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Leonardo DiCaprio Raises $1.5 Million at amfAR Cannes Gala!

Leonardo DiCaprio Raises $1.5 Million at amfAR Cannes Gala!

Leonardo DiCaprio rocks sunglasses with a tuxedo while attending amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS after party during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on Thursday (May 23) in Cap d’Antibes, France.

The 38-year-old actor was spotted sitting on a bench outside chatting with Goldie Hawn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

At the gala, a guest paid $1.5 million to go on a Virgin Galactic spaceship to space and be seated next to Leonardo.

Earlier in the week, Leo attended the de Grisogono party at the festival.

FYI: Leo is wearing Saint Laurent at the gala.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio attending the amfAR Cannes Gala…

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leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 01
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 02
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 03
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 04
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 05
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 06
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 07
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 08
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 09
leonardo dicaprio raises 1.5 million at amfar cannes gala 10

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  • lydia

    He’s revolting.

  • Mary

    I also want to sit next to Leo.

  • Sasha sweet

    he is so hot! I want it!

  • http://lovetitanic divine100

    He should go with Kate..after all all that Virgin galactic connection of her’s via her rock’n roll husband makes sense!

  • Mama

    If I was going on th space flight with him I wouldn’t be a ‘virgin’ no more ;)

  • Liv

    Carey Mulligan and he made ​​a perfect couple in The Great Gatsby.

  • Ari

    Is he a famous raconteur?

  • Elle

    That’s Babrara Palvin in the photo’s with his friend. She is 19 and that guy is grose and would be twice her age.

  • jhon

    is it even in the last picture.

  • ha ha

    Talented actor but a sleazebag IRL.

  • Coco

    He looks awful, lost all his youth, face bloated , hair receding, greased back, body was never attractive , especially his walk, like he ‘s special needs..see his dancing…… And now hanging around these gross middle eastern loooking men trying to pick anything that moves as long as thier young and pretty. Pictures of him going on a yacht with very young 2 chicks and these dudes, those poor girls all looked like eastern Euroean prositutes on board with all these guys.

  • daya

    He used to be an adorable dork. Now he’s a walking cliche. Sad that someone given so much is so insecure.

  • i think

    i think of that verse, sad when a man gains the whole world but loses his soul. think of people like him for that verse.

  • also

    And it won’t end when Cannes is over. According to a tweet he rented a house on Ibiza for the entire summer season. Ibiza is the party central for Southern Europe in summer so expect more.
    I agree it seems like he lost his soul and he is a cliche!

  • also

    Some new photos on popsugar. Leo shirtless on a yacht…yes, surrounded by you g girls ( seemingly a new batch )…. Talk about cliche!

  • Ava

    If that’s Barbara Palvin she is 19 and that gross dude had his hand on her hip… And looks over 40 , I feel for these models , only a few make real money that rest go to events like this and have gross dudes hit on them like DiCaprio and his friends and the girls do sleep around because they convince themselves there only value is their body and they get ” paid ” well by gross men like that guy, and it’s even worse with guys like DiCaprio, he thinks his fame and celebrity that these 20 year old beauties should screwing his gross old ass for free.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    They’re at a Weinstein party; what do you expect? When you talk about gross, you talk about Harvey. W/o his best friend in attendance the last few days, he’s been trolling the bar at the hotel. He epitomizes nasty, greedy old man. If that’s what Leo’s using for an example of growing old, God help him.

  • Nessa

    It appears that Leo has decided to let his douchebag flag fly freely in cannes. In every picture, he looks like a creepshow. Legit. Gross.

  • Sarah

    saw the new Popsugar pics…. and Leo looks so bored lying there. He’s more interested in texting on his cell than getting amused with the bunch of escorts on the boat.

  • @Sarah

    Wanna see the type of “interesting” and “substantial” females who are invited to Leo’s private parties.
    such a natural beauty, isn’t she?…LOL!

  • also

    @20: I wonder what’s her rate…
    There is a photo if him partying in his own villa. I am speechless looking at that photos and I just feel sad for him. He looks ridiculous and pathetic. Like Gatsby with ppl partying at his place without knowing him and just to be there for the party. Freeloaders. Check out that photo is nauseating!

  • also

    The photo is posted on his bz thred.
    And I agree he looks absolutely bored on the yacht. Like those girls are just objects. Who am I kidding they are objects for him!

  • miss the thumbs up/down featur

    wonder why they took it away?

  • cuz

    @miss the thumbs up/down featur: because he’s a douche bag that’s why they took it

  • personal problems

    so this is the personal problems that made him skip his Australian premiere?!?! Why does he have on sunglasses??!?! He looks stupid…

  • What

    I can’t believe he skipped the Australian Gatsby premiere for this reason.
    How pathetic.

  • also

    I hate to say it but he looks like a douche bag. And not just look like it but to me he also acts like it. What does it matter really why they took the photo? He looks stupid, like a pimp or something. Are there no mirrors in his villa?
    That’s a photo of him I would like to erase from my memory. And this whole Cannes experience to be honest and it’s not even over yet!

  • also

    It’s embarrassing to see him like this, completely unphased by ditching his movie premiere for nothing but partying. I like what Lainey said about him partying: ‘like any other douchebag in the club’.
    It’s his private life, obviously his business but it’s a complete letdown and disappointment to see what he has been doing for the past week not to mention his decision about Sydney.
    I understand that it’s fun and he is careless but after all this time how is he not bored with it? Doesn’t he need more substance in his life? Something new, fresh and meaningful?

  • Lulu

    Girls are stupid there the ones going to see this doucebags movies. Wish they would stop, Leo DiCarprio gets away with too much, he barely promotes his movies, does no talk shows ,Carey and all the other actors have gone to so many events and have done talk shows . While this ageing cow who thinks he’s God’s gift to European call girls, gets paid the most and gets more creative control but does the least… Leo DiCaprio has no other talents besides acting , let’s see what a douchce he is when he can’t open a movie.

  • Mia

    @a Sarah … That chick has a picture of Leo and it’s funny as sh!t , he looks like such a cliche, the aging actor looking all douched -up, surrounded by girls young enough be his daughters,…. She also has a picture of Van Damme at Cannes , Leo should take a good look , because he morphing into Van Damme, what a sad clown Leo DiCaprio turned out o be.

  • also

    It does seem like Leo is a big douche and it started to show in his professional life as well. His success did get into his head big time in spite of him trying to sell the down-to-earth-guy image.
    I’m not a big Brad Pitt fan but this week he impressed me. He has a new movie coming out ( said to be a sh*tty one ) and out of nowhere he showed up at a screening in New Jersey to meet people and talk about the movie. I think it was awesome and that’s the kind of thing that you would never expect from Leo. He does what he is obligated to do to promote his movie, it feels forced at times and rehearsed and that’s it. He even skips his own premiere for partying. He would never do something as spontaneous and nice as showing up unannounced to a screening!

  • @#31

    Brad Pitt understands that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t of his fans. Fans who have supported him. He’s a great guy, has a wonderful sense of humanity and respect.
    I sure can not imagine Leo attending spontaneously a screening on his own and just for the fun of it.
    Leo needs to have his entourage with him wherever he goes whatever he does. His security is based on having his relatives for galas, premieres and events, and having his amusing male companions for the after-parties and after-after-parties. He provides the callgirls to all of them and he makes sure they’ll always be around when he travels or partys. He’s been acting like that at 23, he is at 38 and he’ll be at 65.
    Brad has mature into a grown up man. I don’t think Leo ever will.

  • xzcv

    Brad Pitt is an actor grandpa, and untalented loser.

  • kd

    @xzcv: your mom’s a loser

  • bm

    @personal problems:

    thanks personal problem

  • also

    @32: I agree. Brad showing up at that screening shows respect for his fans. Something Leo could t show towards his director, costars and fans in Australia. What’s important for him is partying and being surrounded by people who are kissing his a** because he is rich and famous. The shallow and superficial lifestyle. And what’s more pathetic is that at the same time he is trying to sell the down-to-earth image … when he has something to sell. But his true colors are coming through in the past week or so. His priorities are clear and actions speak louder than words.
    I I just read an article about him analyzing his acting. There were many good point including that Leo is hiding behind famous directors. If the movie doesn’t deliver the director takes the hit not him and that wouldn’t happen with a lesser known director. He is the Gwyneth Paltrow of actor. Absolute elitist.
    Also I really liked the how the writer of that article talked about the lack of real emotions in his work. Everything about him seems practiced and over thought. I absolutely have that same feeling about him.

  • C/G
  • Psychic2

    Meditation review.
    just giving a comment heading in.. I sat in a group meditation on celebs and lifestyle the other day with loads other mediums, we discussed their future and their fame as usual, who is having babies with who, what is going to be the next wedding etc etc. When my reading was in order, I chose to give light to Leo , Carey and the rest of the Gatsby cast, as this is the biggest sellout movie right now. From Tobey I got that he is going for another big movie after this, his rep is so good right now, he is getting more attractive, and his values and predictions are in the right place. Good for Tobey who has always been an underdog! Carey is going to choose between offers from big movie companies, as her angelic face meets good potential for yet a blockbuster, just not as great as Claire Danes once had unfortunately.. she is up for a few rounds, though. Then Leo, your favorite actor in here. You people are right he is focusing on other things than career highlights at the moment. I tried to get a grip where he is, but he seems like a ghost that almost is in between the walls of who he was in the past and is going to be in the future. His aura kept wandering between letting some of the bad habits go and some of his new, bright era come inside. Him turning to electronic ziggies is just a positive sign , and that you cannot mention in here among your comments I see. but the boy is trying. He really is. I can feel that he wants something badly enough to stay away from timetroubling superschedules at this time around. His work has almost killed him before, it is not true what people say that he is doing little promotion or little for his work. This man is work-a-holic, and needed very fair to slow down tempo. He is doing it, and he is doing fine doing it. The sad thing to feel here though, which makes you right again on comments.. is that his party lifestyle wont really make him grow stronger as a person, and the females he likes to be gentle with, are too karma low for his development. He has one out there I grip, but none of these on the yacht the other day. And these girls are simply just distraction , because he needed more space in his working days before and lost days resolves. I do not grip that he loves any of them. They are too stalking, cares more about being photographed than being with him, and he is wise enough to understand it. The sad thing is he doesnt say “no” to them, or anyone he cant fancy. He is more afraid of losing popularity and friendships, than he should be of losing personal gain. But he should look at his friend Tobey for one, since he does have loyal friends. The photos people react to, are just the shadow of himself and he knows it. It doesnt matter if they are brunettes or blondes, or redhead or dark, and its not even about profession and status, it is about him being afraid of himself if he tells them something unpopular. He is good for so much more, and we all know it. In general partying is healthy for the aura, a lot, but not when you almost keep using it as a drug. People will drag you down, and so they do when alcohol is involved. Nothing with alcohol really benefits the soul. I am feeling that the “real female” has already, spiritually told him she will not go to the point of getting drunk or seeing him drunk if he wants to be with her, or make herself like the other girls. Its because in the soul world that shines in my readings, the female auras always shine more “down-to-earth” for some reason than the male auras. This is with every female aura that I see. They are not dragging their men down, it is just they know they will not pretend to be someone else or undress themselves or sit on his lap just to sell the message. I also see that she appears to be closer to him when he is with his male mates than his female fans. Its like she is telling me Leo is in coma, until he awakes. Ok that was the female karma. The male karma, that is now happily descending in Leo who has had this too long, is now happily increasing in Tobey. The weird thing for all Leofans at the moment is, Tobey is ahead of Leo ! Tobey, who is also a favorite of mine in my predictions, has lately made a giant leap into soul stardom! Both his karma and his friends notice, and he is shining like ever before, with his wife and with his career and with his personality that makes some impressions on people. We will see more of him doing interviews, but also more personally get in touch with dearest Tobey.

  • Leo Fan

    There is a French article posted this morning mentioning that Leo rented a villa on the Riviera. Apparently, family members are sharing the villa with him. And it says that he rented it for the whole Cannes Festival period.

  • C/G

    How much would it cost to be Jay Gatsby?
    Al Capone made 100 mil. in bootlegging, so Jay Gatsby could have lived large.

  • C/G
  • 0.o ))

    Do you think he and his soulmate will ever meet at all ? Do you think he will give up the partying habits and change if/when they do?
    People usually dont change but…

  • @psychic

    @Psychic2: so basically what you’re saying is leo is a loser…its so plain to see now but thanks for the input…

  • Leo Fan

    Leo is promoting Tag Heuer in Monaco with Cameron Diaz. NEWSCOM has a couple of pics of the two.

  • Psychic2

    @42: I have always felt they will ever since she came into my visions. It is something about her that he cant seem to escape so easily, and what attracts her to him is not her looks or her more quiet lifestyle even if she looks fine I see and she is social spirit with many friends (just maybe not to extremes as Leo), but it is her personality and how strong she is. I read she is also a partygal, so there goes the other bump in the road they are facing.. how not to be drunk when together and stand up for who they are. everything about them is challenging, but both will end up greater than they used to be. Same as every other good soul-relation out there, none of them are a piece of cake. But both are very strong here… Its funny that Cameron Diaz came into the picture now, by the w, but its not Cameron :-).. But Cameron and her are somehow linked in their ’fun side’. both funny girls, and both very environmental. I dont have more information of their current aura state, sorry.

    you ask if Leo will quit partying once he is with that one? I wouldnt say quit, because none of those are quitters and both spirits love parties and a good dance and chat. but figures from all readers the past years and now show that Leo will want more than that in life.

  • Psychic2

    @43: I would never use word loser on someone who works with himself , and also, changes, but that goes unnoticed to normal people. Apart from the sometimes destructing/sometimes spirit-gaining partying they are all into, these people do absolutely have other sides to them, just its not so visible.

  • 0.o ))

    Will they stick together tho? .. Do you think they ll settle down together? You said she s a party girl, will he meet her at the club somehwere? And how would he recognize her among million other girls at the party? He parties with hundreds new all the time..

  • 0.o ))

    Also, will he be able to notice this “something” about her? if it’s just a party they meet at and dont even get to speak? COz he s always surrounded by bodyguards, models etc

  • hmmm…

    @Psychic2: he can’t escape?? Really, he seems like he’s the expert escapist!

  • SunnyAutumn

    Half of it went to fueling that private jet and 5 dollars for a pack of cigarettes.