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Orlando Bloom: 'Zulu' Closing Cannes Film Festival!

Orlando Bloom: 'Zulu' Closing Cannes Film Festival!

Orlando Bloom chats on the phone while arriving at Maxfield on Monday (April 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The day before, the 36-year-old actor went shirtless for a fitting with his adorable son Flynn in L.A.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Orlando‘s new film Zulu is set to premiere at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, closing the festival on Sunday, May 26.

Zulu centers on “two Cape Town cops (Bloom & Forrest Whitaker) investigating the murder of two women.”

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom chatting on the phone..

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orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 01
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 02
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 03
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 04
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 05
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 06
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 07
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 08
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 09
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 10
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 11
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 12
orlando bloom zulu closing cannes film festival 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • yes!

    I can’t wait to see him in Zulu!
    And my goodness, he has great legs.

  • wow

    That chest just kills me!

  • Eve

    Orlando looks great. He has definitely been working out. I want to see Zulu when it comes out. He looks very tall. Does anyone know his exact height?

  • Anon

    Does anyone know how many motorbikes and vehicles Orlando has? He looks gorgeous in these pics.

  • Sara

    He looks great!
    I’m excited about Zulu. The book was great. Can’t wait until the film is released here.

  • jaime

    Where’s his ugly wife?

  • @6

    Huh. Orlando’s wife is known as one of the most beautiful and desireable women on the planet. Maybe you are thinking about someone else?
    Orlando looks great, btw.

  • Me

    @jaime: Oh, c’mon! He never married you! LOL.

  • Sj

    That’s great for Orlando, wishing him good luck with the film.

    I hope Miranda appears on the red carpet with him at Cannes, if she does I can’t wait to see the dress she wears, I’m sure she’ll look stunning.

  • @Jaime…

    Your envy is showing……Jealous much???

  • @7

    Oh hi, Miranda! How have you been?

  • Empresa Posicionamiento Web

    Is’t a great actor, I love him

  • fabulous after 40

    This is the guy that do not look old even i followed him for the last 5 years.Congrats

  • Steph

    It’s a great year for Orlando (and his fans).
    We have Zulu, Romeo and Juliet, AND The Hobbit to look forward to.
    I can’t wait to see all of them.

  • May

    Thank goodness he’s alone in these pics. NOTHING makes a man LESS attractive then hauling around his cr@tch dropping! Nice legs, Orlando!

  • @15

    LOL! Wow.
    Such class! Such eloquence!
    “cr@tch dropping”??
    That’s a new one for me. I bet that your momma is so proud of your creativity.
    Oh, and btw, you just admitted that Orlando is Flynn’s father.
    Bet that messes with your agenda a bit, eh?

  • May


    Orlando is the kid’s “father” insomuch as he is taking on the role of “father” despite not being the biological DNA donor. Thusly, he is it’s father. The thing dropped out of a woman’s cr@tch, in this case, the woman that Bloom supposedly married. It is a cr@tch dropping, having dropped from a cr@tch. Regardless of it’s paternity, since Orlando is taking on the role of its father, it is his. It is his cr@tch dropping. I am sorry that you are too stupid to comprehend semantics.

  • Ha

    So now you are calling vulgarity “semantics”?
    But still, “HIS cr@tch dropping” means that the child is his. You didn’t say “pretend cr@tch dropping”. You didn’t say “he’s with HER cr@tch dropping”. You said “HIS”. HIS = his.
    Now you’re just angry that you slipped up.
    And I’m sure that you have proof that Orlando is not the biological father? If not, then making such a statement is foolish.
    Flynn looks like Orlando way too much to not be his son. So unless you have proof, the wise thing to do would be to shut up. But when has wisdom ever factored into a hater rant?

  • @17

    “supposedly married”????
    *waves at the delph-IDIOT*

  • May

    Its not a “pretend” cr@tch dropping because it did, in fact, drop out of a cr@tch for reals. There was no pretending. it happened. So it is a real c@tch dropping. If someone adopts a child, they view that child as theirs. “This is MY son/daughter.” The child is theirs even though they did not participate in the conception of the child. A child may view their adopted parents as their mother or father despite knowing they are not that person’s biological child. “This is MY dad/mom.” I refer to my brother’s adopted child as HIS child despite the fact that he did not squirt his genetic material into the cr@tch the child was dropped from. It is HIS cr@tch dropping. It dropped from a cr@tch and HE is claiming possession of it. It is HIS. It is HIS cr@tch dropping. Semantics. I did not slip up. You, my favorite moron, are simply angry that you have no comprehension of language.

  • @20

    Why is it so hard to accept the fact that Flynn is his biological child?
    He looks just like Orlando, and Orlando is listed as his father on the birth certificate, so why not just face facts?
    There are no adoption papers. No DNA tests, just common sense. A man in a long term relationship fathered a child who looks just like him. I really don’t understand why you, and your cronies, fight so hard to try to claim otherwise.
    And btw, I agree with ‘ha’, you did slip up. Claiming ‘semantics’ now is just you trying to save face.

  • I just don’t see it.


    I really don’t see how Flynn looks anything like Orlando. Yes, he has brown eyes but so do I so is Orlando Bloom my daddy? Someone can be listed as the father of a child on a BC even though he’s not the biological father. It happens all the time, not just in Hollyweird but out in the real world. He might not even know he’s not the real father. You don’t know what lies she sold him. That happens all the time, too. Again, not just in Hollywood but all over the world. To think that this couple is above that kind of behavior is naive. Don’t ascribe your morality to people you don’t know. Not everyone is guided by the same moral compass that you are. Just because you are her fan does not mean she is above getting knocked up by one man ans convincing another man that he is that father in order to get his name and his money. People right in your own backyard are doing despicable things. A model is just as capable of doing it, if not more. Just because you find an act reprehensible does not make your favorite celeb incapable of it. And in reference to “May”, she’s correct. Orlando is, for all intents and purposes, the father of Flynn so Flynn is his. Flynn’s biology has nothing to do with it. Flynn is Orlando Bloom’s child, regardless of Flynn’s paternity. You might want to break out a dictionary and look up “semantics”. Just saying.

  • @22

    He doesn’t just have brown eyes. He has Orlando’s brown eyes. Big difference.
    When they are featured on non-fan sites like ONTD, many of the comments refer to their amazing resemblance. “miniature Orlando” features highly.
    “Don’t ascribe your morality to people you don’t know.”
    Goes both ways, ya know.
    Not everyone is a cheater.
    Why assume the worst of everyone? Does it make you feel better?

  • @22

    If Miranda is as evil and as devious as you haters seem to think, then Flynn is guaranteed to be Orlando’s.
    If she is the person that YOU think she is, there is no way that she would risk her meal ticket by having another man’s baby.
    Her carefully nurtured image as Australia’s sweetheart would be destroyed. She would not only lose Orlando, but also everything that went along with him. Her status, her celebrity, and many (most) of her endorsements.
    Why would she risk that?
    If (and that’s a big ‘if’ since you have no proof) she did get impregnanted by another man (even though she and Orlando were together around the time of conception), she would never have carried it to term, and Orlando would have never known.
    A simple DNA test would tear down her castle. Why would she risk that?

  • @24

    Well one minute the haters are saying that Flynn isn’t his son. And the next they are saying that she “trapped” him by getting pregnant.
    Orlando is only the biological father when it suits their agenda.

  • Kanadian Banshee

    Nice to clearly see junior’s face. He’s still but a babe but seems to have his Dad’s beautiful , warm brown eyes.
    Perhaps Dad isn’t working out for an upcoming role but trying to stay strong to deal with his mini-me. The way this little guy is growing, he’ll be able to send his Dad to his room by the time he’s 7 :) Very happy and healthy looking kid. lovely!

  • Kanadian Banshee

    OMG! I was commenting on the pictures and didn’t read the previous posts! I also didn’t realise that people were questioning parentage DNA. For the love of whatever you believe in, leave the child alone. I see Miranda as a bird of prey, featuring her nest with what she sees fit also, but leave an innocent child out of it please.

  • @27

    No one ‘normal’ is questioning his parentage. Just the psycho haters.

  • Kanadian Banshee

    Thank you 28 and hopefully they are few. It’s still sad that a child is dragged into this ugliness.

  • @24

    Exactly! Finally someone with a working left brain hemisphere! Regardless of how good or bad Miranda is, doing what the haters think she did, is simply STUPID.

  • He’s so hot!

    They are idiots lol! I love someone arguing semantics while using the term “cr@tch droppings”. So eloquent and classy.

    Me thinks the haters doth protest too much regarding Flynn’s paternity. I wonder why they have so much invested in this? Like a spurned lover maybe? They got their hearts broken when Orlando married and had a baby with another woman. That’s so sad, like they thought they had a chance lol!