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Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese: Big Hug at Cannes!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese: Big Hug at Cannes!

Leonardo DiCaprio gives his frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese a big hug while attending the announcement of the director’s new film Silence on Thursday (May 16) in Cannes, France.

The event was hosted by Johnnie Walker Blue and held during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, where Leo‘s recent film The Great Gatsby served as the opening night flick.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

In case you missed them, check out photos of Leo and his castmates at the premiere and the photo call during the festival this week.

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Credit: Dave M. Benett; Photos: Getty
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  • Chace

    Robert De Niro is missing

  • toby

    An event for the announcement of the new film ?
    That’s so stupid!

  • Reina

    Why don’t do all these celebs never come to San Sebastian Film Festival? Instead we always have to pay them. It’s getting suspicious…

  • Cate

    That is so sweet! I love their friendship.

  • Millie

    Wish Andrew Garfield was there. He got the lead role. But he is busy filming Spiderman.

  • Message

    It’s amazing to me how much Leo’s looks fluctuate on a daily basis. He certainly looks handsome here. I love the newsboy cap. He always looks so hot when he wears it. Nice to see so many Leo updates!

  • mom?

    Haven’t seen him out with his mom. He usually takes her everywhere

  • Cannes

    “Everyone was high with expectation that Leonardo himself would make an appearance. When he arrived DiCaprio Jr. could not bear to remain on the yacht among the party-goers And so, for the third time that I’ve seen in the last two weeks, he was removed to a private area–this time the yacht moored immediately next to the Johnny Walker, so that guests to the Scorsese party could just gawk at Leo and his cooler pals on the neighboring boat while rain down between the two floating motels. I’m starting to wonder if Leo has a velvet rope set up in his own home”

  • amanda

    @reina…no it isn’t suspicious…one festival is world renowned and is a fixture on the circuit and the other isn’t…Cannes is way more important to the industry

  • pah

    He looks ridic in that hat.

  • raven

    Just dropping by to say hello to my girls!! I hope you guys are doing fantastic :)

    Many blessings to you all :)

  • @Cannes

    So his father was at the Scorsese party but he remained in his private area regardless? Wow!
    Raising all that money for environmental causes with his auction then flying private and using a yacht in Cannes. Only in Hollywood…

  • From NY Post

    Cannes do for ‘Great,’ Leo

    After a lavish bash for the Cannes Film Festival’s opening-night movie, “The Great Gatsby,” stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire kept partying with A-list guests at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes. Spies said the pair, plus director Baz Luhrmann, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht and agent David Unger, were all celebrating when, at 3 a.m., Hollywood couple Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher, both wearing bathrobes, ambled into their private room to jokingly complain about the racket. “Leo and his pals were partying with a vengeance when Sacha and Isla appeared in robes and slippers, jokingly saying the party was too loud and they couldn’t sleep,” a spy said. “Needless to say, the revelry continued and the couple stayed to party. The crowd loved it.” Earlier, DiCaprio held court at a rain-drenched after-party on a Cannes pier, where the Bryan Ferry Orchestra and singer Florence Welch played. Guests included Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, producer Brian Grazer and Christoph Waltz.

  • piff

    What? You think he was gonna cross the Atlantic in his little rubber inflatable?… Get over it, it’s his work..

  • From Nice Matin

    Sorry, it’s in French (It’s cute that he had his parents with him)
    DiCaprio et sa bande fêtent Gatsby chez Mamo à Antibes -

    Une nuée de photographes. Des bodyguards par dizaines. Un tapis rouge. Quelques marches. Et toute l’équipe de Gatsby le Magnifique…

    À quelques gouttes de pluie près, on aurait cru, hier soir à Antibes, à un remake de la cérémonie d’ouverture du Festival de Cannes. Mais hier soir, il n’y avait pas de discours d’Audrey Tautou au programme. Ni de projection du film de Baz Luhrmann.

    Simplement un bon repas italien. Chez Mamo, évidemment…

    Le cuisinier des stars du Vieil-Antibes a réussi le tour de force d’arracher à la cité des festivals l’une des soirées les plus demandées de la quinzaine.

    Le restaurant a d’ailleurs été entièrement privatisé par la Warner pour accueillir Leonardo DiCaprio et ses parents, Tobey Maguire et une centaine d’autres invités.

    Pour Mamo, ce fut évidemment l’occasion de compléter son exceptionnelle galerie de photos de stars. Si Leo avait déjà sa bouille affichée sur les murs pour avoir goûté aux plats du chef à deux reprises, c’était une première pour Tobey.

    L’homme araignée a ainsi pu découvrir les spécialités maison : pissaladière, foccacia aux truffes, antipasti, raviolini aux truffes et poulet fermier.

  • Martha

    Martin Scorsese looks like an adorable grandpa lol.

  • @piff

    So these are the two options? Private jet or a rubber inflatable? Good to know. I assume commercial flights are not available and in Cannes the only way to get around is a yacht. That`s his job as well I guess.

  • piff

    So what would you have him and his glamour-companions do then? Commercial flight and city-buss?… Yeahhhh….

  • piff

    Scorsese and Leo were on the bus the other day… Them and about a 100 papparazzi… they had to call in police to manage the situation… Yahah….

  • piff

    So yes, these are the two only options.. Private and inflatable… hahahaha… anhow… inflatable is preferred of course…

  • piff

    Did Leo arrive yet in his inflatable rubber boat at the harbor of Cannes?…. he was a week late… bad luck..

  • @piff

    Easy, tiger. What`s wrong with commercial flights? Hybrid vehicles instead of a yacht? Glamour companions? So because it`s Hollywood with famous people his environmental principles don`t apply anymore? It`s not the first time he was seen flying private or on yachts and many of those other occasions had nothing to do with work, glamour companions and Hollywood.

  • rumor mill
  • piff

    You’re right.. the man’s a complete flippoweirdo… hahaha!!!

  • piff

    Leo! for the sake of @piff… take a commercial flight next and make your entry in a hybrid vehicle Limo.. or we’ll think you’re a nutacse… Thank you!!

  • @25

    it seems like you are the nutcase…

  • vagabond

    Thanks for all the articles.@rumor mill: They nicknamed her Eyebrows McCokeface?yikes!Already sounds abit dubious since neither girls walked the carpet with him,or even sat near him inside.I’ll have to wait till i see her hanging around his yacht,or something.I honestly thought with as many picture of her with Rita,that they were a!But someone said she had a boyfriend?

  • piff

    @piff has a point.. he can afford it and even afford to risk some of his popularity for the sake of helping the environment and set the right example… so be it

  • @piff

    It was noted a long time ago that in spite of his efforts he doesn`t always follow his principles. You can make fun of me as much as you want but it`s a fact that he likes to travel on private planes and yachts in spite of his environmental efforts. I`m not the only one who pointed it out whether you like it or not.
    @vagabond: She doesn`t really look like his type except for her age and occupation. The article claims he wanted to walk the red carpet with her/them and that doesn`t sound like Leo at all. We will see if there is any truth to it.

  • piff

    The carpet may be red.. but it is far from flat… all the shit that gets shoved under it…

  • Fan

    Oh no, they’re not starting rumors of Leo with that bushy eyebrows. She looks like crap and hangs out with Paris HIlton.

  • Dasha

    The Great Gatsby was amazing!!! Leo you’re the best!!!!

  • C/G

    @ Raven and @ Vagabond – Hi…!
    @ #13 – Thanks for article. I had a look at the hotel. Gorgeous location. Granny decor. Seriously.
    @ 15 – Thanks for posting. Here’s the translation:
    A swarm of photographers. By dozens of bodyguards. A red carpet. A few steps. And the team of The Great Gatsby …

    A few drops of rain near, it looked last night in Antibes, a remake of the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. But last night, there was no talk of Audrey Tautou in the program. Or screening of Baz Luhrmann.

    Just a good Italian meal. In Mamo, of course …

    The cook of the stars of Old Antibes-managed the feat to wrest the city of festivals one of the most popular nights of the fortnight.

    The restaurant has also been fully privatized by Warner to host Leonardo DiCaprio and his parents, Tobey Maguire and a hundred other guests.

    For Mamo, it was obviously an opportunity to complete its outstanding gallery of stars. If Leo already had his mug posted on the walls to have tasted the chef’s dishes twice, it was a first for Tobey.

    Spider man has discovered the house specialties: pissaladière, foccacia with truffles, antipasto, raviolini truffles and chicken farmer.
    Hello, Leo-fans. Long weekend here in Canada (US too?). If you haven’t already seen Gatsby, do. It was really good. Great performances by all.

  • Leo in Cannes
  • //__//

    Leo in his element: clubbing.
    There`s a tweet claiming he bought out The Ivy in Sydney for Sunday so he must be there or on his way there for the Sydney premiere ( if the tweet is correct ).
    I saw Gatsby today. I liked it but didn`t love it. I get the mixed reviews. Leo was amazing, looked great and I think he was born to play Gatsby. I liked Tobey ( which was surprising because I`m not a big fan of his ) and Joel. I didn`t like Carey. She was lacking and uncharismatic to me. Leo carried her through the movie with his outstanding performance. Overall it was a little better than what I expected after reading the reviews.

  • Leo in Cannes

    Is that Cara D in a few photos?

  • //__//

    It could be Cara in the beanie. Could he be really after a 20 years old just like his buddy, Bradley? He seems to be into the brunette on those photos.
    By the way Leo made an announcement that he is not going to Sydney because of ‘scheduling changes’. I wonder what that might be that he skips his premiere.

  • No Sydney :(
  • @38

    I wonder what could be the reason to cancel a previously confirmed appearance for his own premiere.

  • //__//

    Apparently the girl in the beanie is not Cara, it’s his friend, Chuck’s gf, Nikki.

  • vagabond

    Hey C/G!thanks for the translation.Hey all!Shame he isn’t going to the premiere.Wonder what the scheduling conflict is? Cara was at that same party,but she was wearing a suit and no beanie.Fan@31 posted a link of pictures of her from that night.

  • //__//
  • Leo Fan

    Chuck’s wife Nikki Erwin is indeed the one with the beenie.
    We can also recognize Lukas, his other friend Vincent who’s probably with his wife or girlfriend.
    So yeah his friends seem to have joined Leo to party in Cannes.

  • //__//

    Yeah, I saw Lukas and Vincent and Leo’s ladies of the night. What’s with that weird ‘crying’ face?

  • Sarah

    I’m sure Leo offers himself and his guys these escorts while in Cannes…LOL! No wonder why he’s still over there….


  • C/G

    @vagabond: Hi. No worries. :)
    Well the party was off good an proper, so I guess that’s the scheduling conflict? I luv me some Leo, but it’s kind of unprofessional for him not to attend the Oz premiere. He’s on an extended break, so there’s plenty of time to party and vacation.
    @Sarah: We don’t know if they are escorts. (Aside… a guy must be insane to hook up with an escort – herpes and other creepy crawlies… yuck. *shudders*)
    It has to suck to know that your every move is being monitored. I don’t think that I could have the control to not do my normal random stuff. That said, I was out today and saw so many people from work. I hated it. When I’m not at work I want to leave it behind. I don’t need the constant reminders.
    Enjoy your holiday, all.

  • @Sarah

    Probably Leo and his buddies are taking full advantage of those kind of services. I don’t really have any illusions about Leo and his entertainment anymore.

  • Sarah

    Of course he does. Like the “so-called models” spotted on the yachts… they are called the yacht escorts.
    But some Leo fans are still naive and probably quite young and refuse to believe Leo and his buds have lots of escorts to amuse them and keep them company.
    Actors, politicians, businessmen who have the money and power to pay for these girls benefit of that these are professionals and they don’t say a word about their clients. That’s a great advantage.

  • Philly

    Hi C/G. Going to see Gatsby tomorrow. Not expecting much but a visual feast. Its already number 1 here in the UK and I hear its almost @ $100 million in US domestic gross

  • Well

    I read that Leo won’t attend the Australian Gatsby Premiere this coming week…
    I wonder what exactly can stop him from going.
    Any idea?