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Bradley Cooper: 'I Live Pretty Much Like a Nomad'

Bradley Cooper: 'I Live Pretty Much Like a Nomad'

Bradley Cooper hops onto his BMW motorcycle while leaving the gym after a weekday workout session on Monday (July 15) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor recently insisted he hasn’t let money change the person he is and that he doesn’t let money dominate his life.

“There is a certain amount of disorientation. You can’t relate to having more money than you ever imagined or even know how to spend or invest. It’s absolute luxury, I know that,” Bradley expressed. “I don’t think I’ve let it affect the way I live or change how I think. I still live pretty much like a nomad in going from one film shoot to another. I don’t collect sports cars or have ambitions to own my own private jet. Making a lot of money has enabled me to help some of my closest friends pay off debts, mortgages, things like that.”

10+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper leaving the gym…

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bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 01
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 02
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 03
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 04
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 05
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 06
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 07
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 08
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 09
bradley cooper i live pretty much like a nomad 10

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  • Troy

    He means ” I live pretty much like a WO-MAD”. He behaves more like a fame loving celebrity than a serious actor. There is nothing edgy or Easy-Riderish about this guy.

  • Albie

    He really loves his motorcycles.

  • DJ

    Going from one film set to another has to make it difficult to maintain a relationship.

  • Nio

    Instead of being the good guy he told us he was during SLP, he is sleeping with an immoral ugly version of Justin Bieber who acts and looks 13! Sicko!

  • Nio

    Instead of being the good guy he told us he was during SLP, he is sleeping with an immoral ugly version of Justin Bieber who acts and looks 13! Sicko!

  • Anaines

    He sounds like a generous man, good for him.

  • http://runawaybride francesca

    “Two shoes”…..I wonder which is the real Bradley …i’m waiting….

  • Brad

    LOL you bitches are so stupid. Bradley is a smart person unlike you. You’re just jealous you’re not the 20 yo or that she is not JLaw. Cry me a river.

  • Mary

    He is from my town and went to GT with my cousin. He is incredibly level-headed, generous and humble. He doesn’t deserve the disgusting hate he’s been getting lately only because he’s dating someone you don’t like. Awful.

  • DJ

    I can’t wait to see him in ‘American Sniper’. I think it will be great considering Steven Spielberg is directing it. He usually doesn’t direct flops.

  • Len

    I used to like Bradley Cooper before he became a creep after he got rich. He went to school with my sister and she is in disbelief. Anybody who thinks it is fine for a recovering alcoholic and drug taker to date a 20 year old who drinks and takes drugs, does not care for Bradley.

  • Vienna

    Of all the girls in the world, Bradley agrees to a PR deal with one that makes the world puke. Date another 21 year old, date a bloke, anybody but her. Even Brits think she is disgusting!

  • Stacy

    I think Bradley and Suki are a cute couple. No one says anything about James Woods and his girlfriend. To each his own.

  • juicy lucy


    Actually, no one cares about JW as he is pretty much considered a D list actor these days. What disgusts BC’s fans the most is he always came across as someone who was more about the craft of acting than going Hollywood. Many feel that Suki is a PR romance crafted by Harvey Weinstein. Suki gets PR to boost her career and Brad gets Harvey’s help directing his first film.

  • MAT

    @Len: He is really playing with fire isn’t he? Not healthy for him to be hooking up with a young coke fiend. That on its own shouldn’t make him a creep however… think this is a very misguided match but he is still a good guy

  • CB

    He may be a generous humble person, but the fact that he is attracted to this very childish looking girl is very disturbing.

  • Nina

    Some of you people need to get a life and stop worrying about who Bradley Cooper is dating. It’s unhealthy.

  • CB

    @Nina: Just a few people posting on a message board. Our mental health is just fine thank you. No need to scold and make accusations.

  • Maria

    LMAO you worry so much about the dating life of someone you don’t even know. Grow the eff up. He can date whoever he wants and if he is going to take drugs again and drink again, guess what? He is going to do it and deal with it. None of your damn business what’s up his peen or nose.

  • OMG

    he hasn’t done anything wrong and you are all crucifying him like you know him personally. take a walk outside

  • Beth

    Bradley Cooper is a good guy who is a pedophile with a coke girl. So sad for the late Mr. Charles Cooper to see his son acting like a rich punk Leo.

  • Beth

    @Maria: You shut up you fat cow. We don’t want him to end up dead like Cory you stupid fat cow. We care about him unlike that selfish biotch who is just using him. He said those were dark days in his life. If he could control his drinking and drugs like others, we would be fine.

  • MAT

    @Maria: Betch you be cray. We might just be fans but we can’t still care about him? Our feelings wil have no effect on his actions but he is a celebrity and is in the limelight and invites observations from the peanut gallery.
    I have struggled with addiction and lbr if he was my best friend or my worst enemy I would not want him socializing with current users. it’s bad news. is it my business who he screws? no. I will not judge him for who he screws (“puts up his peen?” betch you must know sth about SW and BC I don’t……) or what he puts up his nose, but I will still worry about him for doing that. We are not so stupid to think what we post on a mb means anything in the big picture. you put so much belief in thes eletters typed online you are the one who needs the life

  • MAT

    @Beth: i believe he will get his act together, a kick in the pants from Mr De Niro or another Dad figure will gett him to smarten up. Everyone on here talks about PR and contracts and that is part of celeb life but behind all of that he is a real person dealing with real life issues. The whole SW thing is the first big mistep he’s made since getting A-list-like attention. Maybe we can give him the benefit of the doubt??

  • Maria Torres

    Cool bike, and so humble. Glad to see he is successful along with the other stars of Hangover IIII. Funny movie!

  • Kara

    All of the Bradley Cooper posts have been taken over by crazy people. These are the most bizarre comments!
    He looks cute all bundled up on that bike.

  • Len

    @Mat: I hope he is still a good guy. I heard he used to be. My sister and her friends are very very disappointed. I hope his people are telling him the truth to his face.

  • Bradley Fan

    All the Mbs in the US, Europe and Asia have been taken over by fans that care about BC and do not want him to end up like Cory. Even if it is for PR, that talentless Justin Bieber look alike will lead him back into the dark. Everyone is not wrong.

  • Kara

    @Bradley Fan: You sound crazy. Cory Monteith tragically died of a heroin overdose after being an addict for years.

    Bradley Cooper has said he is sober for like 10 years. Where’s your proof his girlfriend is a drug abuser? It’s incredibly irresponsible and messed up to make theses kinds of accusations based on nothing.

    Also, I’m not convinced all these posts aren’t by the same person. The poor English and constant citing of Justin Bieber (?) make it obvious.

    Either way, I was creeped out to read all of those stalking comments in the other Bradley Cooper post. People need to find something better to do with their time.

  • Carol UK

    @Kara: Are you a psychologist? Are you a doctor or just a twit? Who are you to judge private posters? Who are you to make fun of people who have English as their second language? Are you JJ staff to require people spend time reading their posts to use proper grammar? Why do you think message boards about celebrities exist? Yes, it is the same poster. That poster must speak 10 languages as there are similar comments on DM UK, HuffPost and 40 other sites around the world.

    Bradley Fans: Bradley is just having fun with a desperate girl. He is fulfilling his PR contract. He does not take her to private events with his celebrity friends. He only does photo opportunities. He does not come to the UK to support her events or to show he cares. It seems he is more interested in Gerard Butler, other classier women, and Soul Cycle.

  • Jay

    @Kara: What other boards? You are the one who needs to find something better to do with your time. Bradley looks cool on that bike but that girl is bad news. You never hear about the private lives of some celebrities. They are not on display and do not live in Hollywood like Bradley. I don’t agree with most on here but we live in the West not Iran. They have the right to freedom of speech.

    @Carol Uk: What other women? Are they over 30? Are they drug free?

  • juicy lucy


    I agree. Bradley needs to learn that people are judged by the company that they keep. Hanging around with men such as Gerard and Leo who date younger women because they are easier to control makes BC appear as sleazy as they are and fast becoming another Hollywood cliché.

  • Anna

    No Kara is right. The obsession on JJ with Bradley Cooper is creepy. People calling him a druggie and pedophile is false and is probably defamation or something.

  • ontoulouse

    Super, Bradley Cooper played sports every day. This is not really a news? And this ?

  • Jay

    @Anna who is @Kara: Why do you need to invent another identity? I kept the same ID. Who called BC a druggie? BC told the world he used to be a druggie. That girl Bradley is doing PR rounds with is a druggie. You have no right to judge posters on here. You do not know the definition of “crazy” and “defamation”. Please only use words you understand.

  • OMG

    @MAT: I’m not Maria but you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Stop analyzing things that are none of your business. I bet you are one of those girls that are so OMG the paparazzi are so mean to my girl jlaw waaaaaaaaahhhhh don’t take pictures of her waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. But you have no problem trying to get inside BC’s bed.

  • OMG

    @Len: LMAO as if your sister and her friends actually care about him and you’re not just a crayyyyyyyyyyyybum online.

  • Maria

    @Beth: @MAT: I’m crazy? Please you two call yourselves fans yet have no problem calling Bradley a pedo, creep and hypocrite (kind of makes you think about the former, who is the hypocrite?) You don’t really care about him, you are fair-weather fans. If he coos and woos with your favorite actress you are all over him, if he does something else you call foul play. Get a life and stop caring so much about other people. Delusional.

  • Donna

    People need to stop posting all of the fake names and comments, I hope the do a better job of monitoring posts on this board and who and where they are really coming from.

  • M. Douglas

    I agree, it has become unpleasant coming to this website to view the photos because disturbed people making up names and crazy posts, they need to be banned.

  • supernatural
  • DJ

    @M. Douglas: I feel the same way. I don’t know what happened to this site. The older posts about Bradley were never like this. I don’t understand why that nonsense has to be brought into every thread. I also don’t remember this happening when he was dating Zoe.

  • Jennifer

    Crazy and obsessed people It’s time to stop the aggressive comments. go to a private place and get yourself a life, instead of inventing stories.

  • MAT

    @OMG: haha sure whatever
    @Maria: Never did I call him a pedo a hypocrite or a creep I said he WAS NOT a creep.
    this is a waste of time Good bye

  • supernatural
  • supernatural
  • supernatural
  • Mer

    Bradley is cool & confused. Fans have not felt this way about women he slept with in the past. If you are not happy with JJ articles, go to a BC fan site. Some people on here hate Suki because she is a druggie and does not mean they are crazy. Bradley is using his little head and will start using his big head soon.