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Leonardo DiCaprio Hides Face After Clubbing in Cannes

Leonardo DiCaprio Hides Face After Clubbing in Cannes

Leonardo DiCaprio makes it back to shore after spending time on a yacht on Sunday (May 19) in Cannes, France.

The 38-year-old actor covered his face with his hand to keep unwanted attention at bay.

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Earlier in the weekend, Leo unwound at Gotha nightclub after a busy couple of weeks promoting his flick The Great Gatsby, which is currently in theaters in the US!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio hiding his face after partying at Cannes…

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leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 01
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 02
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 03
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 04
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 05
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 06
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 07
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 08
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 09
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 10
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 11
leonardo dicaprio hides face after clubbing at cannes 12

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  • Hope

    no Jennifer around? lol

  • pork pies

    the covering of the face by someone who makes a living in front of the camera is very lame and immature ! what an idiot !

  • Martha

    His life is becoming progressively more boring. Doesn’t he get tired of clubbing and hooking up with young blondes? He truly is shallow.

  • @Hope

    What Jennifer?
    @Martha: He was seen with a brunette at the club not with a blonde. I guess that’s variety for him!

  • jess

    He’s getting embarrassing. 38 going on 18.

  • sunrise

    Who are you? His mommy? He can do with his life whatever he wants to

  • @6

    I know right. the whole he’s partying with ‘escorts’/'glamour’ girls which we are ‘informed’ of ad infinitum by some perverted creepy fan. and so what? who gives a s*it. go arrest him! its his life and he looks cute.

  • Lola

    Why does he feel the need to hide? Partying is wrong?

  • @#4

    He wasn’t seen with a brunette. He was seen with his bunch of usual friends surrounded with a variety of blonde and brunette escorts.

  • Oh,no!

    People on a gossip site comment on a celeb`s private life! Truly shocking!

  • @9

    “He wasn`t seen with a brunette.” Really? Because I have seen like 3 photos of Leo at the club next to the same brunette so I think he WAS seen with a brunette that night. I tried but I can`t post the photos.

  • Fan

    Leo clubbing???? No, I can’t believe it.:)

  • Ava

    Just isn’t he tired of doing the same thing with practically the same crowd , just different names, after 20 years , he knows these chicks couldn’t care if he was old and fat as long as a guys rich and famous, just seems so pointless .

  • cturtle

    Maybe he’s embarrassed about his constant partying on yachts and flying on private planes while preaching to the rest of us dummies about fossil fuels destroying the environment.

  • Sweetness

    Why shouldn’t he party? 38 is not old…he’s single rich and famous. It’s not as if he’s married with kids and is out partying while the family is at home…
    Jack Nicholson never hot tired of partying with young bevy of beauties…

    sooner or later some young model will get pregnant by Leo, but i hardly think he’s going to settle down and become some family man.

  • @Ava

    I was wondering about the same thing. How is he not bored of doing the same thing with same people for 20 years? It’s his life and he does whatever he wants but how is it not boring and how is it still fully satisfying for him after all these years?

  • LOL

    He looks adorable in the top left pic!

  • LOL

    I mean *right* pic! oops

  • cute

    he is a dbag! as an actor and person!

  • What’s next?

    Bad boy Leonardo DiCaprio’s party snub to Sydney

    “SCHEDULE change”? Having snubbed tomorrow’s Sydney premiere of The Great Gatsby, lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been toasting the local film gala from afar, spotted enjoying himself in the nightclubs of Cannes.
    The withdrawal of the party-loving 38-year-old, who apologised for not returning to the city he called home for almost four months, citing a change in schedule, has also forced the cancellation of a press conference scheduled for today with the visiting Gatsby cast and director Baz Luhrmann.
    Presenting Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire to media ahead of tomorrow’s red carpet would take the shine off the glitzy event following drawcard DiCaprio’s decision to pull out.
    Gatsby has banked $90.2 million at the US box office, exceeding expectations.
    Ricky Martin and Joel Madden and wife Nicole Richie are expected to attend tomorrow.

  • Nessa

    Not impressed with his decision to skip the Australian premiere. At all. He is probably hiding his face from the cameras because he is dirty, unshowered, and smells like wh*res. He is gross.

  • @21

    I agree. He previously agreed to attend the premiere of his own movie and canceling like this in almost the last minute with that lame excuse is just disappointing. I wonder what can be more important for this guy who is considered ( even by himself ) very professional to do that. He is on a break from acting so he has plenty of time for partying.

  • This is quite deceiving.
    He decided to skip the Aussie Premiere and preferred to go clubbing instead. Not a class act.

  • (74)

    Dr Jeykill and Mr Hide.
    So suave, so classy on the red carpet and in movie interviews…. but at night, in clubs or partying on yachts: bring on the h**kers!

  • me

    Guys leave him alone. He does not owe you anything. He is incredibly talented actor, one of a kind. I highly doubt you are the ones with high morals and proper behavoir.
    You can say you are entitled to your oprinin, and so do I, entitled to give my opion on your opinion.

  • @25

    Yes, you are entitled to have your opinion and so are others. But I don’t think you are entitled to tell people to leave him alone.

  • also

    If he skipped the Sydney premiere to continue partying in Cannes that’s just dumb. The whole world is watching Cannes right now, he can’t go unnoticed so him staying there having fun will obviously generate bad press and it will show lack of professionalism. Not a smart move.
    The Sydney promo is just about to start today or tomorrow. Let’s see if he is still there or he is leaving Cannes soon. I can’t imagine what can be more important right now that his own premiere but I would wait a little longer to see what’s the case.

  • yup yup

    good point. i remember his relationship with the aussie press was never good, both during filming gatsby and post ( like when he went for the new years bash a tabloid there then claimed he was demanding money and acted badly or something) so maybe that’s partly it. maybe he does not care and deliberately wants to send an f*** you message. just assuming

  • @Yup yup#28

    Correction: Him skipping the Aussie premiere won’t send a f’*** you message the the tabloids but to the whole Gatsby team.

  • also

    It sends a message to the whole world showing lack of professionalism! He said in a recent interview that he doesn’t have to impress anyone anymore. One thing he said in an interview that he actually meant!

  • alex

    Even though I really love him as an actor I have to completely agree with @also on this matter. I remember him snubbing a couple of Django premieres as well but the thing with Django was that he wasn’t the lead. So I guess that was more, umm, acceptable? But Gatsby = Leo. It’s a shame he’s not going. If he really is to stay in Cannes and will get photographed partying / chilling on yachts it would not only show lack of professionalism but tell a lot abt his personality also. But I guess we’ll see.

  • alex

    I also wish he cared a little about his clothes etc. Lol. I know he’s mentioned multiple times he ‘is not fashionable’ and does not care about how he looks but boy, seeing how absolutely dashing he CAN look (e.g. in The Great Gatsby, his red carpet looks) I wish he did care a little bit. But oh well.

  • Message

    I agree with the sentiment of disappointment in him for skipping the Aussie premiere. He should be better than that. He is the star of this film. He carried the film and made the other actors look better. That happens when you are arguably the best in the business, and the biggest movie star on the planet. Say what you want about his behavior in his personal life, but he has always commanded respect for his talent and his professionalism. If he did skip the premiere because he wasn’t done partying in Cannes… That will reflect very poorly on his professional reputation. He really just should be there, to support the film, to support the cast and crew, and to show repect for the fans. Especially since the movie we filmed in Australia and is a big deal there. JMO

  • also

    @Alex: you are so right. In Django he had a supporting role and he was working on WOWS. But Gatsby is Leo and as Message said he carried the other actors ( especially Carey ) and the whole movie. What is a movie premiere without the leading actor? No matter what you think of him as a private person ( a shallow frat-boy Peter Pan ) you always had him as an amazing actor who demands and expects quality and professionalism. But apparently – just like his environmental principles – these rules apply as long as they don’t interfere with his convenience and parties. It’s pretty sad how much he doesn’t care about his own work and costars. This shows his real character or rather the lack of it.

  • alex

    @also Agreed. But it actually makes me sad that he really seems to be shallow and a hypocrite. I adore his movies and his acting. I wish he was different. Not that his personal life is any of my business but this particular conduct – him not going to Australia, I mean what the hell – also affects his professionalism AND the respect that is the result of that.

  • Leo Fan

    I wish there is a substantial reason why he can not make it to Austalia to support the movie, his Australian director and the cast. Hope it’s important.

  • also

    @alex: You are right. Leo`s private life is his business but of course his fan are interested in it. But the point is that he was always a very professional person and that`s what really matters. Obviously this affects how you see him as a professional and it`s pretty sad. Unfortunately – slowly but surely – we are getting the picture of the real Leo and it`s pretty far from the nice and intelligent guy we see in interviews.
    @Leo Fan: Honestly what can be more important than the Australian premiere? I mean it`s pretty last minute and he had quite an important event scheduled. Ever since he made the announcement he hasn`t done anything but enjoying Cannes so I somehow doubt the reason for not going to Sydney is very substantial.

  • alex

    @also: Yeah and that’s a shame. I want to like him – Leo the person, not actor – but he makes it difficult. His interviews are quite boring actually lol. It’s as if he has rehearsed his answers. Basically the same thing everytime.
    @ Leo Fan: Gosh, I hope so too (though it seems like there isn’t)

  • also

    @alex: Somehow he always knows what to say to please his audience, right? I also noticed that he seems rehearsed and kinda fake. I agree that he seems to be boring but he seems like a nice and down to earth guy but apparently that`s just an image so he can sell his movies.
    Well, let`s hope he proves us wrong and the real reason for the cancellation will be revealed ( hopefully not in clubs or on yachts )…

  • thou shall not judge

    Glad he’s not going…F*ck em..he owes nobody nothing except to do follow what he feels is best for him!! Love you Leo!!

  • alex

    @also: he does seem nice! incredibly. and very charming also. but just..boring. i sometimes also get the feeling he hates doing press.
    @thou shall not judge: Lol yeah he actually does. He owes the audience, his Australian director and his cast (mind you half of the cast is Australian also). and it’d be the lamest thing ever if he skipped Australia because he isn’t done partying / chilling yet.

  • yup yup

    my point is Leo’s has being in the business almost as long as hes breathed. of course he knows how it will look and he is obviously at the part of his career that he seemingly does not care. the recent esquire write up on him declared him as ‘the king’. he knows it and as long as he keep making the studios big bucks, he calls the shots. imo for him or the studios what the gossip blogs/post relentlessly have to say on his private life or conduct (poor as this may be) does not affect the reviews of his work or the interest of the movie going public and that’s where the money is in the end i guess.

  • also

    @yup yup: What you wrote is true but I doubt he can act like that on the long run. He slowly but surely owl roved that he is not that nice and charming person that we see in interviews and I doubt he can get away with the ‘ I don’t give a sh*t’ attitude for long.

  • alex

    @yup yup: true. but that’s how it has always been going down in Hollywood. They don’t give a damn about things like this, as long as you’re bankable as an actor. And Leo undoubtedly is, perhaps the biggest even. still, it’s sad. but i wonder, if he really does not care about his public image then why is he so neurotically discreet about his personal life. i believe he does care.

  • also

    Leo is still in Cannes. There are tweets and a tweet photo of him with his mother at his friend, G. Canet’s movie premiere. It would be nice to see how he supports his old friend but by skipping his own premiere?

  • @me#25

    …??? Who do you think you are to give orders to other posters?

  • also
  • haha

    hes probably skipping because he doesn’t feel like going. hes not stupid though, he’ll probably stay hidden on premiere day to at least make it “seem” like he was busy.

  • also

    They are already doing promo in Sydney and there was a press conference that was cancelled because he `didn`t feel like going` so I doubt being low key on the day of premiere will help. People are not stupid either they know why he skipped. Damage is already done.

  • also

    @48: They are already doing promo in Sydney and there was a press conference that was cancelled because he `didn`t feel like going` so I doubt being low key on the day of premiere will help. People are not stupid either they know why he skipped. Damage is already done.