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Selena Gomez - MTV Movie Awards 2013 Performance

Selena Gomez - MTV Movie Awards 2013 Performance

Selena Gomez rocks the stage during her performance of “Come & Get It” at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards held at Sony Pictures Studios on Sunday (April 14) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old entertainer hit the red carpet at the big show earlier in the evening – check out her gorgeous dress!

“That’s Channing [Tatum]! Ah, yes! That’s good. That’s my favorite. That’s definitely my favorite. He’s going to win,” Selena told MTV about who she wanted to win the best shirtless award – Taylor Lautner ended up winning!

Selena Gomez Performs “Come & Get It”

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian; Photos: Getty
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  • cindy

    How does she have a singing career? Her voice was terrible.

  • Linda

    @cindy: Agreed!

  • lala

    she did sooo bad! omg i feel sorry for her!

  • http://justjared saira

    Please, girl. Just stop! Just…just…STOP!
    I have lived through Janet, Britney, Hilary,Paris, Rhianna. I just can’t take it anymore. So for the love of God, please, just stop!

  • Mirrore


  • MJ

    The Indian/Arabic community is outraged with her incorporation of roots from the South-Asian music scene.

    I am a musician and an ethnomusicologist – and speaking from an academic point of view, I think she did not do the song and respect where the music came from. She appropriated a culture and a style that is taken very seriously, and for the amount of hate/outrage she will get – honestly, she should have seen it coming.

    You should be careful what you want to incorporate into your music, especially if you know nothing about it. Do your research and then make intelligent art – not appropriated versions of a culture – that’s stereotypical and absolutely rude.

  • MJ

    whoops I @replied to you by accident… my mistake :S

  • Warren

    Sexy Selena in red. Hot, Hot, Hot! Beautiful Selena!

  • Brit

    I feel bad for her, like that was just flat out bad. She’s a sweet girl, but a pop star she is not. Hell Britney Spears could never sing, but at least she knew how to put on a show, IDK what Selena did.

  • Xo

    I actually watched this show tonight and I was reminded why I usually don’t. I usually just catch the highlights on Youtube. It just a horribly produced budget awards show. Not sure why they keep doing’s such a lame production. The talent do not sit in the audience unless they are going to win an award. So the audience is almost entirely comprised of seat fillers. The talent show up do their bit and bounce. The Rebel Wilson bits were not funny in the least and pretty degrading. This performance by Selena was barely watchable. The whole thing blew.

  • kat

    I think she should have rehearsed more. She has a good voice but the dancing didn’t help. I think when people incorporate different cultures into their work its not to offend but appreciate it and embrace it. I don’t think its necessary to be so offensive about it.

  • http://@marheetait Rufus

    the B**ch can’t SING! i love her, but she is not a singer in the least. Bad performance. horrible, what a disgrace

  • trent

    in my view the song is good but she should have done a britney. lip-sync the song and then dance. britney did it for years. if she was nervous that i would understand if the singer is a new artist but she’s been performing since she was like 15 or 16 when her first cd came out. in my view she should hire a better choreographer that franca raisa isisnt helping her at all. or at least she should have chosen another song.

  • just passing thro

    I think the heavy makeup really diminished her natural beauty.

  • Toni

    @saira: hey hey hey leave Janet out of that because she can do something which is dance her ass off.
    The rest (maybe not Britney… i dont know) are questionable to me even to this day.

  • LunaLoveG

    mess lol

  • trent

    hilary,paris and even rhianna where bad. britney at least she could dance but dont insult janet. respect the woman

  • dakjfhjdf

    She was probably nervous, and people need to be more understanding of that. – The amount of pressure she must have felt is something most of us will never experience.

    Selena makes decent music, and although she may not be the best live performer-she does improve every time she gets on stage.

  • eve

    the dancing was fine. it was the vocal that were bad. love selena anyway

  • tish

    to be honest, i’m a selena fan. the vocals were really disappointing. she should have done lip sync. the dancing was great tho. refreshing to see her try something new. overall I give it a 7 out of 10.

  • Alex

    Actually looking like a wh*re, that she really is.

  • http://justjared saira

    I”ll give Janet the props for the dancing, and she had great songs, BUT she still can’t sing.
    I will replace her Paula Abdul. Paula can dance, but that God-awful voice and her stupid songs just cancelled that ALL the way out!

  • Kristy

    @Xo: Totally agree. The whole show was super awkward. An award for best shirtless actor…I mean seriously. And as for Selena, I kind of feel sorry for all the negative feedback she’s copping but the performance was watchable at best.

  • effy

    the vocal wasn’t the biggest problem for me. but the dance, most of the time, she was kinda standing still and just moving her hands or something like that, if that’s dancing, then anyone can be a dancer lol and the perfomance too, it was so soo boring

  • regina phalange

    You’re all a bunch of douches.

    Selena was perfect and you should all go hide in a cave

  • Kaya

    Hot mess disaster. Who on earth told this girl she could sing, or even perform?

  • Bea

    someone wrote something like we need to be understanding that she was probably nervous. this is supposed to be her JOB.
    and it’s not like she is a newbie.
    she has gone on her own tour before and performed many many times on stage.
    u just need to accept that she sucked.

  • bigprisc

    At least she sang live. A few flaws in the performance makes it genuine.

  • Qe

    was expecting absolute worst after reading comments but don’t think she sounded that bad.
    her makeup is really whorish tho.

  • lala

    it was really bad. i mean props for her first performance live but its clear shes just not a singer no matter how much her fans want her to be.

  • Journalistic

    It sounds like she’s tone deaf. These child stars just ride on their fame despite having no actual talent (see: Hilary Duff).

  • girl

    I usually hate her perfomances but this time I actually think she did fine! We all know her voice is not that great but this song doesn’t even ask for much. And I actually think her voice was not that bad in this perfomance.

    I just think that the song asks for a slower dance or something like that… It just seemed that the dance moves were a little too much for the song itself.

    Other than that I liked it

  • boo

    She’s not Shakira

  • Sarah

    Most pop stars are average singers!!! I heard Katy Perry live and even I can sing better, I didn’t hear Britney because she doesn’t sing live, Rihanna is actually a pretty decent singer (been to her concert as well) and guess what! MADONNA can’t sing either. Yes, she is an icon but not because of her singing skills. Her voice is weak and the color of he voice is nothing special. So there you have it, most of today’s pop stars just can’t sing!

  • Yohji

    What in god’s name is that? Trying too hard.

  • Notafan

    Watching last night, I cringed the whole time. I actually felt embarrased for her. This is at a new level of awful. The whole thing is a mess.

  • JM

    Wow, my ears were bleeding. At least she’s . .. cute?

  • Jake

    I knew all the haters would attack afterwards. She did great, and yall are seriously lame

  • Yohji

    @Jake: It has nothing to do with ‘hating’. I don’t know much about this girl, but that was embarrassing.

  • Isabelle

    Sorry guys…but no pop stars can sing.
    As a singer and a dancer, it is INSANELY hard to be *both* a good dancer and a good singer at the same time. Thats why so many lip sync! You need MAD skills. Thats why I sing and dance separately and not together.

    Pop singers today arent that talented.
    Ive seen Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez live…Selena is on the same scale as all of them. So if youre gonna hate Selena at least hate on all pop singers

  • EndOfTime

    why is she still trying??

  • lila

    I’m not a Selena hater by any means but that was truly awful. I know that popstars can’t technically “sing” but it wasn’t just the singing (which was TERRIBLE) it was the makeup, the dancing, the performance, everything. her dancing was just kind of standing and swaying back and forth and her vocals were just shaky and awful with absolutely no power behind them. at least when those other performers perform there is life in their shows. there was absolutely no life in this. Taylor Swift will like have power behind her voice and you can tell that despite the fact that her voice isn’t perfect she has a presence and life. Same thing with Rihanna and Britt and Madonna – they are performers. not only is Selena not a singer, she’s also not a performer. she just seemed kind of lazy and washed up. and to say “if you’re going to hate on Selena at least hate on all pop singers” is ridiculous because this is a post about Selena – why would i go out of my way to hate on other pop singers on a post about selena? Im’ sick of people saying that we’re just haters when we state our opinion. I’m not a hater, i’m just an observer who has observed that this was a flat out awful performance by a flat out awful performer. done.

  • kami

    wow, i feel bad for her. it seems like somebody (her management or parents) is pushing her to do something she doesn’t want to. what she needs is some voice lessons and acting lessons if that’s the way she wants to go in her career.

  • FaithHillFANatic

    Personally I did NOT think the performance was all that great. With that being said, you have to take into consideration that Selena was dancing while actually singing. She is definitely NO Britney Spears. Selena is NOT used to dancing and singing like that. It will take her time to learn how to control her breathing while singing and dancing. Her voice was a little off. I give her props for doing her thang. I could NOT have done what she did infront of all those people. She gets full respect in that sense. It just was NOT that good of a performance.

  • ashley

    the face that you guys actually would have wanted her to lip sync sickens me. why would you want to watch a performance of someone faking it?

  • Precious

    Wtf??selena did great nd u all haters shud go get a life…..#selenator4life

  • KissThis

    How is this considered singing or music…?? beyond terrible.

  • Shadab

    She did an excellent job. All you haters need to get a life. Really. If all you do is have time to do is blog about what you don’t like. You are the biggest complainers and the world is sick of you.


    Pretty girl………….that’s it.

  • Dee

    Loved it she is defenately much sexier and growing into herself becoming a woman! all you bunch of haters stop criticizing her I bet you wouldn’t even have the guts to go on stage.