who doesn’t want to encourage things IMO?? The interviewer could even see a connection between the 2 of them. He automatically said to her before opening things to audience that he expects she has a question so she can go first. You’re obviously not a fan of hers but people can make their own mind up when podcast released.

  • Higlandhottie

    @what part of:

    Um…r u sure bout that cuz I just went thru her FB page and all those pictures are STILL there….vanity Fair, the OHF and they are ALL still there in her page. Did u scroll down far enuf????? just askin

  • Eileen

    Honestly I don’t check all her fb pages … do you?
    If she did date Leo that was not for so long, no reason for her to have anything about him on her fb. However, I think she still have that video interview in which she talks about him.
    But I agree with you, I don’t think she hasn’t broken up with GB. The people posting those comments on her facebook are for sure GB’s fans.

  • Just asking

    He went to Israel to promote OHF on the spur of the moment? Says it was for Avi because he’s from there originally. Where was Aaron then? What was he really doing in Israel? The movie was already out! Just asking!

  • New Thread
  • Bubba

    @Just asking: He went to talk to Madalina’s father, to ask for his blessing for their marriage.

  • kelly

    new thread

  • crystalball

    Yup, an action b movie, albeit financially succesful, still a b movie. Ralph Fiennes did his Coriolanus q&a at the National Theatre. Gerard was at the Apple store. Speaks volumes.

  • Whatever

    The women who say they broke up are jealous of her. If they were real fans, they wouldn’t hassle his girlfriend and talk trash about her.

  • kite

    Doesn’t matter if he likes it or not, she is everywhere anyway. IMO he tries to be polite about it. He can’t do anything about it. Of course, he said hello to her and she had to have a question. What would be a show without her? Last time she interrupted the Graham Norton show just to chirp in. I mean I’m sorry for her, she obviously has no life on her own.
    Wasn’t she boasting about seeing the movie three times already? Didn’t she asked about the Mike Banning ? Were you really there?

  • Um, no she didn’t

    @what part of: Everything is still up on her page.

  • @Kite


    Yes I was there and yes she asked about a possible Mike Banning franchise. When you don’t think much of someone you put your own spin on something to make them look bad which IMO is what you’re doing. You put her down for no good reason just because she’s a very well known fan. To anybody sitting there she was not trying to stand out or get in on things. Gerry or the interviewer singled her out each time. You’re of course entitled to your opinion but your opinion isn’t necessarily fact. I witnessed for myself their interaction and do admit I was shocked at how much Gerry initiated things with her. I’m giving her a pass as he wouldn’t initiate things or encourage if he didn’t want to.



    “Why don’t English people like London?”

    It’s not that we don’t like it but when we go there we play a game called spot the Englishman because there so many foreigners we are a minority in our own capital.



    The people posting those comments on her facebook are for sure GB’s fans”

    Not always, one of the posts about them breaking up is from someone called Gloria who has been at MG for weeks to dump GB telling her she can so much better.

  • JS

    @Joie de Vivre:

    Robert I (Bruce) didn’t have as many children as James IV. He had so many that it’s reckoned that one out of every four Scots is descended from him.

  • hump day

    @what part of: let’s be real, it is more fun to hang around people your own age with similar interests and that too is reality

    this is why the old man young woman dynamic does not often last, just as he tires of the wife, the new young hot girlfriend get bored, money and fame aside and trade him in for a younger man or an older man with more vitality or money as the case may be

  • lol

    @Clamsie: Maddie still has hope poor thing.

  • lol

    @my point of view: That is hilarious they have spent so little time together how would you know?

    Did you see her interview where she says Gerry was not at LA Italia because she is shy and does not want friends and family around while she is working? So did she forget he was there during the Pacino thing? This one is so full of BS and you all fall for it

  • JS


    Can anyone believe anything mad maddie says?

  • hump day

    @Just asking: Not that spur of the moment it was announced in the Israelis press on Thursday March 28. The movie is playing in Israel.

    I am sure Aaron enjoyed a break from his co-star even though I think they are getting along. Much more props and respect for Mr. Eckhart now for sure. Mr. Laid Back and Cool.

  • C.A

    The friend Andrea has posted the pictures of him and MG on GBs FB page ??


    @C.A: Where?


    POSTINGGGGS are missing.

    I just went to MG’s FB pg and I can see how ”what part of” kind of got lost w/all those posts…the OHF linked post by the Los Angeles, Italia – Friends Club’s photo….it was way downnnnnn her FB pg, along w/the youtube video of GB at the hospital. But, I did not see the Oscar Vanity Fair pic of course I do not have a FB acct. maybe that’s why. Maybe ”what part of” is just bored/tired of seeing the all the comments about MG: good & bad. All the speculation is just that speculation. MG has been caught lying so we really will never know from her FB pgs. We’ll just have to wait for this Thur/Fri when GB goes to promote OHF in Rome.

  • FYI

    Friday Saturday in Rome, he is taping Graham Norton show on Thursday night.


    @FYI: oops you’re right…Fri/Sat in Rome

  • curious cat


    @joseph, lolita, truly interested, and anyone I might have missed commenting on the “torture scene” or anyone I missed in my haste who also commented on this.

    The scene Butler referred to I feel sure is the scene in which he ties up and tortures two North Korean terrorists, not the ones in which the woman is beaten by Kang’s people and fighrts back.

    I think the point is–and maybe why that scene with the two terrorists was controversial and GB had to pay for it himself to get it in –is that Banning, the good guy, is doing the torturing, not the villains you expect it from.

    As I recall, he kills one of his terrorist prisoners in such a violent way the other gives up the informaton he wants, but offhand I don’t recall what that information was or its importance to the plot.

    My take on the movie was if you like action films there is plenty of that. I think it’s worth seeing for the sensationalism and potential seriousness of seeing the White House taken and destroyed by an enemy. Although the British did it in 1814! :() There was a lot less technology then of course.

    The characters are very cardboard though. They just serve the plot, often in cliched ways. If you’re looking for in depth moviemaking this isn’t it.

    One aspect I found interesting. The attackers are clearly identified as terrorists who don’t reprensent the North Korean governmen and have even been in trouble themselves with the NK government. The film makers seem to have carefully dodged that implication even while North Korea is making various threats.

    Enjoy the movie if you haven’t seen it.

  • italian girl

    So Gerry will be here in Italy this week???
    Good. So we will se if on the red carpet he will be with his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea, or if he will be alone as always.
    I am pretty sure that he will be alone this time too. I do not believe that he is dating this model. We’ll see….


    @italian girl: MG will be at the Chanel The Black Jacket event on April 6th in Milan…she posted her invitation pic yesterday…the invite doesn’t show – guest….and I believe it’s the same time as the Premier of OHF…I could be wrong…

  • Cara

    his gf looks like an uglier version of Irina Shayk

  • C.A

    @TRULY INTERESTED: On GBs offical FB page with the same words as on her official page …. It is a man driving her but the profile behind the “Andrea” seems to be a woman??


    just passing this along…there was a fan(?) of hers that left a long post about telling her and GB to be more in tune w/their fans, etc and that to please tell GB that he needed to go to some photo/art gallery exhibit website because their were portraits of him done by her friend but he hadn’t bothered to go by to see them and that the artist was going to toss them if he didn’t…anyway, the next post was that the two split up and not to bother telling MG to do that…the post of tell GB about the exhibit is deleted, but not the post of GB & her splitting up. Does this mean anything? I don’t know…just an interesting tidbit.

  • nr007

    @TRULY INTERESTED: on that invitation pic is April 4th, not 6th


    @C.A: OK, under which post? I’ve gone through it about 3Xs, but I seem to be missing it.


    @nr007: if you go to the Official site of Chanel The Little Black Jacket and click on the Milan event – it says April 6th