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Benedict Cumberbatch: Shirtless Shower Scene for 'Star Trek'!

Benedict Cumberbatch: Shirtless Shower Scene for 'Star Trek'!

Benedict Cumberbatch goes shirtless in a deleted shower scene from his film Star Trek Into Darkness that was revealed when J.J. Abrams made an appearance on Conan on Wednesday (May 22).

The scene was cut from the film but was revealed after J.J. was accused of sexism for showing Alice Eve in her lingerie during the movie, but not showing male skin.

“I’m not defending it, but then there’s a picture of Kirk (Chris Pine) who is not wearing all his clothes,” J.J. said, while showing a shirtless photo of Chris. Check out the photos below!

DO YOU WISH the Benedict Cumberbatch shower scene made the final cut?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Shirtless Shower Scene for ‘Star Trek’!

Click inside to watch a gif of the Benedict Cumberbatch shower scene…

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Deleted Shirtless Shower Scene
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benedict cumberbatch shirtless shower scene for star trek 01
benedict cumberbatch shirtless shower scene for star trek 02
benedict cumberbatch shirtless shower scene for star trek 03
benedict cumberbatch shirtless shower scene for star trek 04
benedict cumberbatch shirtless shower scene for star trek 05

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  • Jaye

    The film was ok. Plot was weak, B.C wasn’t much of a villain, but that’s not his fault.

  • Seattle

    Too hot to handle

  • yikes

    Ewwww. He is SO ugly it’s painful to look at him.

  • Anon

    Benedict!!! <3

  • mike3890

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  • imo

    I really don’t care whether the BC shower scene was cut or not but to compare shirtless Kirk with Alice eve’s scene is just dumb. While CP’s scene had some context what on earth did Alice in her underwear have to do with anything??
    STID was a good film but certainly not a great one. The plot had a rushed feel to it I disliked. 2009 film was much better….

  • Amanda

    Of course they would have a dumb female character naked at some point.


    @imo: the point is sex sells

  • Delta V

    I guess that’s why they have the totally ridiculous Spock/Uhura romance in the new ST movies…because romance sells?! Chris Pine seems to think so…HW needs to wake up. “tis the 21 century we live in!

  • Diana

    Someone make a GIF of that shower scene STAT!

  • N

    @imo: Completely agree with everything you said. This film was so rushed. Alice Eve’s moment was SO random whereas Chris Pine going topless was part of his ‘player’ character.

    Benedict Cumberbatch was really charismatic here. He is pretty odd looking in some films but he was hot in this.

  • LOL

    @Diana: It’s already all over Tumblr. Search the tags.

  • LOL


  • K

    @Jaye: Agreed. He delivered a wonderful performance, but even as a non-Trekkie, I found a lot of a problems with this film. Benedict Cumberbatch was certainly not one of them, however.


    I do find it funny that women groups are protesting Star Trek …while Michael Bay practically does upskirts in Transformer’s films…pick your battles

  • sam

    I think tumbler was just napalmed, endless gifs of this scene; exploding ovaries everywhere. Though i understand why it was cut but damn it JJ i need to see this on IMAX!!!

  • Tim


  • Molly Hooper

    Ugh! Behdhdyehd Chevrheh is so sexy!!

  • yikes

    @ LOL – Because I felt the need to vomit and I knew looking at this ugly man would do the trick!

  • akane996

    @yikes: Why? I’m sure there was an easier way. You could just look at yourself in mirror. I’m sure that would help.

  • Fembot

    @PRESIDENT-ELECT-ROMNEY: sex sells so why only cater to men. If they had to include Alice eve in undies then .this cumberbatch scene should have been included as well.


    Hot and a fantastic actor.

  • evillynn

    Life long Trek fan and I have to say I loved the film, and especially Mr Cumberbatch’s bad guy, he blew me away. But I have got to say Alice Eve’s scene was out of place and a bit jarring in the scene it appeared in. Saying that I would have forgiven JJ EVERYTHING if he had kept this scene of Benedict Cumberbatch in the film. Because damn he looks good. I hope the full scene is included in the DVD.

  • Rebecca

    It seems the hecklers who are never happy about anything are out in full force today. I thought the movie was great and Benedict Cumberbatch was a great bad guy. If you like sci fi and action movies you will like this movie.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    Great movie.
    If you didn’t understamd why the scene was in the movie well.. then you’re a fcuking idiot. It’s really not that hard to figure out – $$$
    People takes films way too seriously.

  • Cyn


    The movie was rushed. While I did like the movie and the performances by the actors, the movie plot could have been fleshed out a bit more. Of course a fleshed out movie plot would have lead to a three hour movie and I can’t see myself sitting through a three hour film unless it’s up to par with The Return of the King.

  • Roz

    he was better on SHERLOCK Shower Scene

  • rura penthe

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]
    Using women in underwear to make $$ is Not Cool you fcuking idiot.
    Now do you understand???

  • Cyn

    @rura penthe:

    Using men AND women in their underwear to make $$$, is not cool. I gotta show some love for Pine ’cause to be honest, I cringed during his scenes (2009&2013), too.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @rura penthe: um.. I totally understand.. Didn’t say it was cool.. Did I? You Idiot. ahahahaha Dont try so hard next time.

  • rura penthe

    No you didn’t say it was cool but you called people who questioned the scene “fcuking idiots”. Did it ever occur to you that most know how Hollywood works? and that the comment was to express displeasure? perhaps as an opening for discussion with others who had the same thoughts?
    Next time, use your brain and give your foul “mouth” a rest.

  • Thoughts

    I’m so tired of women being naked all the time. In Star Trek, the Ferengi don’t allow women the “dignity of clothes”. Why is this happening here?

  • Thoughts

    I weep for Star Wars with this guy at the helm.

  • Olivia

    I don’t get the appeal

  • Delta V

    I’m not sure if I want JJ & co. to do the 3rd Star trek film. They seem to think that without some sort of sex related scene or a romance the film won’t be successful. don’t get me wrong I have no problem with either if they’re relevant to the plot. but in the 2009 and 2013 movies they haven’t been. Alice Eve in underwear? so stupid and annoying….and don’t even get me started on that dumb romance between Spock and Uhura!
    Chris Pine was asked in an interview what the film had for women and he said – well there was romance in it!! OMG, what does it take for these people to realize women are people? that they are as smart as men and they DON”T need a romance to enjoy a good movie??
    Yep, women only watch rom-coms and chick flicks! Sheesh!

  • Cyn

    @Delta V

    I can’t ding Pine for his answer to a dumb question. When I look at my twitter feed and fumblr, er tumblr, a lot of women are talking about bromance and romance and very little about science fiction.

  • Cyn

    And as for JJ continuing with this franchise in, hopefully, the next film, better the devil you know. If the franchise ends up with someone like Bay, all Trekkies can kiss the franchise goodbye.

  • Delta V

    Didn’t expect anything else from the women at dumblr oopps! tumblr…
    Science fiction? no, no! it’s shirtless Pine or the “amazingly beautiful couple”! or Kirk is soooo in love with Spock! and Cumberbatch and…..!!
    I kinda agree about the known devil but they have also tried to make Trek into Star Wars and set up the S/U relationship out of nowhere and I’m not sure I can forgive them that…at least they got the K/S bromance right…

  • Cyn

    @Delta V:

    dumblr? Good one!

    Yeah, the S/U came from left field. Since I can’t fast forward scenes in a movie theatre, I take the time to refill my popcorn :). That’s what I did while watching the movie a second time.

  • Kat

    They should’ve put it in the movie! It would’ve made me happy.