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Leonardo DiCaprio & Lukas Haas Attend French Open Finals

Leonardo DiCaprio & Lukas Haas Attend French Open Finals

Leonardo DiCaprio and his buddy Lukas Haas attend the men’s finals match during the 2013 French Open held at Stade Roland Garros on Sunday (June 9) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actor witnessed Rafael Nadal beat David Ferrer 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. He also attended the semi-finals match earlier in the weekend to see the champ play against Novak Djokovic.

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It was revealed last week that Leo is set to play the historical figure Rasputin in an upcoming film based on the Russian mystic’s life.

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Mama

    Leokas <3

  • The Double Ls!

    Leo and Lukas fooooreeevveeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liev


    @The Double Ls!:


  • hhmmm

    what about Toni???? in my opinion she’s an average…….. gisele is soooooooo captivating . Gisele is goddess….. :*

  • LOL

    Meet Leo’s SM! haha seriously these guys are attached by the thumb to each other…… just like J. Edgar, who had a constant “companion”. Just think, do you spend this much time with your BFF? not as an adult….

  • M

    @5 Of course you can have a BFF your whole life, which is the most healthy thing , too! Leo is much back and forth, he needs his friends as his substance. Of course, less privacy when you got so many friends to take care of as well as paparazzies to avoid, but you still got some roots there to hang on to and not just fly into space like Paris Hilton lol . I feel sorry for the celebs who got no real friends. Leo has many real friends, but also quite many shallow friends that he should reconsider…. seriously.

    There is no more Toni, hahahaha.. I knew it. Why is she not at the match when in Paris? I guess she is modelling, as usual that is what they do. ;-) . But real, newly inlove, they do not just popup and never again.. You can do that after awhile in a relationship when it is settled, then you can arrange few dates here and there and trust each other with that, but when they are soooo new as these ones like people say they are… you dont trust yet, and you dont just do one here and one there… Still not thinking they are inlove imo

  • Krispey

    @M: also Leo has all the free time in the world so he can follow his new “love” where she’s going on her model jigs. I know when you’re just dating its often times very exciting and you don’t want to be away from that person for long. Leo has free time now lets see if he follows her…lol I think we all know the answer to that…lol

  • Toni is gorgeous

    @4 and Gisele looks like a horse.

  • Toni is an idiot

    that Leo is using for his cuu.m bucket.


    Haters are so boring.

  • Excuses, excuses

    Jealousy and haters are sad and boring, but so are fangirls who are always making excuses for their idol.

  • Excuses, for what ?

    I don’t think Leo or Toni did something bad.

  • the brunette

    looks like one of the girls that traveled with him in italy

  • also

    @12: it has nothing to do with Toni. Excuses for Leo who can’t do bad and has no negative features. At least for some people. I think that’s what #11 referred do.
    @11: True!

  • mar

    Leo look exactly like CARTMAN here

  • M

    Who would be jealous of Toni? … she is just plain jane like all the others he has been dating… nothing new.. nothing new (but in theory, as they are not really dating)… , Surprise us leo !!!! please its just like one catalogue-thing, it has nothing to do with jealousy… its like: I cannot believe -.. he spent 7 months looking for TONI to come into his life … hello ??!! Better with Single-Leo for a while instead of that repeat-button he is using. I think that was also what we are referring to here….

  • @M


  • Hahahahaha

    @mar: Omg I laughed so hard.
    PS. I have a feeling that it’s the exact same person that posts ‘Gisele looks like a horse’ in every Leo thread where Gi’s name comes up. We get it you don’t like her. But hey, Gi keeps winning and winning ;)

  • M

    Besides Gisele, the only one I think I have seen him happy with -whos not a gf, but anyway.. is Cameron Diaz! Look at this clip from Tag Heuer in Monaco : He seems loose, relaxed, likes to smile again, and she is so much more into it than all those small girls he is dragging with him… Of course, Cameron has another taste, I know, but still.. they are best friends, always been, and its a pleasure to see him smile with her and just be himself. Why does he lower himself with less beautiful and less interesting women all the time ?

  • Felix

    who is Toni? His new dog?

  • @Felix


  • lol

    @Toni is gorgeous:

    H I T Y O U R H E AD

  • girl 1990

    toni has a queer face, gisele is most beautiful woman in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    are you blind????????

  • Mama

    Bar was at the same game omfg!!! Look at dailymail
    Leokas unbroken!

  • Leokas
  • @girl 1990

    Gisele is the most beautiful woman in the world? YOU are blind. If she’s the most beautiful woman in the world so what do you say about women like Jessica Alba, Jenna Tatum, Angelina Jolie who still look gorgeous without make-up unlike Gisele????

  • @objective

    if you think that, good for you.
    to me, it’s not true…

  • objective

    @@girl 1990:

    but gisele is prettier than toni .
    sorry, that’s true

  • @27

    @27: I’m sure her ‘ugly face’ is the reason she is worth more than those 3 people put together. Check Forbes. Anyways tastes differ, obviously. What some find beautiful in Toni can be average looking for others and vice versa. Period.

  • also

    As it was said by M on the Versailles thread:
    ” She was not worth the single life-switch. Not THAT exciting if a woman…” Gisele might not have a beautiful face but she is exciting and not just a meh cookie-cutter blondie.

  • @27

    if you want to work as a top model you need to have a FACE, character and of course be skinny and tall. Even if this FACE is not the most beautiful in the world, the make up-artists, photoshop…will make it work. You have some “ugly” models that do well in the industry because they have this FACE that give them some uniqueness.

  • also

    @32: And that uniqueness is what`s missing from all his girlfriends after Gisele. To me they are all boring and bland. Toni reminds me so much of Erin. Just nothing exciting or unique about her. Same with Bar.
    Gisele might not be beautiful but she definitely stands out and she is sure unique and interesting as a model!

  • qwerty
  • @also

    yes i agree with that.

  • @33

    And I somehow think Leo knows that too.

  • Lucie
  • Sarah

    Leo looks like he’s gonna fall asleep watching that game.

  • K

    The brunette next to them is Emanuelle Chirqui (sic) from Entourage. She’s super tight with Kevin Connolly, in fact I think she and Kev C dated.

  • Sarah

    Thanks K -
    I knew I had seen her before.

  • ha

    Lol, well the match wasn’t exactly a ‘final’ kind of match. In fact it WAS a bit boring. But Leo always looks like that lately.

  • also

    That doesn’t look like Emanuel Chirqui to me…

  • deepa

    Oh you guys, picking apart and hating on their looks while calling Leo shallow. He does seem shallow, but so are you if you hate on other women because of their looks. I don’t find Toni attractive, but that’s my personal taste. That doesn’t make her “ugly” and it doesn’t reflect on her as a person.

  • Hey guys

    Who is the girl with the blue dress at the grisogno party ? ? is that Emanuel Chirqui?

  • also

    @deepa: I don`t think it`s hate. Not liking her looks is dislike. And his girlfriends are just bland and Leo IS shallow. He picks them based on looks, age, profession and hair color. I think that if a model is up for dating him at this point that is not really something admirable about them… But I don`t think this is hate. JMO.

  • Pork E. Cheese

    RA RA Rasputin, Lover of the Closet Queen!

  • SAKI

    LUKAS has no girlfriends ever??? And Leo dates the exact same women. Something is up. They go on vacation together, everywhere together?? Hmmmm I didn’t believe it before… But they might as well come out!

  • leo keeps his distance

    I’ve heard this so many times from people that have met Leo and Tobey. They say Tobey is friendly and Leo isn’t! lol Maybe he’s just moody because his brain cells are dying because he chooses to date skanks only. And Tobey is a happy man and that’s why he’s friendly. Maybe…

  • Toni

    Leo and Lukas are definitely lovers. Leo just chases the models, to try and trick the media into thinking he is not gay.

  • Sarah

    Interesting article @#48.
    I guess his reputation as a “nice guy” is overrated.